What is Element 115? Thank you can’t believe people cannot understand this. STEP #4 (RIGHT) The Element 115 cone is sliced to extract a wedge out of its center. It was discovered by bombarding the atoms of the element Americium-243 with the ions of … The new element doesn't have an official name yet, so scientists are calling it ununpentium, based on the Latin and Greek words for its atomic number, 115. This is a major part of the documentary and also Lazar’s whole story. Because the element 115 does in fact reanimate the body. element 115 is real. With atomic numbers of 113, 115, 117, and 118, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) announced the addition of these four elements to the periodic table, but one of them, Element 115 was already announced in 1989 when Bob Lazar, famous area 51 whistleblower revealed to the public that the UFOs … It takes the hadron collider to create just a few atoms of this element though. By the way element 115 now has a name, Moscovium. Last episode - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vU844aI7LxY Today I presented the history behind the real element 115. The Element 115 was provided to the scientists at S4 in the form of discs. It is known as ununpentium. STEP #3 (LEFT) The Element 115 cylinder is then turned on a mill to form a cone. Ununpentium is a highly super heavy and an artificially produced radioactive element that has an atomic number of 115 and a symbol of Uup. Bob Lazar put the spotlight on “Element 115” in a 1989 interview. If Bob Lazar were telling the truth and wanted to convince the world, he could do it in one sentence by telling us how many neutrons are in the nucleus of the stable isotope of Moscovium. Processed Element 115 stored in a vial. It is placed as the heaviest member of group 15 (VA) although a sufficiently stable isotope is not known at this time that would allow chemical … STEP #2 (RIGHT) The Element 115 discs were fused to form a single cylinder. Ununpentium is the temporary name of a synthetic superheavy element in the periodic table that has the temporary symbol Uup and has the atomic number 115. 1 If everything works just right, then there is a rare occurrence of a calcium ion fusing with an americium atom to create an atom with 115 … Creating Element 115. It takes the hadron collider to create just a few atoms of this element though. To make element 115, scientists have to smash very high-speed calcium ions, which have 20 protons, into a target with americium atoms, which have 95 protons. He claimed that 115 was used by UFO “Reticulin” spacecraft to distort space and time with strong gravitational fields, which enabled … Element 115 (Moscovium) Element 115 (placeholder name “ununpentium”, presently Moscovium) was only known in theory, prior to 2003. In Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Primis and Ultimis' mission are to banish everything that 115 has ever affected to the Dark Aether.They succeed in this, and the Zombies, Apothicons, 115-corrupted universes, as well as every piece of Element 115 in existence are sent there forever. 9 months ago. Yes, Element 115 is a real life material. Because the element 115 does in fact reanimate the body.

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