In the ensuing "Corinthian War" the city suffered severely, and the war-party only maintained itself by the help of an Argive garrison and a formal annexation to Argos. 2. It was decreed that the Benedictine houses of each ecclesiastical province should henceforth be federated for the purposes of mutual help and the maintenance of discipline, and that for these ends the abbots should every third year meet in a provincial chapter (or synod), in order to pass laws binding on all and to appoint visitors who, in addition to the bishops, should canonically visit the monasteries and report on their condition in spirituals and temporals to the ensuing chapter. The ensuing investigation could lead to the discovery of The Holy Grail and threatens to undermine the foundations of Christianity. The two nominees are then deemed to be the candidates of the whole party, entitled to the support, at the ensuing election, of the party organizations and of all sound party men throughout the Union, and the convention thereupon dissolves. Andre Bakhos: After the substantial rally, the markets are now looking for added fuel. On the 28th of September 1238 the town of Valencia surrendered, and the whole territory was conquered in the ensuing years. The painstaking work of the ensuing decades realized clocks with ever-increasing accuracy, and the technology expanded to include wrist watches and clock radios as well as industry timepieces and wall clocks. fortunate circumstance, on the 4th of December in the ensuing year the moon will present these two conditions. The history of Bavaria for the ensuing century is bound up with that of the Carolingian empire. The only use of ENSUING in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Ensuing definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. The greatest danger was, we were told, the ensuing firestorm. Look it up now! How to use ensue in a sentence. Find more ways to say ensuing, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Another word for ensue. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. How to use ensuing in a sentence. The ensuing controversy, conducted with considerable acrimony in the best traditions of the Oxford history school, did not greatly help his career. Ensuing definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. The train was derailed, and panic ensued. Show More Sentences Their ensuingattempt to overpower their hijackers resulted in the plane crashing into a field. 20 examples: The ensuing chaos was surpassed only in the retribution exacted by the royal… A skirmish was ensuing in the crowd. They do not represent the opinions of He renewed his opposition in the most uncompromising terms at the ensuing congress (Jan. 1 743) and James Short of Edinburgh (1710-1768) the instrument unfolded, in the ensuing century, some of its capabilities, which the labours of William Herschel enormously enhanced. If you would see good days, seek peace, and ensue it, 1 Pet. As he still continued obstinate, the court proceeded to violent measures: the officers of the household were commanded to prepare the Basilica and the Portian churches to celebrate divine service upon the arrival of the emperor and his mother at the ensuing festival of Easter. An example of ensuing is the quick consequence of getting a ticket after speeding through a red light in front of a police officer. The war of 1859 convinced the Austrian government, at last, of the necessity of a reconciliation with Hungary; but the ensuing negotiations were conducted not through Deak, but through the Magyar Conservatives. All Rights Reserved. For the chief events of the ensuing campaigns see NAPOLEONIC CAMPAIGNS. The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. How to use, write and learn “chaos” in a sentence? The part played by Egypt proper in the ensuing anti-Assyrian combinations is not clearly known; with a number of petty dynasts fomenting discontent and revolt, there was an absence -of cohesion in that ancient empire previous to the rise of the Ethiopian dynasty. He took a prominent part in the ensuing civil war and was rewarded by Wladislaus III. In the ensuing presidential campaign he travelled over 18,000 m. The ensuing silence, however, reminded her once more of their awkward status. But a spirit of harmony and energy now breathed within the nation, and in the ensuing wars Athens worsted powerful enemies like Thebes and Chalcis (506). It's also a word that is most often used in its Accordingly I hid myself in some thick underwood, determining to devote the ensuing hours to reflection on my situation. If this could ever be proved, the ensuing litigation would bury the industry.The two Enron memoranda offer more evidence of the roundabout route that electrons take from power plants to households in America. In the settlement of the Egyptian question in 1840, and during the Crimean War and the ensuing peace negotiations, he rendered valuable services to the state. Definition of Ensuing occurring immediately afterwards and as a consequence of a prior event Examples of Ensuing in a sentence In the ensuing weeks after the hurricane, thousands of … In the ensuing campaign the president and his cabinet, with the exception of Hoke Smith (b. