Step 1 – In developing a social media policy, the following principles should be considered: Social media is a form of media – therefore normal risks in relation to publication in the media apply; defamation, contempt of court, misleading and deceptive conduct, confidential information and … Protection of Employees in the Workplace,Videography & Photography, Data Protection Act Policing Example of Suspension of Police Officers because of misuse of social media in the workplace You can report abusive content or request for it to be removed from the internet. The Society for Human Resource Management recommends that employers’ social media policies prohibit workers from …. Workers must understand the consequences of noncompliance, ranging from written warnings and suspension to termination. If a manager threatens them with disciplinary action, they might stop quarreling in the office and start sparring on Twitter. Social media is often a double-edged sword in the workplace, meaning it can help employees communicate more efficiently while also exposing their shortcomings. Although it was previously stated it improves interaction, this is not … Avoid social media misuse by staff and protect from liability. Workplace Bullying Survey by the Workplace Bullying Institute found that 29 percent of respondents said they considered suicide after being bullied. Home › Franchising › Franchise Marketing › How social media misuse can affect your business. Take some time to cool down and consider if it’s even worth posting. More than 70% of businesses reported having to take disciplinary action against employees for misuse (compared to 35% in 2011). Create a safer workplace. Take a Stance. Sometimes warring coworkers take their office feud online. In the last year, businesses have focused on implementing and reviewing social media policies: The number of businesses with policies has increased significantly, from 60% to nearly 80%. Organizations need to determine the best approach to monitoring and using social … Interactions between coworkers on social media channels can create thorny human resources issues in cases where such interactions lead to harassment or other inappropriate behavior. 4 However, employees may consider that off-duty conduct on social media outside the physical workplace is unrelated to the employer's responsibility with regard to workplace conduct. Cons of Social Media in the Workplace: 1. Advancing technology has long been a catalyst for change in the workplace, in good ways and bad. It’s doubtful that the pioneer inventors of social media had bullying, harassment, shaming and blaming in mind when they launched their cyber platforms. However, with social media, the discord is public and therefore potentially more damaging to the victims. The use and abuse of social media in the workplace is an excellent way to give life to the provisions in a code of ethics. In addition to implementing policies, businesses are now taking precautions to protect against specific risks associated with misuse of social media, such as: Training employees reduces risks, yet, there has not been any significant increase in the number of businesses providing employees with training on appropriate use of social media. Social Media at Work When Making the Decision to Accept or Reject a Job . A disabled worker became the target of derogatory comments online when he reported to company officials that a coworker had started his own blog. Let us know via our LinkedIn and Twitter pages! Facebook, whatsapp, tumblr, pinterest and many more are the major distraction for the employees that shift their focus from the work. You can still be conversational and personal with your posts but make sure they are appropriate. Some 42% of these workers disagree that social media is a distraction. When social media is misused, it leads to sexual harassment, criminal offense, employment obligations breach, unlawful discernment, misconduct, violation of students, staffs or parent’s privacy, legal liability exposure, etc. 3. More than half of businesses have updated their policies in the last year. As social media becomes more prevalent in society, it is necessary for the law to adapt and accommodate employers who need to protect themselves and other employees against social media misuse. “Legal Implications of Employee Social Media Use” Dennis, Corey M. Massachusetts Law Review, 2011, Vol. [1] And many of these social media users are balancing multiple … Social Media Communication in the Workplace If you were starting your career in the 1980s or 90s, few people outside of the company would read your writing. Their malice toward him became crueler as it escalated. As posts become more insulting or threatening, other employees might join in, taking sides and fueling the conflict. Manage risk. Social media is designed to connect like-minded people, which is why misconduct often escalates. If your staff use : Social Media (personal and business) email and the internet at work, If they send work related emails or discuss the workplace on the internet & on Social Media, you do need to take action to protect the business from social media misuse. Have an Internet use and social media policy. Did the #MeToo movement make a lasting impact on company policy and culture? Social media can affect communications among managers, employees and job applicants; how organisations promote and control their reputation; and how colleagues treat one another. From the #MeToo movement to best practices and personal anecdotes from the field, the HR Acuity blog is here to help you stay in the know on all things employee relations. Social Media Can Help or Hurt Your Career. Findings: “Employees’ use of the Internet, particularly social media, has resulted in productivity problems in the workplace. She had been missing several days before her body was found. Two of the five most unethical practices relate to the abuse of social media at work: violating company Internet policy and misusing company time. 4. The first case of dismissal believed to be because of social media misuse was in 2005 when Edinburgh-based Waterstone’s bookseller Joe Gordon was fired for writing a daily blog containing details about his ‘evil boss’ and his employer ‘Bastardstone’s'. In Espinoza v. County of Orange , an employer was found liable to an employee whose coworkers had mocked his disability on social media blogs, because the coworkers discussed workplace issues and had used work computer to access the blogs. Now social media is raising the stakes by disrupting the way we work, or don't work… Guest blogger, Kia Roberts provides 5 insights and actionable steps for how HR leaders can remain engaged in the the employee experience while employees work remotely. Other employees took offense at his “tattle-tailing” and started calling him the “Rat” on social media. Business owners were faced with a stark reminder about the potential dangers of social media, when Brisbane coffee entrepreneur Phillip di Bella stripped of his 2014 Business of the Year Award following an offensive and expletive-laden series of posts on his personal Facebook page around the second ‘State of Origin’ NRL game. Social media misuse in the workplace is of growing concern but the normal rules of application of fair procedures still apply. Somewhere along the way malicious conduct became as synonymous with social media as “liking” and “friending.” The target can be anybody — celebrities, teachers, students, politicians, ex-spouses or former friends. The court noted that because the images were shared on social media at work, they contributed to a hostile work environment. Racist comments, nude photos or other people’s personal information are usually not allowed. They found that: – 36% of employers actively block access to such sites, compared to 29% last year. Seen a prime example of social media misuse? Future can be affected: When one posts something online it will be there forever, if one is planning to go to a college, it may be possible that the college authorities may access to your account, if they don’t like it they may hold back from accepting. As of now the biggest risk of social media in the workplace is retention, but the same fundamental reason employees would want to leave are why others could be attracted to your company — a social media presence! Social media is the term used for internet-based tools used on computer, tablets, and smart phones to help people keep in touch and enable them to interact.

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