African Development Bank President Dr Akin Adesina paid tribute to IITA as a premiere organization working towards transforming agriculture in Africa to make the continent food secure.

Speaking at the IITA Golden Jubilee celebration, Adesina recalled his personal history with IITA on a journey that he says “has contributed immensely to research and development of solutions for Africa’s most pressing needs”.

“At the African Development Bank, we have decided to work with this amazing institution, to drive Africa’s agricultural transformation. The Bank will be investing $24 billion over the next 10 years to help turn agriculture into a business across Africa,” Adesina said in his speech.

Adesina started work at IITA in the 1990s as an economic and social scientist, a role that would later propel him to national limelight as the Federal Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development in Nigeria and later as the President of AfDB.

He lauded the leadership of Dr Nteranya Sanginga, IITA Director General, for building progressive initiatives that would promote sustainability in agriculture, especially youth enterprises.