- Tm'd w/ELEN; R2'd imploded eng precooler in 8 hrs vs 12-hr avg--cement'd 74.4% 12-hr fix rt/beat cmd std by 4.3% Cook'd/prep'd meals for Fisher House--fed 12 families/+2wks; increas'd patient morale during stay - Ambassador for SAMR showcase; highlighted unit capes for ROCAF Gen/DVs--strengthened US/Taiwan relations - Attacked 75 BPO/pre-flt insps; completed >250 mx actions--only AMC Sq to consistently beat TNMCM stds - Restructured HSC prsnl database; reinforced command/control--established manning accountability/praised by Sq/CC - Elected 349 AMW Top Three President; established new professional development format--attendance boosted 50% The official website of the U.S. Air Force. - Dvlp'd CDC EOC prac test; enhanced supervisor eval/study methods f/9 prsnl--keyed section's 100% pass rt/3x >90% Yep, it's about that time. - Hosted Royal Australian Air Force; demonstrated Insp Sec's prcs--two items mirrored...fortified int'l relations - Synched efforts for 78 TCTOs; finished $1M in AMC C-17 upgrades--solidified unit's 87.4% MC rt...#1 in MAJCOM - Directed equip repairs f/3-MDS; insp'd/overhauled 160 components--rtn'd $10M serviceable assets to AF supply sys - Reacted to roll sys disag hi-vis mx; ID'd/R2'd failed aileron rotary transducer--aided zero repeat/recur, Jan '17 - Diagnosed GPS alignment error; replaced IRU emergency battery--transported 43K lbs of munitions ISO OIR - Partner'd w/Pratt & Whitney on 32 eng Ecological washes; boosted life of 128 eng--on wg time extended 15% AF bullets follow a few formatting rules: Each bullet must be exactly one line, with the width of the line depending on the form (performance report, award package, etc). - Staged Memphis Guard HSC visit; instruct'd team w/Paperless Prcs--cross-tell improved streamlined program - Assist'd Comm/Nav; R2'd SATCOM antenna--moved 33 pax/12K stons cgo ISO OP FREEDOM SENTINAL - Solved propulsion fault; R2'd acft data mgmt computer--delivered 2 helos/57 pax ISO Ex CEREBOS STRIKE - CC's 1st choice to lead 21 TFI Amn; oversaw >3K mx tasks/3K sorties/12K FHP--clinched Sq Mx Pro NCO OTY '17 - Enabl'd 150 SPRO msns; mng'd prep/thru/post-msn rqmnts--dlvr'd 1.7K pax/4K ton cgo/2M lbs ammo ISO OIR/OFS - Hosted C-17 Guard mx tm visit; showcased HSC insp w/paperless process--reduced footprint/lauded by Sq leadership - Sq's go-to CUT NCO! - Isolat'd worn 14th stage valve; chang'd/op's checked < 30 mins--key'd dlvry $1.5B satellite f/Strike Eagle msn - Meticulous DIT manager; trn'd 19 mbrs on accurate mx data collection--saved 60 man hrs/decreased doc errors by 30% - Completed 150 insps; ID'd/repaired tools/test equip--ensured tool availability across 2 sqs...solidified 91% QA pass rt - Planner f/KC-46 bldg proj; established 19K sq ft layout/modified 3-bay hgr design--primed $107M facility proposal The 434 th Air Refueling Wing, Grissom Air Reserve Base, Ind., was honored as the best of the best in 4 th Air Force and received the 2018 Raincross Trophy. - Team player; produced $4.6K in care during manning shortage--seized 97.3% base dental ready rate/2.3%>AFDS std - Tm'd w/AFMOA; expanded brain injury exam proctor crse--cert'd 19 across 8 bases/avoided $95K TDY costs - Warranted 48 insurance certs; coord'd/prevented from exp--ensured 100% liability/reduced risk of malpractice claims Directed unit and active duty Air Force personnel as team leader during UNITAS deployment greatly improving contingency knowledge; surpassed all expectations; hands-on leadership was the