The waste that was dumped off the Farallon islands is a cocktail of military waste totaling some 50,000 drums of nuclear waste. Almost entirely isolated from human life, the Farallon Islands have been named a National Wildlife Refuge, protecting them as a safe home … Discover Farallon Islands in California: Nuclear waste dump site now an environmental sanctuary. Another potent source of pollution, whose consequences may have a large effect, is the nuclear waste site, which is the first and the largest offshore nuclear waste dump in the United States. Hot spots: Radioactive San Francisco. Some radioactive waste containers were dumped in the 1950's in 300 feet of water 12 miles from Boston Harbor, and other containers were dumped around the Farallon Islands … Tag: Farallon Islands Nuclear Waste Dump. The Farallon Islands Nuclear Waste Dump Site (FINWDS), approximately 30 miles west of San Francisco, California, received at least 500 TBq encapsulated in more than 47,500 containers from approximately 1945 to 1970. Each barrel potentially includes small amounts of neutron-radiated metal, and other industrial nuclear waste from the Radiological Defense Laboratory at the Hunter's Point Shipyard. ... it is both the first and largest offshore nuclear waste dump in the United States. This is detrimental to the future of an abundant and healthy ocean. The Farallon Islands—a rocky and barren chain of jutting, granite peaks—sit just 27 miles from the San Francisco coastline. Just 30 miles from San Francisco, the Atomic Energy Commission threw almost 50,000 barrels of waste into the Pacific Ocean, along with other radioactive waste — such as the USS Independence, which was stationed at Bikini Atoll during the nuclear tests carried out at that site. On Nov. 13 the San Francisco Chronicle ran a lead story written by the S.F.-based Center for Investigative Reporting. Nuclear waste In the above map the approximate locations of two major nuclear waste dumping sites, according to a 1980 EPA report, are indicated. The Farallon Islands’ exposure to dumped waste already creates a threat to our local and migrating marine life. The Farallon Islands have stood the test of time, surviving through centuries of sharks, shipwrecks, and even nuclear waste. In the black depths of the ocean near the Channel Islands lies a largely forgotten memento of the early nuclear age. The waters beyond the Golden Gate are still heavily fished despite the pollutants and wast e. The ocean waters around the Farallon Islands served as a nuclear waste dumping ground from 1948 until 1970. The story was about the radioactive contamination of Treasure Island, a former U.S. Navy base in the middle of the Bay. Between 1946-1970 more than 47,800 55-gallon barrels of nuclear waste were dumped 25-30 miles west of San Francisco or around the Farallon Islands. December 29, 2013.

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