More often than not, they have a dull colour that blends into the water aside from the slightly shimmering scales, which makes it somewhat difficult to try and find if you are not used to hunting these fish. This allows the spot to be fished in the late afternoon, at night and early in the morning – all prime times for Murray cod. With summer temperatures high, sometimes a refreshing swim is needed anyway. Both! The Murray Cod catch limits are a m inimum size of 55cm and maximum size of 75cm, with a daily bag limits River 1, Lake 2. The Murray Cod catch and release season is open from 1 January to 31 July annually. 13 lb tackle is perfect for the smaller ones, but in order to catch a big one, you'll want to up the ante to up to 30 lbs. Something that I preach and do a lot of for most of the year is fish water quickly. $(document).ready(function(){ Getting into the water with big fish for a photo keeps them in good health. All you need to do is add a bulky soft plastic tail with a stinger hook and upgrade the blade to a big Colorado. It’s not just the fishing, walking the riverbank offers so much more. Only remove the fish for a quick photo before sending them home. function bsaProResize() { The fish can really turn it on as the barometric pressure rapidly fluctuates, but often once the storm has passed the fish will shut down. innerThumb.height(parentHeight); } If there is only one thing you take away from this article than make it this point. The oldest fish caught was estimated at about forty eight years, although it is believed the fish live much longer, possibly over one hundred years. Ragworm seems to catch fish best on the sand or over shallow scars. The fishing is consistently good and the weather is perfect to spend a day fishing or even camp for a few days. Connolly Dam has a great reputation for producing quality cod catches in autumn on live bait and lures. Once that sun begins its descent behind the western mountains and shade is cast on the water, the fish come out to play. Prime time is a bit of a cliché in fishing and anytime you’re on the water is better the sitting at home. You can learn how to catch freshwater fish on lures through our extensive range of video tutorials. Although impoundments can provide some great fishing throughout summer, early season is all about the river fishing. This is the time when they hunt, so the fish are hungry and generally more aggressive on the lure. } Even though the conditions are far from enjoyable, the fish to be caught are nothing but monsters! Luckily, the Murray cod is one of Australia’s largest freshwater fish, if not the largest. The old faithful spinnerbait is a great choice early in the season. Winter kicks off the time when the smaller fish shut right down but the bigger fish become more active. The Murray Cod is Australia’s largest freshwater fish. Learn what type of plastics you need, shape and style, rigging options, colours and when is the best time to use them. When it comes to trolling pick big lures! It can get hard in winter but keep heading out onto the water. animateThumb.height(parentHeight); The fish can be held in the water while the camera is set up and the hooks can be removed from the fish safely, there is no need for the fish to be dragged up onto the bank. bsaProResize(); Sometimes getting in the water with the fish for a photo is the best option. Pack light so you can cover as much ground as possible. They cover everything from lure selection to gear, where to fish, techniques for casting and trolling plus more! Get out there this December and chase our largest freshwater fish, respect the fish and our waterways and most importantly enjoy your time on the water. var bsaProContainer = $('.bsaProContainer-4'); If you have the luxury, these prime periods offer the best fishing conditions. Top 4 Tips for Targeting Winter Murray Cod. }); Murray cod are also subject to a closed season, meaning they cannot be taken or possessed on, in or near Victorian waters during this time. His favourite style of fishing is casting for Murray Cod in fast water rivers. Think big with your lure choice and cod will follow suit. Preparation is key; always having a pair of lip grips handy will save both you and the fish a lot of drama. Don’t discount impoundments early on in the season. If a large afternoon storm system is forecast, don’t be shy, the build-up before a storm can provide some crazy fishing. You don’t want to look at anything under 120mm – the bigger the better. These fish that are on the hunt will be the most aggressive and likely to crunch your offering, so changing your approach to target these fish is key. The best period for cod fishing is from early October until April throughout. Murray cod do not like to be seen, they do not like to venture too far from their snag. December is one of the best months for cod fishing - the action is hot! It doesn’t matter what you are doing the more time you put in the more chance you have of success – and this isn’t any truer than when fishing for big cod. The public can enjoy fishing for this species, but, once caught, the fish must be unhooked and released back in to the water immediately. } else { 3 golden rules of Murray cod fishing Just by taking these 3 golden rules of Murray cod fishing into consideration, you will be positioning