Thanks for a very professional page, great photography. Glad to see you’re in the group that actually likes liver. The bacon helps cover the wild taste, if there is any. red wine, garlic cloves, red bell pepper, chardonnay, oregano and 7 more. It’s a dish the younger generation should definitely try. Place your skillet over Medium heat and let it warm up a bit.  Then, add two Tablespoons of Butter to the pan. Remove and set aside. Hi Steve! So best stay with beef or pork. Thank you again for having this “online” for us! In a cast iron skillet (you can't cook southern food without a cast iron skillet) bring oil (lard is best) to about 375o place liver in hot grease about 2-3 minutes on each side. I get asked often why I always add a bit of sugar to many of my dishes and my honest reply is because that’s the way my Mama cooked it. Recipe quantities and specific ingredients: *** Let's hang out! Be Blessed!!! Find out how here", Popped Hot Peppers in Sweet and Sour Sauce. Is this really true? To make chopping easier, dip liver into boiling water for 1 minute or freeze partially. While simple fried liver and onions, or a gourmet venison pate are our favorite preparations, there are all manner of creative ways to cook a deer liver. VERY HAPPY with it and will always use this recipe. For me, Liver and Onions is one of those things I just like to have “ever so often.”  It’s one of those things that you don’t even have to have been thinking about but, you walk into a cafeteria and see it on the serving line and you just automatically say, “Gotta have the Liver and Onions.”  Or, you see it on a restaurant menu at some special little Southern style home cooking restaurant and you know… “I gotta have some Liver and Onions.”  I can’t even explain it myself but, I know that when it presents itself, I usually end up ordering it.  I just gotta have it. For cooking on the stove top, place the lid on the pan and gently cook on the lowest heat setting you have for about 2 hours or until the liver is tender. It’s quick and easy and goes great with rice or mashed potatoes. I added minced garlic to the chopped onion for extra flavour Will try this recipe. I bet you made some mighty good homemade ice cream. Preheat the oil in a Pan, throw in the Onions and fry for a minute or two, add the scallions, mixed … Faux gras with toast & pickles. Thanks for taking the time to share the recipe, definitely a winter night go-to in our house now 🙂, Hi Devina, Thank you for trying our Liver and Onions Recipe. Consuming white rice increases the risk of the fatty liver or the factors that cause fatty liver. This is a great recipe. Stir for a while and put in the dals and rice. I made liver and onions every week. I do appreciate your visit and hope you’ll visit with us often. If you let those juices run out you have tough liver. Heat oil in skillet on med hi. I tried this tonight and we just loved it! Mom would fry her liver but would make liver with gravy for us. Smile. He ate every bite. this with some spinach and my iron levels should be right as rain by morning. Consulting a nutritionist is preferable in such instances, as the immune system and metabolism differ from one to … I haven’t had liver that I actually enjoyed since I left home! I do beef and pork the same. Melt 2 tablespoons of butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Allow rice to cool to room temperature. I live smack-dab in the middle of cattle country in the Texas Panhandle and you’re exactly right. Liver is very nutritious. Remove onions and add liver, coated in a little Wondra flour. Not everybody likes Liver and Onions, but glad we can enjoy that together. Enjoy your blog, have subscribed in my reader for a while. Flip the liver over and let the other side cook about 2 or 3 minutes more.  Watch it carefully, don’t over cook it or let it cook at hot enough temperature to burn.  Burned liver will not be good. Cut small piece of liver, dip in applesauce and also serve Fries. It is vitamin A, not D that is the reason not to eat it. I know it’s an acquired taste, but it’s one of my favorite dishes. -Steve. remove from pan to a plate or bowl along with the liver….Make what my mom would call “grease gravy” from the remaining oil and drippings… then return the onions to the gravy and serve over mashed potatoes or rice… with the liver on the side.. Soooo Gooood. He could order anything he wanted and requested liver and onions. Drain off ... until serving in a double boiler or oven. (Smile), Thank you for your comments. Be Blessed!!! Boil chicken livers, grind or chop very... To serve, heat in dish with