The opening of the air border is a great relief for the more than 400 surf instructors that the country has. It is also located next to the Pacific Ocean. Caribbean beaches that enjoy sublime sunrises — and Pacific beaches that glow with fiery sunsets. Bathed by the waters of the Pacific, this beach is ideal for snorkeling and family travel. It ranks fourth in the ranking of Tip Advisor of the best beaches in Central America. And since nearly two-thirds of Costa Rica's borders are coastline, there are a whole lot of Costa Rica beaches to explore. Dive, snorkel, surf, kayak, hike, or zip line -- but don't forget to relax and enjoy the unforgettable views. Best Beaches In Costa Rica: Costa Rica is located between the coastlines of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Ocean. Costa Rica is a beautiful, rainforested country in Central America known for its expansive coastline of picturesque beaches. Here, you will find a list of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica: 1. 15 Best Beaches in Costa Rica 1. Here you will find the Paraíso Playa Conchal resort, one of the best hotels in the area. We love both beaches but tend to prefer Playa Flamingo just so we can grab a meal at Coco Loco restaurant on the beach. Warm waters year-round, an unparalleled tourism infrastructure, and limitless attractions spanning two coasts are the reasons Costa Rica beaches rank among the best in the world. Explore one of the most diverse habitats in the world on a guided nature hike through Manuel Antonio National Park. Keep in mind that, although the country enjoys a warm climate throughout the year, the best time to visit it is from December to April, in the dry season. Dreadlocked Rastafarians, tattooed bohemians, sun-kissed surfers, and other examples of exceptional beauty are the norm at this picturesque little beach, which also boasts tide pools, forested waterfalls, and wildlife (Capuchin monkeys! Here Are Our Picks for the Best Beaches In Costa Rica 1. Puerto Viejo. Discover which part of Costa Rica has the best beaches in this article. Enormous, glassy waves roll majestically toward Costa Rica’s Pacific shore, ... Costa Rica beach destinations are as attractive as they are diverse. With some of the best surf spots in the country, Playa Grande is definitely worth visiting to test your skills on the rolling waves. Jaco is in such close proximity to San Jose (2 hours by car), it flourishes with nightlife, international dining options, and even casinos. It is located north of the province of Guanacaste, two kilometers from the Brasilito Beach. Puntarenas. If you're not a wave-worshiper, book a boat tour and watch dolphins, manta rays, and other creatures thriving in the area's protected waters. Okay, obviously the Nicoya Peninsula isn't a single Costa Rica beach. The beach town of Cahuita is particularly notable because of its national park, which fronts white-sand beaches and impressive coral reefs. Tamarindo beach may be the best known of the beaches in Guanacaste region, but it isn’t one that we’ve included on our list. 15 BEST Beaches in Costa Rica Manuel Antonio Beach, Manuel Antonio National Park. The best way to appreciate Puerto Viejo de Limon, Costa Rica … Now, it's frequented by travelers -- enough to keep the gentle giants out at sea, but not enough to drive them away completely. When you think of the Caribbean sea and beaches you picture white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. The bay's mild waters make it one of Costa Rica's best beaches for swimming and snorkeling. Its beaches are windswept beauties, with dark sands shaded by towering palms, while the mountainous inland jungles of Corcovado National Park are home to some of the country's most distinctive wildlife. “ In Costa Rica "beach front" is a little different than Mexico "beach front" In costa rica beaches are exclusively public property right up to where the sand stops. Think about it: when someone says, "Costa Rica," you probably think, "fantastic beaches!" Playa Negra As its name implies, this much-loved beach near the reggae-fueled town of Cahuita is covered in dark... 2. One of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio Beach is a part of the Manuel... 2. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. 5. The sand here is an … Best Beaches on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. While Playa Tamarindo offers world-class shopping, dining, and coastal amusements, budget travelers might find themselves priced out (when I traveled there in college, I grocery shopped and cooked in a communal kitchen). The coastal park backs up to a 5.6-mile trail along the shoreline. (Old Port) It is the most visited destination in the Costa Rican Caribbean. All the best beaches in Costa Rica are right here on our list. Discover the beauty and intoxicating Asian culture when you plan a trip to this corner of the world. New Campaign Invites Tourists from the US and Canada to: “Discover in Costa Rica what Really Matters”, Costa Rica Celebrated 72 years Without an Army, Valuing the Meaning of that Legacy, Tourism Stock Exchange Helps Communities Promote Experiences in Costa Rica, Law to Punish Disclosure of Intimate Female Photos Announces Minister Patricia Mora. It is 8.5 km from the center of Puerto Viejo. Talamanca is the name Costa Rica's indigenous people ascribed to the region, and you can learn all about them on a cultural tour. Boats also launch from Tambor to the Tortuga Island, home to immaculate beaches and unparalleled scuba diving. As we mentioned in our related posts Best Beaches In Costa Rica: Central Pacific Beaches and Best Beaches In Costa Rica: Nicoya Peninsula Beaches, with a total of 1,228 kilometers of coastline to offer it is no wonder Costa Rica is known for its countless beach destinations. Would you like to be part of the great construction of a “Sound Map” of Costa Rica? Are you ready to jump around? Among all the tropical beaches in Costa Rica you will find white sand beaches, pink sand beaches, black sand beaches, clear water beaches, surfing beaches, swimming beaches, snorkeling beaches and more. Or head straight to Manzanillo, a protected area with tropical rainforest, palm swamps, coral reefs, and of course, idyllic Caribbean beaches. Located on the inner base of the Nicoya Peninsula, Montezuma is a gathering place for Costa Rica's most idiosyncratic locals and travelers. However, it is preferable to go between December and April, during the dry season (without much rain).

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