yourself well to catch more Murray cod, more often. Murray Cod are an ambush predator and are lazy. The author presents a cracker Murrumbidgee River cod taken on a warm winters day from a big snag You have to do the total opposite when it’s cold and put in huge numbers of casts in less locations. This will hold the spinnerbait in front of the fish for a longer period of time, which gives the fish more time to eat it. He has grown up with a love for freshwater fishing, especially lure fishing for natives. This may seem like the obvious but from experience I know it is the most important of all. Getting out in the autumn is one of the most enjoyable times of the year, the weather is perfect and the cod fishing is just starting to fire up. bsaProResize(); Rhys Creed is the Founder of Social Fishing. If you’re interested in learning more about targeting Murray Cod, watch our Complete Guide trailer here. The big Colorado blade will help produce a big thump through the water and will aid the lure to sink slower. Low light periods of the day, often referred to in cod fishing as ‘the magic hour’ are easily the best times of day to catch clear water, upland Murray cod. animateThumb.height(parentHeight * scale); })(jQuery); How to catch Murray Cod. } December temperatures can be quite high and keeping the fish in the water is essential. At the start of autumn, trolling lures along snag-infested zones in skinny waterways is the best method for catching cod. All forms of lures still catch fish of course, but it appears that trends are starting to occur in lure phases each season. Fishing surface lures in the low light is a staple when cod fishing, and lures that paddle across the surface create the biggest surface eruptions, which is addictive. We’ll see what unfolds. I have taken quite a few people out cod fishing this season, many of whom have landed their first ever Murray cod. The closed season started at the end of winter (31 August), a time when conditions can be tough, for both the weather and fishing. Early season Murray cod can be caught at any time, day or night by changing your approach, though late afternoon is consistently the best time to be on the water. Supporting the weight of the fish at all times is critical in ensuring these big fish aren’t under excessive stress, which can lead to serious injury. A great way to explore your local river system is by doing an overnight hike and the December weather provides the perfect conditions to do so. In the low light, especially on late afternoons after a warm day, they will venture away from their home and search for food. Now you might be saying, “Well how do we do that?”. For the sake of it, I believe this year’s lure phase will be glide baits, similar to swimbaits but fished a little differently. There are so many things to learn, and take into consideration when fishing for these iconic Australian native fish, from the barometer, water temperature, wind direction, weather patterns, etc… With a lifetime of building big boats under his belt, Michael decided that he wanted to […]. Murray Cod possess a cream to olive green colour with dark grey to greenish blotches over the head and body. Social Fishing is the ultimate freshwater fishing education site. A stunning river cod taken on a surface lure at first light. In saying that there is a point in which the fish become uncomfortable with excessively high water temperatures and therefore they take refuge in cooler water. The Transition from Winter to Spring for Murray cod, Fishing for Trout in Lakes: Walking the Banks, Selecting the Correct Casting Rod for Trout, The 8 Fundamentals of Lure Fishing for Redfin, Oh My Darling – words from a heartbroken angler, Handle with Care – Regulations for Handling Protected Species, Winter Murray Cod: 3 Tips for Success in Lakes & Dams. On this site you will find the best information there is on offer when it comes to freshwater fishing. If you mix all 3 of these structure types you will find the hideout of the monster cod! Night fishing is also a good way to target Cod with surface lures. if ( number_hide_ads > 0 ) { He is passionate about bringing to you the best in freshwater fishing education! They have small eyes and a short snout, which has a distinct concave profile. In summer we might average 5-25 casts on a snag, in winter we need more like 50-100 on the snags that we know hold big cod. Changes to its natural habitat and competition from introduced fish have also had a big impact on cod numbers. “Finesse fishing” […], by Steve Morgan • After hundreds of boat tests, we finally made it to Coffs Harbour to get some hulls wet. Cod is found must abundantly in the north Atlantic and Artic Oceans, in water from 32 degrees to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The fish or the lure?”