foil or casserole lid on top. PS: I’ve got Chicken Livers in my fridge too. I was scrolling down through comments to leave a reply to tell you how EXCELLENT your instructions are. Some of the cafeteria style places around here feature it, and my brother and I always order it when it’s available. This is an important step in removing the … THANK YOU. I make Liver and onions from time to time but was never happy with the turn out. 1 star out of 5 2 stars out of 5 3 stars out of 5 4 stars out of 5 5 stars out of 5. YOUR BODY NEEDS IT. I can tell you probably why this dish seems to just “call” to you once in a while. I appreciate your visits and hope you’ll visit with us often. I salt and pepper the liver, dredge it in flour and brown both sides of meat, just till it’s barely browned but not done over medium heat. great recipe!!!! Be Blessed!!! The ideal ratio for brown rice is three cups of water for each cup of … Thank you for sharing the information. Grilling Beef Liver Heat a gas or charcoal grill to medium-high. I’m going to try seasoning the liver tonight. I grew up on liver & onions. My mom used to serve it with plum sauce which I have yet to add to my cupboard, I’ll have to try it with applesauce! Where can this statement be verified? Be Blessed!!! Thank you, Love adding depth to recipes, and so this is it for me. Add potatoes and onion. Some folks soak the liver in milk for about 20-30 minutes before going any further.  They say it removes some of that “liver” taste.  If you’re sensitive to it, you might want to give it a try.  I’ve never done it as I kind of like the taste. I know it’s an acquired taste, but I do enjoy it myself. Wash both the dals and keep them along with washed rice in a colander to drain out the water. Cook a few minutes on both sides, remove and deglaze the pan with 3/4 cup of sherry vinegar. ★☆ Top the liver with the remaining onions arranged in a single layer. ★☆ Thankfully, that hasn’t happened with me and collards yet though. I will teach my girls this one as well so they will always have it 🙂 Thanks a bunch, I tried your recipe tonight and really enjoyed how you had the steps easy to follow and understand It turned out real good I enjoyed the taste I even let it sit in the milk even though the taste dont bother me but like I said it was good, Hi Carolina, Thank you for your comments and your compliments on our Liver and Onions Recipe. Rate this recipe What is your star rating out of 5? Rinse the liver in a colander under cold water and drain well on kitchen paper. Be Blessed!!! -Steve. Smile. 7. olive oil, beef liver, pepper, oregano, green bell pepper, red bell pepper and 6 more. Brown livers, stirring for 5 minutes, or until done, may have to do this in batches. Liver sausage with rice is a popular sausage. -Steve. We would promise them homemade ice cream for dessert. Heat up the pan, Hot! As a Qualified Chef, I beg you All NOT to OVER COOK liver, It does only need 2-3 mins each side, then get it out of the pan, Rest it, while cooking onions and gravy, (liver will keep cooking) The Least time cooking the softer tende liver will be, Some online recipes give 25 mins to cook, Rubbish, Liver is one of the Fastest foods to cook, Fry it in Butter (a lid helps) 2 mins each side, Let it rest, Then you have a Juicy Soft Tender liver to eat, Cooking it longer will only toughen the liver with ever minute over 2 mins (each side) and give you a tough rubber liver, OR for those who love a Slow Cooker, Try Rooted Veg, (parsnips carrots) mushrooms, peppers, and add 2 Packets of Sausage Casserole Mix, plonk RAW liver into Slow cooker and all veg onions, You will be Amazed at the taste, Also Try adding Simple Dumplings to the Mix 25 mins before serving, What A Dish… to die for… ( I always cook & freeze this dish for a Restaurant So cheap to Cook) will differently make this again th. McCormick’s Perfect Pinch with garlic & herb and black pepper is YUMMY! Follow these step-by-step, photo illustrated instructions for our Liver and Onions Recipe complete with a printable recipe. Polar Pour rice into water mixed with milk. It’s a bit of an acquired taste, no denying that, but I’m glad you tried it and enjoyed it. Return liver and onions to pan for a few minutes until cooked through. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe. Now, I guess we’ll have leftovers until I can go shopping…. Thanks for the reminder of how to coat the liver for frying. When they’re done, remove the onions and set aside. I like to add a bit of bacon grease as well. Flash fry the flour coated pieces of that lovely, tender Calve’s Liver on both sides. When growing up, I couldn’t stand liver. I quit eating L&O because all the drugs they give feedlot cattle are metabolized in the cow’s liver, and it was not very safe. Funny how one follows in their Mother’s footsteps. Enjoyed your liver recipe, I too make mine in bacon grease like the flavor. Liver sausage with rice is a popular sausage. Beef Liver with Rice Recipes. I always wonder if my dish looks like it’s supposed to, the pictures help. For cooking in the oven, transfer … your site is great, I LOVE this! Thankyou! Definitely making this tonight for my boo and I. I also love white vermouth, so this is just sounding better and better. Sprinkle liver with Salt, Black Pepper and Paprika to taste. Add about 3/4 cup of beef or chicken stock, stir to blend and cook until slightly thickened. So very good, much better than my mother’s burned black and blue then doused with soy sauce exceedingly rare/raw. Gary Allen, Hi Gary, I’m glad to hear that you enjoy a good old plate of Liver and Onions. I’m more apt to order it out than I am to prepare it at home.  However, the same kind of thing happens when I’m walking through the grocery store and spot a package of liver in the freezer section.  It just kind of calls my name and, next thing you know, I’m opening the door of that freezer and placing a pack in my shopping cart.  Now that I think about it, maybe it has a mysterious pull on me and my brain.  Hmmm. Mix flour, salt, pepper, and paprika in a bag. I would cut it into the tiniest pieces possible and smother it with onions and potatoes – sneak it under the table to my dog – and occasionally spit it into a napkin. Hi Joyce, It’s my pleasure to share the recipe. I leave it on warm till about a hour before lunch and then turn it up to low. Be Blessed!!! (Just never would admit it.) So much so my son at 6 years old ordered it at a restaurant one time. I love liver and onions! Kudos to you for the recipe and instructions, but the post about diseased liver tissue completely killed my appetite. potent enough to kill anyone eating it. You can also use the pan drippings to make a gravy. When a mountain lion makes a kill it will immediately eat the liver. Add chicken livers and shake to coat. Thank you for sharing your memories with us and do be sure to stop by again… real soon. Remove ends and skin from onion. I appreciate you taking the time to share your comments and I do hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. I’m delighted to know that you tried it and liked it. I love that you put how fragile liver can be and I love the tip about throwing back into the freezer. I also make gravy from the drippings to top the L&O. Brighton Chef UK.. Hi James, Greetings to the UK all the way from North Carolina. Keep up the great work. Slice both ends off of your onion and peel away the outer layer of skin. Pat livers dry with a paper towel and cut into 2-inch segments. Seriously though, I’m sorry but I don’t have a recipe for you on the Pate. I wouldn’t make this dish any other way. It’s best blue rare. I’m glad I followed your directions – as in the past, I over cooked the liver. bacon was rendered down until it was crispy crunchy and the fat was used to cook the liver and the bacon strips was crumbled up and added to the milk gravy. Grind liver and bacon through a small plate, 3 mm (1/8 inch). Combine flour and half of the garlic salt, onion salt and pepper. Be Blessed!!! In a large skillet, cook bacon until crisp. When my children were growing up. I then cover dish with tin foil and bake in oven at 350 D for about 30 minutes or so until done depending on how much liver is in pan and onions are tender. Believe it or not, there is a dish very similar to this in Malaysia too. Place the livers in a boiling pot on the stove, and cover them with about an inch of water. Liver cooks fast and if you over cook it will be tough. STEP 6. I promise the results will make you think you are eating filet mignon. My dad owned a small town grocery store so we had to eat what didn’t sell. Soak the liver in a dish or bowl of milk for 30-60 minutes. Place the liver on a tray and sprinkle with Salt, Black Pepper and a little Paprika.  Use your best judgement and season to taste.  