The anchor spacing and placement is determined by the anticipated … Finally, the wire mesh is pulled together and sewn shut with wire. The claw type spike plate is commonly used with nails to fasten the tecco mesh onto the slope firmly. Add: South Industrial Park of Anping County,Hebei China 053600, Iron Spider Slope Stabilization Mesh Factory. They are flexible, permeable, durable and can be adapted to every slope angle. The space between the logs is filled up completely with live branches and soil, so that very dense vegetation is quickly obtained. Slope stability analysis is a static or dynamic, analytical or empirical method to evaluate the stability of earth and rock-fill dams, embankments, excavated slopes, and natural slopes in soil and rock. The lowest third should also contain dead branch material which channels the water unhindered. Rockfall Protection Systems: Hexagonal Mesh . application of various slope stabilising measures . In many countries including India, steel fibre shotcrete has been successfully … Link Google Baidu. Summary Backed up by experience from our professionally qualified geotechnical engineers, Remedy employs the latest design techniques fully integrated with the latest design codes and best practice guidance. SHAKTIMAN® Steel Fibres have been optimally and successfully used in various projects worldwide for slope stabilisation, Caverns, Mines, Tunnel linings and Tunnel Segments etc. It is essential in repairing a steep slope where the soil must not be dug up and the slope angle cannot be reduced. Slope Stabilization Mesh; Architectural decoration mesh; Call. Whether it's our professional assistance when it comes to the stabilisation of slopes and cliff faces or the hiring out of industrial-grade drilling equipment, look to our specialist team at PCF Geotechnical in Perth. In certain applications Concrete Canvas can be used as structural slope stabilisation by combining it with steel mesh and soils nails. Rockfall barriers. Wrekin offers an extensive range of biodegradable erosion control products. The choice depends on type of soil, drainage, aesthetics, and cost. Our work includes Rock Scaling, Rock Bolting, Installation of Drape Mesh, and Installation of High Energy Rock Fall Fence Barriers across the rugged terrains of Canada, from British Columbia to P.E.I, the Yukon and the North West Territories, and across the United States. One such technique involves ‘slope stabilization using Tecco mesh’. They consist of live branches of willows and are tied together with at least 2 mm thick wire. Usually the fascines are 30 to 60 cm thick and have no length limit. Green willow branches and rooted plants which have the ability to produce adventitious root systems should be used as vegetation. It allows the rock to move freely … It is commonplace to need to stabilise a slope or embankment or protect it against erosion. Some standard stabilization techniques used in practice to improve public safety are mentioned below: Flattening of overburden slope; Cutting of unstable rock blocks; Scaling of loose materials/blocks We have a choice of products, from, lightweight turf or grass reinforcement mesh to heavy duty Terram Geocell, specifically designed for slopes up to 1:1 and Geoweb, slope, channel and shoreline protection. Pennsylvania Stabilized In West Mifflin, PA, the site of a new Target store posed a challenge. Both draped and anchored mesh systems are common applications. An old steel-mill slag dump inclined from the store’s parking lot down to a major roadway. Coastal Erosion. Vegetated gabions are used to stabilize slopes and slope toes where a lot of smaller stones are available. Rockfall Mitigation, Slope Stabilization and ... MINING INDUSTRY. Greenfix is the leading designer, supplier and installer of soil stabilisation and erosion control systems in the UK. Slope Stabilisation. It can supply the whole stability to the slope and tecco mesh. Rectangular mesh 60/60/3.1 is a single twisted mesh product used for standard strength slope stabilization solutions. The baseplates serve as tree stumps, the soil nail the tap root and the interlinked cables as the secondary roots. 234 slope stabilization mesh products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which steel wire mesh accounts for 23%. Top. A woody plant smaller than a tree and generally producing several basal shoots instead of a single stem. Moreover, vegetated gabions are a fast and simple construction to secure wet slopes because they are elastic and improve drainage through plant transpiration. The hexagonal mesh is a double-twisted safety net that provides greater restraint from stretching. Turf Stabilisation. Anping Iron Spider Slope Stabilization Mesh Factory is one leading manufacturer of SNS Protective Mesh/safety netting system,Spider Slope Stabilization System,Tecco Slope Stabilization System,Diamond Wire Rope Net System,Rocco Ring Net System,Flexible