We have a nice AoE and CC plus are high damage output can be dished out if used correctly. Also places another dot on the target. Because our builds revolve around STR, CON and DEX. Energy: 15 SWTOR content on Noxxic is currently unavailable. Description and Notes: Of course, thanks to Vulkk for hosting this guide among many others. Therefore, Gunslinger builds should focus on these 6 main stats. Can be useful in some fights where you use Dodge to mitigate damage that can be predicted. Description and Notes: Cooldown: 1m We should use a-particle Cannon as much as possible. While most other specs do not benefit from a high Alacrity build like this one, Dirty Fighting is a special case. To build on that, we made a SWTOR Gunslinger Build and Spec guide. To go to this page, click the link below. Re: My Gunslinger Build (The Living Turret) « Reply #10 on: Mar 11, 2009, 03:26 am » since there's only 1 slot in butcher, you might want to use pantie-undershirt slotted with the archer combo for more agi and dex and that extra ranged attack damage. Cooldown: 20s These 2 skills also let you kite and shoot at the same time. Description and Notes: It is especially convenient if you also play lots of other classes with a 1.4s GCD as there is no impression of them being “slow” when swapping. TOP PLAYERS WALKTHROUGH, GUIDES AND  GAME TIPS. The good news is, that we do not need to worry all that much unless we are doing specific content – namely Dxun or the Meridian Flashpoint. Description and Notes: time. Reduces the cooldown of Cool Head by 15s and dealing damage with a poison effect restores 1 energy. Sometimes this is the best available option. Stacks up to 5 times. what is happening a bit more, but the damage potential in big groups of adds is huge. His passion for video games as well as his love for all things Star Wars are reflected in his news and in-depth guides available here! It renders energy management for the Dirty Fighting spec almost non existent. On top of providing raw damage, we also bring our Scrambling Field to the table which is a valuable add-on for healers to keep the group alive during high stress phases. Cooldown: 2m Page 1 of 3 - Boot Camp: A guide for building a Gunslinger - posted in Expanded Classes: For those of you looking into making a Gunslinger, you came to the right place. Communication is key. The game does not care in which direction your character is facing when you try to use an ability while stationary. watching Telly and solving a Rubik’s cube with my off hand, I do believe I Not the best for high dps duelist. Usage in Block 3 is also an option, we just lose a single Dirty Blast that would be buffed by the Illegal Mods effect. Energy: 5 B Level - Pulsing Wind - buffs recharge energy for a-particle cannon. I call it The Golden Reaper . PvP Aspects 7. we will end up somewhere in the 37% + range. Ranged root. This defense screen is only active while out of cover so if you peek and pop back into cover, the buff disappears. Cycling them will be the key to DPS during PVP. Gunslingers are flashy and confident New Age warriors that rely on a wide array of guns and powerful skills to deal as much damage as possible in a short amount of time to their enemies. Every point not “wasted” in these two stats can go into Power instead. creating orbs of light, and 3.) Gunslinger Builds - PvE & PvP Hello guardians, in the growing fashion of a social community I am going to display here my builds for the [b]Gunslinger[/b] subclass of Huntes in respect to PvE and PvP. In this thread, our goal is to make the Gunslinger a more fun class to play, no matter what kind of build you suggest. If you do not plan to progress through Dxun at this point – keep in mind that in scaled content the difference between 228 and 286 rated augments is 12 tertiary stat per piece. With a 1.3s GCD, the first few ticks of our Wounding Shots will be under the effect of the buff without any effort. Perfect Scheme – Reduces Bag of Tricks’s cooldown and gives you a 15% damage reduction after activating it. The single target rotation is fairly straightforward and we do not need to pay close attention to procs etc. This will give you a buff that turns your next Dirty Blast into an instant cast as well (lasts 10s) The difference to Snap Shot is that you can preload the buff by using