South Paci… Another expat living in Atenas said, "Atenas is a small town with a small town atmosphere. Also they have two excellent accredited schools if you bring the kids. Just saying you want to live at the beaches of Costa Rica is not enough. Costa Rica is an incredible place to live, and if you’re looking to move somewhere where you can stretch your dollar, it should be near the top of your list. I see a few gringos in a couple of cafes in the morning when I pass by. Restaurants Recommendations: Get breakfast at Carpe Diem Cafe in Protrero, enjoy lunch and a swim while taking in the views at Gracia Mar Vista in Brasilito, watch the sunset at Coco Loco on Flamingo beach. For the best views in all of Costa Rica from a hotel, or perhaps the best in the world you have to stop by Hotel Three Sixty. Of course there is air conditioning (that can easily run $400.00 per month!). Stuff your shopping bags with a week’s worth of delicious fruit, vegetables, bread, meat, and cheese from the local farmers’ market for $40. You can buy a similar property even closer to town for $85,000. And modern highways mean that access to big-city conveniences, U.S.-brand stores, and world-class hospitals is straightforward. Living there, you will have the advantage of being able to take a bus to the beach, the capital, or the mountains with very little cost. We learned how to really relax and enjoy from the locals here at the beach, and we’ve been welcomed in this community.”. But most expats are concentrated in and around three main towns. Expats talk about the cost of living in Panama and Costa Rica - housing costs, gas, car, electric, ... Expats in Costa Rica answer the question: If a friend of yours was thinking of moving here, what other advice would you give them. Connect with Betsy on LinkedIn. People considering a move to Central America often narrow down their list to Panama and Costa Rica. By some estimates, as many as 70,000 North Americans live in Costa Rica, and many more go there as winter snowbirds or frequent tourists. As soon as we returned to California, I made arrangements to get back to Costa Rica within 4 weeks. But you don't need to head straight to the beach—travelers flying into urban San José will find plenty to do with kids upon arrival. Hummingbirds fly in all the time,” says Pamela, who has ginger, heliconias, and fruit trees like mangosteen, guanabana, and banana surrounding her home. Looking at real estate listings can be an invaluable tool to learning what your retirement money can actually bring you in terms of a place to live. The Central Valley is far more temperate. By some estimates, as many as 70,000 North Americans live in Costa Rica, and many more go there as winter snowbirds or frequent tourists. Travel Tips. It has a popular of just over 24,000... 3. Another said, "Escazu has some very nice areas and offers more in the way of stores, restaurants, medical care and entertainment." Best to one is worst to the other and maybe vice versa. Year-round sunshine, breathtaking views, laid-back atmosphere and close proximity to national parks all make Tamarindo a popular destination for family vacations and eco-adventures. A beautiful view of the main church in San Jose, Costa Rica. Here you’ll find the ease and tranquility of beach living with enough modern-day amenities to live comfortably. You’re guaranteed to find a Central Valley town that fits your needs. But sea breezes also help cut the heat, and temperatures cool down significantly after dark. Porky's Burger Bar is well-known sports bar with burgers, beer and a relaxed atmosphere. Businesses are small and locally run: boutiques, yoga studios, and seafood restaurants. 3. I watched some videos about Grecia and it seems a very nice place but to me there is something missing, the ocean. If you’ve decided on Costa Rica, you next need to select the best city. Many expats warn newcomers about the high cost of housing and food. In fact, you can start a business in Costa Rica on a tourist visa. And this perfect location comes in right at the couple’s monthly retirement income of $2,000. The housing in Costa Rica can range from a simple “tico house” with minimal appliances and space, to multi-million dollar estates and resort properties. San Ramon, Central Valley. They have also set up organizations like the Homeless and Helpless animal rescue and Ladies of the Lake to give back to their new community. Excerpts from International Living ‘Best Places to Live in Costa Rica: Five Top Expat Havens’ by Jason Holland “There’s something in the air that provides the deepest sense of peace. Gated communities are better if you plan to leave the house alone with nobody taking care of the property, non gated communities are usually safe if you have neighbors keeping a close eye on the property.". Costa Rica, San Jose, Pedestrian Walkway. San Rafael de Escazu in the condo development of Torres del Country. Travel Tips. “At the same time, there’s just enough of a town here, and access to really good cuisine, that when we do want to go out and have a good time with people in an upbeat atmosphere, we can.”. 10. This is especially true for those that are looking to move to warmer weather with Spring/Summer temperatures year-round. Other notable schools for expat students in the Central Valley include the British School of Costa Rica in San Jose, Lincoln School in Heredia, Tree of Life International School in Santa Ana, European School in Heredia and Pan-American School in Santa Ana. We got a great deal (we think) on an older one in the development and were able to rent almost immediately our condo for $ 1600/mo until we move permanently in 2-3 years. If you're considering a move to Costa Rica, we advise that you use this list as a starting point in your search for the best place for you. The only real drawbacks are that good shopping is located about 45 minutes away in the town of San Isidro de El General, and the two major public hospitals serving this area are about 20 miles to the south in Puerto Cortés or 40 minutes inland at San Isidro. So let's examine a few. San Ramon has a large, modern, hospital, an expat community, many restaurants, a small mall with movie theaters, and nice cool weather," wrote one expat.

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