Cable Guardrail,Hand Woven Rope Mesh,Welded Gabion Box,Hesco Barrier,Gabion Basket,Reno Mattress,Gabion Mesh Sack,Terramesh System,Heavy Hexagonal Wire Netting and components.Our products apply to Side Slope Protection,Rockfall Protection,Unstable Rock Reinforce,River Regulation and Dam Reinforcement,used widely in railway,highway,mine,hydropower station,mountain,river bank slope protection and large field boundary fence.,etc. Operating under the current ICOP for Rope Access, PCF … To ensure that the plants are covered with material, it is necessary to lift the mesh and shake it to settle the gravel. Ditch & Channel Lining. E-mail: on the root neck of cut trees. In order to achieve good plant development the face wall should be 50 percent. Self cleaning barriers. Related Services. The flexible TECCO ® slope stabilization system is a proven protection system using a high-tensile steel wire mesh in combination with soil or rock nails for stabilizing slopes endangered by slides and break-outs in loose and solid rock. In addition, due to the stabilizing function of the plant, the logs prop up the soil material. Special spike plates actively brace the system against the subsoil, positively influencing the deformation behavior of the protection system. A Tecco mesh is a two-layer system composed of a 50nm chain-link mesh and a woven wire-rope net constructed typically with 8 mm diameter wire rope in a diagonal pattern on 100 to 200 mm centers. High tensile strength and solid structure make it be long service … WE TAKE PRIDE IN OUR WORK Jagerock specializes in Rock Slope Stabilization. Anping Iron Spider Slope Stabilization Mesh Factory. So, it also suits for slope to help it to achieve a high strength and support its stability. Vegetated stone walls are useful for the stabilization of slope toes or steep slope cuts. Slope Stabilisation Geovert has been undertaking slope stabilisation projects throughout the Asia Pacific region for nearly 20 years providing value engineering, safe construction methods and economical solutions for our clients and partners. Additionally, a greening with hydroseeding is possible. Slope retention systems, also known as anchored mesh systems, consist of nets or netting anchored to the slope using a dense matrix of soil or rock anchors and specialized anchor plates. Hexagonal mesh rockfall protection is different from gabion mesh. As geotechnical specialists, CAN understands the importance of maintaining vegetation cover where it is beneficial to slope stability. Our Geosystems provide innovative, sustainable solutions to challenging soil stabilisation problems and turf protection needs, whilst our erosion control products and systems are used for a variety of solutions in the building and civil engineering market, including flood defense. Wind Erosion. Gabions are purpose designed and manufactured specialist stone filled wire mesh baskets or cages for use in the construction of retaining walls and slope stabilisation. Vegetated gabions are used to stabilize slopes and slope toes where a lot of smaller stones are available. Weld Mesh Gabions are offered as an alternative to our range of Woven Mesh Gabion baskets. TerraLink Rockfall mesh is woven in a unique double twist weave providing a robust product and minimising the potential to unravel. 1. Anping Iron Spider Slope Stabilization Mesh Factory is one leading manufacturer of SNS Protective Mesh/safety netting system,Spider Slope Stabilization System,Tecco Slope Stabilization System,Diamond Wire Rope Net System,Rocco Ring Net System,Flexible Cable Guardrail,Hand Woven Rope Mesh,Welded Gabion Box,Hesco Barrier,Gabion Basket,Reno Mattress,Gabion Mesh … They are put into ditches and then must be covered with soil so that all the branches are embedded and can take root and grow. The claw design make the spike plate a more stable and firm structure. The effect of the fascines is that they channel water immediately after placement and, after the plants have formed roots, they will desiccate the slope further by transpiration. The system is a three-step classification: ‘exposure’ , ‘reference’ , and ‘slope’ rock mass classification with conversion factors between the three steps depending on existing and future weathering and damage due to method of excavation. EARTH RETENTION SYSTEM – CONTIGUOUS PILE & SOLDIER PILES/H PILES Soldier piles & lagging walls, H-Piles, Contiguous or Secant piles, Contiguous Bored Piles with or without soil Anchors are used as soil retention system for … To reach vegetation quickly it is advantageous to use green willow branches and strong rooted pioneer plants as mentioned for the construction of the hedge brush layer. Drain and slope fascines are useful for dewatering and stabilization of wet slopes. Concrete Canvas is increasingly being used as an alternative to non-structural shotcrete to protect slopes from surface erosion caused by weathering, surface