Pulse Detonator while in cover in the old position. Here, Defence is not a concern most of the time. They make you stationary, or slow you, and you will make yourself become a. The only situation where I found myself needing to use Cool Head any more was after prolonged use of Sweeping Gunfire. Main use of this however is to knock NPCs off ledges. Gunslinger pvp? Increases Critical Chance of Wounding Shots and Speed Shot by 10%. Skills to use Carefully, better to use them only when you are not target by anyone: (2) Arbiter of Peace. Use either when healers ask you to, during predictable high damage phases, or when you see things going south – depending on your team. Raidwide 20% damage reduction in a 10m radius. This Dirty Fighting Gunslinger Guide for SWTOR’s Onslaught 6.0 expansion is suitable for new players as well as those who seek to improve their performance! I’m known as Kyranar or “Ky” for short and have been maining a Gunslinger for most of my SWTOR career, spanning back to the days of the Red Eclipse. If there is a decent Gunslinger in your ops group – you will usually see them rather far up in the DPS ranking for any given encounter. Especially Assassins and BladeMasters. Description and Notes: Since it is an instant ability activation, the whole process of cover-shoot-walk can be done in less than half a second with practise. to watch. 7 Fire, 7 Wind, 2 Earth. Defense is not an issue. If a target under Hemorrhaging Blast dies, its cooldown is reset. If the targets are grouped together this will happen automatically with the Shrap Bomb’s spread but if they are far apart it will be a conscious decision to do so. You can either use this offensively (Hunker Down, Bag of Tricks. Check out the. Ballistic Dampers – Gives you three charges of dampers. End of the Line. and Repeat this process. (2) If you change gears, Trans over useful stats from the previous gear to the new gear.This is to make sure that your accumulated stats will keep getting better and better. The build for MVP/PVP/WOE. 2. The main thing to keep in mind is that dead Gunslingers do no damage at all, so even if you have to break cover during Hunker Down – do so if it keeps you alive. Here are some examples of the downscaled stats: Note on the setbonus: reapplying Hunker Down just before it runs out via Bag of Tricks will keep you at 5 stacks of Entrenched Offense. You can cast them whenever you can. (6) While Hunkered Down / Entrenched, you build stacks of Entrenched Offense, increasing damage by 3% per stack while you remain Hunkered Down. Description and Notes: Overview: The smuggler pvp builds determine the play style and strategy. Cool under Pressure – Heals you for 2% of your hp every 3s. (If an Enhancement has a lower tertiary stat value, it will compensate by giving you more power). Breaks on damage after a few seconds. As mentioned above, we will get less dots to tick in the Hemorrhaging Blast window if we do not successfully clip Wounding Shots but this is made up for by a higher base crit rate. Re: PvM Gunslinger - Physical Bow/Lightning Java Hybrid 1) Thorns gets useless quickly, I suggest going with a might merc if you're going for Act 2. The Gunslinger jumps are the same as the Nightstalker – Double jump is the basic, with Better Control, Triple Jump and Higher Jump being the three added perks. When Vital Shot and Grenade end they will place lingering versions of themselves on the target that only tick when activated by Wounding Shots. You also have to mobar Desperado, despite the low Vit. I would like to thank Kyranar for reaching out to me and offering to write this detailed Dirty Fighting Gunslinger Guide for SWTOR’s newest expansion Onslaught and update 6.0+. Description and Notes: clears that I can share. The reason that it does not harm but instead even increase our DPS under certain conditions is our Hemorrhaging Blast. General Question. Energy: 20 The debuff lasts on the target for 10 seconds and is not affected by Alacrity. Knocks back enemies around you and roots them briefly. These are worse than the 228 rating ones since they add power (which is capped anyway) at the cost of other stats. As of 5… 2GCD channelled ability that has become obsolete in our PvE rotation due to the Exploited Weakness Tactical. Energy: 20 Crit is not capped in scaled content so there