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Amasis, sent to meet them and quell the revolt, was proclaimed king by the rebels, and Apries, who had now to rely entirely on his mercenaries, was defeated and taken prisoner in the ensuing conflict at Momemphis; the usurper treated the captive prince with great lenity, but was eventually persuaded to give him up to the people, by whom he was strangled and buried in his ancestral tomb at Sais. Sentence Examples There's rosemary that's for remembrance to take the pill out of its blue flowered packet twenty one times and swallow ensuingly . : Consequently, there can be a lot of competition during the negotiations that ensue afterwards. Boadicea took poison; thousands of Britons fell in the fight or were hunted down in the ensuing guerrilla. The honors of the ensuing war were with Henry, and when peace was made in 1006 Boleslaus gave up Bohemia, but the struggle was soon renewed and neither side had gained any serious advantage when peace was again made in 1013. The ensuing drive down the. In 1770, during the course of a war between Russia and Turkey, the Russians crossed over the Caucasus and assisted the Imeretians to resist the Turks, and from the time of the ensuing peace of Kuchuk-kainarji the Georgian principalities looked to their powerful northern neighbour as their protector against the southern aggressors the Turks. Ensuing in a sentence. They meet and agree on a certain time to celebrate the feast together during the ensuing year. But yet again, Honda go one-step beyond in ensuing pedestrians are safe and for this they gained a three star rating. 14. How to use ensuing in a sentence is shown in this During the ensuing applause he signed this production. Thus the confederation of Bar, and the Turkish War thereupon ensuing, took him completely by surprise and considerably weakened his position. The folly of the monarchs of the Holy Alliance in Europe gained for the writings of Montholon and Las Cases (that of Gourgaud was not published till 1899) a ready reception, with the result that Napoleon reappeared in the literature of the ensuing decades wielding an influence scarcely less potent than that of the grey-coated figure into whose arms France flung herself on his return from Elba. In English class he gave us a list of words to write down senteces using the words in them, but I dont know how to use ensue in a sentece. 92. Translations of the phrase ENSUING FROM THIS from english to russian and examples of the use of "ENSUING FROM THIS" in a sentence with their translations: ...the implementation of the obligations ensuing from this article. After 12 to 15 years the heads become "tired," and should be grubbed up. Sentence example with the word 'ensue' ensue attend, come about, come of, derive, emanate, fall out, follow after, inherit, pan out, prove to be, stem, terminate, turn out Definition v. issue or terminate Last update: October 27, 2015 In the ensuing presidential campaign he travelled over 18,000 m. 50. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. In an ensuing battle (in January 1831), both Sabagadis and Marie were killed, and Ubie retired to watch events from his own province. 21. Sentences with ensuing. Only nouns and pronouns have plurals in English. During the ensuing two years (1589-1591) he carried on that remarkable series of experiments by which he established the first principles of dynamics and earned the undying hostility of bigoted Aristotelians. Aware of an ensuing situation, the cartel. ই র জ - ব ল Online অভ ধ ন। Providing the maximum meaning of a word by combining the best sources with us. ensue definition is - to strive to attain : pursue. How to use ensuing in a sentence. Never in the ensuing years had it failed to meet obligations .在其后的年月中,它从没有不履行自己的义务。Annual affiliation period commences on 1st april each year to 31st march of the ensuing year属会会籍为每年四月一日至翌年的 "In the ensuing gun battle one foreign militant was killed" A member not having tendered his/her resignation prior to 31 st December shall be liable for the ensuing year's subscription. A provisional government was formed, led by Ubaldino Peruzzi, and was strengthened on the 8th of May by the inclusion of Baron Bettino Ricasoli, a man of great force of character, who became the real head of the administration, and all through the ensuing critical period aimed unswervingly at Italian unity. Their video documents the ensuing chaos, including the smashing up of a piano. Tony took three bisques in the ensuing turns to score only one hoop. During the ensuing thirty years numerous illustrated books appeared, including the earliest yet known which are illustrated by color-printing. 9. In 1881 appeared his Elementary Lessons in Electricity and Magnetism, twice reprinted in 1882 and 16 times in the ensuing 12 years. Don't hang out the ensuing uproar the air force scary place to be. During the ensuing years, apart from a brief return to the Cimonian policy, the resources of the league, or, as it has now become, the Athenian empire, were directed not so much against Persia as against Sparta, Corinth, Aegina and Boeotia. Accordingly in the first ensuing session of the Congress elected in 1892 the tariff act of 1894 was passed, known as the Wilson Tariff, bringing about considerable reductions of duty. The course of the ensuing campaigns was to reveal the hardening of his mental powers. The stories consist of a number of "scenes", which encompass static cutscene sequences and their ensuing battles. In the ensuing controversy Kingsley was completely discomfited. The Proctors were forced to give evidence at the ensuing trial of nine people for inciting riotous assembly. At the ensuing review at Godollo, Kossuth expressed the sentiments of the whole nation when he doffed his hat as Damjanich's battalions passed by. Another word for ensuing. It needs to be paired with something. 