You don’t need a wheel at home to get creative. You can also catch previous sessions on YouTube. That’s just one of the many party games you can play remotely with your friends. Ahh, can you imagine it? Send a letter to a friend. I personally like to do puzzles at the kitchen table because it provides a nice big space to lay out all the pieces. … It’s good for both you and your pet! Pull out the jigsaw puzzles and grab some tasty snacks to enjoy. But don’t let that stop you. You might not be able to be in the same room as your pals right now, but thanks to the Houseparty app you can still hang with all your mates, and even play games like Heads Up. If you’re stuck at home with roommates or party guests, these things to do when bored at home can turn any house into a fun zone. When completed, it makes an art gallery, complete with artworks like Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ and ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ by Johannes Vermeer. Read some humor writing. This Is How I Trick Myself Into Morning Workouts. The activities are a bit more leftfield than dot-to-dots or colouring in: Antony Gormley’s task involves making a daisy chain of people, while Harold Offeh wants you to create an album cover. Bored of Duolingo? Apart from paracetamol, laughter is still the best medicine. Learning Japanese has never been easier thanks to a vast array of online resources including websites, videos, podcasts and even apps to help you speak and understand it. It’ll feel good, whether it’s a 15 minute or hour-long session.16. Now is a good time to ‘invest’ in your favourite restaurants – either by ordering food delivery, or stocking up on gift vouchers from them. Do you have a T-shirt you like but never wear, maybe because it doesn’t look good, or isn’t the right size? Sew a mask for a friend. Or, at least, that’s what the normous annual Keukenhof Flower Exhibit would have you believe. If you’re in Australia, just contact your local branch and you might be lucky enough to be matched with a companion to ride out all this new-found downtime with. At this point of the global lockdown, we reckon it’s time to play Big Brother and bring a troublesome new contestant into the house. The biggest story in a generation has obviously given cartoonists the world over plenty to work with, from France’s Jean Jullien to pug-loving Brit Gemma Correll via the New Yorker’s star illustrators. The garden, which is at its blooming best right now, has decided to share its technicolour fields online via a ravishing series of videos. A nice thing to check off of the to-do list.52. Trust us, they’re disgusting.54. Happily for die-hard Murakami fans (and anyone who just likes good music), Spotify user Masamaro Fujiki has compiled all the songs Murakami has written about in his stories into one playlist. Anyone can play and pause the video for everyone else, and there’s a chat window so you can all wittily discuss what's happening on screen in real time. The brand collaborated with Naomi Watanabe for the holidays. Winchester came to believe her family were haunted and built this house as a way to elude the ghosts of all those who had fallen victim to the Winchester rifle. Pop one of these amazing podcasts in your earholes and you’ll be immediately transported from your poky apartment to somewhere much more interesting. Check out our regularly updated page of live-streaming gigs for more. Try to re-create your favorite restaurant meal. Doing a daily workout during lockdown has suddenly become a whole lot easier. At Time Out, we’re normally all about helping you squeeze the absolute best out of city life. These are the chillest channels and most blissful standalone clips we’ve found online. Cozy pajamas, fun puzzles, and plenty of booze make for perfect presents. Or you can sit in on a live performance by Miami’s New World Symphony. London's recently cancelled BFI Flare Festival is back in business on the ol' internet. Meditating is another one of the many fun things you should do at home when you're bored that will allow you to relax. There are certain classics (Scrabble! Having an organized space helps you know what you have, and it helps you find things, and it helps you feel relaxed. Here’s some inspiration. Along the way, you might find inspiration for productive activities. Clean out your computer’s hard drive. Wouldn’t cookies be good right now?26. Why Did Princess Diana’s Hair Look Like That? Why not gather up all this garbage into a photo album? Whip out the latest fashion magazine, and copy the looks of multiple celebrities. Staying in can get really boring, really fast.

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