Replies were analysed statistically using a method called regression analysis. Especially as funds from direct payments would no longer be available to me, and wages were due in a week. After 40 minutes or so I decided to come back another day. I did note she spoke of a difference of opinion between her daughter-in-law (who favours a care home) and her son (who'd prefer a return home). Opinions are OK in social work records: you are, after all, employed to exercise your professional judgement. Social care staff are often distinct, though, in the way they can work alongside an individual, and work with them to help them achieve their goals. Why research social work writing? Mrs Ali mentioned that her daughter-in-law and her son kept arguing about this. Social workers undertake assessments on behalf of the local authority therefore; eligibility depends upon a few factors, which include, need, the organisations criteria, resources and funding. Saying ‘the front room was in a terrible state’ may be quicker than saying ‘the front room contained 14 bags of rubbish, and I saw 20 empty fast food packages. Social workers are in a unique position of authority over patients who are typically vulnerable. Company Reg. Social Workers complete many different kinds of reports in connection with court proceedings. And, quite simply, it matters to the people who use social work services. ‘Because my allocated case Kim, despite her ASD, is an activated client, I decided to take an asset-based approach to her affective disorders’ takes just a handful of the ‘A’s in the Think Local Act Personal Jargon Buster to illustrate quite how much jargon there is in social work, and how quickly it can make what we write incomprehensible. institute for excellence. What do social workers write in a report? Otherwise, it becomes all too easy to mistake opinion for fact and to leave opinions unsubstantiated. Social work recording. The scoping review was undertaken through the end of 2018, with the workshop with East Ayrshire t… Within 6 weeks they had reinstated my full package of 52 hours of direct payments based on the information the initial assessor would not take. Is “assessment” a jargon word ? A single open-ended question was included that was designed to further investigate the sources of stress. The first instance is around where - my mum was in need of some antibiotics, and it was on a Friday, they were trying to get them, they weren't able to get them till the Monday, and I went on the Monday, they still hadn't really managed to get them on the Tuesday I went in again and asked about this, and was told "Oh, we forgot". And when I checked with staff and asked - we looked back to see - there'd been no record of the incidences happening at all. The case note acknowledges the professional’s concerns, but recognises that they are unproven opinion at this stage, and records the different perspective of the person who uses the service. But I never did receive the interest charge or the fee payable for the overdraft. Department of Social Work was set up in the year 2001. Ring The Samaritans or talk to a priest, anyone but a Social Worker. She lived a very chaotic lifestyle and she often put herself in very high-risk situations. Like it or not, most social care recording will be done on IT systems. In cases in which the social worker as mandated reporter cannot or does not make the report anonymously, CPS may reach out to the worker after the report to ask for clarification of concerns. This PARTNERSHIP is key, in record-keeping as elsewhere, so make sure in your written records you are as person-centred as you can be, and as you strive to be in all of your work. Since inception, the Department has been promoting not only classroom studies but also practical learning to develop critical thinking among students. Using more common words does not mean being patronising or missing out important information. 4289790 Social workers need to be comfortable making – and recording – professional judgments. This will almost inevitably occur in any ongoing relationship between a social care organisation and its client. It was soon learnt that there was a note on the file of the exploitative woman that she should never again live in that refuge, because of a history of exploiting the other vulnerable women there. I say this, because as a social worker, so much of your job consists of writing, it is something that you will be doing each day, through a number of forms, documents, memos, emails, etc. And while leaving writing up your notes for another time is always tempting given the pressures on social care staff, leaving a record incomplete can hamper your colleagues if they are working with the same person, and can of course disadvantage that person significantly. Well, I was left in the position that I had to have the 52 hours support, so I have to find a way of paying for it too. I think that other bit around the continuity of recording is key really, because you then get to see what's - what's the impact of things that have happened and the way in which staff are maybe treating her and there have been other incidences where she had concerns about and had commented on the way in which some of the members of staff had been treating her or spoken to her. If you do have the opportunity to contribute to working groups to re-design systems then this is your opportunity to contribute your ideas to help to make them more user friendly. So I think it is really really important that both from the home's perspective the staff working within the home, carers and the resident's perspective, that if you don't record within a home incidences, that we make assumptions about that you do record, that then, how do you then start to track or understand the impact of that for the residents in the home. No. Hopefully by then I’ll have had a chance to talk to her son and daughter-in-law.’, ‘I visited Mrs Ali in hospital today. Throughout the entire assessment process social workers must keep clear and accurate records of all the work undertaken and their findings. SCIE offers bespoke training to make sure that you and your organisation are aware of good practice and legal duties in this area. One of the problems with jargon is that sometimes professionals use it without even realising because it becomes part of their everyday vocabulary. There will also be occasions when the social care record is produced for a specific purpose e.g. Steps Included In Writing a Social Work Report Writing Assessment Answer. Sometimes it happens, of course – if so, it is good practice to note that the recording was not done at the time. This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.You can view samples of our professional work here.. