* is a Bonfire Intensity 2+ drop, using a. Souls Awarded: 120,000 Weakness: Magic, LightningOptional: Yes Notes: Bosses of the Throne of Want, accessed after obtaining the King's Ring. As a summon, I had a regular Lightning Spear and 35 faith and I was doing about 120 -. Your movement speed will also be slowed a few seconds before she emerges, making the attack extremely difficult to dodge. A community dedicated to Dark Souls 2, game released for PC, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One. Souls Awarded: 26,000 Weakness: Magic, Lightning Resistance: FireOptional: No Notes: First boss in Undead Crypt. At approximately 50% health (although this can trigger as early as 75% health, depending on the player), Velstadt will crouch and begin ringing his bell-hammer, gathering dark energy around him. Looking for a fun video with all DS series bosses? Obs: to see Solaire finding his own sun skip to 55:19. You can avoid this boss by using a shortcut. The entrance is immediately ahead. After exhausting her dialogue, she moves to Majula to open the way to Huntsman's Copse. Note: This boss can be optional if you decide to fight The Pursuer and, It IS possible to summon dark phantoms (red). The first Ruin Sentinel is directly to your left upon entering the boss room. Rarely, they will use an attack similar to Blinding Bolt and is telegraphed by one of them holding their bident up and starting to glow, like the Looking Glass Knight. The Lifedrain Patches created by her CAN be destroyed by hitting them a few times. When it begins to hunch its shoulders and close its fists, immediately dodge and roll backward as it is preparing a wide AOE dark-damage blast, but be careful to not roll into one of the fire pits. Should one be revived during the fight, focus on the one with more health so they are back to the same health level. Maybe it's just me, but I definitely got frustrated. Dark Souls 2 Boss-Guide - The Lost Crown of the Old Iron King. Spamming Heavenly Thunder as they start appearing can clinch the fight for you before they have a chance to start spinning around the arena. Souls Awarded: 78,000 Weakness: Fire, Dark. Hitting the shield will cause you recoil from a melee attack and a spell will shoot off into the distance. The Fume Knight is not too difficult at first, as he mostly uses his greatsword to attack, only occasionally using his ultra greatsword in large sweeping attacks. He has a ranged attack where his sword creates a forward-moving shockwave. This boss is only optional at the start of the game if you fight the. Guards a Primal Bonfire. All of them are able to get poisoned and toxic, just have your phantom distract two of them (preferably the swordsman and Havel) and just throw toxic and poison mists at the last one. Souls Awarded: 15,000 Weakness: Alluring Skulls, Yearn & Strike, Strike, Fire/LightningOptional: No Notes: Area boss of No-man's Wharf. Like I said all 3 games have there flaws and theres strengths except 3 which was*****, I played almost every fromsoftwaretitle and this game is probably the most unlikeable.. My personal opinion is they screwed up at the end. He is a large knight wielding a giant bell hammer. Lucatiel of Mirrah can be summoned next to the bonfire outside the Fog Door. So, which order should I be killing the bosses … Souls Awarded: 75,000 Weakness: Fire, Magic. Submit. Souls Awarded: 7,000 Weakness: LightningOptional: No Notes: Boss of the Memory of Jeigh after examining a tree in the Forest of Fallen Giants. You see it awakening before the first bonfire of Shulva and when you approach the Dragon Sanctum (it flies over the bridge and breathes fire on you and the enemies there). Even on the ground, the boss is not defenseless. Jester Thomas has a tendency to stand in the pool of poison, no matter how small, and get poisoned; however, he can still survive long enough to output an incredible amount of fire damage. He does keep the aggro well, but for the buff the boss receives for a summon and how quickly he is killed off, he is definitely just going to be more of a hassle than a help. The small stones on the ground can be used as barriers to heal, as the rats can't seem to get past them easily. Guards a Primal Bonfire. View wiki source for this page without editing. Obtaining Giant Souls (not Soul of the Last Giant) will weaken his defenses, with a maximum of 5 Giant Souls bringing him down to normal boss HP. Dark Souls.2 gets slated a lot I'm not sure why , I love DS1 , but you can cheese a lot of the game , ds2 realized this especially when it came to the tomb of Artorias can get like 22k souls every 3 minutes just killing the phantoms.and lost Izalith was just thrown together . Just finished ALL bosses with no summons after doing the same with DS1. 