If the liver is getting too soft to handle, you can always pop it back in the freezer part of your refrigerator for a few minutes to firm it back up. Hopefully you’ll find some of our other recipes of interest. A better procedure to overcome the same is to choose brown rice and whole grain. I and a member of the: I love it and have to have it every so often! Let simmer about 5 minutes than serve with hot fluffy rice and bright green peas. Remove from the heat and stir in the liver mixture, cheese, whisked eggs and parsley. To stuff into casings for sausage, first rinse the outside of the casing and then place it in a bowl of … -Steve, My roommate and I gave this a try tonight – was absolutely delicious and so easy to make! Hi Steve, Here are 3 tweaks to your recipe. -Steve. I’ve always been told it’s really good, nutrition-wise, and maybe it’s just a placebo effect, but I always feel stronger after having some. I do hope you’ll try some of our other recipes and that you’ll stop by for another visit with us… real soon. Melt 2 tablespoons butter in the pan … It’s got a completely different texture and just melts in your mouth. It is Thank you for all your great recipes. Peri peri chicken livers are very common in places like South Africa, … Add the rice, lower heat, cover and cook until the water is absorbed and the rice is tender, about 40 minutes. Your Comments:  What’s your opinion of Liver and Onions?  Have you ever tried them?  Think you ever WILL try them?  I’d love to hear your comments and memories about our Liver and Onions Recipe.  It will only take a minute or two and, maybe it will help someone else to give our recipe a try.  Just remember, all comments are moderated.  What that means is that I personally read each and every one before it’s approved for posting on our family friendly website.  So, take a couple of minutes while you’re here and share your thoughts with us.  I also try to reply to as many of your comments as possible so check back soon for that as well. I like to add cornstarch and water to mine to make “smothered” liver and have a bit more gravy for my rice or potatoes, but otherwise this is a winner! I love liver & onions, but my two adult sons are divided about it. While rice is cooking alone, brown beef, livers and sausage together. I still don’t care for them, but Mama never made me eat them. I appreciate your visit today and hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. I don’t use salt it makes it tough. I just happen to like a lot of gravy, so this sounds really good. It’s my pleasure to share the recipes and I hope you’ll keep coming back for more of them. My Mom & Dad love it, oh and of course onions gotta have those onions. Also I use bacon drippings to fry the liver for extra flavor. Be Blessed!!! I hate over cooked liver but cooked blue it’s excellent. Carefully spread liver pieces out in a pan, set aside. Do this before proceeding with the recipe. strips; dredge in the flour mixture, coating well. After 15 - 20 minutes the vessel is removed from the fire. I love the stuff. I highly recommend going this route for safer liver. Be Blessed!!! Thank you Mr. Keller. Cover and simmer for 17 minutes, until water is absorbed. Venison Liver Recipes. Little tips like sticking the liver back in the freezer to make it easier to handle, and making sure to dredge all the pieces before putting them in skillet — great tips that make a big difference, but most people don’t include smart tips like this in their LO recipes! I’m glad you are one of those that enjoy Liver and Onions. Add the parmesan just before serving. great tips, we have liver regularly but Deer Heart Recipes, Deer Liver Recipes, Venison Offal Recipes Just can’t decide whether to fry them or go catfishing with them. It is crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, and ready in less than 10 minutes. 161,553 suggested recipes. It seems polar bears store vitamin D in their livers in excess of other animals which makes it poisonous. I SO LOVE THIS I’M GOING HOME AND TRY IT NOW, I’M SO HUNGRY. I do appreciate your visits. Gotta have mashed potatoes and homemade rolls, also! The two things she never made gravy with were fish and liver. I’m making it tonight for my son. Bake the liver between 15 and 20 minutes for thin slices, or 30 to 35 minutes for thick slices, until it's cooked but still has a … Hi Harry, Thank you for sharing your comments with us. I’d hate to have to eat it every day, but it’s a treat for the “every now ‘n then”. Cool and refrigerate the mixture until … Consuming white rice increases the risk of the fatty liver or the factors that cause fatty liver. Cover and simmer for 17 minutes, until water is absorbed. Melt 2 tablespoons butter in the pan … Hi R, Thank you for sharing your memories of Liver and Onions with us. Teach a child what good food is at a young age and they’ll love it for life. I guess because I did have to eat it though, you could find me ordering it at a restaurant occasionally when I was at college. Made it exactly as you did except the gravy, but only because it smelled so good…oops down it went. Either way, it’s not difficult at all to make Liver and Onions at home.  