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of If you just feel a "bit down" the day you speak to them, they will write "clinical depression" in your notes. An Independent Social Worker provides an independent evaluation and assessment of a situation and reports … Before long, someone’s request that a service be based around their work life was being recorded as an indication of possible autism. St Jude's Church, Dulwich Road, Herne Hill, London SE24 0PB, a company registered in England and Wales no. Increasingly, social care staff are based in multi-disciplinary teams. The content of responses to the single open-ended question was also investig… What is recorded in files can have a huge impact on what happens to service users. ‘I visited Mrs Ali in hospital today, and talked to her for 40–50 minutes. This can only be achieved through spending time with children and adult service users and forming a trusting and meaningful professional relationship. Being personally non-judgmental is important but being able to judge levels of risk and need is a key social work skill. Whatever the temptation to disguise late recording, it is more transparent to acknowledge when it has been necessary. Although this was unfair and disappointing, this was actually not the main reason for my complaint. My name is Elaine Cass and I work for the Social Care Institute for Excellence. Your record is an important document which represents yourself, your profession, the organisation you work for and most importantly the client you are working with. There are many such reports generated in a social work setting. The onus is on you as the professional to ensure that you do all you can to make use of whatever system is provided to record appropriately on behalf of the person you are working with. So defensible decision making includes (with a couple of additions that i have made to the list):-. Reports are often written in a narrative form that tells the story of the client's current problems and how and when those problems initially appeared. I also wasn’t sure what she wanted. Try to make your recording as person-centred as any other part of your practice. This resource aims to support social workers and other social care staff to improve recording skills – how you write down what you have seen and done, your analysis of that, and what you plan to do as a result. Hello my name is Hugh Constant and I, like Elaine, work at the Social Care Institute for Excellence. collect, verify and thoroughly evaluate information; Inform Children subscribers can read the full guide, which includes interactive exercises. This can lead to vague wording, particularly when aspects of a person’s behaviour may be causing them or other people difficulties. She seemed confused about the different options: care home, or reablement at home, or going home without reablement. And that was really important, for me, I had made some assumptions that this, these were the kind of things that would be recorded so they could understand maybe why my mum was feeling very low, feeling very depressed, and so it was a bit of an eye opener. It is too easy in social work to unwittingly use complicated language or jargon in a way that obscures what you mean. It may mean that you miss potentially crucial information, about a person’s history, and about how best to support them. I also enclosed all evidence that the worker had not taken and a brief letter of explanation as to the reasons for my complaint. Recording is an integral and important part of social work and social care. Alex asked his social worker if any home visits could be scheduled around his work, so that he didn’t need to take time off. Clearly, everything that goes to make up a good social care record – person-centredness, accuracy, detail, reflection, and analysis – is easier to achieve if a record is made promptly, when things are fresh in the memory. And should the person choose to see their case file, clearly it’s better to have just the one record to share with them. Recording is vital: It will enhance your practice and the support you can offer people if you can make good recording a central part of your work. This cross-sectional survey was sent out via the Social Workers’ Union and the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) and was available to all social workers in the UK. It is imperative that practitioners make defensible decisions in all cases. Much of what we’re saying here focuses on the need to be detailed and accurate in your recording, and to back up what you’re writing with evidence. So keeping jargon at a minimum is key, but also recording your options and the reason for the decision made. Mention was then made of Alex’s need for structure and routine. ensure decisions are grounded in evidence; Social workers are regularly called upon to prepare reports and give evidence in courts, hearings and tribunals. This immediately alerted the manager to a more concerning pattern of behaviour, and she could therefore act accordingly. The professional has set out their reasons for their thinking so that colleagues and others can take their professional judgement into account. Day-to-day work involves assessing people’s needs, strengths and wishes, working with individuals and families directly to help them make changes and solve problems, organising support, making recommendations or referrals to other services and agencies, and keeping detailed records. Where this doesn’t happen, it is often a combination of time pressures and filing systems that make it difficult. So I am working with her to identify what her strengths are, as a way of helping her with some of her mental health problems’ would be a clearer way of making the point. So, you can imagine, when my annual letter dropped through the post, telling me that my direct payments package was due for review, I had to take a little time to compose myself, before I was ready to deal with the situation. Be this as it may, keeping accurate, up-to-date records is a key social work task. Charity No. This is unhelpful to the care partners and may be offensive to the person. Such differences may also occur of course between you and the carer, fellow professionals, or