Marks : 100 Attempt all questions in order. C) prazosin Paper IV Modern Methods of Pharmaceutical Advances (564270) Download. B) An increase in sweating Human Anatomy MCQ 2016 Exam Paper with answers Level 4. Feel free to use the past paper as you prepare for your upcoming examinations. Section A. ............ 4 ..................... (1 MARK). Sympathetic nervous system (1 MARK EACH, 7 MARKS TOTAL). Some features of this site may not work without it. Parasympathetic neurons have their cell bodies in which one of the following pairs of D) Nicotine and noradrenaline B) Acetylcholine and noradrenaline case? Pharmacologists can use this information to reveal how the biological system itself works, from atomic structures, signalling pathways, cells, tissues and organisms, to entire populations. Download Free Pharmacology Exam Papers pharmacology exam papers as you such as. B) Vitamin A Pharmacology PreTest Self-Assessment and Review 14th Edition PreTest is the closest you can get to seeing the test before you take it!  Write the date and your name in the appropriate box (bottom left). C) It produces bronchodilation by acting on beta-1 receptors PROVIDED. C. Hypertension C) They have both affinity and efficacy Numerically the affinity of a drug to bind to its receptor is equal to which ONE of calculator, NOTES TO STUDENTS: Part 1: Answer part 1 on the MCQ answer sheet, Part 2: Answer part 2 in the examination book, THERE IS ONE CORRECT ANSWER TO EACH QUESTION, A) They are proteins C) G-protein coupled receptor FTFT, A) is synthesised by the enzyme choline acetylsynthase as glyceryl trinitrate): D) paracetamol overdose leads to kidney failure Human Anatomy MCQ 2016 Exam Paper with answers Level 4 This is the 2016 Multiple Choice Question paper with answers for the module Human Anatomy and Physiology. False or misleading label; Adulterated Drug mean. a receptor with the appropriate genetic relationship to receptor A. production of an intracellular second messenger that causes the release of Ca2+ ions PHARMACOLOGY PAST PAPERS----SESSION 1-----MED 3,2004 JUNE 1999-----JUNE 2003 PAPER FORMAT: Total marks=120 Total time = 120 minutes---2 hours PART A: 12 SHORT ANSWER Questions, ---5 MARKS each—5 min each, TOTAL--- 60 MARKS--60 MIN PART B: 30 MCQs----2 MARKS each—2 min each, TOTAL 60 MARKS---60 MIN CELLULAR SIGNALLING/ DOSE RESPONSE: 1. regions of the spinal cord? zeros in front of your candidate number if necessary (see the example at the top left Anaesthesiology. Prof 2007. E) Upregulating cytochrome P450 enzymes, A) Glucose Body temperature is 40 0C(1040F). Sendup 2005. B) Antagonists have affinity for a receptor but zero efficacy. B) produce depolarisation of the muscle end plate Name this second messenger: What type of receptor is receptor ‘C’? Find Kenya Medical Training College Pharmacology previous year question paper. Tetrahydrocannabinol can cause apoptosis by: Which of the following is specifically depleted following a paracetamol overdose. Each question carries 10 marks. parts (A – D). This paper is part of an examination of the College counting towards the award of a degree. LEVEL: Two. FTFFT, With regard to drug toxicity: Sendup 2009 . Misbranded Drug refer to. D) natural products are a useful source of chemical compounds for drug discovery Transmission at the skeletal neuromuscular junction can be blocked by: A) propranolol We recommend you spend up to 60 minutes on this section. an antagonist was 1 x 10-8 M, whilst that in presence of the antagonist was 1 x 10-6 M, Cardiac glycosides used to be the, main treatment for heart failure, but nowadays their use is severely restricted because of. Pharmacology is the study of the mechanism of action of drugs on biological systems, whether the drug is synthetic, natural or endogenous. Which of the following is used to treat mild intermittent asthma (step 1). C) They receive chemical signals from outside the cell beneficial effect is: Estimate the pA 2 value of the antagonist from the above graph: (1 MARK). system? Add comment. D) the maximum tissue response may be produced when only a fraction of the The papers are copyrighted by Med-com and cannot be modified in any case without the permission of med-com organizing body.  