This is good in order to fuel for one of the main cards in this deck, "Blaze Accelerator". "Damage Juggler" and "Plushfire" can add "Performage" monsters from the Deck to the hand or Special Summon them from there, respectively. Appearances You can only use this effect of "Performage … VRAINS, Altergeist are visually one of the more unique archetypes introduced of late. A deck full of spellcasters, each Fortune Lady starts out between the levels of one and six, and after being summoned they gain a level during each one of their standby phases. Arguably a bit too perfectly, considering several of their main deck monsters were placed on an emergency “adjusted” ban list thanks to how well they generated card advantage. Italian You can banish “Damajuggler” from your Graveyard to search for “Performage Mirror Conductor” from your Deck at this point. Fixes and rates are appreciated, and all suggestions to make the deck better are welcomed. Its Pendulum Effect brings ATK and DEF to whichever is lowest and its monster effect switches the two, which is an asset as it can be used during either player's turn. When Did Naruto Get Married? Currently, a pure Performage Deck is very defensive in nature, featuring many cards that prevent both battle and (mostly) effect damage, with the Deck’s ace, "Performage Trapeze Magician", being able to prevent ALL damage as long as it doesn’t exceed its ATK, combined with Bubble Barrier which not only protects your monsters and negates all battle damage, but can allow you to use Performage Trapeze Magician’s double attacking effect to be used on your monsters with no downside whatsoever. A deck that plays around with the banish zone, they’re a versatile deck that’s even received some support lately in the 2019 set Rising Rampage. Free shipping for many products! Card Name: Performage Trapeze Magician Card Type: Xyz/Effect Monster Card Number: CORE-EN053 Set: Clash of Rebellions Attribute: Light Level: 4 Monster Type: Spellcaster Passcode: 17016362 Card Text: 2 Level 4 Spellcaster-Type monstersYou never take damage if … An alternate win condition deck, Exodia decks can be one of the most frustrating types of decks to go up against. In a " Spellbook " Deck or any Spellcaster Deck that utilizes "Spellbook" cards, this card can combo with " Spellbook of Power " (and furthermore " Spellbook of the Master ") to gain a good card advantage during the Battle Phase. Two prominent examples were "Shaddoll" and "Nekroz" before both becoming restricted soon after the release of this archetype and "Elder Entity Norden". After that the 1st “Flame Mascot” will activate its effect from your Extra Deck to Special Summon 1 Em monster from your Deck, “Performage Damajuggler”. They also gave Spellcasters a great OTK tool in Performage Trapeze Magician. Arc-V, the Performage archetype made their first appearance during the 2015 set Clash of Rebellions. "Invoked Purgatrio", serves as a good chance for a OTK that it is able to attack all of the opponents monsters and inflict piercing damage making it a more ideal choice over "Trapeze Magician". Not to be confused with Performages, Pendulum Magicians were a completely different archetype that popped up in 2015, mostly in the Master of Pendulum Structure Deck. Monster Effect: If this card on the field is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can Special Summon 1 "Performage" monster from your hand or Deck, except "Performage Plushfire". & 9 Other Questions About His Love Life, Answered, One Piece: 10 Strongest Unnamed Devil Fruits, Ranked, Naruto Uzumaki & 9 More Shonen Protagonists Who Have Ridiculously Powerful Other Forms, Death Note: 10 Ways The Anime Completely Changed After "Silence", Gintama: 10 Best Villains In The Franchise, Ranked, Naruto: 10 Best Sharingan Abilities, Ranked, Naruto: 10 Strongest Sensor Type Ninja, Ranked. 