. Preparation for trips like these is important and packing a decent-weight hiking bag with essentials is critical. Best Times To Fish For Murray Cod March, April and May are the best months and fish are more active and aggressive when there is a sharp rise or drop in barometric pressure. })(jQuery); It’s the time of year when we would rather stay at home in front of the open fire. How to catch a Murray Cod Come prepared with suitable gear. You'll also recieve the FREE Social Fishing Newsletter and gain access to account only content! object.height(parentHeight); var parentWidth = "1280"; There is a closed season for Murray cod between 1 September and 30 November inclusive. The days can be tough with many trips yielding little reward but keep at it because the prize far outweighs the efforts! The biggest recorded was 1.8m long and weighed 113kg! Murray Cod at Glenlyon Dam Glenlyon Dam is regarded as one of the best Murray cod fisheries and contains prized Murray cod, yellow perch as well as other freshwater fishes. [Suggested reading: Winter…, Back to Basics: Finessing the heavyweights, Formosa 550 SRT with Suzuki 150HP 4-stroke, Campion Explorer 492 Sports Utility with 80hp Mercury 4-stroke, Bassco Hurricane with Mercury 115hp Pro XS. Add in the fact these fish haven’t had any angling pressure over the past three months and it’s a recipe for some hot fishing action. The mercury and water temperature are on the rise, the days are getting longer and aquatic life responds right through the food chain from new weed growth to the dominant predator’s mouth. This tactic works wonders – but winter is the time when this doesn’t work! Murray Cod, Golden Perch and Carp on fly are all available for a guided trip. This bait and technique genre has bubbled away quietly under […], by Steve ‘Starlo’ Starling • The concept of finesse fishing doesn’t only apply to the lighter end of the fishing spectrum. Those fish have grown well and most are now in the 50-60cm size range, providing the bulk of goodoo action. The best thing about December is not only the fact we can target these amazing creatures again, but it’s also the most productive time to do so. The fishing should be hot across all freshwater bodies and sometimes it’s hard to decide between rivers and impoundments. This dam is suffering in the drought and although it is down to 4% capacity, it is still fishing well due to its nature as a deep dam. The ones that are sitting in wait for something to come past. Our river systems are so diverse and each provides a new aspect. We all want to see healthy populations of Murray cod in our western rivers, so it’s great to see a real positive shift in fish safety year by year – let’s keep this going. If you catch a Murray cod during this period you must return it to the water as quickly and carefully as possible. This is why we forget about all the small snags and concentrate on the big ones. var sid = "4"; animateThumb.height(parentHeight); The cod have spent the last three months going through their natural spawning procedure (if conditions allowed) and they will be eager to feed back up after this process. December marks the return of Murray cod fishing after a three-month closed season in our rivers and the majority of our impoundments. Sexual maturity in Murray cod is dependent on age. $(window).resize(function(){ They spend most of their time sitting close to structure; logs, deep holes, rocky areas, willows, shade and … But this one will put you right ahead in the game. setTimeout(function () { bsaProContainer.fadeIn(); }, number_show_ads * 1000); In this article I’m going to share with you my top tips for targeting big cod in winter. By starting at a certain location and walking as far down or upstream from this spot and then setting up a makeshift campsite for the night is the perfect way to explore a system. var number_show_ads = "0"; Often I’ll use this method and set up camp at a location that seems productive. […] of redfin, with some fish to 35cm turning up from time to time. var objectWidth = object.width(); Murray cod are a beautifully marked, iconic fish of Australia. still a great Murray Cod lure that catch a lot of fish. Personally I believe they should all go back, especially in rivers where they are wild stock. They have experienced the excitement of the strike when a cod hits the lure, had their photos taken and best of all have been taught firsthand the importance of practicing ethical fishing techniques such as catch and release and correct ways to handle the fish. The mouth is large with a protruding lower jaw. In general, cod moves inshore during winter months and offshore during winter months, however their migratory … if ( objectWidth > 0 && objectWidth !== 100 && scale > 0 ) { Do you want to learn more about Freshwater Fishing? Learn which ones you need for the job. Other luxuries include toilet paper, a sleeping mat and a personal hygiene kit. setTimeout(function () { bsaProContainer.fadeOut(); }, number_hide_ads * 1000); Lake Eildon’s Murray Cod population is going from strength to strength thanks largely to the considerable ‘Million Murray Cod’ stocking program several years ago. if ( objectWidth < parentWidth ) { Click here to find out more about this series. With the hot days December provides the fish will often take refuge during the middle of the day when the UV index is at its highest. We will sometimes spend 15 mins on one set of big logs and that’s what it takes sometimes to get the big fish to attack. I like to use the Powerbait Rib Shad as they have incredible action. The answer all lies in what sections of the waterway you are targeting. Cast your bait in close to snags. Looking after the fish is always priority when on the water, especially when dealing with Murray cod. Sometime even changing the lure up and fishing it with a spinnerbait