Diminishing returns. More attacks per second = more proccs. One thing I have noticed is that atk does seem to scale better at lower atk. Crit Diminishing Returns STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Classes > Sentinel / Marauder Crit Diminishing Returns Reply. Hammer of the Ancients? This all, of course presupposes a system not limited by technical constraints (framerate, attack animations, etc.,), but the point still stands that you're not really ever going to be in a situation where getting another point of CC or CD is going to be a bad thing. The characteristics of that curve are that you get a pretty good boost up until 800, and then it flattens out until 1200. Generally, it's better to diversify your stat spread, because stacking one stat is inefficient due to diminishing returns (e.g. Yes it's a smaller percentage increase to go from 18k to 19k than it is to go from 15k to 16k, but it doesn't mean it has diminishing returns which is what he claimed. I'm pretty sure I phrased it wrong but when building artifacts, is ATK%, ATK%, Elem/Phys DMG% any better than ATK%, Elemental Damage%, Elemental Mastery/Crit Rate%/Crit DMG%? Diminishing Returns (DR) Several tank mechanics in BfA use DR formulas: damage reduction from Armor, Blocking and Stagger, and chance to Block, Dodge and Parry. This, and also crit has diminishing returns by its nature. Does this apply to barbarians as well? Since attack % is based off base damage, the stronger your plume and weapon becomes, the more diminishing returns it gives so having high geo damage bonus and high attack gives less than high critical damage and high geo damage. I want to say 75%, but that's from memory and I don't have a source handy. Modify if you know the correct ones. A Critical Hit always delivers +50% to base damage, or +62% with 'The Shadow' Mundus, +plus any Divines bonus. Whirlwind? You'll never make an opponent deal less than their noncrit base damage, but as long as they have crit damage to reduce, your resistance will do so linearly. There are quite a few skills that want to keep attack speed around a certain rate just to be able to spam a certain ability without having to worry about running out of resources to do so. Direct damage continues to scale in a linear manner. There's a soft cap at 75% for all gear and certain skills (Scoundrel's ability, Revenge-Best Served Cold, Weapons Master, etc. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies to keep you logged in if you register. Similarly going up from 1.8 modifier to 1.9 increases the crit damage by 1k. NR is where you start getting less crit the more you invest. If your masteries modify anything other than those 4 stats, then there is … Due to how hard it is to get any crit stats anywhere without insane RNG, running Crit Rate/DMG on the Circlet artifact slot has always been an appealing option, but just how good is it compared to just stacking attack %? Both increased hit and crit chance have a kind of "diminishing returns" mechanic built in. IAS is usually good. Thats double damage! Each ability shares diminishing returns with the other abilities it has been listed with, and no others. There is no diminishing return on investment in either Weapon or Spell Critical. (You get the proc chance you paid for, and the damage bonus is fixed.) The idea being that rather than hoping for a raised chance at critting you should try for a faster attack. Reply . 87% Upvoted. Elaborate please. I suppose that might make some intuitive sense, if you squint at it a bit. User Info: Zendreon. Now we put in 50 points into strength and our damage increases by about 47. Obviously the more of one of these values you have, the better the others become. Diminishing returns can be broken down into the words diminishing which means a decrease of something and returns stands for the output or the amount we get from something. Over 1200, a 30% increase in your primary stat will give you a 10% boost in damage. Bombs scale directly off the atk stat and are not impacted by crit damage at all. Does this apply to barbarians as well? - Page 2. My Crit hit chance % is at 45% with a Crit damage % at 578%.. 8 comments. Law of Minecraft. adding penalties similar to diminishing returns to Crit, Haste, Versatility, and Mastery. The higher your crit, the more likely your chance that adding crit will have no effect. Every percentage point of CD adds just as much damage as the point before it. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The table below has been sorted out into diminishing returns categories. Everyone knows this already. This thread is archived. Note that for Mastery, we are talking about Mastery Points instead of percentages, since every class has a … Also it's Maximize*. What I was told is rather than going past 40% or so on your Crit chance you should instead start buildin on IAS. Earthquake? I play a monk and was wondering Does anyone know the diminishing returns for dexterity. An example in video games let's say there's an attribute called strength. You could have a slower swing and a high chance to crit or close to two swings in the same period of time, but still good odds that they will both Crit. How Diminishing Returns Work in Shadowlands. I'm sure others here can explain the 1:10 ration of CHC:CHD and IAS breakpoints better, but you can do some testing about what gives you more DPS on your sheet in general with the Paragon Points. Avalanche? save hide report. Crit damage by itself does not have diminishing returns. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Diablo3Barbarians community, Press J to jump to the feed. Would the crit stat become less efficient than det by-the-point after reaching a certain threshold? Going from 0% Crit to 10% Crit increases your damage by 5.00%. Having a balance between the three is definitely the best idea. Crit damage and boss damage both suffer from diminishing marginal returns, but crit damage is much better because there are far fewer sources of it. JavaScript is disabled. Going from 20% Crit to 30% Crit increases your damage by 4.54%. Values marked with ?! On another note, I've noticed Sprint Boost making Whirlwind attack faster. Crit has very little diminishing returns, but the rate of return is fairly low (at least compared to pre 2.0), meanwhile surge has hilariously steep diminishing returns. The only diminishing returns are on the benefit you get for each additional point you put into the ability just like every other ability (I.E 1% for the first point down to .1% for some of the last points). The system was setup like this likely as a way to prevent a situation where a player could create an unkillable tank in pvp. I don't think that makes the stat overall diminish in value, but it doesn't self-scale at quite the rate it … If you do a 10k hit noncrit and 15k crit with 1.5 crit modifier then increasing the modifier to 1.6 increases the crit damage by 1k. I am at ~12000 dexterity. So i've heard talk of stopping your Crit hit chance % and Crit hit damage % once you reach a certain point and then focus on attack speed. What skills are affected by mainhand damage versus attack speed? There is no cap, and there are no diminishing returns. If you have 59% crit, you have a 59% chance that adding another 1% will do nothing. Going from 30% Crit … CD also doesn't diminish in it's returns. Overall damage increases linearly when only crit damage is increased. That's really not that easy. Summary In short, after reaching 25% received from gear of any secondary stat, it will now take increasingly more rating to increase another % of that stat from your gear. Not a drastic difference, but it’s reasonable to assume that at bare minimum, you’re adding 20% damage by weakening a zone. Looking back the increase from the crit damage was 6.4% so 30% damage while full health is a bit better at full health. Crit damage is always better EXCEPT if your main form of damage is through bombs. Crit/Critical Cap/Diminishing Returns Reply. adding penalties similar to diminishing returns to Crit, Haste, Versatility, and Mastery. Page 1 of 2: 1: 2 > … Now, firstly, crit damage is a simple not exponential nor reversed exponential function. Try and increase all of them at a similar rate to maximize dps rather than going all in on one or two of them. Dump all into one-stat, check DPS, reset, dump into another stat, check DPS, compare, etc. As you can … Other than that, in general you just need to find the right balance between IAS, CHC, and CHD. IAS can be tricky but if you don't know if you build has breakpoints, it proooobably doesn't. Because Critical Hit Rating has marginal diminishing returns, which is what I posted back in page 1. ), but WotB, Ruthless, and Battle Rage can all surpass it. Personally I'd go with the damage while full health though for maximum opening shot or assassination potential. Specifically a HoTA barb? Imagine having 100% crit damage? At 1200 it makes a good jump again as it switches to the new curve. Forum Top Bard : Are there Diminishing Returns on the Crit Stat? User Info: infinitexx. Effect of increased crit or hit chance. My Crit hit chance % is at 45% with a Crit damage % at 578%.. "(break points etc.)" Diminishing returns only effect armor, block proficiency, crit damage, and crit chance. Going from 10% Crit to 20% Crit increases your damage by 4.76%. This means that if you have, let's say, 40% haste without Corruption, when the pre-patch comes, you'll only have 38% haste. "What is the NR (negative returns) cap?" In Shadowlands, Blizzard is moving away from this model. +219 Weapon/Spell Critical Damage = +1% Weapon/Spell Critical. Investing in toughness suffers diminishing returns: for each additional point of toughness you add to your build you get incrementally less and less reduction in damage.

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