anyone involved in supporting a person. How to Report an Unethical Social Worker. So her views also actually hadn't been noted or any reference taken to that. The experience of many social care staff is that these are not always well-designed enough to allow for easy record keeping, or the reading of what has already been recorded. Court reports, grant proposals, and even case records can make dramatic differences in … Fortunately I was able to negotiate a £5,000 overdraft with my bank until I could sort the mess out. She was placed in a women's refuge for adults with learning disabilities and she was much more able than the other people who were in the refuge and she took advantage of that and she procured some of the more vulnerable women to have sex with men with whom she had links outside the organisation. Feelings can lead to bias, e.g. They show that recording is part of making sure people’s wellbeing is promoted, not an administrative add-on to the main business of social work. You may have troubles, worries, problems but do not share them with a Social Worker. The social work evidence template has been produced by ADCS and Cafcass. Because that note was not read, a pattern of abuse was allowed to continue. The most basic function of the assessment is to determine what the social worker is trying to accomplish with the client. Indeed one of my support workers was so concerned that he asked her if she would like to take our notes, the support plan, and the rota, as she didn't appear to be really listening and was in such a rush to get out again, that she didn't even have a few minutes to wait for him to go upstairs to photocopy them. I talked about whether, after hospital, she’d need reablement at home, or whether she could go home without reablement, or whether in the end she’d need to go into a care home. A subsequent record, however, was more explicit about what was being left – dead animals. She just seemed in a rush to get away. When under pressure, many social workers use abbreviations to save time – POVA, ICPC, CP and so on. This is a cut and paste from her report (available on line) but it does not just apply to managing offenders, it applies to all matters in terms of working with family, investigating crime etc. So having the most up to date knowledge of the “skill” will only benefit you. And even without jargon, social work records can still be too complicated and lacking in clarity. Report Writing Format: 8 Essential Elements & Sample Report I concluded that Mrs Ali was disorientated, so will visit another time. The template supports professionals in submitting summarised, clear and analytical material to the court, setting out the reasons why the local authority is making an application for a specific order in relation to a child. The best social work and social care jobs, The online resource for social care professionals, © MA Education 2020. So, my support staff and I set about gathering together the information we already had, and looking at what needed to be realtered, to reflect my circumstances at the time. Importantly, this would help the person themselves, whose efforts to get on top of things would be recognised, rather than overlooked. But the assessor reviewing my case on this particular circumstance, was not interested in any of my paperwork. And it was only through casual conversation that she told me that this had gone on. I also knew full well that Elaine had very clearly recorded that this woman should never again be placed in that refuge or indeed anywhere where there were other vulnerable women and so I got on the phone to my previous employer the original local authority to say, to ask how come this person was back at the refuge when it was very clearly recorded on the file that that should never happen and the social worker who now had the case, who had taken over the case from Elaine acknowledged that, actually that - that had not - that she hadn't read that on the file and hadn't therefore been aware that she ought not to place the person back at the refuge. Not even if you are desperate. These three short films illustrate the actual harm that can occur if recording is done poorly. But a key test of how well you understand something is being able to explain it to someone else. This is not a new problem. After the initial panic, I began to follow the system that I have developed over the past twenty years to support people with very complex needs. Recording in accurate terms like this avoids any possible value judgements and is more helpful to a colleague who might visit and see a room that is still in a ‘terrible state’, but where there are only six bags of rubbish and 10 takeaway packages, and who therefore can note a significant improvement. But, if you concentrate on writing detailed, factual reports, with opinions being clearly expressed where appropriate, this need not take any longer, in fact may be quicker and easier than vaguely-worded, unclear text. Whatever it is you are expressing – fact or opinion – state accurately what is happening, or what you believe, and avoid vagueness wherever you can. If it is an opinion, make sure you can back it up with evidence from what you’ve seen or heard. It is therefore that organisations have systems in place to make the file easily accessible to future workers. • A failure to understand why and when the reports will be used.• A lack of understanding about what needs to be recorded.• Inappropriate / no systems to facilitate good record keeping and report writing.• Illiteracy of some staff.• The blame culture inherent in social care.• Lack of time.