This was significantly better than any Disney discount for this time period. Even if it is the same price, Travel Agents bring value and experience that makes it well worth it. When should we reach out to a travel agent to start planning? Some Travel Agents will charge for premium services, but most (including me!) Most Disney travel agents book vacations to any Disney location, including hotels, amusement parks and cruises. She answered every one of them clearly, and made sure I understood. Anytime you book a Disney vacation package, the fee for the Disney Travel Agent is already built-in. They know when all the sales are happening, when to check for promotions, how to get you the best bang for your buck. Agencies look for people who have actually traveled to Disney more than once. That’s where a trained Disney travel agent comes in. In some cases, it costs less. It’s stressful enough having an entire household to pack and plan for while you’re away, let a Disney Travel Agent do the work! I ask a LOT of questions, because I like to be prepared. RELATED: How to become a work from home travel agent. Yes! My husband and I are wanting to book a trip for September 2017. The majority of travel agents specializing in Disney choose to do so because of their passion for Disney travel. They spend long hours on the telephone or in front of computer terminals, making travel arrangements and … Can help with difficult situations. It’s stressful enough having an entire household to pack and plan for while you’re away, let a Disney Travel Agent do the work! How much does it cost to use a Disney travel agent? ), Walt Disney World is reopening, here's what you need to know, Where to dine outdoors at Walt Disney World, Disney World FastPass+ Strategy for 2020 & 2021, How to rent a camper at Disney's Fort Wilderness (w/tips and a review), 100+ free downloads for your Disney World binder, Hard to pick, but I think my fave part is the litt, National Mall gingerbread is currently on display, Disney World is testing a new “Shop in Store”. Want to make your dining and FastPass+ reservations? Disney is quite involved & ever changing. All Disney trips end up being working vacations. A good Disney Travel Agent can give you suggestions on what to FastPass+, and what not to. Not only does it not cost you anything to use an agent, it can actually save you money because agents are aware of all new discount codes and will apply them to your reservation as they become available. I have to say, it is loads of fun to do!! Many of the super hard-to-get dining reservations require being online or on the phone at the crack of dawn 180 days in advance of your trip. The handpicked team of agents at Perfect Story Travel can help you out. We got everything we wanted and then some! A tip is not expected. Disney travel agents will make these reservations for you, allowing you to relax and sleep in. Good travel agents are able to help advocate for their clients in case things go wrong. For fun new updates + get access to our entire FREE Printable Library! Disney Discount Rates for Travel Agents. My husband and I both grew up going to Disney World and now, LOVE going with our own kids! The agent is compensated by this commission for the time, effort and attention she provides to the client. While I have been researching it sounds like you need to belong to an authorized agency and you have to apply. Free for you to use! Getting a GOOD Disney Travel Agent is super important. You can fill out the quote request form on this site and it will go to a team of agents with years of experience to help you plan the perfect vacation. We travel a lot. For a first time visit, this probably won’t bother you. You can do that. Red flags to look for without even contacting an agent – The travel agency does not have a website, The travel agency website is out dated, the travel agency has not mailing address posted. I have been listening to your podcasts for a several years now and something I’ve been debating lately is becoming a Disney TA. All of the information online can be overwhelming. Disney travel agents specialize in helping people plan trips to Disney parks and resorts, as well as booking Disney cruises and international tours through Adventures by Disney. It’s kind of like using a realtor to buy a house. We have planned things ourselves and used a Disney travel agent … Essentially working 24 hours 7 days a week. I know that Disney pays their commission but is a tip expected? You can check yes, no, or I would like more info. Overwhelmed by all of the details of planning a Disney World trip? Disney Travel Agents Explore Disney Destinations information, access valuable marketing tools, and complete specialized training. For those looking for a Disney Specialist then start LOCAL. Do you have a love for Disney Travel Destinations? Disney offers a multitude of packages, promotions, events, … Crafting and cooking through all of life's curveballs! I cannot begin to tell you how incredible it was to know she was taking care of all the behind the scenes information for our trip, while I just happily counted down the days with my kids! We are using someone at Small World Vacations, and she told me due to privacy laws and MDE, I am the only one who can make fastpass reservations. Below I’m going to outline all of the tremendous reasons you should be using a Disney Travel Agent. Have they told you that you should get a job as a Disney Travel Agent? This video is unavailable. Using a Disney Vacation Planner. Also I got 10% off park tickets and a free water park passes. Who would qualify as a Disney travel agent? She’s the nicest human being you’ll ever work with! You can’t learn if you don’t ask questions. Doing weeks worth of work and having the client cancel their vacation. It was so helpful to know she was taking care of that, so I didn’t have to. A Disney Travel Agent is your own personal planning guide that will help with as little or as much of your Disney vacation as you want. They can give you suggestions based on the number of people in your party, and so much more! It’s an absolutely