2=Em「엔터메이지」 Enteomeiji (romanized)Translation: Entermage Featuring effects that could make their monsters immune to destruction or banish their opponent’s cards during the opponent’s turn, this deck is still able to be a pain even to experienced players. It’s always fun when Konami decides they want to bring back an older style of play. It’s not thought of very often, but all Exodia decks are technically spellcaster decks since all of the monsters are...well, Spellcasters. Currently, a pure Performage Deck is very defensive in nature, featuring many cards that prevent both battle and (mostly) effect damage, with the Deck’s ace, "Performage Trapeze Magician", being able to prevent ALL damage as long as it doesn’t exceed its ATK, combined with Bubble Barrier which not only protects your monsters and negates all battle damage, but can allow you to use Performage Trapeze … This is the current Extra deck, Main deck and Side deck I am running. RELATED: Yu-Gi-Oh! Introduced by Emma Bessho in Yu-Gi-Oh! Having this card in your deck is pointless if you do not have other Spellbook magic cards to play it with. 2 Elder Entity Norden ----- Update:11/8/15 So I've done quite a bit of testing with this deck over the course of a few days. 1 Diamond Dire Wolf. 5D’s, Fortune Ladies have one of the more unique playstyles of any deck on the list. 5D’s, and he lost nearly all the ones he did participate in. It nerfed the “PePe” Deck heavily by banning and limiting 4 Performage and Performapal cards. RELATED: Yu-Gi-Oh! This is a pretty wonky, but super fun deck utilizing the new Performage Trick Clown engine in combination with the new Jet Synchron from the Synchron Extreme Structure Deck as well as Artifacts to make a bizarre level 5 Synchro spam and Rank 5 XYZ control deck. This card's ability can be used multiple times to make the Field open. By discarding a Pyro - Type monster with 500 ATK or less to the Graveyard, destroy one monster on the opponent's side of the Field. Performage Hat Tricker - CORE-EN017 - Common - Yugioh. Deck Build Pack: Genesis Impactors ARC-V MageartisteTranslation: Mageartist To make the impossible possible. A deck introduced during the original Yu-Gi-Oh series, GraveKeepers are shockingly still effective today. Spanish 1x Performage Trapeze Magician to prevent any damage if the amount is less than or equal to 2500. Other names They’re a lot like Yuya’s Performapal monsters, with a similar brightly-colored circus theme. level 1 Image not available. The best card in the deck, Altergeist Multifaker, was unfortunately so great it wound up being limited to one, hurting the entire deck. - Odd eyes phoenix (saw it on pendulum decks, dont knowhow to use it) - Guiding ariadne (Solemns wont cost LP) - Book of moon-Upstart Goblin-Draco face off-Twin Twisters (2) - Raigeki-Instant Fusion (2) **Considering only using 1 in my deck-Solemn Strike (3)-Mirror Force (I … One in hand ready to ship Performage deck core containing the following 9 cards: 3- Performage Damage Juggler 3- Performage Hat Tricker 3- Performage Trick Clown You will receive all of the following cards listed above. "Invoked Mechaba", can be used to disrupt and negate cards effects. A large part of this comes down to their ability to simply lock the opposing player out of all their special tricks. If sent to the grave by an effect, you can special summon a Performage monster from the deck for RANK 4 PLAYS!! Bruno/Antimony wasn’t in very many duels when he appeared in Yu-Gi-Oh! Dennis McField with "Wind Sucker" and "Plushfire". Entermage OCG Sets 1 Abyss Dweller. Lastly, if Performage Trapeze Magician's destroyed and sent to your graveyard by battle or card effect you can Special Summon a Performage from your deck. Have one to sell? They have a variety of effects from drawing cards for the player to inflicting burn damage, while they also get stronger attack and defense statlines. A couple of days ago a new banlist was released for Yu-Gi-Oh. Since the moment Yugi summoned Dark Magician during the original Duel Monsters anime, Spellcasters have been a regular part of the game of Yu-Gi-Oh. When the first three Effect Monsters were revealed, and the rarely seen or mentioned "Stilts Launcher" (With "Performage Flame Eater" being the only native card that could trigger it's second effect), they instantly became assets to "Chaos"-like and Rank 4 based Decks. "Entermage", the Japanese name of this archetype, is a portmanteau of "Entertainment" and "Mage". Performapal Monkeyboard x3. They were even able to protect their scales by playing Pendulum Call, a spell which helped them search out any Pendulum monsters and keep them safe for a turn. "Invoked Magellanica", though does not posses any effects has high Atk and Def points to counter or defend against an opponents strong offence. To be more exact: Performage, Artifact, Synchrons & friends! Portuguese Naruto: 5 Anime Characters Gaara Could Defeat (& 5 He'd Lose To), Bleach: Ichigo's 10 Strongest Abilities, Ranked, Cells At Work! Unsurprisingly, when they were introduced into the game they worked perfectly with Performapals. But which ones are the best? Yu-Gi-Oh! Though that card was banned, the deck still has plenty of options thanks to it’s giant boss monster High Priestess and it’s quickplay spell, Spellbook of Fate, which can banish monsters during either player’s turn. Their field spell Necrovalley stops most graveyard effects and makes it impossible to banish cards from the graveyard, while some of their newer support has given them their own searcher/Double Summon, a counter trap, and even a powerful boss monster. Performage Date Tournament Placing Deck; 2015-09-26: 20th Aichi CS (3v3 Team) 1st: Performapal Performage: 2015-10-03: 21st Aichi CS (3v3 Team) 1st: Performapal Performage 5D’s, Fortune Ladies have one of the more unique playstyles of any deck on the list. Toggle Deck List; Monster: Breaker the Dark Magical Warrior x1. "Aleister the Invoker", runs well with this archtype as a level 4 Spellcaster monster and well be in need of for as Fusion Material. They debuted in the set Clash of Rebellions. ARC-V. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. : The 10 Best Episodes (According To IMDb), Naruto: The 9 Tailed Beasts, Ranked From Weakest To Strongest, My Hero Academia: 10 Things About The Hero Rankings That Make No Sense, Dragon Ball: The 10 Best Yamcha Death Pose Memes, The Intuition of Haruhi Suzumiya Feels Like the Series Never Left, Marvel's The Union #1 Puts Britain at the Heart of King in Black, MODOK: Head Games #1 Puts the Marvel Villain on Center Stage, King in Black #1 Lives Up to the Marvel Crossover's Action-Packed Hype, Dark Multiverse: Wonder Woman - War of the Gods Puts a Sinister Twist on a Classic, Batman/Catwoman #1 Puts the Gotham Couple in the Spotlight, Naruto: Every Main Character's Strongest Jutsu, Officially Ranked, One Piece: 10 Characters Who Could Die In Onigashima, The God Of High School: 5 Characters Mori Can Beat (& 5 He'd Lose Against). Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Just like Trick Clown it can't miss timing, so if you make Trapeze Magician with Hat Tricker and Trick Clown and it gets destroyed, you can revive the Trick Clown and get another Performage from your deck. This list discusses some of the best Spellcaster decks that have been introduced to the game over the years, including a few that might surprise players. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Snake and Lizard are mostly used to complete scales in a searchable way through King of the Feral Imps. Performage Trick Clown has been used across a variety of decks to give additional material for extra deck summons, and this strategy is no different. One of the most fun decks I've played in a while! Performage Decks View Most Used Cards Average Deck Prices Main Deck $38.72 Extra Deck $19.21 Side Deck $15.45 Total Average $73.38 Date Tournament Deck Duelist Placed Deck Price; February 2016 Regional - Lanark Scotland Dark Pendulums: Jordan Gallacher Top 8 $65.24 February 2016 Regional - Lanark Scotland As a general rule of thumb, "Trick Clown" should be the first to be Special Summoned or searched as it can repeat itself when used as any kind of Material for an Extra Deck Summon, and if possible should use its effect only when "Hat Tricker" is already on the field to negate the 1000 Life Point cost of "Trick Clown". Performapal Performage deck. "King of the Feral Imps" can search the Level 4 Tuner "Masked Chameleon", "Jigabyte", and sometimes "X-Saber Palomuro" for "Naturia Beast" with "Hat Tricker". CamaramágicoTranslation: Comramagic "Performage", known as "Entermage" (Em (エンタメイジ) Entameiji) in Japan, is an archetype of Spellcaster monsters used by Dennis McField in Yu-Gi-Oh! RELATED: Yu-Gi-Oh: Every Mirror Force Card, Ranked : Best Kozmo Cards The design was actually one of the better ones in Yu-Gi-Oh until they completely broke it with the introduction of Spellbook of Judgment, a card that gave Spellbook players the ability to overextend for free resources. Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer, Nefarious Archfiend Eater of Nefariousness, Their boss monsters worked to punish players for heavily special summoning—El Shadoll Construct could destroy literally any special summoned monster before even doing battle with them. The deck combined computer terms like “emulator”, “query”, or “hexadecimal” with different female mythological creatures. You can only use this effect of "Performage Damage Juggler" once per turn. "Entermage" even receives a near-identical abbreviation in the Japanese to "Entermate"– differentiated only by letter case ("Performage"/"Entermage" is "Em" while "Performapal"/"Entermate" is "EM")– as well as featuring cross-archetype support with "Performapal" through "Bubble Barrier". All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Enter: Shadolls, monsters that not only have flip effects, but other effects that activate when sent to the graveyard. X. Of course, when the main character has one as their ace monster, it’s hard for the main company not to make plenty of them. The side deck is mainly to stop the biggest threat at my locals. Typically they work alongside as many spells as possible to thin the deck within no more than three turns, drawing through their entire deck in hopes of drawing Exodia before they can be killed by their opponent. During the Battle Phase (Quick Effect): You can discard this card; reduce the next battle damage you would take this turn to 0. You can banish this card from your GY; add 1 "Performage" monster from your Deck to your hand, except "Performage Damage Juggler". Based on the cards of the tarot, they were a collection of Spellcasters that worked with their own theme support known as Spellbooks. In the early days of Yu-Gi-Oh, Flip Effect monsters played a pretty important part in the game, since most of the time the only way to get rid of a monster was by attacking it or waiting for it to attack you. The combination of "King of the Feral Imps", "Performage" and "Dracoslayer" is commonly called "PePe & Pals" (short for Performage Pendulum). A deck full of spellcasters, each Fortune Lady starts out between the levels of one and six, and after being summoned they gain a level during each one of their standby phases. There are now six different Magician Girls with levels ranging from one to six, with each one capable of facilitating combos that only help out other Magician Girls. MembersSupportAnti-support. Translation Here are some of the best decks used in the anime that have also impacted real life. ! Send it to the GY, get a Performage back on your field to keep doing stuff with (including itself). Yugioh Performage Deck Core. Master Pendulum, the Dracoslayer x1. "Number 104: Masquerade" fits in well with this archtype as it can negate opponents monster effects and inflict 800 points of burn damage during the battle phase. "Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer" and its Synchro counterpart, "Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer", have destruction effects to activate the Special Summoning effect of "Plushfire" and both the "Dracoslayer" and "Performage" archetypes can rapidly Special Summon monsters from the Main Deck. Sets "Performage" monsters are based on Circus artists, such as jugglers, flame eaters and trapeze artists. Vector Pendulum, the Dracoverlord x2. "Mirror Conductor" is the Main Deck power play of the Performages. Performage Trick Clown x1. The deck preferred to center around disrupting the opponent’s plays, making it difficult for them to carry out their turn by negating attacks or bouncing cards back to hand. NEXT: Yu-Gi-Oh! Picture Information. "Performage Stilts Launcher" can be used to inflict even more damage to the opponent, and all the damage you inflict to yourself can be used to power up "Performage Hat Tricker" which combined with Trapeze Magician’s double attacking effect can lead to an OTK. They even had their own versions of Odd-Eyes to give them special boss monsters specifically for the occasion. $1.78. Korean 2016 Mega-Tin Mega PackBattles of Legend: Relentless RevengeGenesis Impact EXTRA DECK (15): 1 Performage Trapeze Magician 1 Diamond Dire Wolf 1 King of the Feral Imps 1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer 1 Tellarknight Ptolemaeus 1 Number 16: Shock Master 1 Number 39: Utopia 1 Traptrix Rafflesia 1 Lavalval Chain 1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1 Cyber Dragon Nova 1 Shining No. A deck like this is just one piece away from making an appearance on the competitive scene. Prophecies were a deck Konami gradually introduced over the course of four sets