• We then went onto prepare a breakdown of when support was provided by my husband as my carer and thus free of charge, by my access to work funds, as I work full time, and by my direct payment funding which had been set at 52 hours per week. Using our scenarios, practice your recording skills, and see our model answers. We then drew up a full detailed care and support plan along with my family that included all aspects of wellbeing, and was based on not only issues of mobility, personal care and the daily impact of my many impairments, but also considered the importance of my relationships, my work, and even my love of floristry, cookery, music and my cat. I knew that the key thing was to plan and prepare, as this allows individuals to identify what is important to them in their lives, and what support they need to achieve those aims and goals. Written by David Wilkins, senior research fellow at the Tilda Goldberg Centre, University of Bedfordshire, it offers social workers practical guidance, considers the purpose of a court statement and the relationship between truth, fact, opinion and perspective. Not doing so will likely antagonise a person who has told their story to organisations more times than they would wish, and doesn’t want to have to do so again. You can practice your recording skills with our scenarios. Coronavirus guidance for social care and social work, social care A person with learning disabilities was placed by social workers in a woman's refuge, where she was exploited by one of the other tenants. Many students and qualified workers in all areas of social work feel apprehension at the prospect of writing a formal report for a court or tribunal. ‘I am working with Kim, who has autism and a really good sense of what support she needs. It is vital that each of these are carried out properly, for people to receive per-son-centred, good quality care, and for carers to have confidence in the sup-port being given to their loved ones. In his landmark 2003 report regarding the death of Victoria Climbié, Lord Laming noted that Victoria’s wishes and feelings were almost entirely absent from her own file. communicate with relevant others and seek relevant information you do not have; As an organisation, the local authority ought to have devised a system to flag up vital pieces of information, but the social worker has a professional responsibility to read the file properly. One of the problems with jargon is that sometimes professionals use it without even realising because it becomes part of their everyday vocabulary. About the Department. work within agency policies and procedures; Report of a UNISON survey of social work practitioners UNISON represents some 40,000 social workers across the UK. This is often referred to as a caseload. Why the students need help in writing their social work assignment? In a Community Care Inform Children’s guide, David Wilkins, senior research fellow at the Tilda Goldberg Centre, University of Bedfordshire, gives practical advice on case recording and record keeping. She definitely didn't want to take detailed notes and she was obviously really confused about how my support was divided between direct payment from my local authority and access to work. There should be a clear chain of reasoning from what you have observed, through the analysis of what you have observed, to the conclusion you have reached as a result. Elaine and I also worked together in the learning disability team in North London and so I was aware of the difficulties that she was having with the woman in the refuge you know procuring other women there for sex with men that she knew. Thankfully our hard work getting the information together paid off. She mentioned the name of one of the people in the refuge who had procured her client to go to these men for sex and I immediately recognised the name as the person that Elaine had been working with some years before. So when the day came, armed with the paperwork, I felt confident that it would all work out. Some aspects of recording are complex, and it is important that they are fully understood. Main contents of the research report I have therefore discussed a possible safeguarding referral with Sam, but she has not given consent. From the inconvenience of receiving a phone call twice because the first one wasn’t recorded, to missing out on a place at college because a worker hadn’t noted down that a person had called to say they wanted it, there can be clear negative consequences from delayed recording. A more explicit record of ‘due to her advancing dementia, Roweena often forgets to have a bath, resulting in an increasingly unpleasant personal odour that I think is having a negative effect on her relationship with her neighbours’ may take longer to record, but identifies precisely what the issue is, enabling a more honest discussion with the person. When we realised this was happening she was removed from the unit and she went to live elsewhere but I made it clear in her file that she should never again be placed with other vulnerable women because she presented such a high risk to those other people. My name's Sandra, and I'm the carer for my mum, who has got bipolar and early onset Alzheimer's and lives in a care home. 2) the quality of writing that social workers produce. Make sure you avoid repeating yourself: a point made well once will have more impact than one that is repeated throughout a report or case record. It is to everyone’s benefit – the professionals in multi-disciplinary teams, but more importantly the people they support – if there is one record that presents a coherent, holistic picture of an individual. Recording cases and filling out forms can feel an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy, taking time away from seeing service users. This resource aims to support social workers and other social care staff to improve recording skills – how you write down what you have seen and done, your analysis of that, and what you plan to do as a result. It can also be done with case files – sharing them routinely with a person can help correct misunderstandings and misrepresentations, but also help focus professionals’ minds on recording respectfully and sensitively. It takes the position that all reports generally contain three basic elements : an introduction, an account of evidence, and a conclusion. I worked as a social worker some years ago in in London and in the learning disabilities team and I worked with a woman who had a very mild learning disability and a personality disorder. I shared very personal information about every aspect of my life and how this was reflected in my support needs. match risk management interventions to risk factors; This will ensure that decisions can be evidenced, and defended, if necessary, and can demonstrate that at that moment in time with the information available at the time i have these options available and this option was taken because…………………………. Compare these two examples. But just like many other disabled people, and people with longterm health conditions, the words assessment and review often fill me with dread and fear. And that was a very simple and a very basic need that because it hasn't been recorded and other staff didn't know, it impacted on my mum quite considerably.

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