catalyst for the entire effort - Aced MAF Mobile Maintenance Supervisor/Production Course; 2 credit hrs earned--primed/rdy f/future roles - Completed SEJPME/7 PDCs; utilized advanced skill-set to mentor 17 Amn--received Mx Sq's Outstanding Tm 1Q18 - Outstanding fleet mgr! - Involved! For in-depth coverage, AF.MIL provides special reports, video, audio, and photo galleries. - Positioned $380M THAAD sys; upheld PACOM theater objectives--fortified ROK def capes f/51M ppl/united fronts - Merged 120 day acft tire insp w/HSC prcs flow; regain'd 27 days acft availability--gen'd $1.7M TWCF gains - Oversaw Pratt/Whitney 39 acft washes/eqpmt storage; boost'd repair life f/156 engs--extend'd service life 15% - Tackled 200% taskings; mng'd mx/sorties f/13 transient C-17s--alft'd 287K lbs cgo/spt'd Ex MOBILITY GUARDIAN - Powered 60 AMW thru Ex MOBILITY GUARDIAN; key'd mx f/25 transient acft--alft'd 287K lbs cgo/98 pax - Mobility focused; postured 100 mbrs at 5 AOR locales--2K msns/40M lbs cgo/160K pax...key to OFS success - Select'd for HSC tour; brief'd 40 AMW officers--orient'd key leaders w/Sq's lcl msn/Insp Sec's modified prgm - Led Ex RAINIER WAR spt; gen'd 3 acft/airlift'd 50 Soldiers/10 tactical vehs--enabl'd Army/AF jt logistics/CDO ops - Org'd hurricane relief acft! - Managed world's busiest C-17 unit; produced highest UTE/flying-hr rt of 5 AMC bases--sealed AMC Daedalian win The nominations submitted reflect the extraordinary quality of Air Force medics. - Team'd w/shift leads f/MIL revamp; improved accountability f/7.4K tools--streamlined 55 kits/cut insp times by 15% - Tighten'd flightline mx ops; mng'd 11K mx actions--enforc'd strict TO adherence cemented unit's 93% MSEP pass rt - Led eng no start "Red Ball" tm; R2'd igniter lead <1 hr--spt'd Op RESOLUTE SUPPORT...delv'd 50 HMRS This Air Force Association (AFA) award recognizes an Air Force unit (Active, Reserve, or Guard) which makes the most effective use of its human resources. - Max'd Airmen potential; ID'd CUT rqmts for 55 prsnl/drove compliance--workload spread/capability up 35% - Aced 4 college classes; earned 12 credits B.S. - Gen'd AOR capes; drove SPRO protection clip installation--secured austere Erbil LZ msn/alft'd 58K lbs cgo/40 pax - Emceed NCO/SNCO Induction ceremony; 28 349 AMW NCOs/SNCOs inaugurated--future leadership "re-blued" - Expert trainer; taught TS tng session w/11 725th AMS amn--Sq adopted tng plan for assgn'd en-route mbrs - Alternate Triage Team Chief; led 31 pers/3 exercises/maintain'd $11K emergency prep eqpmt; ensured 100% msn rdy - Confirmed 200 travel authorizations/vouchers; garnered 100% accuracy--assured proper utilization of Sq O&M funds Ah, the art of bullet writing. - Dir'd extensive mx at ASAB; piloted R2 of T/R doors/Eng/Flap Actuator--moved 2 CH-47 helo/4 MRAPs into AOR - Drove fleet FED system upgrade; eliminated 3-yr backlog/completed 70+ munition TCIs--garnered sq Mx Pro 1Q18 Drove msn generation in spt of highest UTE/Flt hr rt of 13 bases--keyed unmatched 1.3% break rt - Dismantled Drug Ring! - Drove 860th's largest section; guided 93 Amn/5 AFSCs--spt'd 13 C-17s worth $2.9B...awd'd Sq's SNCO of the 3Q18, - Developed/executed nine MLG post swivel TCTOs; directed Boeing/AR REDI repairs--key'd AMC-best 86% MC rt - Oversaw 23 HSCs/17K insps; refined HSC process/reduced acft downtime--cemented sq s 77.5% AA rt...