and then a hard body. } else { by Adam Townsend • With Murray cod season open for another year after the annual breeding cycle, the yella gear will make its way to the back of the tacklebox as the XL swimbaits come […], by Simon Goldsmith • The emergence of the swimbait trends in Australia in the last 12-18 months has been an angling revolution in many ways. Keep going, fishing hard, and don’t give up. Bait fishing is a technique that has been used to catch Murray cod for many years. It can also pay big dividends when dealing with our true heavyweights! You want to use bigger profile spinnerbaits and this doesn’t mean it needs to be heavier. Most anglers nowadays are strictly catch and release when it comes to cod and it’s great to see. var number_hide_ads = "0"; Murray cod are predominantly an ambush predator that hold tight to structure. Baitcast reels are the most popular, but spin reels can also be effective and are a little more user-friendly. There is generally less water between you and the fish and the fish are more willing to unload on anything that comes within range. } Graham Herring worked along the excellent bank-side cover provided by trees. } This technique also allows the opportunity to be fishing the best holes at the prime times. To the outside of my bag I attach Boga Grips, a Billy can or pan and a sleeping bag. A decent supply can be found in most tackle shops with farmed ragworm proving as good a fishing bait if not better than rag dug from the shore. The bigger the fish, the more care is needed. var animateThumb = $(".bsaProContainer-" + sid + " .bsaProAnimateThumb"); Cod can get very aggressive over this breeding period and they can carry this aggression post-spawn. Hopefully these key ingredients can help you catch more Murray giants. Top 6 Tips for Targeting Monster Murray Cod in Lakes and Dams, Soft Plastic Revolution – Pt 1 Rivers and Creeks, Learn more about the Complete Guide Series here. Murray Cod is Australia’s largest freshwater fish that grows to impressive sizes. The closed season for Murray cod is very important and as anglers it’s our responsibility to respect these great fish, and give them a break and a chance to breed. Massive Murray Cod Deaths in Blowering Dam 2019 – What has happened? They still need to eat and with little; bait fish, food and activity around, it gives anglers the perfect opportunity. I carry one tackle box filled with a range of lure options in my bag; the rest of the space is used to carry food, water and a camera. It also makes one of the very best bass baits when fishing in the surf from beaches throughout the summer and autumn months. You can only imagine what the fishing must have been like back then! innerThumb.height(parentHeight * scale); The open season in December offers a completely different scenario. Since the water’s still on the cold side, the trout will be most active during the warmest parts of the day. With the Murray cod season re-opening from the 1st of December, after they have completed their spawning rituals, it only seems fitting to share some information on what lures, techniques and equipment could be useful to the novice who hasn't experienced the euphoria that surrounds targeting these iconic Australian species. Murray Cod are low light feeders, whilst they can be caught all day, the best times for fishing are periods of low light, such as sunrise, sunset and throughout the night. object.height(parentHeight); innerThumb.height(parentHeight); You will then be able to view and purchases tutorials, products and much more on the Social Fishing website. Surface fishing after dark can leave you shaking at the knees when they hit right in front of you. Therefore, roughly 70% of wild river Murray cod, with their slower growth rate, have reached sexual maturity by 50 cm (20 in) in length. Aim for 50-100 casts or until someone snags and ruins the spot (which is what happens most of the time). The low light surface bite in rivers throughout summer is one of the most addictive experiences across the board. Each cod season there is a lure trend or phase that seems to fool a large portion of the fish caught, from the spinnerbait to the surface lure and, last season, the swimbait. Swimbaits – var object = $(".bsaProContainer-" + sid + " .bsaProItemInner__img"); Like mentioned at the beginning of this article, this is just an intro into targeting Murray Cod in winter and we will have any more in depth articles and videos coming to you soon. Nonetheless the stable approach of spinnerbait during the day and surface walker at low light is perfectly suited to early season cod. Soft Plastics – Such a realistic lure and great for targeting giant cod. Murray Cod in particular are an exciting fish to chase on fly. It’s not uncommon to land plenty of fish. Fishing with Kids: A Noobs Guide to Getting your Children Fishing, Lake Windamere Trip – Update, Tips and Pictures from the Weekend. Check Cod opening and closing dates which affects all waterways except for lake Eildon which is open all year round. For me, the opening weekend in December produces the most fish hands down and the aggression they show early in the season is incredible. var innerThumb = $(".bsaProContainer-" + sid + " .bsaProItemInner__thumb"); Murray Cod in Rivers – 3 Best Spots to Cast your Lure! Murray Cod