34. At the ensuing peace congress at Pereyaslavl he demanded terms so extravagant that the Polish commissioners dared not listen to them. But the ensuing period of competition did not last. 例文検索の条件設定 「カテゴリ」「情報源」を複数指定しての検索が可能になりました。( プレミアム会員 限定) (3) Changes in data entered into the Register ensuing from valid and enforceable decision of a competent authority shall be entered without delay into the Register by the Office after delivery of the decision with a validity clause. In view of the vast consequences ensuing from this exodus of Dutch families from the Cape a somewhat detailed consideration and in some cases lax sexual morality. Early in 1812 he was made captain, and during the ensuing hostilities with Great Britain distinguished himself by his gallant defence against the Indians of Fort Harrison, a stockade in central Indiana. 1 people chose this as the best definition of ensue: Ensue is defined as to ha... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. The original Ocarina of Time was released on the Nintendo 64 in November 1998, but the game had four major re-releases on other Nintendo consoles in the ensuing years. In the ensuing chaos, Yersin received a saber slash to his right hand and a crippling blow from a rifle butt. "Ensue" is not a noun; it is a verb. 34. ensue in a sentence - Use "ensue" in a sentence 1. During the ensuing pages, Max's imagination takes him on a fantastic journey to the land of the wild things, where he becomes king. He is elected for the ensuing year, and holds office until his successor has accepted office. The ensuing visitors over the next 2-3 centuries have included notable privateers (Sir Francis Drake), sardonic novelists (Mark Twain), U.S. Presidents (Warren G. As the water is heated, the ensuing air pushes the water out of the airtight chamber which forces it over the coffee grounds where it drips into the bottom of the top side reservoir. In the ensuing chapter the reader will become more fully acquainted with my fresh conquest. In Great Britain the beetle, after completing its development, winters in the seed, waiting to emerge and lay its eggs on the blossom in the ensuing spring. In the ensuing years Charles's task was extraordinarily difficult. Updated November 5, 2018 Definition: to occur as a result of 3. In the winter similar consequences ensue, in a negative direction, from the prolonged loss of heat by radiation in the long and clear nights - an effect which is intensified wherever the surface is covered with snow, or the air little charged with vapour. A member not having tendered his/her resignation prior to 31 st December shall be liable for the ensuing year 's subscription. By the ensuing peace of Adrianople, Russia still further enlarged her Transcaucasian territories by the acquisition of the districts of Kars, Batum and Ardahan. 5. Synonyms & Antonyms of ensuing (Entry 2 of 2) to come at a later time; to happen as a result When the news broke, a long period of chaos ensued. Please help me, and please dont say "Do your own homework", The definition he gave us is cause/effect. Nikki flips out and in the ensuing melee, slaps Dominic. It was delivered on St Thomas's day (1609) before the feast of Christ's nativity, and in it he rebuked sharply "lusory lotts" and the "heathenish debauchery" of the students during the twelve days ensuing. "The floor started having problems one year after it was installed, and in the ensuing decade it has gotten to the point where the gaps in the seams are showing.". It's difficult to see ensue in a sentence. The ensuing elections resulted in a complete victory of the Progressives. 4. During the ensuing ten years he published the works which have made his reputation as a critical philosopher. 23 24 The sole survivor of the team becomes chief suspect in the ensuing international manhunt. with both her population and her trade. What are the odds a war will ensue after the world leader tests his long-range missiles over international waters? Over the ensuing decades, military groups, pilots and filmmakers adopted the brand, helping to establish the company's success. The ensuing argument had been bitter. 25. Even more striking is that the ensuing days showed just how much vigor I 'd lost over those two weeks. Information and translations of ensuing in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … The whole history of the ensuing period of south Italian history turns on the claims of the papacy over the kingdoms of Naples and Sicily, based on the recognition of papal suzerainty in 1053. History of the United States Example Sentences Sentence and Word … From the ensuing ruck, however, center Steve Leach galloped over for his fourth try of the season. If you do not receive a referral from your primary care physician, the PPO plan may not cover any of the ensuing medical charges. The ensuing controversy, conducted with considerable acrimony in the best traditions of the Oxford history school, did not greatly help his career. In the ensuing hubbub, the clearest voice I could hear was asking, " what's VHS? High quality example sentences with “ensuing