Farm Foods partners with farms around the country to source sustainably raised meats. The animals this company sources are either hunted in the wild or responsibly raised on farms and frozen for delivery to your doorstep. When shopping with us, be sure to wear a mask, social distance as much as possible, and know that we have had 3 Respicare air purification systems installed in our shop as one of the many actions taken to make our store safe to shop at!. It also has an extensive selection of prepared jerky and sausages in an assortment of meats and flavors (and not to mention cheese for a one-stop-shop). Great Prices. As a pioneer in healthy and sustainable alternatives to conventionally raised meat, Fossil Farms has been committed to doing things differently since 1997 when our founders tasted game meat for the first time. The turkey just fell off the bone. A steak sampler is also a great idea if you’re cooking for a crowd with different tastes, or you could consider throwing a game-tasting cookout. But there’s so much more to explore in the world of animal protein when you add wild game, like venison, rabbit, and wild birds, to the mix. Experience truly wild game meat caught-not-hunted by trappers in Texas. The site even sells fresh quail eggs. Other Nutritional Facts: Besides being good sources of lean protein, wild game is also a good source of iron, zinc, and B vitamins. The farms all follow the same philosophy of free-roaming animals, grass or natural feed, and zero hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. The texture of it was fantastic too. We are literally surrounded by 10 to 12,000 foot peaks and have innumerable recreational opportunities and an abundance of wild game. Our retail store has been in Homer township since 1970 when the 63rd Street butcher shop was closed, and the family concentrated on presenting game meats only. D'Artagnan offers a wide selection of meat and game - all raised right to taste better. You can find steak cuts from wild boar, venison, elk, bison ribeye, and bison New York strip in one convenient package shipped frozen to your doorstep. 805-439-4240 Interbay stocks a wide variety of Wild Game items and with 72 hour notice can fill just about any request you can throw our way. 10392 N Scottsdale … Sharon Lehman is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, author of this roundup, and always “game” to try something new in the kitchen. Broken Arrow Ranch at, Cavendish Game Birds at Both have been fantastic. 10lb. The flavor was amazing, tastes closer to duck than that store bought turkey you're used to. The company's wild game trail sticks and jerky are lightly smoked, blended with either pork or beef, and available in duck, elk, venison, wild boar, alligator, bison, and pheasant. Best Gourmet: D'Artagnan at, Best for Fast, Free Delivery: Farm Foods at, "Shop by farm source, so you know exactly where your meat comes from. Fat and Protein Content: Because animals in the wild eat a 100-percent natural diet and have active lifestyles, wild game tends to be quite lean. I was very pleased with the turkey I ordered from Fossil Farms. They were inspired by the experience and driven to start their own ostrich farm in New Jersey that was simply different by nature. I always look for organic or free range turkeys but wanted a smaller one this year. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. You can purchase the meat snack sticks in packs of six, and they’re also available in special gift sets—perfect for any hunters in your life. 7341 Rabbit Hindquarters 7345 Rabbit Whole 3# Avg. Sharon Lehman is a writer who specializes in health. We specialize in Wild Game Processing, Custom Cutting, Custom Smoking, Jerky, Pepperoni, and Smoked Cheese. I plan to do the same next year. Cooked to perfection. Welcome to the Butcher Boys web site! It is our aim to supply nutritious, chemical free whole foods that are wild harvested and free range.

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