160k. A murky, forgotten land... A place where souls may mend your ailing mind. A giant frog-like creature with a withered face and arms in its mouth. For the Dark Souls II page, see Boss (Dark Souls II). Same goes for melee, you just tickle his feet during his frontal flame attacks. When the boss leans forward and grabs his spear with both hands, he is preparing a very fast charge. Blocking is still not recommended, however, as The Rotten tends to attack multiple times in quick succession and will usually break a players guard and deal heavy damage in a three-hit combo. There is no summoning available in the Grave of Saints. A boss is a powerful, non-respawningenemy in Dark Souls.Bosses are distinguishable from normal enemies as their name andHPare displayed at the bottom of the screenonce encountered, and they are usually on the opposite side of a white fog door. It is best to have a shield that both blocks 100% physical damage as has high stability. Have your phantom distract two and just parry the last one. Not as hard as i thought it would be and SOME good variety but some bosses are terrible. ones.From, you seem to be in quite a pickle there. Out of all the Dark Souls games, this one takes the cake for being the hardest for me because of all the bosses you fight in it. Souls Awarded: 50,000 Weakness: Lightning Resistance: DarkOptional: No Notes: Second boss in Undead Crypt. Capra demon is not optional. One enemy, Vengarl's Body, is particularly strong. The story serves as a perfect middle between 1 and 3. 1.4 Alter Drachentöter. They can breathe fire in a sweeping motion from left to right, snap with their beak, or stamp with their talons. When he buffs his sword is blue, his attacks will do bonus damage that go through shields; his attacks will also do bonus damage to stamina. Unlike the other Primal Bosses, you must pick up Freja's soul. Souls Awarded: 13,000 Weakness: Magic, Thrust, Fire Resistance: PoisonOptional: No Notes: The first boss of the Iron Keep. His attacks are quick but insanely easy to telegraph. Your main goal is to look for the rat who has a mohawk. If the boss starts to vomit, run, as it breaks all equipment if you stay underneath. Lucatiel's summon can be found near a large grate inside a 3-story house; pull the lever near the grate to activate a shortcut. The Old Iron King can also, infrequently, let out a shockwave that deals damage and knocks the player down. However, its attacks are very punishing. He can duplicate himself when HP is at about 50% or less. Combined with the fact that the boss takes several seconds to begin attacking, the player can theoretically kill the boss before they even have a chance to attack if they've coated their weapon, readied their spells, or otherwise prepared for the boss before entering the chamber. Fume Knight was *****ing awesome though. You must face Vendrick alone. Thomas is one of the more useful NPC summons in the game, outputting a large amount of damage through pyromancy and is recommended if the boss is giving you trouble. It has large sweeping attacks like Sif but it also can bleed you making this fight very short. Slash, Thrust, Fire, Lightning, Magic, Dark. Anonymous. Bosses are unique and powerful enemies in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.Defeating bosses affects the world of Lordran, limiting multiplayer invasions and progressing flags in NPC questlines. Find out what you can do. It will sometimes vomit acid that degrades equipment, oil the player (causing them to explode if they attempt to light a torch or step into the fire pits) and has two ranged attacks: a dark-damage area-of-effect blast and a frontal dark-damage cone. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. Take the path to the right of the large basilisk. While eating, he takes significantly less damage, but will completely ignore any aggressive taken towards him. Fire resistance rings and consumables are also adequate, as are any other buffs. Any items, consumables, or spells which reduce dark damage will be extremely helpful. You can hit the bell from across the map if you use Iron Arrows. When Lud's health falls below 33%, you should kill him as quickly as possible. The Royal Aegis will generally follow up this attack with a sweep to the right, so the player should be prepared to dodged twice. Has two enemy Black Phantom summons in NG+ and above (, Optional boss who appears after clearing the three areas of, Even though some of these boss fights don't immediately start after you enter the fog gate, you cannot go back out through the fog gate. The Cursebite Ring is recommended, as well as armor with high Curse resistance. When the pinwheels spawn, attack them before they have a chance to stand up and you can take out a couple of them before the rest start attacking. You should be able to survive if you do this conservatively. Tom und ich geben euch in diesen Videos auch Tipps und Hinweise zu Taktiken gegen die Boss… He's also very easy to parry, which can be done indefinitely through the whole fight, making it trivial if you can get the timing down. I find it more fun to cross the names as I get closer to the last one. Take out the two necromancers in the area so the skeletons can die. Assuming the player is far enough away from the boss, the distance between the projectiles is generous enough to allow for them to be