policies” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English We present here our approach to the objectives and ensuing policies of an academic repository, its integration with other academic systems, its usage as a research evaluation tool and its importance for the university. use Ensue in a sentence ensue; [verb] to happen after or as a consequence; Delegates for the two candidates are meeting to discuss what will ensue the next ballot. What is the definition of ensuing? Some of the vehicles in the convoy were disabled, and Capt Philippson was shot and killed in the ensuing firefight. There is a battle ensuing for. , The ensuing riots that followed the not guilty verdict cost the city millions of dollars in damages. Synonyms & Near Synonyms for ensuing Humanism, a word which will often recur in the ensuing paragraphs, denotes a specific bias which the forces liberated in the Renaissance took from contact with the ancient world, - the particular form assumed by human self-esteem at that epoch, - the ideal of life and civilization evolved by the modern nations. Most of the traffic slowed down when nearing the site and he saw inquisitive eyes as they searched along the scene. How To Use Ensuing In A Sentence? chief archon for the ensuing year (489-488). The ensuing night in Cairo presented a curious spectacle; many of the inhabitants, believing that this envoy would put an end to their miseries, fired off their weapons as they paraded the streets with bands of music. But the ensuing campaign, that of 1717, was still more remarkable on account of the battle of Belgrade. . In 1892 he was instrumental in bringing about the third nomination of Mr Cleveland, and took an influential part in the ensuing presidential campaign; but in 1896, disapproving of the "free-silver" agitation, he refused to support his party's candidate, Mr W. At the very threshold of the .Czech renaissance men of science were among the first pioneers of national thought, as for example Dobrovsky the philologist, and in the ensuing generation Purkyne (Purkinje) the physiologist, and Palacky the greatest of Czech historians. With progressive territorial extensions during the ensuing fifty years, and embracing the grand-duchy of Luxemburg, it had in 1871, when the German empire was founded, an area of about 209,281 sq. I lost my bag in the ensuing … Foster, the candidate upon whom the Douglas and Breckinridge Democrats and the Constitutional Unionists had united, by 32,000 votes, after a spirited campaign which was watched with intense interest by the entire country as an index of the result of the ensuing presidential election. Hardily grown subsequently they will be ready for bedding out in March or early April, and will flower long and continuously during the ensuing summer and early autumn months. The complications ensuing from Louis XIV. In the ensuing incident a marshal and the boy were killed. Ensuing quotes from YourDictionary: The man was noble, But with his last attempt he wiped it out: Destroy'd his country, and his name remains To the ensuing age abhorr'd. The three ensuing years were especially favourable for the Reformation, as during that time the king had unlooked-for opportunities for filling the vacant episcopal sees with men after his own heart, and at heart he was a Lutheran. How do you use ensuing in a sentence? The ensuing silence was ominous. The foreign policy of ViscontiVenosta may be said to have reinforced the international position of Italy without sacrifice of dignity, and without the vacillation and short-sightedness which was to characterize the ensuing administrations of the Left. Having shared in the fruitiess attack on Damascus, he left Palestine in September 1148, and passed the ensuing winter at Constantinople, where he made fresh plans for an attack on Roger of Sicily. 's designs on the Spanish Netherlands led to a bid for the Swedish alliance, both from the French king and his adversaries. The Greek king, on his way back to fight for Tarentum against Rome, had to cut his way through Carthaginians and Mamertines 1 For the ensuing years cf. During the ensuing thirteen years Aberdeen took a less prominent part in public affairs, although he succeeded in passing the Entail (Scotland) Act of 1825. At the ensuing election Riesco was elected president. (See § 121.) The Indian budget, giving the results of income and expenditure in the year ending 31st of December, and the prospective estimates, is laid before the imperial parliament in the course of the ensuing session. chaos 1. He was murdered in 415, but after the speedily ensuing murder of his murderer and successor Sigeric, Wallia (415419), who was elected to the kingdom, continued his work. During the ensuing year Prussia was devastated, and Albert consented early in 1521 to a truce for four years. Ensuing quotes from YourDictionary: The man was noble, But with his last attempt he wiped it out: Destroy'd his country, and his name remains To the ensuing age abhorr'd. But he was again returned for Carnarvon Boroughs; and in the ensuing parliament he came still more to the front by his resistance to the Education Act of 1902. In 1037 Seljuk princes were recognized in Merv and Nishapur, and in the ensuing eighteen years the Seljuks conquered Balkh, Jorjan, Tabaristan, Klwarizm, Hamadan, Rai, Isfahan, and finally Bagdad (1055). The following year gave us The Mummy and there were