It is most similar to Power Stone, Ehrgeiz, and Super Smash Bros. Gameplay consists of a fairly free-form fighting system, complete with dodges, blocks, get-up attacks, uppercuts, and air tackles. The basic fights take place in a large open space that allows you to freely battle in a large environment with multiple objects that can be thrown or destroyed. She's also the main character in the Story Mode section of the game. ^a Exclusive to the console and DS versions Johnny Ohm later finds Spider-Man and defeats him in battle. ^b Exclusive to the PSP version The Thing smashes him and the alien reveals they do not want the humans; they want something the humans have. In a wink of an eye, the Wink can transport herself across the room, up onto secondary balconies, and get away from projectiles better than any character in the game. She realizes that she is not evil and plans to stop Roekel. Learn where to read it, and check out the comic's cover art, variants, writers, & more! There he finds Brigade. Storm finds the secret headquarters and is badly beaten by an infected Wolverine. She fights her way out of the headquarters. He was sentenced to death by electrocution, but he could not die. The game moves to a different story showing a girl named Maya. Wolverine travels to the bridge to find something wrong with Storm. Yeehaw. After defeating her, Wolverine finds a mysterious alien device on her and removes it, returning her to normal. Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects is a third person fighting game from Marvel and EA. Gamers have full control over the individual characters with each fighter having unique attributes and super powers that are true to their background adding more depth and fighting strategy to the game. ... okay,this is here list characters. Paragon breaks free of the device's control and defeats Magneto. He escapes and goes to the power plant. Elektra, in the Avengers Mansion, gets a call from Daredevil saying he is in trouble. See the list below. For the more experienced players, however, Storm will come in handy. The comic does, however, star the same characters as the video game and introduces the EA characters with, aside from one or two minor details, the same background stories and powers. Magneto fights around the city and finds Paragon. The greatest thing about the Daredevil's game is that he's a very swift, agile fighter that can pack a fast, powerful punch as long as you're sneaking in for the blow rather than going into an all-out war mentality that will certainly get you killed instantly. ^c Cameos in the intro of the console versions. Brigade (Rick Landau) is a fictional character created by Electronic Arts, in conjunction with Marvel Comics, in their first attempt to bring Marvel heroes to a video game platform, Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects. With Alistair Abell, Mark Acheson, Jason Bryden, Larry Pierre Davids. 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The Wink tells Wolverine she was collecting information for her maker, and then she disappears. He finds an infected Thing and defeats him. Once a terrific Russian figure skater, Faultzone suffered a tragic car accident that left her disfigured. There he finds Johnny Ohm. Magneto Easily the toughest to master of every character, Magneto comes with many, many faults and equally as many advantages. He arrives at the Avengers Mansion to find it infected with aliens. Combat is simplified in favor of allowing the player greater movement, and the game initially drew comparisons to Power Stone, Super Smash Bros. and Ehrgeiz as a result. Roekel Sure, we could spoil the last boss with a picture and a lengthy description, but why would we wanna go do that? To become one, you will need to focus on when to use your fists and when to use your claws, as using both constantly will get you a ticket to the hospital instantly. Featured Characters: 1. The partnership ended in 2006. 2. When using Wolverine, get ready for some strategic swingin'. This is his huge advantage. Fault Zone locates The Thing and they engage in a shaking battle in which he loses. Much like using the Arizona Cardinals in a football game, you can take a lot of playing by surprise by picking Storm over stronger characters. He finds the secret headquarters of the Imperfects. [citation needed] Many complaints about the game revolved around the fact that AI opponents would chain-abuse projectile special moves, dealing significant damage to a player character, with the AI character immediately triggering the fatality upon dropping the player to low health. She finds him and fights him. » Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects » Official character list. More importantly is his ability to use electricity freely at will. The Thing is the toughest brawler in the game, which leaves him little room to work with in the speed department. He can even lift enemies and throw them around! If you're looking for a well-balanced Imperfect, Hazmat is the likely candidate. The Imperfects are a group of individuals chosen throughout time. This fighting franchise will pit well-known Marvel heroes against a brand-new band of characters developed by EA. Spider-Man gets a call from the Human Torch saying he thinks Paragon has gone to the power plant. ... Control various characters from Marvel’s library of Super … Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects is a Fighting game for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, DS, and PSP, which ties into the "Marvel Nemesis" comic book series. We don't have an article named Characters/ … Description Marvel Nemesis, the fighting game that pits Marvel Comics' most famous characters against the Imperfects created by Electronic Arts, received its own version for the Nintendo DS, with unique arenas, modes and features.

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