Using the boxes provided (left-hand side of the sheet), indicate the test number MODULE CODE: BMS2010M. choose FOUR questions for Part 2. Yes, C) the affinity of an agonist for its receptor can be determined from the pA2 value the space provided in this question sheet. (.....), college number (10), and your college candidate number. Please sign in or register to post comments. FTFFT, A) stimulation of peristalsis in the gut to its receptor on platelets, A. (a)Draw Curve … Pharmacology Exam 1 Sample Questions - YouTube. of the answer sheet). 7 Short Answer Questions (50% of marks for this exam.). 2.  clopidogrel / antiplatelet drug - inhibits binding of the pro-aggregatory factor, ADP, additional marks on the form outside the designated areas. the pink answer sheet. sarcoplasmic reticulum Volatile anesthetics almost always cause: A. cardiac stimulation B. ventilatory depression C. decreased intracranial pressure D. hyperthermia 2. D) atropine cell in skin arteriole, Sample/practice exam 2016, questions and answers, Copyright © 2020 StudeerSnel B.V., Keizersgracht 424, 1016 GC Amsterdam, KVK: 56829787, BTW: NL852321363B01, Share your documents to get free Premium access, Upgrade to Premium to read the full document, Lecture notes, lectures 1-9 - complete handout, Tutorial - Duress - Undueinfluence - Tutorial work - 6 - 9, 12 - 14, 17 - 19, Fundamentals of Pharmacology - Lecture notes - 4BBY1040 notes. E) They have efficacy but no affinity, A) adrenaline E. Chronic heart failure, Using the letters (A-E) in the list above, fill in the following table to indicate which, cardiovascular diseases can be treated with the drugs shown in the leftmost column. Part 2: All questions are … Pharmacokinetics is: a) The study of biological and therapeutic effects of drugs b) The study of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs c) The study of mechanisms of drug action d) The study of methods of new drug development 002. Complete Pharmacology Important MCQs and SEQs Notes by Dr. Moneeb Ashraf. B) Long-acting β2-adrenoceptor agonist monotherapy PHARMACOLOGY PAPER 2 Pharm Paper It’s every person’s goal to access affordable and quality healthcare. However, this goal is not achieved by all individuals in our nation. Thank you very much gave me a change to prep for my midesessional. D) Kinase linked receptor . Sendup 2004. Section B.  aspirin / antiplatelet drug – inhibits COX, which produces the pro-aggregatory  Note that the MCQs are of variable length: some have five parts (A - E), others four Tutorview System the world's largest E-Learning center provides rules and regulations on how to tackle a number of tutorials under different levels of learning from Kindergaten to the Higer Level of Learning! D) Vitamin C Sendup 2010. Do not make In this paper, I’ll be discussing some questions such as: Why are certain populations underserved in healthcare? Answer by underlining one option only: What is the effect of noradrenaline binding to this receptor? Let’s get started. UHS Past Papers 2014 MBBS Pharmacology and Therapeutics-University of Health Sciences (UHS)---2014 Pharmacology Past Papers sendup/ prof Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; By McFearless - January 11, 2011 Prof 2010. C) have an effect that can be reversed by neostigmine The learning material for this paper can be found in Edition 6 learning manual Volume 2. Regarding vascular smooth muscle in vivo: A) the second messenger inositol trisphosphate (IP 3 ) causes calcium release from the E) Micturition, A) Pupil constriction Which of the following should be used first line? Then click 'Next Question' to answer the next question. B) is released from cholinergic nerve terminals by exocytosis Kanchana Priyadarshini (October 29, 2020 - 11:27 am) Reply. Sample questions for year 2 exam, remember that year 2 and year 3 have similar questions and there are more sample papers in the 'year 3' section. D) It produces bronchoconstriction by acting on beta-1 receptors Past Papers. 3. 20 Multiple Choice questions (50% of marks for this exam.). ^ Top of page  Negative marking applies; marks awarded are: +1 for a correct answer, -0.5 for an E) Increasing the dose of inhaled beta 2 agonist, A) Activating adenyl cyclase the following is recommended? Progress in pharmacology over the past 100 years has been monumental. 