avoided in this manner. As these attacks do not knock the player down, he can easily strike the player three, which will generally kill any player not at full health or in possession of high physical defense. Very similar to the gargoyles in Dark Souls. Pate is actually a decent summon for this fight. The white mages will heal during the fight and throw lightning at you, so they might be on the top of your first to kill list. Watch headings for an "edit" link when available. When his health is almost gone he will raise his shield and block all incoming projectiles. Reply Replies (0) 0 +1. The boss can also submerge unexpectedly, releasing a wave of lava when he goes under and when he resurfaces. The Rotten deals extremely high damage, has high health and resistances, and attacks surprisingly quickly, but does not move terribly fast. However, once you get him down to about 60% health, he buffs his ultra greatsword with Dark Fire damage. Mild-Mannered Pate can be summoned right outside the fog door, if you have met the conditions for his sign to appear. Therefore, if possible, the player should switch to melee. You do not need any of the base weapon types. Souls Awarded: 48,000 Weakness: Magic (Soul Geyser only), Lightning Resistance: Fire, DarkOptional: No Notes: Boss of Aldia's Keep. In addition, the boss will attempt to slam players directly behind them with their tail, breathe fire between their legs, or bite backwards. This is one fight where Benhart is actually a bane rather than a boon. Player summons are recommended if possible, as well as group healing spells. After polling the community, we've got our ranking of the hardest, easiest, worst, and best Dark Souls 2 bosses. This involves giving an NPC a boss soul and getting a spell or piece of equipment in return, plus a soul fee for creating the spell/weapon. The Darklurker has very well telegraphed attacks. After 1 I played 3 (skipped 2), and I enjoyed the faster gameplay and enemies/pvp. If you do want him as a summon, summon another player as well to counteract him. The Demon of Song can also spit water at the player during this phase, either as a series of three large gushes or as a continuous stream. And Jesus I don't know if I should be excited to play this game or not. Hiding behind the pillars and attempting to heal will cause the Old Dragonslayer to charge you, breaking the pillar and likely dealing hefty damage (if not finishing you off outright). They usually alternate between targets randomly. It will kill them and the skeletons with it. Lucatiel of Mirrah: Old Iron King: Old Iron King Soul Old King Soul (Bonfire Intensity 2+) Boss in Dragon Shrine, found at the very end of the map. The boss himself is not remarkably durable and can be easily stunned, but is fond of disengaging from close combat using a retreating swipe while jumping backward. (Unsure if Lud can do the same thing. There is no summoning available. The boss has no grab attack but instead relies on two physical attacks: a sweep to either side or slam onto the ground with his fists. Manscorpion Tark can be summoned outside the Fog Door if you talk to him with the Ring of Whispers first and exhaust his dialogue. I can't seem to find a list. These enemies can also backstab you and they are not afraid to use that to their advantage. As soon as one of the larger skeletons is destroyed, they let out a blast to signify when the skeletons will arrive. There is an NPC summon in one of the cells right before the boss fight who uses Crystal sorceries; however, she has poor physical defense, so use the Red Eye Ring or be prepared for her to die. These stronger enemies are considered minibosses. Even though the soul count is less when summoning an NPC, it may be faster to gain more souls using them in the long run, as each fight will be much shorter. Can you drop boss souls or boss weapons in dark souls. The boss itself is fairly easy albeit difficult to predict. There are two NPC summons available immediately to the left at the start of the area. However, the Fume Knight seems to be resistant to magic, as Carhillion's strongest attacks (like Crystal Soul Spear) barely hit for 200 dmg in NG+3. Since the regular rats can be evaded relatively easily, and the Vanguard has little health, a crossbow can be very effective. This can be avoided in two ways; either by getting behind him as the attack charges (which will give the opportunity to deal damage to the boss as the attack is fired), or by retreating to a fair distance away and attempting to dodged between the projectiles. Still, she is an excellent tank for casters. Lore. The boss is immune to all damage when their face is covered, but can still move around. Skip: If you have a lockstone in your inventory and the antique key, you can make your way to the lockstone room where you find the bone staff via holding cell bonfire. Mytha attacks primarily with her spears, but she can also cast sorceries from her decapitated head. Die Bosse. While his sword is buffed, he will often try to do a stab motion; it is unblockable, and