If nothing else, the aroma of those onions cooking up in the cast iron skillet will make your head spin with delight.  I do hope you will at least consider giving the recipe a try.  I’ve got the full instructions below plus a printable recipe is at the end of this post.  It may not be one of the prettiest recipes I’ve done but I’ve tried to take precautionary steps to make it as easy on the eyes as possible.  You probably want even notice stuff like that.  Ready for some delicious Liver and Onions?  Alright then… Let’s Get Cooking! Smile. Grilling Beef Liver Heat a gas or charcoal grill to medium-high. It is very good dipped into buttermilk then floured. I know, it’s an acquired taste but, it’s certainly worth giving this old southern favorite a try. Bring the water to a boil, then reduce the heat and allow the livers to simmer for about 15 minutes. I swear it taste like steak.,. Smile. Drain rice, but save stock for cooking sausages. Dredge liver pieces in flour, coating both sides. I love liver and onions and grew up eating them. Drain off ... until serving in a double boiler or oven. Slice to desired thickness. Yummy! -Steve, Your email address will not be published. Smile. Bring to a boil, add rice. A better procedure to overcome the same is to choose brown rice and whole grain. It makes a wonderful meal with mashed potatoes…nothing like it! Liver and Onions is definitely an acquired taste.  I just wonder if all the people that seem to be turned off by even the thought of Liver and Onions have ever even tried it.  How will you know if you don’t try it? I then place it in a oven proof glass pan and place the sliced onions on top. It’s my understanding that pouring the boiling water over the liver and letting it stand was to help remove some of the blood and the taste of the liver. Sprinkle over the oregano and the Cajun seasoning and let a crust form on the bottom of the pan again. Tags: beef, gravy, liver, liver and onions, made from scratch, main dishes, onions, Steve Gordon, Taste of Southern. I’ve never tried it as (again) it wasn’t the way Mama cooked it. 115F-120F internal(about 47-48C). After that if its a large carcass like a deer it will move it to a hiding place for later meals. I LIKE LIVER. You should only sear the liver on each side. Sometimes they were too full for the ice cream. Serve over rice or with a side of mashed potatoes. With the lack of mineral in today’s vegetables for various reason of modern farming this is a tasty mineral supplement that is healthy for us all. Flip liver slices over, let brown about 3 more minutes, do not over cook. Toss until onions and rice are mixed (onions will have softened a lot by now), then let rice get hot while tossing/frying to slightly brown it. Chop onions finely and fry in lard or oil until glassy. Cover tightly and cook over LOW heat until the meat is done to your liking. Guess I was just spoiled, The Army broke me of that and I eat liver and onions every chance I get now. Their little bodies actually NEEDED it! Hi Julie from VA, Liver and Onions is definitely an acquired taste. As you say, it is very nutritious. Brussels sprouts will be my veggie. You may soak the liver slices in milk for about 20 minutes to help remove some of the taste of the liver if desired. The freezer tip was really helpful, I had never heard that before! Fry the garlic in olive oil for a minute. Enjoy! Serve the liver warm over a bed of rice with the onions on top.  Or, serve up some mashed potatoes and gravy on the side, either way… it’s gonna be good.  Enjoy! Tarragon? I’m always looking for new ways to prepare it. This brings back lots of good memories. My family has loved liver and onions. I’d just cook the liver for a few minutes as suggested, then make the gravy, add the liver back in, and let it simmer until the liver is cooked through to your liking. Mix flour, salt, pepper, and paprika in a bag. We never heard of anything like that growing up as kids. Thanks for the reminder on the seasoning before the flour. Stir Fry Beef Liver MaggieMakris. In a large mixing bowl, add the flour and season with salt and pepper. Add the rice, bay leaf, water and stock cubes, bring to the boil, cover and simmer for 20 minutes or until most of the liquid has been absorbed. just saying, Not bad. Perhaps therein lies the difference. A very hot pan, 30-45 seconds each side, and let it rest.

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