invaluable service. Everyone automatically gets a form that says the agency is legally obligated to offer insurance, but you are not required to choose it. No way. A lot of people don't know that you can use a travel agent to book a Disney World, Disney Land, or Disney Cruise line trip. Anytime I needed something, our Disney Travel Agent got back to me so quickly. I ask a LOT of questions, because I like to be prepared. Because of this, they know how to get you the best Disney vacation, for the least amount of money. You can’t learn if you don’t ask questions. If you use an authorized Disney vacation planner, is it expected that you will tip them for their service? Booking our last Disney was the easiest vacation I’ve ever booked. Last two trips, I decided to use certain well known Disney travel agency because they had 30% off POFQ (which is rarely discounted) and deep 30-40% off Poly & BC. We don't support IE due to its failure to integrate new web standards. Did you know they’re free? In 2010 we opened Pixie Vacations. Disney agents use Disney’s systems to book your travel. It saved me so much time and effort of searching the internet, or making calls, and hoping I got the right information. If you want to make changes to your reservation that was booked through an agent, you have to go through the agent to make those changes. Time! A Disney Vacation Planner’s service is FREE! There are dining reservations to make, FastPasses+ to book, schedules to make, special events to book, and more! Travel agents can often get better deals on group bookings since negotiating with the supplier is something agencies can do. Today, I will share with you a little background and behind the scenes look at life as a travel agent! Are you a self-driven, professional, business-minded individual, with a high attention to detail? I did receive a discount on my last Disney vacation in exchange for this post, but all opinions and information here are my own and are from my own personal experience. You will find that a lot of them own or write for Disney blogs and websites. If a new deal comes along after you’ve already made a reservation (e.g. We had one of our rides take too long, and overlap into our dinner reservation. Their services will save you time and money….and it won’t cost you a dime! Watch Queue Queue. I was emailed my Disney confirmation number, and my resort and tickets were automatically linked to MDE, so I could still make my dining ADRs and FP+ on my own. So you would be a travel planner that specializes in Disney vacations. Here is when you can give them the scoop on what you would like to see while you’re there, what type of vacation you’re seeking, how much budget you have allotted for this vacation and your prefered time of year. You are a travel agent “Planner” with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner Agency, like us here at Pixie Vacations. 1. Control freaks may not be comfortable relying on somebody else to book their trip. Jen made sure to give me a heads up for when our dining reservations were going to be open, for when our FastPasses+ were okay to be scheduled, when payments were due and more. I think it’s a great fit for my skills but seems like a hard thing to get into. I am an experienced planner having done corporate travel and event planning as well as wedding planning and Disney has become a huge interest in my life over the past 5 years. Your Disney Travel Agent has to do it. Disney pays commission to the agency that books you but at no cost to you. Some Disney Travel agents do have some premium services they do charge for, such as complete planning of your entire vacation. Our sweet travel agent, Jen, always let me know how our vacation package price compared to new promotions that came out, without me even asking! It should be noted that not all Authorized Disney Vacation Planners are free for their services. You may as well book with a Disney TA so you can reap the benefits of one, since you’re paying for it anyway. Pros of Using a Disney Travel Planner. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Agents can put together plans for your trip so you’ll know what to do when you get there. When clients read stuff online or ask “friends”, who always know way more than you, a dedicated Disney Travel agent. Free Disney Dining), they can rework your existing reservation to save you some cash. This seems obvious, right? The Good Part – being a Disney World Travel Agent means you are always talking about, thinking about reading about the best vacation destination in the solar system. Disney travel agents will make these reservations for you, allowing you to relax and sleep in. The Travel Agents specialized in Disney Travel at The Vacationeer can help you plan and book your Disney World, Disneyland, or Disney Cruise Line vacation. Good travel agents are able to help advocate for their clients in case things go wrong. It just kept the excitement of Disney fun, instead of making it stressful. If a client wants to give their agent the login info, most TAs will make FastPass+ reservations. Working with a Disney Travel Agent generally does not cost more than booking a trip yourself. She was making sure she couldn’t save me money, without me even needing to know a new promotion was available. Yep. 11. Most Travel Agency’s initial services are free of charge. A Disney travel agent is a specialist in all things Disney. I just got back from a five night stay at Coronado Springs and had the best time! Even though I went during the busy season I barely waited in any lines and was able to do everything I wanted! When it comes to trips to Disney, there are so many reasons why you should use a Disney Travel Agent! I didn’t have to be up at 6 a.m. the day I could book FastPasses+, she did! That eliminates some options that might make more sense for your family – things like renting DVC points. Because of that, it can be tough to stay on track with planning. Google or a Careerbuilder type of website. Disney Travel Agents know a TON about the parks and resorts.

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