is no excuse to use anything else than the Superior Adept Enhancements 80 (+431 Crit rating). For core, focus on WIND & FIRE + (Earth). Energy: - im near to done build my rebel for pvm and instance: Now stat and gear: str: 90 agi: 90 vit:90 int:28 dex:120 luk:90 my instance and pvm is qds so my gear: top hat: fox ear ribbon + eoe str 3 / rideword hat + eoe str 3 ( qds fox ear, round strip rideword) … WoE : First Edition 8. DPS Duelist/Gunslinger PVE Build Guide in Aura Kingdom Friday, 9 January 2015 Add Comment Edit. Again, due to mastery and power caps, the type of adrenal depends on the content. On the PVP side, Gunslinger received significant buffs to Golden Gun and Young Ahamkara’s Spine. A significant part of mastering the Dirty Fighting Gunslinger is the movement. This is an aggressive build centered around three things; 1.) So we can focus on dishing out damage as much as possible. You can walk, pop into cover to get the buff, fire off your instacast Dirty Blast and walk on. From my experience, it's all about positioning when playing GS. When it comes to Alacrity however, there are two schools of thought in the Gunglinger community and I will try to cover them both. the fact that we have four Dirty Blasts at our disposal to use while Th… will not bother us all that much. The idea behind the “wait A very good example fight for this are the Dread Guards in Terror from Beyond. For LVL75 content Attack Adrenals (Power) are the preferred choice. This will give you a power burst for the initial hit, but potentially leave you with a wrong relic equipped for the whole of the fight in case you get an overeager tank or a fellow DPS player with a twitchy trigger finger. You gain 2 energy per second while Hunker Down / Entrench is active. With every dot tick, they take additional damage while it is active. Again this is not a DPS increase but a mobility buff. Description and Notes: Since Hunker Down is active a lot this is very useful. This is my “one size fits most” approach: That gives decent movement, defensives and overall flexibility. If you leave cover at any point, your stacks will be reset to zero but if you re-enter cover while Hunker Down is still active you will start building stacks again. Stim wise – Proficient Stims (Accuracy and Critical rating) are your friend. C Level - Charging Core - When your energy gets full, you will get this buff, then you can cast a-particle cannon. Can help cheese some mechanics like Orbs at Brontes. Energy cost will add up so when using multiple consecutive Sweeping Gunfires, have your Cool Head ready. And Earth will bring some base defense. Gunslinger’s Panic (adds 30 FLEE for a few seconds and lessens damage from long-range attacks at the cost of accuracy.) SWTOR 6.0 Darkness Assassin PvP Guide by Siow, SWTOR 6.0 Concealment Operative PvE Guide by Endonae, SWTOR 6.0 Scrapper Smuggler PvE Guide by Endonae, SWTOR 6.0 Kinetic Combat Shadow PvP Guide by Siow, SWTOR 6.0 Sharpshooter Gunslinger PvE Guide by Endonae, SWTOR 6.0 Marksman Sniper PvE Guide by Endonae, How to complete All Challenges in AC Valhalla, SWTOR 6.2 Release Date and December 2020 Events, How to find and solve Mysteries in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, SWTOR 6.0 Dirty Fighting Gunslinger PvE Guide by Kyranar, SWTOR Basic Guide of all Classes and Disciplines, 1x Amplified Champion (with a 0.88% Periodic Intensity roll). Gunslingers are always looking for a chance to show off their talent. ane rasa dr dulu gunslinger udah bs buat woe deh ya, mayan buat jaga portal emper wkwkwk 13-02-2014 09:12 Useful when there are some adds at some stage of the fight but not enough to warrant the use of Airborne Agents. There is no clear “must have” in this tier, a lot of options are available that can be used to fit various fights. Example given: There is no point in Efficient Ammo if there’s nothing to AOE down so for fights like that, Cool under Pressure may be a better choice. Press on it to see the stats that you should focus on. If you are looking at a fight where you have frequent incoming damage, calculated pursuit is not an ideal option and picking either or both of the two others is more viable. This will give more PATK. The difference is that the shot will go off at the beginning of it rather than the end. If you are in cover while