Exit opportunities: plentiful, prosperous, and very accessible!Read 293 Reviews, Niche User: I have been to the Evanston campus once, but in that visit I was astounded by the various opportunities offered by the university. No other university is this connected between current students and alumni. Three schools with highly ranked graduate history programs include the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, the University of Pennsylvania, and Cornell University. towards my education at Williams; the rest was covered by non-repayable Williams grants. Review requirements for History degrees and accredited schools in 2019. The classes were small enough that you learn everyone's names, but the discussions were diverse. Professors and administration really care about their students and help you make connections to take on the next step of your future endeavors.Read 1,651 Reviews, Alum: Ursuline is an extremely tight-knit community composed of primarily women and female-identifying persons. It even has the best weather! My relationship with these educators still stands today three years after I had graduated from school! The Public History Navigator is a consumer’s guide to public history programs designed to help students prepare for, select, and succeed in a graduate public history program. Duke is a great place to come for vast opportunities, career exploration, professional development and more. Everyone is academically driven, and I feel like I can have an intellectual conversation with anyone on campus. 5,169 of the 32,625 History degrees earned last year were given by schools in California. A nice feature to have offered because all of a sudden there is a larger area of interest, sports and activities to choose from. The PhD program in history trains students to become both skilled scholars and conscientious teachers. Academic Placement Data and Analysis (APDA) has released its complete 2017 Final Report, an 81-page document that collects data on PhD-granting philosophy programs (including ratings by former students, placement rates, and diversity) and the discipline as a whole (including hiring networks, placement maps, cluster analyses of programs, job descriptions, non-academic hiring). Financial aid is difficult to obtain, but I was a Veteran, and the government paid my tuition, so that was not my struggle. I am proud to attend USC, where academics, athletics and alumni blend together making the ultimate college experience!Read 3,713 Reviews, Freshman: Swarthmore College is certainly a unique place to be, whether you're looking at its student body or academics. The investment is well worth it and WashU is one of the best law schools in the world.Read 1,458 Reviews, Sophomore: Duke is a great place to come for vast opportunities, career exploration, professional development and more. Through this program, I've connected with different students from Asia, Europe, Africa and the various parts of the United States. I am proud to attend USC, where academics, athletics and alumni blend together making the ultimate college experience! PhD studies are the uppermost level of education and the final stamp of your academic competence in a particular study field. The professors are very knowledgeable. I've visited many, and Carleton's "worst dorm" (which I lived in) was very nice. I enjoyed the campus life., I felt very welcomed onto the college campus! There is a sport, club, or outdoor activity for everyone at the college, as most people I know are heavily involved in at least 2 extracurricular clubs. Highly recommend! (For example, if you choose a history concentration focused on gender, you might end up writing your thesis about women’s suffrage.) The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures offers a PhD (MA/MPhil/PhD) program with an interdisciplinary approach to the literature, culture, history, and languages of East Asia (China, Japan, … Culture outside of academics - arts, music, clubs, sports - is vibrant as well.Read 438 Reviews, Alum: Wow, I loved it there! This section explores some of the factors we include in our ranking and how much they vary depending on the school you select. Please be aware that the links often direct the reader to the specific pages within the program website in which history of … Financials: I am a recent alumnus from a foreign country who had to pay less than 3K per year(!) You can complete this program in one to two years. There are hundreds of student organizations for students to find their community and their passions in. The wonderful Trojan alumni are there for you beyond your four years. However, some applicants with a BA are admitted. Look it up. HSHM students receive degrees in History, with a concentration in the History of Science and Medicine. My relationship with these educators still stands today three years after I had graduated from school! He waited for someone to leave the dorms to have them tell the group what the best thing was about Amherst. Also, If you are considering playing a sport here- DO IT! Most write their own textbooks, so they truly know what they are teaching. One of my favorite things about W&M is how many student groups, of all different types and sizes, exist on campus; I really do think that there's something for everyone. in History with an Emphasis in Education, Master of Arts in History or Public History, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Classical Studies, Doctor of Philosophy in History or Public History, Do Not Sell My Personal Information (CA and NV residents), Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV, Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, VA-NC. Most everyone has the drive to succeed without creating an overly competitive or cutthroat environment. The Program in the History of Science and Medicine (HSHM) is a semi-autonomous graduate track within the Department of History. Enrollment for full-time undergraduates. Being a student at the University of Southern California is like no other. For admission to an online master’s in history program, you will need a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. The virtual experience is phenomenal. TL;DR: Williams is one of the best schools out there, especially for economically underprivileged and/or international students. I personally believed I wanted to go into biomedical engineering, however, after taking a variety of classes at Brown in environmental studies, I have switched my major. The History Department at Indiana University is proud to be one of the top-rated graduate programs in the country. Harvard is incredible! History Day was held March 5&6, 2020. The National University of Singapore (NUS) is the biggest climber in the top 20, up nine places to share 15th with the University of Tokyo and the University of Toronto. One important factor in earning a doctorate in history is your dissertation. The curriculum helps learners expand their critical thinking, research, and analytical skills. You can take classes at Columbia and you can also eat at Columbia's dining halls, which is fun!

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