run-off and environmental degradation. The slope stability probability classification (SSPC) system is a rock mass classification system for slope engineering and slope stability assessment. Shoreline Erosion. We help clients all over the UK and throughout Europe, so get in touch to enquire. Particular care was taken to ensure the mesh was tensioned down onto the slope face, improving the resilience of the overall stabilisation measures. They are constructed with a fine wire mesh that is filled with coarse gravel or smaller stones, earth, live cuttings and container plants. The function of the plants is the stabilization of the construction with their root system and the absorption and transpiration of water by the vegetation, which drains the slope. 3. Slope Protection. Features include high mechanical performance ensuring project durability and a lightweight factor facilitating the installation process on the slope. Slope stabilization techniques range from vegetation establishment and erosion control blankets to concrete walls and heavy wire-mesh systems. hedge layer or rooted brush layer is a method where only rooted plants are used. The space between the logs is filled with soil material and plants, which should not stick out of the wall more than a quarter of their length. The deciduous trees are placed on the logs and covered with soil. Vegetation Mechanisms of root reinforcement of grass plants and tree . Stabilization Strategies to Reduce Slope Failure. Iron or wood poles are hammered into the ground and a larch log is attached to them. On vertical larch logs, which are driven into the soil and propped up on the base of the slope, logs are nailed horizontally on to it. Grass Slope. Plants where the roots are secured with a small container of soil or peat, Portion of a branch (usually willows) from the parent plant for the production of a new independent plant by inducing it to form shoots and roots, Plants that settle in raw mineral soils and ameliorate them for succeeding plants, Plants where the roots are covered with a ball of soil. With years of experience in a wide range of slope stabilisation methods, RIX delivers safe, efficient, quality solutions for all types of commercial, mining and construction projects. If this is not the case the plants will not receive enough light. The branches should not protrude from the wall more than 10 cm to prevent desiccation. If you want to get our product update information in a timely manner, please fill in your e-mail message to let us contact you, we will send product information to … The objective behind slope stabilization is to reduce the risk of slope failure to enhance public safety. Failure can occur as slides, cracks and slope movement. Additionally, the whole construction is secured with 2-2.5 m long iron poles, which are hammered into the ground. The stability process requires a series of steps for the strategic implementation of the double-layer woven net. Live wooden cribwalls are one of the best methods to securing immediately endangered parts of slopes and toes of slopes. It is necessary to use stump sprout deciduous trees since they are so durable that mechanical damage through rock or rubble does not matter much. Shoots developing between the stem base and the root crown, e.g. HANGFASCHINE SLOPE FASCINE Draufsicht/Top view, HANGFASCHINE SLOPE FASCINE Querschnitt/Cross section, DRAINFASCHINE DRAIN FASCINE Draufsicht/Top view, DRAINFASCHINE DRAIN FASCINE Querschnitt/Cross section, LEBENDER HANGROST LIVE SLOPE GRID Ansicht/Frontal view, LEBENDER HANGROST LIVE SLOPE GRID Querschnitt/Cross section, BEPFLANZTE HOLZKRAINERWAND LIVE WOODEN CRIBWALL, Einwandig Single cribwall - Doppelwandig Double cribwall, BEPFLANZTE TROCKENSTEINMAUER VEGETATED STONE WALL, BEPFLANZTE DRAHTSCHOTTERKÖRPER VEGETATED GABION, SOIL BIOENGINEERING MEASURES FOR HILL AND SLOPE STABILIZATION WORKS WITH PLANTS. Reliable protection and efficient installation result in the most competitive cost-performance ratio per m2 installed support. During the building of the stone wall, live plants are placed into the joints between the stones so that they reach into the soil behind the stones. Coastal Dune Vegetating. A wide variety of slope stabilization mesh options are available to you, such as woven. Specification for slope shotcrete suitable hexagonal wire mesh netting: Material: 2-4 mm galvanized wire. MINAX® high-tensile steel wire mesh offers significantly higher static and dynamic capacity compared to common mild steel mesh. … The anchor logs should not be above each other but should be placed alternately. Clearing a slope of vegetation is an integral part of any stabilisation solution, allowing for safe and efficient installation of the soil nails and facing systems. They are constructed with a fine wire mesh that is filled with coarse gravel or smaller stones, earth, live cuttings and container plants. About Us. The plants