Make sure to wear good hiking boots! Svartifoss is located a short hike from Skaftafell Visitor Centre at Skaftafell National Park in the south east of Iceland. Please note that Vatnajökull National Park does not offer any equipment rental. This trail can be done as a loop, either counter-clockwise and do Kristínartindar to Svartifoss, clockwise. For most visitors, summer is the best time to visit Iceland. The visitor centre can also give you information about the Skaftafell hiking trails, as some hikes use the visitor centre as the starting point. The hike is 1.5 kilometres from the Visitor centre, uphill, and on the way to Svartifoss, you come across other waterfalls in the gorge. The distance from the capital is about 340 km. Round-trip from the Visitor Centre in Skaftafell including visit of Svartifoss usually takes between 2,5 and 3 hours. The rugged terrain , breathtaking scenery, and beautiful ice landscapes of the nature reserve has much to offer. Skaftfell is dedicated to nurturing and exhibiting visual art, the main emphasis being on contemporary art. Just stop and observe the beauty of the nature. It is located right at the edge of the Parking lot and there you can get information, shop souvenirs and get your energy bar filled up at their cafeteria. Skaftfell is a meeting point for artists and locals and serves as a center for visual art in all East-Iceland. Skaftafell Visitor Centre and Campground Facilities. Once there, you’ll be amazed by the diversity of the scenery around you. Skaftafell is now part of Vatnajökull National Park, a huge preserved wilderness area which encompasses Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe. The hike starts at Skaftafell Visitor Centre, and you'll actually start on the Svartifoss trail - very well marked and signed. Continue on the marked trail between Grjóthóll and the glacial lake in front of Morsárjökull. Michel chavarria wrote a review Aug 2020. From 1967 and up until 2008 it was its own national park, but in 2008 a new and much larger national park was established, Vatnajökull National Park, that includes all of the former Skaftafell National Park but also a large portion of the eastern part of Iceland. A large self-service restaurant, souvenir shop, and Visitor Center await travelers. The hike to … The southern area, located in Skaftafell has a large visitor centre where guests can learn about the local environment and is also where most tour groups will start their tours of the area. Skaftafell Visitor Centre. In the visitor centre located in the park you can get all the available information needed. Sjónarnípa is a viewpoint that shouldn't be missed out on, with a view over the mighty Skaftafell glacier and the surrounding mountains. Skaftafell Nature Reserve: The Icelandic Alps. On June 7th 2008, the whole glacier and some of its surroundings, two existing Nationa Parks, and some nature reserves, were … Skaftafell Visitor Centre, Skaftafell. At the Skaftafell Visitor Centre, you will find answers to virtually any questions you might have about the greater Skaftafell area, including its history and geology. The Skaftafell Visitor Centre offers an information desk and a cafeteria . Report inappropriate content Free internet access is also available in and around the visitor centre. There is a spacious camping ground with room for about 400 tents. Skaftafell visitor centre - Approximately 67 km east of Kirkjubæjarklaustur on the Ring Road or 54 km west of the icebergs at Jökulsárlón, turn north on Route 998 (Skaftafellsvegur) and continue 1.5 km to the visitor centre parking. Return to Grjóthóll and continue across the footbridge on Morsá river. At first, it’s a steep incline, but it’s well maintained by the rangers manning the visitor’s centre. A comprehensive brochure with maps and hiking trails is available at the Visitors’ Centre. The best time to visit this volcanic island really depends on what you're looking for. From Skaftafell Visitor Centre head towards Sjónarsker and continue to Morsárdalur. Skaftafell Visitor Centre is 319 km (198 mi) from Reykjavík. Hiking Tours - Hiking. View map Read More. Skaftafell With over half a million visitors every year, the Skaftafell Nature Reserve is one of the most popular tourist attractions on Iceland's south coast . Facilities are available such as toilets and a laundry room with washing machines and dryers. Skaftafell National Park: excellent visitor center - See 1,127 traveler reviews, 1,061 candid photos, and great deals for Vatnajokull National Park, Iceland, at Tripadvisor. It’s 4 miles (8 kilometers) long and just 10 minutes away from the Skaftafell Visitor Center by bus. At this time of year, expect nice weather and long days. At the Visitor centre in Skaftafell, which is open all year round, one can get information on how to reach Svartifoss waterfall. In the summer the circle Visitors centre - Svartifoss - Sjónarnípa - Visitors centre should be about three hours, but I don't know how accessible Skaftafell is in the winter. Skaftafell Visitor Centre, Skaftafell. Skaftafell Visitor Centre If you need any help within the Skaftafell area you can get it by visiting the Skaftafell