from 2012 to 2013. It was only a matter of time before Konami brought back one of the two most remembered cards in the game. Their name draws parallels with Yuya's "Performapal" monsters ("Entermate" in the OCG and Japanese anime), as with Reed Pepper's "Cookpal" monsters. Lists Free shipping . Set, Rarity, and Edition will vary and cannot be special requested. KünstlerzaubererTranslation: Artistmagician It is best to utilize this combo when "Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon" has 1 Xyz Material remaining, so as to maximize the usage of its detach effect. A deck introduced by Carly in the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. This is welcome due to the fact that many Performage cards rely on a Burn strategy, and a lot of cards in the Deck also inflict damage to the player that uses them. But with monsters gaining the ability to destroy other monsters, flip effects were rendered almost irrelevant. The only Performapals you play at the moment are snake, lizard, and wolf. It can give any card you control to attack twice at the cost of the targeted card to be destroyed at the end of the end phase. Lover of all things obscure, Sage Ashford has also written for Comicon. Yu-Gi-Oh allows people to choose their own way to play the game, but using a spellcaster deck can give you a huge advantage. Anime appearances Which Akatsuki Member Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign? When they introduced their support for the deck in the 2016 set The Dark Illusion, all of it relied heavily on having the original Dark Magician card. This is known as the "Clownblade" engine. ArtilusionistaTranslation: Artillusionist You cannot special summon any other monsters during the same turn that you use this effect. There’s even a pair of boss monsters in Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight and Magi Magi Magician Girl, even though we’re likely to never get the latter in the TCG. The deck, for those who don’t know, relied on Performage and Pendulum, hence being “PePe”, taking the first 2 letters from each one. It seems weird, but Dark Magician Girl has seen so much support in recent years thanks to the Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack that she can actually stand on her own. 1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer. Incredibly fragile, if disrupted most Exodia players lose any hope of winning the game, but then that’s the entire point of running it right? Performapal Skullcrobat Joker x2. Its Number C counterpart "Umbral Horror Masquerade", has a more aggressive effect style that when full fill can halve the opponents life-points. "Heroic Challenger - Assault Halberd" can search for "Heroic Challenger - Thousand Blades", which can be combined with "Trick Clown" to Summon multiple Rank 4 Xyz Monsters. Belonging to Dennis McField in Yu-Gi-Oh! I've probably made a deck for just about every single archtype at one time or another, to varying success. Clash of RebellionsDimension of Chaos The side deck will be updated when the Meta changes, if something changes I'll make the necessary changes to it. My initial build focused more on the Lightsworn part of the deck than it did the Performage part which was backwards. When you have added the two magic cards to your hand, you can reveal four Spellbook cards in your hand to destroy every card on the field except World of Prophecy. Thereafter the card will gain ATK that is similar to the tribute monster’s ATK. You can only use this effect of "Performage Plushfire" once per turn. You can banish this card from your GY; add 1 "Performage" monster from your Deck to your hand, except "Performage Damage Juggler". Yu-Gi-Oh! It is difficult to make "Hat Tricker" reach 3300 ATK without multiple activations of "Plushfire", however. Some members of the "Invoked" archtype can be easily added that may help out in certain situations. And Konami's definitely made that happen: Unless a player absolutely hates the Type in general, anyone who plays long enough will eventually fall in love with at least one archetype that’s Spellcaster, because they’re simply so prevalent. ArtistamagusTranslation: Artistmagus Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for YUGIOH - Performage Damage Juggler x3 - CORE - 1st ed - NM - Common at the best online prices at eBay!

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