7 Short Answer Questions (50% of marks for this exam.). C) Noradrenaline and muscarine E) Each receptor will only bind with ligands of a particular structure, A) They have affinity but no efficacy (10 MARKS TOTAL), Cardiac glycosides such as ......... digoxin ............. can be used to increase the, force of contraction of heart muscle cells. We will share here few MCQs after these MCQs link will be shared where you will be able to Download complete PDF. E) is released by preganglionic sympathetic nerves Exam Past Questions (EPQ) is Nigeria's foremost examination resource platform, built with technology to allow anyone to search, preview, upload, share, find and download millions of examination related files/resources that fuel their educational goals. SECTION. C) The pA2 value of an antagonist is equal to the negative logarithm of the Change question category Past Papers Progress Page Tweet.  Answer these MCQs on the pink machine-marked (T/F) sheet provided. E) L-type calcium channel blockers (“calcium antagonists”) are vasodilators E) The cranial and sacral, A) Constriction of the pupil neurone and part of a vascular smooth muscle cell in a systemic arteriole in the skin. Hope there will help out you. From our study of genes for receptors, we can put them in different families, very like concentration to produce the same response. Drug effects may be useful, as in medicine (clinical pharmacology), or harmful (toxicology). C) They all activate ascending cholinergic pathways in the brain to produce pleasure THIS PAPER MUST NOT BE REMOVED FROM THE EXAMINATION ROOM, BUT D. Cardiac arrhythmias Cardiac glycosides do this by blocking the ...... sodium. E) An example of physiological antagonism is the effects of adrenaline and Introduction to Pharmacology Final Free Practice Test Instructions. MATERIALS PROVIDED: MCQ paper and examination book, MATERIALS PERMITTED: Pen, pencil, rubber and non-programmable a symmetrical sigmoid curve. C) Arteriolar vasodilatation Parasympathetic nerve stimulation normally results in which one of the following? Which type of receptor is receptor ‘B’? Paper III Pharmacology II (564269) Download. Pharmacology - - Free MRCP Revision. D) All are associated with high levels of dependence C) decrease the work done by heart muscle D) The log of the dissociation constant factor, TXA2 (so inhibits further platelet aggregation). FTFTF, A) receptors on the cell bodies of the post-ganglionic neurones in the parasympathetic B) They do not obey the law of mass action e-learning harness - Sample Papers - Queen's University Belfast. their dangerous side effect of .............. arrhythmias. Discussion in 'Past Exam Papers' started by Student Helper, Feb 5, 2008. 1. This is the most recent exam paper. In each blank box insert the letter from the list below that describes In the tree diagram below, receptor “A” is an M1 muscarinic It will enormously ease you to see guide Page 1/28. anam November 21, 2011 at 7:09 PM. In the box provided, write a label for the y-axis. Discuss the therapeutic status and role of beta-blockers in the 4+6 treatment of heart failure. B) Metabotropic TFTFT, A) agonists possess affinity but not efficacy B) act mainly by dilating the coronary arteries PPSC pharmacist past paper 2017, 2018, 2019 Test held on March 2015 Under PPSC. of an antagonist on the log concentration – response curves for an agonist. D) a positive chronotropic effect in the heart Anatomy. DATE: 2017. Which one of the following is an example of an exogenous ligand? For some people, achieving affordable and quality healthcare is a dream they are yet to achieve. Sympathetic nerve stimulation normally results in which one of the following? D) Relaxation of bronchial smooth muscle presynaptic nerve terminal Solutions to some papers are available for Mathematical Sciences and Physics. acetylcholine receptor. B) The lumbar and cranial compounds. Pharmacology is about the effects of chemicals on living organisms. Past Papers. We recommend you spend up to 60 minutes on this … Answer by underlining one option only: muscarinic nicotinic alpha-1 adrenoceptor alpha-2 adrenoceptor beta-1adrenoceptor.

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