Basics Dave Brace. Over the past decade we have seen respect for these fish move in a real positive direction. var scale = objectWidth / parentWidth; It might be a tough three months for us freshwater fanatics but it’s all worth it once you’re on the water in December and the withdrawals all go out the window when you land that first beautiful Murray of the season. However, you can experience great catches even during the rest of the year. As the fish are at their most aggressive this month, lures like spinnerbaits and chatterbaits that are most likely to catch the fish’s attention seem to get whacked pretty quickly. This works well because we are finding the hungry fish. Darling River Fish Kill 2019 – What has happened? “What am I talking about? In my experience, I have seen them striking … Lip grips allow the fish to be handled in the water and not on the dry bank. Fish in cooler waters. Packing water purification tablets lets you drink the water from the river, which saves you lugging a lot of extra weight. Water levels are quite high in the spring, comprising mostly of snow melt water. This tactic works wonders – but winter is the time when this doesn’t work! It has been a long three months for a lot of anglers, myself included, and luckily spring is the most fruitful time to target golden perch and bass, which keeps us freshwater anglers somewhat entertained while we count down the days until 1 December. Swimbaits dominated the cod scene last season, expect the same this season. A … This cooler water is usually found deeper in the water column, in shaded areas and under nightfall. As you don’t want to make your perfectly weighted lure plummet to the bottom. The summer time is a good time to fish for them, especially in the evenings. During the day, they will hunker down into various logs, snags and deep holes, where they wait quietly in the gloom for unsuspecting prey. Early season Murray cod can be caught at any time, day or night by changing your approach, though late afternoon is consistently the best time to be on the water. If you want to catch or taste some true Atlantic cod, then the best place to do it is in New England. Many fishermen complain about small catches during the summer, something that is often caused by the fact that cod moves into other areas. COD PIECE – The largest recorded Murray cod weighed in at 113kg but the average size landed is between 3 and 4kg. Bibbed lures and spinnerbaits if ( number_show_ads > 0 ) { object.height(parentHeight * scale); The Murray Cod is a prized sports fish among anglers with fish over the metre mark, classed as a trophy or milestone size for anglers. This water takes longer to heat up than it does in other times of the year. Lake Eildon and the waters south of the Great Dividing Range are open year round, except the Yarra River. Hosted by Dayne Taylor and the team at North Coast Boating Centre (NCBC), it’s […], by Steve Morgan • There’s been a fair bit that’s happened since I first rode in a Canadian Campion boat that Terry Raymond from Crawford Marine imported. Soft plastics rigged with a weedless…, […] ranging 15-20lb with a metre length of 30lb fluorocarbon leader. This means that you can be expecting to go after a fairly sizeable fish for freshwater territory. Early season is the best time to be on the river – may it be walking, kayaking or boating. Join the Social Fishing Community Email List to get FREE updates and content! During the middle of the day, however, you want to focus your attention on fishing deep in the structure where the fish will hang out most of the time. Murray Cod on Surface: How to catch cod off the top! That does sound like a good idea but there is another option for those anglers still itching for a fish. var parentHeight = "316"; As great as catch and release fishing is, it still needs to be completed in the right manner to ensure the survival of the fish. Prev Back to News Next Setup for Casting Big Plastics, Swimbaits and Surface, Ep 47 – Cod Opening 2020 & Your Listener Questions with Rhys Creed, Ep 46 – Matt Hansen: Making a Difference and the Impacts Facing Our Native Fish in the Murray Darling Basin, Ep 45 – Shaun Bowdler: The Man Behind Mudeye Lures, Ep 44 – Simon Pender: Tips for Small Water Australian Bass. These large fish can be very intelligent so they will take many casts to fool but it makes the reward all that much better. We will be writing and publishing many more pieces over the winter that will go in depth of different tactics. You can always pick where the big cod are hiding and we talk more in depth about how to identify structure and find where the fish are hiding in the Complete Guide Series. Before November you are fishing out of season, and after Easter the water will be getting to cold and the fish will be sluggish. Due to the lack of current, a snelled set…, […] be too keen and strike and just pull the hook and bait away from the fish. (function ($) { (function($){ }); If you take the above 3 tips and mix them with your persistence from this tip you will have what it takes to tackle big winter cod. Casting Soft Plastics for Yellas in the Shallows | Windamere Dam (VLOG/Session), How We Caught 117 Golden Perch On Our Trip To Windamere…, Mastering the Art of Casting for Murray Cod.

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