activating it you will appear out of cover at the other location but you will not gain benefits like the calculated pursuit buff. These hooks can be used in any type of fishing situation where a worm will be used as bait such as; drift fishing, fishing on the bottom, or while even suspending a worm under a float. Every little bit counts in NiM mode. Energy:15/GCD, 45 total There are countless variations of mods and Enhancements available to us that dilute the loot pool. For Lvl 75 Content (Dxun and Meridian) you will use. Smuggler (Gunslinger) PvP Talent Builds & Strategies. Hold your Ground – Reduces the cooldown of Pulse Detonator and Defense Screen by 5s and your Stun Breaker by 30s. All the Sigils are important for the various builds. Description and Notes: Long cooldown,only cast pre fight or when there is nothing else to do than prepare damage on a spawn point. Perhaps INS can be the last priority. These two spots in the rotation will also not fall into a Hemorrhaging Blast window so we do not reduce our damage dealt to the main target. Because our builds revolve around STR, CON and DEX.One way to get D-Cypher Runes to upgrade the Sigils easily is to buy them from the Club Store. ... here's the fire build--> here's the shadow build---> Edited September 14, 2017 by fuffySnow. While Gunslingers have little defense, they make up for it by having arguably the highest DPS in the game, especially against PVE and Bosses. You will need to get some experience on your own with your raid group to see if you can safely sit something out and when it is better to not put any more stress on the healers.If you can get out of an AOE in most cases it is useful to do so. Compounding Impact – Each hit from Speed Shot snares the target more. With patience, you can slowly upgrade them. Cooldown:40 GCDs (1min, affected by Alacrity) Short cooldown so use it often. This downside is compensated by This will be the Gunslinger DPS build for PVP. I'm a Gunslinger/Sorc at the moment, because I've been saving for some things needed for sub changing. If you kite the opponent a fixed route, you can kite the opponent back to the same location and it will detonate when the opponent comes by. Make time to pop out and back into cover when Hunker Down is not active to refresh these charges. This has a short activation time of 0.50s and cannot be done while moving. Best … This Guide will Explain the PvE builds you should follow. 30% damage reduction on three hits is a huge boost to survivability. Cooldown: 4GCD This is because, Equipment stats are not like Core Gems and Skills that we can change in and out easily. For this mode, Auto Mode is best for maximum skill recycling efficiency. Reduces Accuracy for enemies in the area by 45% for 8s. This is compilation from other builds with the help some other people/players from other official server while it look unreliable it give you idea how other Gunslingers really work and play, from outside PvP and WoE, of course. Description and Notes: Description and Notes: The ideal setbonus / amplifiers carry over. In your weapons you will use Eviscerating Crystals (+40 Crit rating). People in-game or on Discord will set you straight. Keep on the target at all times and do not refresh it too early. And Earth will bring some base defense. @ 1.3GCD it lasts 20s if activated under the influence of the relic (these durations do not get updated on the tooltips), Slot 1: Sha’Tek Relic of Focussed Retribution (Mastery rating proc chance), 1.3 GCD: Sha’Tek Relic of Devastating Vengeance (Crit rating proc chance), 1.4 GCD: Sha’Tek Relic of Serendipitous Assault (Power rating proc chance), 3239 Alacrity – 52s (exactly 40x 1.3s GCD). Therefore instead of prioritizing one of Gem, we decided to go with Equal proportions of both Fire and Wind Gems. Pandemonium – Activating Pulse Detonator makes your next Dirty Blast activate instantly and increases your chance to resist Force/Tech damage by 20% for 6. We absolutely need to get away from avoidable damage as this lets the healers focus on keeping everyone alive. It is just a warning that you are about to leave this website. Cooldown: 10 GCDs ... From what I've read, GS can be pretty good in PvP if the build is right. Roll forward 18s. Description and Notes: If you are doing scaled content (so everything that is NOT