Best Hunter Spec for PVE. Essences: all phys mastery and then crit rating, no mits/vitality needed even for t3 anvil. Take a look through the top 15 list and see which ones might work for you. Also one last thing before I get started, as you can see I have added a section for Rakathos t2c and as we get further into Throne will continue to add sections for each of the different wings based on our strategy. Close. Again this is depending on how often I am getting Improved Fleetness, Strong Draw and Powerful Draw to proc but if they are working in my favour then I am able to pretty much maintain that rotation. even my skill rotation is kinda clumsy :D, Here are the legacies I would use for a yellow line main hand weapon: As I stated earlier for me it's all about keeping dot's up and doing damage while the mobs are cc'd. Alternatively you can exploit your way past the Wolf-master, but beware of GMs. Like on average during my 2 minute parses, the Osgiliath set would out dps the Pelennor set by about 3-5k per parse. Bowmaster: The Bowmasteris a stationary, high … For a blue line hunter, which most were pre-HD and trait trees, there was nothing better. You could open trait tree and show LI's also to help us know how to get there. All our content is updated for World of Warcraft — Shadowlands 9.0.2. Captain, Loremaster, Minstrel, even Runekeeper, Warden, Champions and Beornings can push your dps. If you want to be on the front lines and deal out the most damage, choose one of the strongest classes in LOTRO. For blue line rotation is far more important then mastery, so once you have that down pact you won't even miss the extra mastery.- Red Line: Between 85-90k at the very least. Here are the legacies I would use for a red line main hand weapon: There seemed to be a lack of legacies that were really useful to red so if you wanted to swap some of the stat legacies for others than that is up to you. The number one issue you will find with running blue line is that the power consumption is through the roof! For soloing, survivability is of tantamount importance. Also if I get a heart seeker proc during that time I would use in place of a Pen Shot. Otherwise you may end up with a new account. I argued for the longest time after HD was released; when most hunters were switching to red; that while a blue line hunter wasn't hitting as hard per shot they were firing more off in the same amount of time making the difference in dps not as noticeable. To start things off the main difference between Rakathos and the Mumaks is that where Rakathos was about as getting as much damage as you can, the Mumaks instead you to build for as much survivability as you can. Didn't know about these Easter Eggs, killer rabbits! Yes, I lost about 10k mastery but I did not really notice the difference as I was able to use nearly double the amount of Pen Shots and Barrage then normal, not to mention the extra HS procs, so my damage was about on par if not slightly better. For those of you who don't know, the Erebor and Greater Erebor set were the pieces to have at 85 cap. :D. So same as above, am merely holding this space for when we do start working on the Unbroken One. The day the music died: LOTRO nerfs Minstrels to the ground . These one to twelve-person instances are designed to provide a short and targeted fix of combat, with linear objectives and a climatic boss fight. [–]thegunnerz[S] 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago (3 children). Every two weeks, the LOTRO Legendarium goes on an adventure (horrid things, those) through the wondrous, terrifying, inspiring, and, well, legendary online world of Middle-earth. And that is it for yellow line. Welcome to Hunter build, here you will find a great build for Red Hunter (for max DPS). log in sign up. LotRO is a very solo-friendly game. If your character has never done the LOTRO Buried Treasure Event before, you have an intro quest that grants 10 Picks. Lord of the Rings Online’s Minstrel class was a fan favorite for many, but its strong performance, especially at low levels, earned a hearty whack with a nerfbat this week. As mentioned previously, to be a viable option you will want the following armour: - 2x Erebor Huntsman pieces. Creating Your Toon. Finesse: 14.6k with the Osgiliath set and 11.9k with the Pelennor set, . I find the best way is to simply use 3 T8 Supreme or Ithilien Finesse essences, plus whatever extra you may have on your armour. Also try to keep the same essences on the same piece as it will make things less confusing when trying to swap gear out. Bursts should be around 250k and higher. Currently running red line, any stats to invest in, legacy, etc? and join one of thousands of communities. Agility is the best stat for a Hunter. Here are the legacies for my main-hand weapon. What's new? I have added a post below where I will go into detail the benefits of using the heart seeker set compared to using a full set of essence gear. The goal of the LOTRO Basics site is to give players up-to-date guides, resources, and information for LOTRO! Though in saying that just remember there are minimum requirements which you can find just below. I've also been adding sections dedicated to different things such as the gear debate and how barrage works etc. Seconds before the fight starts hit Burn Hot, then use Improved Focus as it will give you a +25% Ranged Critical Chance & +25 Bow Critical Multiplier that lasts for 5s. WeakAuras can have a tremendously positive effect on your performance. This ties into my next point, but due to the damage buff to pen shot in u19 and given that it has no cd you can actually do close to the same amount of damage with pen shot as you would with a full focus upshot. Does not include skills that completely consume focus. Bursts should be around 250k and higher. When the solo enemy finally manages to close into melee range, the Hunter is well-equipped to deal the finishing blow with some of their melee skills. The act of dealing damage.

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