impales you on his sword where you lose most, if not all, stamina, and take some major damage. Don't panic if the rats start to clog and exit. 01 Aug 2020 05:07 . There is no summoning available in the Doors of Pharros. See. If you want to discuss contents of this page - this is the easiest way to do it. It is recommended to defeat the Giant Lord after you fight them, otherwise the fight with Nashandra will begin immediately afterwards. Online. For the Dark Souls III page, see Boss (Dark Souls III). The boss can also breathe fire in two different ways: if he lowers his head, he will breathe a swathe of fire, generally from his right-to-left, that will cover the entire platform and can be avoided by moving between the flames. The wyvern can also latch onto the walls of the aviary and breathe fire downward, either in a constant blast or as a single large fireball. I'm going into this game kind of skeptical since everybody has said DS2 was janky, and overall felt very clunky compared to the other two games. If the boss leaps backwards and leans on his weapon-hand, he is about to charge forward at rapid speed and thrust with his bell-hammer; this can be dodged by rolling to either side. 959. His moveset is almost identical to Ornstein's from the original Dark Souls. Souls Awarded: 80,000  Weakness: StrikeResistance: Slash, Thrust, Fire, Lightning, Magic, DarkOptional: Yes Notes: Boss of the Old Chaos, found after falling through the hole inside the Cathedral. Both will begin to enchant their weapons once below 50% HP. Kill them and you'll have a few minutes to attack the boss before these enemies respawn again. In all seriousness though, this article will be an attempt to rank each of the Dark Souls bosses by the difficulty they would impose upon the average player, starting with the least difficult and ending with the ones that will make you shudder at the thought of crossing their paths again. Was für ein widerlich aussehendes, abstoßendes Geschöpf. I always got mixed up on which bossess I should be fighting next. Filter by flair. A hang-out place to relax and chit-chat about food and boy-girl stuff... Click here to edit contents of this page. If she manages to hit you with her double sting, hope that your allies can hold her aggro and be prepared to start chugging Estus until the Toxic status effect goes away. I’m able to explore sooo much. He won't switch his bow until he's at 10% health but you should kill him before he does that anyway as he is weaker as stated above. At approximately 70% health (the exact percentage varies, although the trigger is also time-based if the player takes too long), the Smelter Demon will stab itself with its sword and coat it in fire, also gaining increased damage protection during this stage. Second boss of the Forest of Fallen Giants. It's better to alternate between Freja's two heads, as opposed to focusing exclusively on one. Your main tactic for this fight is going to be running. Ignore the minions on the floor. Over half of these are the most lazy and unambitious bosses I have ever seen in a video game. Dark Souls 2 is easily the most divisive game in the Souls series. Have a shield with 100% melee protection, as while you're in the alcoves, the skeletons will still attack you. Final and only mandatory boss of the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC. DS3 next. Be wary: this boss will heavily punish you if you dodge a half-second too quickly or too late. View and manage file attachments for this page. As soon as you're in, head straight for the priests in white or the Magus himself. It is immune to damage when its face is covered. This will severely punish players who dodge when the animation begins rather than when the hit lands. toughest, boss in the entire game since he likes to delay some attacks to catch players off guard. All attacks now deal additional fire damage, and the forward slice now sends out a jet of fire from the blade. When she throws her head, it will deal magic damage in a wide area after landing. If you want to exit, you can use a, Whilst the Old Ones and bosses leading up to them are listed as required, you technically only need one. Created Dec 8, 2012. However, you must unlock the shortcut first by using a Pharros Lockstone (DS II only). I`m quite in a pickle, indeed. The Gyrm Greatshield, in particular, is helpful, as it offers 100% physical and fire resistance and thus offers immunity to all of the Smelter Demon's attacks except the continuous AOE damage (assuming the player has the stats to equip it). Total of five of them to fight. She's highly resistant to Lightning. After a slam, his hands remain on the platform for several seconds, offering the best opportunity to attack. Watch out for the fire pits, as they drain health very quickly. You can usually just clear a few out and some will aggro you, giving you enough room to retreat. Perhaps ironically, given Velstadt's connection with Raime, the Rebel's Greatshield is perfectly suited for this purpose. The Boss will be a bit tougher, but the NPC will make it a considerably faster fight. The boss is motionless and does not react to attacks for the first few seconds of battle, giving players a chance to get some early damage in or finish preparations. A large slug-like monster, this boss is quite easy. Having a shield with 100% melee damage reduction is recommended. The boss can also perform a leftward sweep as he jumps back, allowing him to disengage while simultaneously dealing damage in a cone in front of him. The Skeleton Lord who uses mainly pyromancy (it wields a Bone Staff while the other two use a scythe and spear) spawns Pinwheels and should be killed last. Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +2 (Bonfire Intensity 2+) 20,000: 15,000: 5,000: Earthen Peak: Yes: Jester Thomas Bashful Ray (Scholar) Devotee Scarlett (Scholar) Smelter Demon: Smelter Demon Soul: 32,000: 24,000: 8,000: Iron Keep: No: The Pursuer spawns in its boss room after the Demon is defeated. I loved dark souls 1 because of the lore, artorias resemblance to Guts, all of that. I have never beat the dlc bosses in dark souls 1 and never played dark souls 2 but played 1 and 3. Wanna see Solaire beating all of the above bosses ? You can summon Benhart of Jugo or Captain Drummond for this fight, but your reward will be less. I like that they took away dodge spamming and other bs like that. Again, once the first goes down, just rinse and repeat. The only time you can attack the shield is in the second phase when he summons a gray phantom, though its best if you don't attack the shield as the player coming out of the shield most often cannot react quickly enough and can be easily killed if focused down. Defeating them grants you access to further areas, gives you special items such as Keys, and drops Boss Souls that can be used to acquire Boss Soul Weapons. **** DS3 it's a ****ing lazy cash cow and ****e fan service. Its definitely recommended having some summons for this fight, at least one to help you deal with the smaller skeletons. If you plan to get to this boss solo, it's best to run through the entire area rather than fight the enemies leading up to him. The rats do not infinitely spawn, but you'll be wanting to kill about one, finding the best exit to the other side of the room and repeat. Similar to Raime, Sir Alonne has high defence towards non-physical damage. Lone Hunter Schmidt can be summoned to the left of the Fog Door, in the open, though this is not recommended as he deals little damage and has little health. The Old Dragonslayer will occasionally squat and glow with dark energy, and the player should immediately roll away upon observing this as he will jump into the air and slam down, sending out a powerful shockwave. See pages that link to and include this page. Don't be fooled as you walk in. The battle against Velstadt, The Royal Aegis, is split into two phases. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under, Réservé aux auteurs et traducteurs du Wiki. I love fighting bosses. Benhart of Jugo can be summoned right outside the Fog Door. The boss can crouch after the transition to the second phase and begin ringing his bell-hammer; after a few seconds, a large number of massive dark projectiles will be fired from his bell in a cone in front of him, dealing extremely high dark damage to any players struck and likely killing them in one blow. The archer will die extremely fast using this strategy (I used it on him with bonfire intensity 56 and he only needed to get toxic and poisoned once, to get him far enough down to finish with a couple of hits from a decent weapon). He is easily dispatched if you poison him and simply walk back into the library and through the archway, which acts as a "safe zone". The first is poison/toxic. If bosses are defeated with a last hit, but they deal a hit on you causing your death at the same time, that boss could potentially not be considered defeated and can respawn. The boss attacks using a combination of dark magic, stabbing attacks with his spear, and slashes. During both phases, it will also attempt to attack players behind it with its tail. Found at the bottom of Brume Tower, near the Throne Floor bonfire. If the ranged Dragonrider falls down from his pedestal and you are near him, he will attack with melee, so its best to keep your distance at least until the first is taken care of. Their attacks don't hit too hard, but they move quickly and unpredictably, so having a caster who can fire from afar can help a lot, as well as other summons to keep the horse busy. Souls Awarded: 23,000 Weakness: Fire, DarkOptional: No Notes: Area boss of Brightstone Cove Tseldora. Am I the only one who found alot of the DLC bosses annoying? Was wäre ein Spiel der Souls-Reihe ohne seine fordernden Endgegner und Bosse. It guards a rather useful bonfire that significantly reduces travel time between deaths in the second half of the Iron Keep, so defeating should be a priority. There is a fine line between making a boss hard because there have been awesome mechanics developed and geting screwed because there is tons of npc