#1 in AMC - Fuel'd AF's global reach msn; command'd production effort--drove 2.8K sorties dlvr'd 21K stons cgo/14K pax - Filled SNCO billet as HSC Section Chief; led 49 AD and Civ prsnl--drove Sq's 95% Sched Mx Effectiveness - Fostered production tm discipline; only Sq in AMC to exceed 10/11 mx performance indicators--led 7 metrics - Led UGT f/7 Amn; mng'd 479 TBA core-tasks/21 CDCs--boosted section quals 25%/100% EOC pass rt/zero QA fails, - Managed AMC's most utilized C-17 fleet; led 277 AD/AFRC/civ prsnl--3.5K msns/13.6K flt hrs... AF's #1 C-17 unit! - Propelled Hurricane Irma spt; achieved 100% take-off rt/zero delays--alft'd 73K lbs cgo/3rd MISB/22 CRG personnel - Meticulous trainer; tested eleven 3-levels w/2K questions; 100% EOC pass rate--upgraded all sections 2 months early AFRC courses, such as Silver Bullets writing course, Personal Finance, Sponsorship training, stress management, conflict resolution, spouse/parenting classes. Timothy C. White, Command Chief 4 th Air Force, presented the prestigious awards. - Drafted modified HSC discrepancy packages; key'd seamless transition to new insp prcs--gained 29 days AA annually - Sq DTS Approving Official f/460 prsnl; audited/processed 74 vouchers--ensured payment of $141K...0 delinquencies - Restructured production tng pgm; oversaw 19 prsnl/893 rqmts/114 SCR items--keyed 100% currency/task coverage Penned 2 BTZ pckgs/2 qtrly/2 ann'l awd winners; dir'd 2 qtrly awd's ceremonies--8 mbrs honored - Generated highest UTE/flying-hr rt of five C-17 bases; produced 95.6% HSLDR rt--crush'd 91.6% cmd std...#1 in AF - Led nine bldg renovation projs worth $261K; comm'd/consult'd w/11 agencies--enhanced work environment f/411 psnl If the Air Force average was 87 percent, then obviously the 96 percent rate is quite an accomplishment. The package requires 21 bullets because the wing-level winner is … - Headed Sq's airfield driving pgm; trn'd/qual'd 241 prsnl to operate in CMA--guaranteed unit's zero runway incursions, - Led AASAB Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class; instructed 10 base prsnl 2x week--enhanced fitness std/promoted warrior ethos Adjectives should be chosen wisely. ... an Infantry Company, a Headquarters Support Company, and an Air Force Quick Reaction Team. - Collaborated w/Boeing engineers/agencies; solved 1K+ PRDs--sq led 8/11 MAJCOM metrics/leading the way fwd! - Org'd Pratt & Whitney eng backshop tour; sel'd 15 mbrs f/adv knowledge clinic--shared industry std w/50-mbr shop AF.MIL delivers the latest breaking news and information on the U.S. Air Force including top stories, features, leadership, policies, and more. - Dir'd hydro in-shop repairs; overhauled 160 components--rtn'd assets to supply sys/svd AF $10M in replacement parts - Superbly led 276 AD/AFRC/civ prsnl in daily msn gen; manag'd 13 C-17s worth $2.9B--achieved 90% MC rt Oversaw 25 tire changes/107 acft insps/18 tows/12 eng runs--enabled AOR best 94.2% LDR rt - Sq's top CPI rep; QB'd tire acquisition/hangar door tng projects--slash'd 11K man-hrs/yr...MXG's #1 events '17 & '18 By the way, you are missing 1 bullet. Positive Adjectives for Awards and NCOERs. Quarterly Awards Writing Guide. - Commanded 39 HSCs; coordinated 11K inspection requirements--bolstered 8.1% TNMCM rate...best in AMC - Mentored fellow SNCO for First Sergeant board--package submitted; candidate interviewed before panel and selected - Coordinated airlift for NASA objectives; transferred X-37B OTV/$1B asset--successful 5th msn/space tech positioned - Integral crisis mgr! - Spearheaded/coordinated Demand Drug Redux Program's testing/msn impact