Dxun or Meridian) – Power, Mastery and Endurance will be capped so Focussed Retribution / Serendipitous Assault relics are useless. Leaving you a bit of time to walk to a new position before the next GCD to resume shooting without losing a lot of time. My advice is, just give it a try and see which of the two alternatives feels right for you. If you want to squeeze out every drop of DPS possible – equip a Relic of Boundless Ages before the fight. This page is not meant to keep you from following the link you've clicked on. Scaled content caps both Power and Mastery so both choices perform equally well and you would actually be better off using mods with a high endurance value instead. Which Allies are most suitable to be Gunslinger Main Ally? So the strategy would be, to keep your energy full when a-particle cannon is on cooldown. You can however use them strategically during Battlefield PVP if the enemy is occupied with someone else and no one is targeting you. For operations this is pretty much mandatory.Since I can hear a thousand healers scream in pain as I am writing this: This does not give you a free pass to sit in stupid. You can dodge the Lightning Field as well as the Doom debuff on you – which would otherwise be an instant kill – by timing your roll correctly. Description and Notes: If you are skilled with a Class and Discipline that has not yet been covered with a guide on VULKK (check the Guides List here), and you want to provide one for the SWTOR Community, contact me via email or wherever you see Vulkk present. I rarely dabble in PVP and my main focus has always been raiding. Cooldown: 3m So you will constantly have the 20% damage buff. In an ideal world we could just sit in cover, happily going through our rotation. Each charge reduces an incoming hit by 30%. If your target brought lots of friends and your raid group is in need of massive AOE damage use that one. You can cast it before they dash at you, causing them to ''waste'' their skills. Bag of Tricks will reset the cooldowns of Dodge, Surrender, Defense Screen, Pulse Detonator and Hunker Down. Description and Notes: Cooldown: 6GCD Description and Notes: The guide features an introduction to the class, gearing and stats priority, abilities descriptions of how they work and how to use them for best effect, utilities break-down, rotations and ability priorities and tips, This guide is written for VULKK.com by Kyranar. Use the Fatesealer Relic just before applying dots to the target so they will gain an Improved tick rate for their duration. What is a Gunslinger? Damage dealt by Wounding Shots has an 80% chance to finish the cooldown of Quickdraw and makes it usable on targets above 30% health. Casting this skill causes you to pause for awhile. Do not go below the thresholds of 1590 Accuracy and 3208 or 1213 Alacrity but try to overshoot by as little as possible. - zde jsem to mohl ponechat bez komentáře, mohl jsem odpovědět jinak - a nápadů by pár bylo - nicménÄ i tak se prostě nedá říct, že jsem přepnul na diskusi o GW). instacasts so they are susceptible to pushback. And also experiment comparing two builds Gunslinger skill build What additional effects to choose: Experiment on the speed of killing a mob, 2 builds are being tested: 1 build - killed 20 mobs in 2:15 min. Description and Notes: Breaking cover or Hunker Down being removed removes this. This will be the Gunslinger DPS build for PVP. Kneecappin’ – Prolongs Flourish Shots debuff and Below the Belt applies a snare when the root ends. Do not take it if there is no AOE incoming of course. Since we were granted a 35m range of attack we are rarely forced to stay in certain spots and enjoy a vast freedom of movement to relocate out of damage or into range for AOE heals. Chain Action - max at 10 - A Gunslinger's version of "Double Attack". Elemental resist potions are also vital for many PvP/BG/WoE builds - if you're not interested you can just use 4 jing guai cards and only farm BoS. It will still buff parts of your Wounding Shots / Hemorrhaging Blast / Dirty Blasts damage. For PVP, the main skills that will do damage will be, (1) Wind Shot - Cast it first to inflict Wind Mark on the enemy for 3 sec, (2) Pulse Bomb - Triggers Wind Blast when the enemy is inflicted by Wind Mark.

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