Visitor Center. The Skaftafell Visitor Centre is a service and information center where visitors would be able to find all their answers regarding the Skaftafell area as well as information about the accommodation, hiking trails, and the nearby recreational options. Exploring its network of long and varied hiking trails - all perfectly signposted - adventurers will find a host of natural attractions: birds, spectacular waterfalls, meandering rivers and wonderful panoramic views from the peaks. I suggest if the sun's out, head up the ridge to Kristínartindar first. There’s also an exhibition inside the center displaying … Skaftafell Visitor Centre Glacier Guides cabin (64.015957, -16.966622) We reached Skaftafell Visitor Centre in hope to book a half-day (about 4 hours) glacial hike but after enquiring with both Glacier Guides and Icelandic Mountain Guides, we … The midnight sun stays visible in … The hike starts at Skaftafell Visitor Centre where you can start on the Svartifoss trail or any of the other trails heading upwards. SKAFTAFELLSJÖKULL. Skaftfell Culture Centre. Skaftafell Visitor Centre provides travelers with all the information they need about the reserve. Skaftafellsstofa is an information and education centre where visitors can find answers to their questions about the Skaftafell area, along with information about hiking trails, accommodation and nearby recreational options. Skaftfell was founded in the year 1998 by a group of art enthusiasts in the town of Seydisfjordur. It’s one of Iceland’s more unique waterfalls, and as such attracts a lot of first-time visitors to Skaftafell. This is about 1.7 km from the visitor center (1 mile). Iceland is a great destination all year round. Excellent for information about hiking routes, services … Skaftafell is the Visitor’s Centre for the national park and serves as a base camp for ventures onto the glacier as well as hiking to Hvannadalshnjúkur, Iceland‘s highest peak (2110m). You can follow the trail all the way to the sightseeing point and from there is a another trail back towards the visitor centre. Skaftafell Visitor Centre offers tourists top quality information on local trails, accommodation, and tour options. The campground in Skaftafell has room for about 400 tents. The visitor centre also provides facilities for campers which includes a camp ground, toilets, washing machines, an on-site restaurant as well as free walking tours arranged by the park rangers. The trail, like all others, begins from the Skaftafell Visitor Centre. Visitors should register there prior to camping. All reviews visitor center national park hiking trails basalt columns gift shop easy hike beautiful area food truck information centre soup glacier tongue ring road stunning views great hike svartifoss waterfall skaftafell campsite path hikers camping maps. The Skaftafell Visitor Centre is located on the edge of the park grounds. On the wall beside the entrance is a mailbox. When you are visiting Skaftafell you feel you are on another planet. Located at the base of Vatnajökull, it is in a beautiful setting and has a good camping site. The beautiful glacier lagoon Jokulsarlon is not far away from Skaftafell park direction further east and of course a must visit … Skaftafell Visitor Centre, Skaftafell Skaftafellsstofa is an information and education centre where visitors can find answers to their questions about the Skaftafell area, along with information about hiking trails, accommodation and nearby recreational options. Skaftafell Nature Reserve is found in the southeast corner of Iceland. Skaftafellsstofa is an information and education centre where visitors can find answers to their questions about the Skaftafell area, along with information about hiking trails, accommodation and nearby recreational options. Skaftafell Visitor Center You will find a Visitors Centre at Skaftafell which acts as the main information and meeting point for tour operators and independent travellers. The view is breathtaking. The campground office is located next to the entrance gate. Skaftafellsjökull is one of the glacier tongues flowing down from Vatnajökull glacier. - See 1,127 traveler reviews, 1,061 candid photos, and great deals for Vatnajokull National Park, Iceland, at Tripadvisor. A vast network of trails are mapped out by the Skaftafell Visitor Center, which acts as an information center and exhibition space for the entire Vatnajokull National Park. Vehicle entry is allowed from 7:30 to 23:00. If you are into more extreme outdoor activity there are a lot of possibilities in this area. From the top of the outlet glacier you’ll see imposing and ever-changing ice formations, a picturesque mountainous landscape, and the surrounding rugged terrain. You can get to it by walking from Skaftafell Visitor Center. The key is to follow the trail signs to Sjonarsker, where there are 360 degree views, and clear trail markers to Kristínartindar. Visitors can find information on the best hikes in Skaftafell, accommodations, and available tours. Skaftafell National Park: Good visitor centre, beautiful waterfalls. View map Read More.

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