guarding the fogwall. Can be locked on to if lights on the sides of the outside of the arena are lit. A large mass of bodies swinging a giant cleaver, its attacks hit hard and it has a deadly grab attack. Watching where the ground spits out dust clouds and running away from her is also acceptable. The Gargoyles are extremely weak to Lightning damage, and Gold Pine Resin, Sunlight Blade, or lightning-based weapons will carve through them in very short order. Thus, it is best to wait several seconds before retaliating. You will lose everything, once branded. However, keeping them at full health will be difficult since the area leading up to the boss fight is filled with petrification statues and poison variants of the Sunken Knights. The boss will pull its arms back at an odd angle before attempting to grab, and players should roll backwards to avoid this. If you summoned any phantoms to the fight, there are two easy ways to complete it. That aura deals fire damage. While "Guardian Dragon"is in fact, fact a Wyvern, this is still an appropriate name as wyverns are defined as a type of dragon. When the boss submerges to reposition, you can move anywhere in the area to cause him to re-emerge in a spot advantageous to you. Zallen will join the battle, and both of them performing a lunge attack or launching their homing missile attacks is difficult to defend against. The boss can be hit by ranged weapons and spells at all times, except when he submerges. The helm is different as well, and looks more like a taurus. A Smelter Demon that burns of blue; he is much more powerful than the one in. Be sure to go back and summon Bernhart of Jugo first if you want to complete his questline. Watch 'All Dark Souls 1,2 & 3 Bosses in NG+9 vs Solaire of Astora' and praise the sun along side Solaire! Attacks are well telegraphed so you won't have much trouble there.There are two basic attacks she does: the first is a simple scythe slash, which does a lot of damage but is easy to avoid by just being a bit close. Velstadt can also sweep to either side, and will generally do so twice, followed by a thrust forward with his bell-hammer. Ashen Knight Boyd can be summoned behind a pillar at the back of the bottom floor. Souls Awarded: 56,000 Weakness: FireOptional: Yes Notes: Weakness: None (but does take more damage from Magic and Lightning) (has been said by IGN) as stated by IGN. Thanks for the wiki, thanks for souls! Most of them spawn only once per game. The Tick-Over AOE seems to be stronger. During 2nd phase, there is at least 75% damage reduction. A summon is very useful here. The Souls column represents the amount of souls you get during your first playthrough. The other attack she does is an AoE dark attack. Phantoms are important here to distract the Ivory King as well as the Burnt Loyce knights, giving you a chance to heal. The boss is fond of rolling towards the player, but almost always rolls again if the first attack did not connect. The Covetous Demon will completely ignore you and focus on eating the corpses. Just make sure to keep an eye on both at all times, as Throne Watcher does have both a projectile attack and an AOE burst, though both are rarely used. This is indicated by the camera panning upward and the boss's silhouette being emphasized by the light above its lair; the attack is best avoided by rolling or sprinting backwards and to the side, as simply rolling backwards will often not be enough to avoid the long reach of the boss' arms. How else do you reach the depths without the key he drops? She can summon Velstadt (or a enemy wearing his armor), skeletons, and rarely will summon pigs like those in Majula. Co-Op. Need confirmation if only Zallen can use this buff) You can try and kill Zallen in this stage, but unless you didn't bring phantoms it's advised to stay away, since he will probably regenerate faster than you can deal damage. After the attack run back in fast. You must face the Darklurker alone. Her melee attacks are easy to dodge and leave her wide open, save for her tail whip which does a lot of damage, comes and goes fast, and will knock you down(her tails can be cut to make the fight easier). It's a bit tricky, but you'll know it when you see it. Optional Bosses that Reside in the Frigid Outskirts. Souls Awarded: 33,000 Weakness: Lightning, Magic, StrikeOptional: Yes Notes: Area boss of Grave of Saints. To counteract this, its best to have at least one summon during the fight, preferably one who takes care of the spiders or aggros the boss giving you time to take care of the little ones. I think the DLC improved on the base game in terms of overall level design, but stuff like Sinh, Sir Alonne, and everything from ivory king felt like they were very punishing for any build that wasn't focused on having high agility and quick rolling. Best to have a caster nearby simply shooting lightning to get her health down in chunks. Souls Awarded: 16,500 Weakness: FireOptional: No Notes: Area boss of the Black Gulch, below the Gutter.

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