Realizing she's about to be revealed as a woman, her dragon companion Mushu exclaims that there are "a couple of things" they're bound to notice. So, here are some shocking dirty jokes that slipped right under our noses. If you froze your movie on this screenshot you'd for sure think it was something way dirtier. Anger responds with, "I saw a really hairy guy who looked like a bear." In the original "Toy Story," Buzz and Woody come across a group of mutated toys that were created by their creepy next-door neighbor, Sid. The driver misunderstands, offering to give a couple of tries to help the witches start families. So here are some shocking dirty jokes that slipped past censors. When Lightning McQueen brags about how many times he's won the Piston Cup, Mater spits out the oil he's been drinking and remarks, "He did what in his cup?" One of the toys, Legs, is a pair of Barbie legs attached to a fishing rod with a hook on the end. When he hears it he responds: “Like, that’s my favorite name.” Since Mary Jane is also used to reference marijuana, it’s safe to say that Shaggy is openly declaring his love for pot. The character Lord Farquaad in “Shrek” has a name that writers undoubtedly modified from the curse word f***wad.” Since he’s the film’s main antagonist, it’s safe to say that this was no accident. Disney claims it is supposed to spell out SFX for their visual affects team. Funny Vampire Joke Funny Halloween Jokes. Disney films are known for being family-friendly. In one scene, Bo pulls Woody’s face close to hers and asks, “What do you say I get someone else to watch the sheep tonight?” Definitely implying that they are going to spend the night together. In "Cars 2," Mater attends a lemon party, a party thrown by a bunch of lemons, i.e., old, broken-down cars that don't function well. Happy Halloween: Jokes, memes, images and quotes to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve. That's actually a brothel and the reason they ran after him was because he was poor and couldn’t pay for services rendered. The jokes weren't always for kids. Funny Halloween Jokes For Adults King Tumblr. Adults will understand the "Oedipus thing" is that Oedipus killed his dad then married his mom. This joke may contain profanity. Hocus Pocus is set in Salem, Massachusetts, and ironically the fountain at the Warner Bros. studio is actually supposed to evoke the building facades in Park Boulevard, Boston, Massachusetts. Accidents will happen.” Anita’s husband, Roger goes on to add: “We’re having puppies as well.” Cruella takes a moment to savor the moment and essentially calls Roger out for having impregnated the puppies as well. Sarah: Watch Hocus Pocus each year 'round this time, it's better than you remember. Children’s movie writers have pretty dirty minds. One of the kids says, "Well, if those are the teeth, and that's the tongue, then that must be the uvula!" One of the pieces of the castle though clearly looks like a penis. When they meet up with Long John Silver, Miss Piggy makes it clear she spent some intimate time with the pirate, stressing the word "Long" in his name. Was this deliberate? In a way, she's implying she's good at sex. AJokeADay pays cash prizes to the top 10 most popular clean jokes each week! The movie's animals call this becoming "twitterpated." The joke is that he looks like a female, but he's actually a male. 9 Dirty Jokes You Never Caught In Disney Movies. They scheme and look for ways to sneak dirty jokes into kids’ movies that children probably won’t get at all. When they meet up with Long John Silver, Miss Piggy makes it clear she spent some intimate time with the pirate, stressing the word "Long" in his name. In an earlier draft of the script, Syndrome simply says "and had a kid." During the "Cops" parody in "Shrek 2," Shrek and his friends get arrested, the cops find catnip on Puss in Boots. Surely everyone knows by now that filmmakers have been slipping dirty jokes and sexual references into animated movies for decades, which is why I wanted to share some hilarious-yet-shocking examples of just that! Classy. In "Pinocchio," the titular boy puppet joins his human friends at Pleasure Island, where they drink, smoke and do other stuff you won't see in Disney movies today. Images Of Funny Halloween Funny Halloween 11 Hocus Pocus Halloween. It's one of those things that once you can't see it you really can't unsee it. Here are some of our favorite Disney adult jokes you probably didn't notice the first time around. ... Hocus Pocus Winifred Sanderson Adult Delux Cosplay Costume, tailor made in your own measurements. Calluna: Must watch Hocus Pocus. In Frozen, one scene Olaf detaches his head from his bottom. The makers of TV shows and movies aimed at kids have a habit of slipping in dirty jokes for the parents that fly right over children's heads like popcorn at the cinema. In Frozen, one scene Olaf detaches his head from his bottom. Disney Jokes. instead really a kid's movie but it is a Disney movie and is only raged PG. This costume could be custom-made for both adults and children. Apparently, the book's author, Roald Dahl, had a weird sense of humor and snozzberry is just another word for dick. Oops, we just made it worse. Disney films are known for being family-friendly. Shrek ... Hocus Pocus. The guests can be seen putting their keys in a bowl, which is what people do when they go to a swingers’ party. Classy. A joke in "Muppet Treasure Island" involves Kermit shaming Miss Piggy for daring to have romantic relationships with other people while the pair were separated for many years. In this very special Halloween post, which I initially did for my friend Lauren’s blog, I’m going to be live blogging the movie Hocus Pocus!For the one person in the world who hasn’t seen or heard of this classic, it’s about the Sanderson Sisters -three witches who are resurrected after three centuries in Salem Massachusetts on Halloween night.

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