general assembly of north carolina session 2019 session law 2019-182 senate bill 290 *s290-v-8* an act to make various revisions to the alcoholic beverage control laws of this state. General Statutes published on this website are not official. Cities and counties may also adopt ordinances to establish the days and times in which their ABC stores are open to the public. Chamber: House. Under current N.C. law, distilleries are limited to selling five bottles direct to any consumer in a calendar year. 118 issued March 17, 2020, which limited the sale of food and beverage to carry-out, drive-through, and delivery only, the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission ("NC ABC") issued the following guidance and directives to NC ABC permit holders: Additionally, home deliveries of beer and wine are allowed as long as the appropriate steps are taken: The EO also made important changes to how and when an employee can qualify for unemployment benefits. Beer Transfers Between Commonly Owned Permittees. §166A-19.30(d), Violation of the Governor's Executive Order could result in penalties against ABC permits. The bill removes prohibitions relating to conduct or entertainment that includes or simulates sexual intercourse or fondling. Signatures on permit application forms could also be submitted electronically. But what’s interesting this session, despite the many past attempts to reform the system, is that the proposed changes by … Chapter 18B. 8. Historically, the audit reports says, the commission has contracted with a vendor to warehouse and distribute liquor, which has a much higher proof — more than 20 percent alcohol — than wine and beer. The N.C. ABC Commission shall work with the N.C. Department of Transportation to develop rules to govern this. Distillery Sales Direct to Consumers from the Distillery. The delivery service permittee must complete a training course and deliver packages clearly labeled for individuals over 21. Live. The legislation makes various changes to North Carolina ABC laws, which affect suppliers, wholesalers and retailers, as summarized below. ABC stores must remain closed between 9:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. The bill exempts breweries that do not prepare food from certain food and sanitation regulations, such as grading and report cards. The bill authorizes ABC stores to be open on Sundays (except between noon and 5:00 p.m.) as long as a city or county adopts an ordinance allowing Sunday sales. The N.C. ABC Commission will adopt regulations to govern tastings in ABC stores. As schools continue to remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, North Carolina public schools will drop the use of traditional letter grades on spring courses for high school seniors. 2019 Session of General Assembly. Sale of Beer and Wine at Event Venues on College Campuses. Chapter 18B - Regulation of Alcoholic Beverages. The bill provides that a stadium, athletic facility, or arena on the campus of a public college or university can obtain alcoholic beverage permits if the board of trustees of the college or university votes to allow it. ABC Commission Report on Special Order Process. Deliveries must be completed during the time allowed for the sale of alcohol, i.e., no delivery after 2:00 a.m. or before the time allowed for Sunday sales in your community. North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed House Bill 909 into law on 19 June 2015, which makes several significant changes to North Carolina alcoholic beverage control (“ABC”) laws. What’s Brewing – 2018 Changes to North Carolina ABC Laws, North Carolina ABC Omnibus Legislation – House Bill 500, Proposed New ABC Rules For North Carolina Distilleries Selling Direct to Consumers, H-1B DHS and DOL Interim Final Rules Invalidated by Federal District Judge, Exempt Organization Application Revisions and Required Electronic Submission. The bill would allow distilleries to sell liquor directly to consumers in other states, subject to the laws of the other states. § 18B-100. Delivery cannot be made to a person who is intoxicated. Recommended ways to confirm identity are ID check through a window unless there is no doubt that the recipient is over 21.

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