should protrude slightly beyond the face of the gabion but not more than 10 cm to prevent desiccation. Application of shortcut in the loose rock(a) with wire mesh (6). We use the so-called planted pole walls instead of wattle fences on slopes, since wattle fences are covered with little soil with consequent short lifetime and no protection against soil movement. ... and mesh facing systems to current BS standards. Like other rectangular mesh, it conforms to slopes better than hexagonal mesh, yielding maximum surface contact for better control of erosion. Claw type spike plate. Unvegetated Slopes. The whole slope grid is secured with iron poles and covered with soil. Shear Lock® The Shear Lock Engineered Slope Retention System is an innovative and cost-effective way to protect slopes from potential landslides and to repair existing landslides. A Tree-like Slope Stabilization . 2 MINAX® mesh offers surface support in either fall-of-ground or heavy rockburst conditions. Slope stability refers to the condition of inclined soil or rock slopes to withstand or undergo movement.The stability condition of slopes is a subject of study and research in soil mechanics, geotechnical … SLOPE STABILITY AND EROSION CONTROL Slope stability can be generally described as the inherent structural integrity of a slope to resist failure. This method is usually used in areas that are not fractured or where slopes have already been worked with slope stabilization measures. Natural fibre matted products assist in soil retention and helping to quickly establish plant growth on slopes and embankments. ... ROCK BOLTS AND ROCKFALL MESH COMBINATION. Jin Ya Chao Hardware Company is specializing in manufacturing welded mesh,plant trellis mesh and fence products... View More + Subscribe. Vegetated Slope. SOIL RETENTION & SLOPE STABILIZATION ... Shotcrete with wire mesh to stop erosion and improve aesthetics and drainage arrangements are normally provided. According to different application,mainly can be divided into Active Protection System and Passive Protection System. Menu. Soil or rock nails. Slope Stabilization Mesh System Description Unit Price (Php) 3mm Ø High Tensile Wire mesh (3.5x30mm) sq.m 6,992.00 10mm Ø Tensile Rope Anchor ln.m 1,012.00 4mm Ø High Tensile Wire Clips pc 138.00 10mm Ø Tensile Wire Rope Anchor pc 4,600.00 Anchor Bolt (32mmØ x 2.5m) pc 966.00 Threading of Bolts w/ nuts pc 1,288.00 Non-Shrink… Stabilization Methods– Stabilization of slope may be achieved by various means such as mechanical (structural supports in terms of Steel reinforcement, Rock anchor, Rock Bolts, Rock Dowels, Ground anchors or Cable anchors, Soil Nailing, Piles, Micropiles) for global and Soil nails/rock bolts/ SDA with steel mesh to cater local stability, Vegetative system, shotcrete, steel wire meshes for surficial … Rockfall mesh drapes (active & passive) Debris Flow Barriers. Gabion Baskets and simulated rock. Sediment Control. The tip end of the branches always points to the flow direction. On sites where there is light rock fall and shallow soil movement and erosion has not been stopped completely, this method can correct these problems gradually. Mesh installation is optional, and an ordinary mesh maybe installed for bare … For higher stability against sliding, cribwalls should not be placed horizontally on the slope but at an angle of 10-15 percent towards the slope. Slope stabilization using a non-mesh or NFM (TM) system. The Non-Frame Method (TM), or non-mesh method as specified by the DPWH, is designed to mimic the stabilizing effect of a forest. ... Torquing … The 3STUTOR® PLUS range of high resistance mesh is an alternative solution to conventional methods in slope stabilization. You can also choose from plain weave, dutch weave, and twill weave slope stabilization mesh, as well as from expanded mesh, welded mesh, and weave wire mesh slope stabilization … ... reinforced shotcrete is substantially superior in toughness index and impact strength compared to plain concrete or mesh reinforced shotcrete. Slopes besides highways, railways, dams and embankment with steep slope, mass rocks, all could take this treatment. To prevent the fascines from sliding or washing away, they are fixed every 2 m with wooden poles. Erosion control is intended to provide surface slope stability to protect the face of the slope and to strengthen portions of the slope below the surface by They can be erected as single or double cribwalls and are built from logs and anchor logs held together with nails or bolts. The joints must be filled with soil material to ensure plant growth. Very steep eroded slopes with compact soil can be secured with a live slope grid. Used with claw type spike plate to fix the tecco mesh onto the mountain. Trinter Erosion Control Mesh Erosion control on banks and slopes is a common problem faced by many contractors and engineers.

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