plenty of others to come and go in the ensuing years. To start, "ensuing" as an adjective means, essentially, "that happened as a result." We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. It is his intention, not to forestall the fall, which is already too far advanced, but to curtail the ensuing Dark Ages. Bombay, however, soon recovered herself, and in 1891 was more prosperous than ever before; but during the ensuing decade great havoc was played by plague (q.v.) Early in the eighth month (Shabhn), the Molid of the imam Shfii is observed; and the night of the middle of that month has its peculiar customs, being held by the Moslems to be that on which the fate of all living is decided for the ensuing year. The ensuing period of eighteen years is the best known in Irish history. Council has ad interim administrative authority until the next ensuing annual convocation. The ensuing two years were spent by him with his family at Bifrons, and in 1725 he married, with the paternal approbation, Sabetta, daughter of Mr Sawbridge of Olantigh, Kent, who, by a strange fatality, died also in childbed in 1730; in this case, however, the infant, a daughter, survived. He was in the highest spirits, and drank to a leading wind and to the success of the ensuing … 例文帳に追加 しかしその後の調査で西側にも7基の横穴式石室が見つかりいずれも石室内が整地されていた。 Cox, but was defeated in the ensuing election. On the other side, you can also make Ensuing sentence … Examples of Aggregation in a sentence The aggregation of the ant colony on the pile of sugar quickly covered the white powder in black. Find more ways to say ensue, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Ensuing meaning in Bengali - আসন ন; | English – Bangla & English (E2B) Online Dictionary. The ensuing silence was even harder to endure than the revelations had been. The extent to which these two attitudes have been combined or separated is discussed in the ensuing article which deals with the various schools of modern metaphysics in relation to the principles of the Aristotelian " first philosophy.". In the ensuing struggle with the empire, that great city rose to the altitude of patriotic heroism. 36. Although no performances were allowed at the theatre, a sort of rehearsal took place, at which the players for the ensuing dramatic festival were selected. After the release of The Dark Knight and the ensuing hype based around Heath Ledger's posthumous Academy Award win, the new Batman movie cast members have become a popular topic. How can I use ensue in a sentence? 20 sample sentences for ENSUING. King of Poland dies; and there ensue huge Anarchies in that Country. Answer (1 of 1): The sentences are: I was about to leave the class had I not realized the severity of the ensuing events. Ensuing: being the one that comes immediately after another. When Antigonus Gonatas threatened to restore Macedonian power in Greece, the Athenians, supported perhaps by the king of Egypt, formed a large defensive coalition; but in the ensuing " Chremonidean War " (266-263) a naval defeat off Andros led to their surrender and the imposition of a Macedonian garrison. 3. The first year's crop, known as the "maiden" crop, is of small value but should be cut and the ensuing years of maturity will yield crops of about 130 bolts, green, per acre, worth £9, 15s. Over the ensuingmonths, the Petrov royal commission became a political cesspit. But the failure of this protest enabled Mary to carry through the Spanish marriage, which was consummated in July; and in the ensuing parliament (OctJan. In the ensuing election he was defeated by James Buchanan by 174 to 114 electoral votes. 7. The ensuing list of example sentences with ensuing. A shootout with Carradine ensues, and the couple ultimately escapes. For the comet flyby, most of this data will be played back slowly over ensuing days or weeks. In 1377 the reformer appeared before Archbishop Sudbury and Courtenay, when an altercation between the duke and the bishop led to the dispersal of the court, and during the ensuing riot Lancaster probably owed his safety to the good offices of his foe. The ensuing list of example sentences with ensuing. If you are looking for help with the Motorola DROID Pro, for example, you would then look for that particular device on the ensuing screen. Ensuing in a sentence 1. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. How to use ensue in a sentence. In the ensuing presidential election Van Buren and Adams received a popular vote of 291,263, of which 120,510 were cast in New York. As a general rule the removal of the " bolls " or capsules by the process of rippling immediately follows the pulling, the operation being performed in the field; but under some systems of cultivation, as, for example, the Courtrai method, alluded to below, the crop is made up into sheaves, dried and stacked, and is only boiled and retted in the early part of the next ensuing season. In the ensuing account a constant repetition of the names of the main archipelagoes will be found; it may of course be assumed that each successive voyager added something to the knowledge of them, but on the other hand, as has been said, islands were often rediscovered and renamed in cases where later voyagers took no account of the work of their predecessors, or where the earlier voyagers were unable clearly to define the positions of their discoveries.

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