surveys; ensured 100% Sq compliance - Steered unscheduled/scheduled acft mx; prioritized 164 discrepancies repairs--gen'd 3.4K sorties w/94.4% HSLDR rt! - Gen'd 4 C-17s < 24 hrs f/ Mexico earthquake; alft'd 60-mbr USAID DART--dlvr'd 100K lbs aid to 10K victims - Steered 24 prsnl to QA Honor Roll; ensured TO compliance/PPE adherence--sq clinched MXG Pinnacle Awd Jun/Jul - Hands-on TS tng session w/11 725th AMS amn--cap increased 33%; Sq adopted tng plan for assgn'd en-route mbrs - Initialized training pgm; executed 2-year HSC/flightline Amn rotation--boosted task quals...fueled 100% CDC pass rt - Spearheaded base cleanup tm; collected 1K lbs of trash around entrance--crucial to successful AMC CC visit Generally, as ratees, our main responsibility in completing the EPR is turning in a list of golden EPR Bullets. - Lead Pro Super f/49 mbr tm/3 fwd deployed C-17s; AFCENT-best 1.7K flt hrs ISO OFS/OIR--earned 5 EAMS MUA - Mobility focus'd; prep'd 20 techs f/18 MRT taskings--safeguard'd 3K+ WW departures...underpinned OCO spt - Arranged 60 MXG '17 Knucklebuster event; led fundraising/log/ceremony f/500+ Amn--Gp/CC lauded as 1st class act! Coor'd 1A3 FCC msn; dlvr'd 22 FBI prsnl/4 armored vehicles to Hawaii--22 suspects arrested - Managed 800 item/$8.2M CA/CRL...AMC's largest eqpmt acct--keen oversight ensured 100% accountability Moved 4 "bomb-sniffing" dolphins; advanced $14M USN pgm/sec'd $7.6B San Diego port - Guided Boeing tm on elusive rudder leak; coord'd off-site R2 of cracked swedges--ended 2-mos extensive mx repairs - Gen'd Ex GOLDEN THUNDER; coord'd OPLAN f/328 MXG prsnl--overcame 200+ injects/1500+ TAFB ATSO rdy - Aid'd $70K ATC SIF purchase; procured RFID cabinets f/583 prsnl/3.5K items--estimated 67% reduced chk-out time, - Selected MQTP class ldr; averaged 90% on all tested areas--earn'd Honor Grad/recogniz'd/coin'd by Wing CC Need spaces after semi-colons. - Developed GO81 Paperless packages; support'd C-5/KC-10 units w/prcs guidance--sav'd $10K paper cost 16 - Drove CPI initiative; devised innovative Combat Tracker install method--eliminated equip damage/saved 12 labor hrs Dedicated to saving lives; donated total of 6+ pts of blood multiple times/yr--18 ppl saved a year, - Performed unit accountability inspect; ensured availability of $214M equip--managed flawless custodian compliance - Exhibited outstanding T.O. - Revamped TNB/FOM pgms; streamlined asset inventory/tracking procedures--enabled Sq's 9.5 DD rt...best in AMC, - Flew FCC priority 1A1 VPOTUS msn; spearheaded mx rqmt--moved 215K lbs cgo/135 pax/2 secret service vehicles SFC Warner was instrumental in the BDOC's day to day operational success. - Completed follow up FCP SAV; 8 FCPs reviewed--reduced discrepancies to zero through First Sergeant change over - Led CGO/enlisted writing team; penned Mx Effectiveness Awd for 500+ mbrs--won #1 AMXS in USAF '12! - Conquered pandemic shortfall; fielded sect through 3 nuc code changes--sustained $3.8M vehs/61k mi's/50% prsnl, - Rising 6 pres; oversaw 5 mbr team/donated $2K f/30 SW NCO promotion release events--honored XXX prsnl/families, - Conducted acft acceptance insp; identified missing component/aquired/installed replacement--restored system integrity, - Oversaw Continuous Bomber Presence fuel spt; svc'd 760 B-52 msns w/9M gals--sustain'd US strat deterrence, - Expeditiously aided removal/replacement of APU after internal failure; returned acft to MC status- msn flew next day - Pushed no-notice acft gen/launch; facilitated