Whereas in the case of litigation usually one of the parties fails to compromise, in the case of ADR through discussions, many opportunities are given, so as to contemplate the pros and cons of compromising a claim. Both parties must give something up to meet halfway. abstract Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) consists of methods and techniques to deal with disputes without involving lawsuit or any other litigation process. The pressure on the Alternate Dispute Resolution world to handle a dramatic increase in volume offers the opportunity to consider a third or hybrid process of … In particular, people often use the word compromise to indicate that they have completely resolved the matter at hand: “We achieved a successful compromise!” Some alternative dispute resolution methods are binding, meaning that the parties cannot ignore the ruling based on whether or not they agree with decision. People often ask me to clarify the difference between compromising and collaborating, especially since these two modes involve both people getting their needs met. Some types of alternative dispute resolution are case evaluation, collaborative law, divorce coaching, and private judging. Much like in the other forms of ADR, the success of early neutral evaluation depends largely on the disputants' faith in the neutral intermediary. 8. Interest is increasing in Med-Arb because of a growing similarity between arbitration and litigation. Other ADR methods are non-binding, meaning the ruling can be ignored. It also depends in large part on the disputants' willingness to compromise and settle the dispute. Due to quicker and cost effective decision capability of ADR, it has gained noticeable popularity among the commercial and social parties around the world. Compromising tactics include: splitting the difference, giving a little and taking a little, exchanging concessions, urging moderation, and bargaining. Similar to sponsored ADR stocks, unsponsored ADR stocks are foreign stocks that have been created by a bank that holds common stock in a foreign company. Depending on the process ordered, if that party does not receive a more favorable result at trial, they may have to pay a penalty or fees to the other side. The parties pursing ADR must be careful not to let a Statute of Limitation run while a dispute is in any ADR process. Glossary and Terms There are several terms that describe the various alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques and methods. Compromising. Warning. Therefore, under the scheme of ADR they have to compromise. Those approaches that are most common in the Federal government However, this is … When using a compromising style, there is a medium focus on agenda and a medium focus on the relationship. Alternative Dispute Resolution Brian A. Pappas, Ph.D.* ABSTRACT Med-Arb is a dispute resolution process that combines mediation and arbitration. the ADR process include: o Laying the groundwork for a subsequent settlement . Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a term that refers to several different methods of resolving disputes outside traditional legal and administrative forums. Generally, there are three options of settling their disputes. Though the techniques have disadvantages, the benefits are widespread […] o Increasing clarification of the issues for third-party review. The concept of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) includes all dispute resolution mechanisms other than the formal process of adjudication in a court of law (Pretorius 1991:264). As attor-neys legalize and formalize mediation into a … According to Zack (1997:95), ADR offers a means of bringing workplace justice to more people, at lower cost and with greater speed than conventional government channels.

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