And with over a billion users a day, the app is likely used by everyone in your social circle. Tap More to choose Strikethrough or Monospace. How to change the font colour on WhatsApp? This is something that is exclusive to WhatsApp for Android. Make color text sms, card,wishing card,chat on board,drawing,in your languages. This is also an Android-exclusive feature, which is rather local and has no effect on how the other party. For example, to format the word “This is a sample bold text” in bold, type: Enclose the part of the message that you want to emphasize (italicize) by surrounding it between two single ‘_’ characters. If you want to change font and color in whatsup few steps are involved. It’s lightweight, instant and free, hence taking a significant advantage over conventional SMS. Get the best tech tips from 7labs in your inbox, free! WhatsApp allows you to format text inside your messages. You can also combine multiple formatting styles (bold, italic or strikethrough) for the same text fragment. Alternatively, you could also send bold-formatted text in WhatsApp via the built-in options. Bolding text in WhatsApp is easy, all you have to do is: Put an asterisk (*) at the beginning of the word and another just at the end of the word you want to highlight in bold (no spaces). WhatsApp change the font WhatsApp change text color Extra applications for Android; WhatsApp … WhatsApp for both mobile operating systems displays a live preview of text attributes as you type, so you can see precisely how messages will show up in their formatted state when sent. Alternatively, you could also send italic-formatted text in WhatsApp via the built-in options. Tap on send: Now you have added the special effects to your text. On Android, tap on the meatballs menu (three-dot) icon and choose Strikethrough. You can try these apps. On iPhone, choose BIU followed by Bold. WhatsApp Tricks : How to Type in Blue Color In Whatsapp. Download Color text sms+whatsapp sms apk 1.17 for Android. To write your message (or part of it) in Monospace font, follow the steps below. If you want to italicize in WhatsApp … Note: Currently, WhatsApp does not support the combination of Monospace with other native formatting options. Android: Tap and hold the text you're entering in the text field, then choose Bold, Italic, or More. This color combination was created by user Keshav Naidu.The Hex, RGB and CMYK … Whatsapp All Typing Tricks 2017 WhatsApp Tricks : How to Type in Blue Color In Whatsapp. On the other hand, apps like BlueWords or Fancy Text available on Google Play Store, offer similar functionality for Android devices. Support WhatsApp Line etc. Download Stylish Text since Google play or App Store and accept all permissions; Once activated, a Stylish Text bubble will appear on your WhatsApp; Start writing your message and a window will automatically appear with the complete list of fonts and colours that you can use Whatsapp … Monospace. In google play store one of the app is blue words. Howdy folks! For example, to format the word “This is a sample multi-formatted text” in bold, italic and strikethrough in the same sequence, you need to type: ~_*This is a sample multi-formatted text*_~. Colors The biggest collection of official brand color codes around. Officially, WhatsApp offers 4 text formats for chat – Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, and Monospace. For example, to format the word “This is WhatsApp Monospace font” in Monospace, type. Whichever color is most prevalent in the person’s profile image will become the color of the chat bubble. In the previous section, we’ve said that the third-party font styles usually work on both iOS and Android platforms. Finally, WhatsApp natively supports an alternative font called Monospace. Otherwise, it has also a keyboard option. Here are some of the possible apps that can help you change a font color, underline text and add other effects in WhatsApp chats – Blue Text – you change the WhatsApp font color … Some apps, like Color Texting Messenger, also allow you to send customized, colorful text along with colored backgrounds (by converting them into images). WhatsApp option to change the font type and font color is not available. Earlier this year, WhatsApp launched its Snapchat Stories clone called Status, which has become quite popular over the months. So, you can use it as a d… These third-party font styles can also be used with other messaging or typing apps other than WhatsApp. Only bold, italic and/or strikethrough can be combined together. You can create unlimited Text Sticker pack with kinds of stickers created by your text as Personal Stickers. Your Status is automatically reset after 24 hours. Launch WhatsApp and open a chat where you want to send your message. In order to message someone, that person will need to be in your phone's contacts and will need to also have a WhatsApp account . The font size setting is more of an accessibility feature meant for improving visibility within the chat screen. Tap More to choose Strikethrough or Monospace. Now Navigate to WhatsApp>res>values folder. And you can combine italics, bold, and strikethroughs if you want, but if you apply monospace to any other formatted text… How to italics in WhastApp. You can even apply other font styles and even character emojis to your WhatsApp messages, with the help of third-party apps. General Tech Tips (Internet, PC, Workarounds), Save WhatsApp Status photos & videos to iPhone, or Android, Understanding WhatsApp’s Security for Better Privacy, Send WhatsApp message without saving receiver’s phone number, Best Tools to Fix Corrupted Microsoft Outlook Storage, Convert Apple Music to MP3 with TuneFab Apple Music Converter, Use YouTube in Picture-In-Picture mode on iPhone and iPad. 1.1 1. These include changing the WhatsApp font color or underline text. WhatsApp Blue Text: Most of the times you see users using Blue Color Font In WhatsApp. Adding Effect to Text … WhatsBlueText is the first android app in that allows you to write blue coloured font on social media websites like (facebook messenger, Instagram) and Instant messengers (Hike, BBM and Whatsapp). Step 4: Now again go to Blue Text App screen and tap on ‘Choose the Keyboard’ and here select the ‘BlueText’ Keyboard as default. And what better way to do this than to create a chat thread for yourself. Please note, there’s no option to disable this feature. You can simply go into the chat settings of your WhatsApp and choose to form the options of solid color, WhatsApp wallpaper library and from your stored images.i also published article on WhatsApp … Before sending the message, just select the part of the message you want to format and tap on the selected text to reveal the contextual menu. On iPhone, choose BIU followed by Strikethrough. Find “Color.xml” file and open with Notepad++. 1. Note: This article assumes that you already have WhatsApp already installed and set up on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

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