FBI prisoner transfer msn--extradited 4 ISIS sympathizers to U.S. prison - Authored Pro Sup/Expediter tng pgm; qual'd 8 prsnl in critical production roles--boosted flt line ldrshp >65% - Direct'd 2 eng time changes; replaced in 28 hours/saved 12 hours of downtime--cemented Sq's 93.5% HSLDR - Resolved erratic fuel qty indication; T/S faulty MJP--enabled delivery of critical MH-47 Chinook ISO CJTF-HOA msn - Represented 349 AMW as one of four SMSgt selected for FY 16 KPL; exemplified leadership for peers/subordinates. - Led mx at AMC's busiest C-17 unit w/292 Amn/6 AFSCs; key'd 88% MC rt--dlvr'd 30M lbs cgo/31K pax ISO RGM - Choreographed MRT/MICAP mvmts; transport'd 120 assets/32 prsnl over 16 msns--solidified TAFB's 88% WWLDR Writing Army Awards. - Dply'd 75 Amn/3 locations ISO Op INHERENT RESOLVE/Missile Def Agency--24/7 ops with 57% turnover Awards Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CSAF) Chief of Staff Team Excellence Award: This award recognizes outstanding team performance which promotes a systematic approach for enhancing mission capability, improving operational performance, and achieving sustained results while maximizing efficiency. What are y'all coming up with for COVID-19 bullets? - Mx first responder f/PRD; R2'd a lk'ing stab strut foot/saved msn--Sq achieved 90.2% MC rt...rated #1 in AF - Oversaw 912 aircrew debriefs; validated 691 pilot reported discrepancies--ensured 98.3% accuracy of acft jacket files - Dispatch'd 11 global MRT taskings w/TACC; coord'd mvmt f/12 prsnl/22 parts/$400K eqpmt--spt'd 5 EAMS MUA - Direct'd Ex. - Respond'd to U-2 flame-out mishap; org'd impound/data preservation w/2 bases--key to integrity of SIB investigation Examples of inputs and bullet statements for AF Form 1206, Nomination for Award. - Spearheaded Sq tng day; planned 5 events for 205 prsnl/6 AFSCs--100% compliant on AMC resiliency rqmts - Organized hgr for '17 Knuckle Buster Awards; arranged/tore down acft stages--ldrshp/lcl cmty lauded display - Deployed to ASAB; drove mx across 2 wpns sys/gen'd 563 msns/1K flt hrs--airlift'd 9K tons cgo/10K pax ISO OCO - #1 Pick f/hi-vis FCC msn! - Drove fleet health standard; directed 105 repairs/reduced delayed discrepancy rate to 9.1%--reduced rate 6.3% - Sq CPI Mgr; org'd RIE/standardized launch procedure--cut late departures avg 60%--boosted unit's 94.4% HSLDR rt - Gen d acft f/Green Flag JFE; dply d mx spt tm/eqpmt ISO air-land integration ex--key d 16 sorties/critical SPRO tng, - Performed 64 HSC's; assisted w/>11K propulsion insps/task/TCTOs--cemented Sq's 87 % AA rt...#1 in AMC Coord'd 1A3 FCC msn; dlvr'd 22 FBI prsnl/4 armor'd vehicles to Hawaii--22 suspects arrested - Key to successful combat spt; trnd 14 mx mbrs on world-wide FCC msns >345 flying hrs--incr'd Sq MEP capabilities - Directed 6 mbr tm; solved 2-wk fire indication anomaly/R2 elusive shorted wire--drove AMC-best 9.4% TNMCM rt - Completed 2-day Ion Scanner course; earned Instructor cert--vital asset to SF education/preparation/readiness, - Provided medic spt/Open House '14; assisted w/first aid/247 treated/7 transported--safeguarded 300K visitors, - Dedicated 70+ hrs to youth sports prgm; coached local junior flag football team--mentored/guided 12 children, - Coordinated w/ADPE, turned in/ transferred 35 computer/printer equipment to suppt Child/ youth prgm needs, - Assisted w/mass inprocessing of 90 tech students--processed/updated SGLI entitlements--100% sys accuracy, - Evaluated & re-vamped Drug Reduction Program; lauded by wing administration; improved program by 100%, - Made effective use of humor in tense situations; decreased anxiety/stress--improved morale and productivity, - Dedicated to saving lives; volunteered 25 off duty hrs as AADD driver--prevented 27 alcohol related incidents, - Dedicated to AADD mission; sacrificed 15 hrs downtime...provided coverage for SMSgt Promotion Party, - Involved with Wing Combined Federal Campaign; improved quality of life for less fortunate/morale booster, - Vol'd for 43 AG promotion ceremony; led Amn's Creed w/honor & dedication--exemplified positive AF image, - Maintained MRI safe environment; screened 745 patients/staff prior to entering scanner--averted mishaps, - True Wingman! - Orchestrated ACA seminar; dvlp'd POI/visual aides f/8 classes--reached 262 gp prsnl/fueled MXG Top 3 mentor pgm - Oversaw Bearcat UA fleet mx; dir'd 28 work orders/357 mx actions/15 vehs--pivital to 73 CAT I missile movements - Proficient; filled NCOIC position--calculated/submitted total number of services performed for weekly reports, - Exceptional airman; provided 32 hours of security during 2010 airshow--strengthened local community relations, - Devoted 40 hours of off-duty time to ensure the unit's training requirements were met--key member - Proactive team player; energetically assisted APG's with launch, recovery, and BPO inspection- completed 2 hrs early - Direct'd 6 mbr tm/2 AFSCs; ID'd/repaired chafed wire on eng start vlv--dlvr'd 55K lbs cgo/svd PACAF Channel msn Air Force Fact Sheets TLR HELPING AGENCIES. - Superb interim 1st Sergeant; mng'd 2 UIF/control roster/7 pay inquiry actions--upheld discipline/welfare f/290-mbr sq - Revamped sq TNB/FOM prcs; reorg'd >$6K in resources f/299 mx prsnl--val'd accurate tracking of $30M acft assets Tm mbr on Acft Mx TTP re-write-streamlined AF mx/muns policies...ambiguity erradicated - Engaged troubleshooting/supply discipline; managed 0.2% CANN rt for 12 straight months--lowest rt in AMC's fleet - Direct'd acft scheduling; pinpointed/coord'd acft calendar mx rqmts--bolster'd 95% Sched Mx Effectiveness rt - Complet'd English/Pysc/Speech; earned 18 credits hrs towards CCAF in Acft Mx Texh--maintain'd 3.5 GPA! - Realign'd HSC/flightline process; drove 60 TCTOs/6 eng changes/21K insp--key'd 78.3% Acft Avail rt...best in AMC - Synergized HSC/flightline processes; accomp 240 TCTOs/12 eng chgs/18 OTIs--locked 94.9% HSLDR rt/#1 in AF - Mission-oriented ldr; steered flt line mx f/base evac Ex-IGI 15-03--gen'd five acft in <3 hrs w/zero IG findings - Improved CTK inventory; led 4 member team/etched 1.5k tools & items/val'd at $102k--corrected 2.2k discrepancies - Drove deploy'd SPRO rqmts; dir'd 58 acft unapproved rwy reconfigs--facilitated 126 msns/alft'd 9K tons cgo/131 pax - Mastered Jet Eng Mishap Investigation Crs; 1 of only 2 TSgts in attendance--prep'd to supt next SIB tasking Back to Quarterly Awards. - Drove Hurricane Irma/Maria relief ops; gen'd man pwr/alft spt--xfer'd FEMA SAR tm/10 MTFs/110K lbs aid - Generated SWA supply sortie; quick-turned to medevac <24hrs--alft'd 5 wounded SOF operators to Landstuhl RMC - Developed Wingman Day "Amazing Race"; cultivated teamwork in unit--lauded as "benchmark" by 349 AMW CC AFI 36-2805 Special Trophies and Awards. Air Force Outstanding Unit Award - AMC's first choice; gen'd highest flying-hr UTE rate of 13 bases/13.1K flt hrs--1.9% break rt/MAJCOM best

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