It ranks at 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale and with good care can last a very long time. It is often heat-treated to achieve the desired vivid blue color. But there are so many blue gemstones out there that picking out one can be difficult. Varieties with greenish tints are very common, while pure blue crystals are considered valuable and desired. The most famous blue gemstone is Sapphire. Often, purple is a secondary color in tanzanite stones. 3.5 out of 5 stars 33 $12.80 $ 12 . Turquoise is a well-known blue gemstone due to its intriguing web-like inclusions mixed with its vivid sky blue and green shades. This gemstone is mined in a small region at Mt. Although blue sapphires are more affordable than diamonds, they can still be somewhat pricey. Tanzanite. Even more unusual, this mineral darkens … To ensure a safe and rewarding gemstone shopping experience, it is always advisable to choose a gem retailer or a gemstone … This will help you to focus on the priorities. Blue is a well-known zircon shade with various colors ranging from light pastel to dark vivid, where the latter is considered rare and prized. Leibish is a world-renowned diamond specialist and online retailer of diamonds and fine jewelry. Although colorless diamonds are the most popular variety, blue gemstones are considered rare. more than 200,000 conflict-free diamonds in a highly magnified imagery. The blue … A streak can be identified by crushing it with a hammer, but it can also be obtained by rubbing the specimen across an unglazed porcelain surface called a streak plate. As Jewelry Shopping Guide editors, we write about things that we love and we think you'll like too. Aquamarine’s signature vivid deep color can fetch high prices, making it more valuable to any jewelry collection. When using it as a gemstone for jewelry, make sure it is mounted in protective settings. With reasonable care, tourmaline jewelry can last a very long time. It is often free of visible inclusions and has a beautiful transparent luster. Tanzanite gems with a strong-to-vivid blue, purplish blue and violetish blue … Unlike most gemstones that have a variety of locales, this relatively new stone has only … This stone has a cushion shape with S12 clarity and an authentic GIA certificate for jewelry making. Tanzanite is considered an underrated gemstone since it is as stunning as other vivid blue gemstones but not as popular. To capture the energy of your favorite blue gemstones and vibration of the the blue ray, try creating a crystal grid filled with blue … Sapphire is the most popular blue gemstone, and possibly the most highly sought after colored gemstone for engagement rings. It is admired for its stunning blue shades and its intriguing white marble patterns. Don’t forget to purchase from an honest and reputed seller. Free shipping for … Among the most popular blue gemstones in the market, sapphire and tanzanite are often compared to each other due to their vivid blue luster. One reason is that sapphire comes in a range of colors aside from blue. From common blue chalcedony to rare blue diamonds, there is a wide range of stunning blue gemstones to choose from. This extremely rare gemstone can only be found in small sizes under one carat. Most varieties are eye-clean and have incredible fire and brilliance when expertly cut. Lapis is an opaque stone that comes with interesting inclusions. This type of gemstone is always cut into cabochons as ornaments for bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. Take your search online as you will have more options than at physical stores. The four rings in the image on this page contain tanzanite gems that range in color from a vivid blue at top left to a very light blue at lower right. A large range of blue gemstones are available on the market, and they come in different shades of blue to match all styles and personalities. It also comes with a certificate of authenticity as a guarantee that it is completely genuine. It is never synthesized, treated, or heated. Tanzanite is an excellent alternative to sapphires if budget is a concern. From common blue chalcedony to rare blue diamonds, there is a wide range of stunning blue gemstones to choose from. Compare prices and always check the after-sales policies, in case you have any issues with your item. Blue garnets are color-changing gemstones. Sometimes it can contain white marbling, due to inclusions in the stone, which makes for interesting and intriguing patterns on the stone. (The four kinds … These reasons are why blue is the among the most popular color for engagement rings. Aquamarine gemstones are known for their distinct pastel blue shades that evokes calmness and relaxation. CSGO Blue Gem List This list shows all blue gems seeds and patterns with ID numbers and pictures.It's the ultimate blue gem skins database, continuosly updated with each knife and weapon, aiming to become the go-to guide of all CSGO Blue Gem Collectors. Blue Nile is a trusted jewelry brand specializing in providing quality precious stones and jewelry. Spinel is made of magnesium aluminate and are found in the same mines as corundum varieties. It is also durable and makes a perfect ornament for an everyday jewelry piece. It is also fairly hard and tough. Due to its popularity, blue gemstones are always available in every local jewelry store and personal collectors. From that idea, Mark bought Internet Diamonds and established an online jewelry store named Blue Nile. Do you want a popular stone? This gemstone is relatively affordable and makes a good gemstone for fine jewelry due to its durability. So, we agree. Labradorite is a plagioclase feldspar and displays its distinct labradorescence due to the way in which the rock is formed and the impurities within it. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. The Blue Turquoise Rectangle Shape Cabochon from ABC Jewelry Mart is an authentic turquoise gemstone sourced from Indonesia. Blue Nile is one of the market-leading retailers of fine jewelry and gemstones. Here are some other blue gemstones that did not make our top 13 list: Apatite, a beautiful translucent gemstone exhibiting a bluish-greenish hue. Spinel is often tagged as the great imposter of gemstones as it is always confused for a sapphire. Iolite is found in various shades of blue and purple-blue with pale to vivid saturation. It has a cabochon faceted cut with a minimum gem weight of 10 carats. This gemstone has AAA quality, which means that it is eye clean and no visible inclusions. It is composed of several minerals, where lazurite is responsible for its deep blue color. High quality iolite can rival stones such as sapphires and tanzanite in its beauty. We begin our list with Tanzanite, a gem which was first discovered in … This makes it susceptible to breaking when exposed to knocks and bumps. It also earned global attention when a 12-carat blue Ceylon sapphire engagement ring was worn by Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, making it the world’s most iconic blue sapphire ring. We often have affiliate partnerships, and may generate some revenue from these links at no cost to you. Almost any blue gemstone can fit into any kind of fine jewelry, including engagement rings to crown jewels. It only has two colors: purple and blue, where shades vary from medium to deep violet-blue. Is durability your concern? A Complete List of Blue Gemstones With Amazing Pictures. Tanzanite, so named after the country it was found in – Tanzania, is a very rare gemstone. Blue zircon is among the most brilliant gemstones in the world and looks very similar to a blue diamond, exhibiting a comparable sparkle. Worry no more, as this guide will help you find the best blue gemstones in the market. Read Cubic zirconia vs. zircon for more information. Four creative minds combined their expertise and skills to form a privately-held online diamond and bridal jewelry online store. It is designed in calibrated cabochon with a rectangular shape, making it ideal to use as pendant for jewelry. Our list only contained one rank #1 seed patterns out of the 1000 possible … Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family, along with other gemstones such as emerald and morganite. With the same beauty and energy as other rocks of his family, blue quartz is an element that … Although blue diamonds are highly scratch-resistant, they can also be brittle when exposed to hard knocks. The Aquamarine Birthstone Earrings from James Allen is made of natural aquamarine loose gemstone with a carat weight of 0.90ct. Our list only contained one rank 1 seed patterns out of … Kilimanjaro and it is estimated that the world’s primary tanzanite source will run out in the next few decades. Worry no more, as this guide will help you find the best blue gemstones … Their highly advanced jewelry display caught the attention of renowned diamond manufacturers, allowing James Allen to get the first pick of the best quality diamonds and gemstones. Iolite also exhibits pleochroism, and can appear blue, purple-blue and yellowish simultaneously. This light blue gemstone is especially helpful in healing the physical body because it promotes mellow relaxation, which is the best remedy for an overstressed system. The most expensive blue topaz varieties come in darker versions, including Swiss Blue, Sierra Blue, London Blue. Used since ancient times, blue sapphires are fascinating not only for their splendid color but also for the qualities they represent. It has a wide range of shades and gemstones to choose from, from rare to the most common specimens. The most famous variety of blue tourmaline is Paraíba Tourmaline (pictured above), which can come in vivid shades of blue, violet-blue, or greenish-blue not found naturally in other tourmaline stones. It is a hard gemstone with a Mohs ranking of 7.5 to 8 and is generally found with very good clarity. There are many blue gemstones out there. Sapphire is made of corundum and becomes blue due to the presence of titanium and iron during its formation. It also has a high hardness scale at 7.5 to 8 Mohs, making it a tough gem that does not break easily. Its colors range from light to intense vivid blue. Due to its high durability, this stone makes a great alternative to diamonds, especially in bridal ring sets. Although blue is the popular version of sapphire, it also exists in a variety of colors. Ranking at 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, is not very scratch resistant but is a fairly tough stone. The very word aquamarine refers to the sea-blue color of the stone. Turquoise jewelry needs to be given care and thought to maintain its luster and integrity. Here we’ve listed the top 13 blue gemstones used in jewelry, highlighting their pros and cons. Leibish assures that all their diamonds came from legitimate, conflict-free sources. Aquamarine is a popular blue gemstone commonly used in engagement rings due to its stunning blue sparkle, making it an ideal ornament to any fine jewelry. Paraiba tourmaline has a more vivid luminescent blue shade, while indicolite exhibits light to dark blue shades. Blue garnets rank 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. Purplish tints on blue sapphire are the typical favorite, while greenish tints are considered less valuable. Labradorite is a plagioclase feldspar, admired for its beautiful hue and distinct iridescence, set in a dark body tone. Blue tourmaline has a hardness rating of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale and is a durable, tough stone. Blue topaz is a birthstone for December (along with zircon, topaz, turquoise and tanzanite). Most specimens are heat-treated, but there are also unheated varieties. In fact, they are more a collector’s item as the rarity makes it difficult for jewelers to use the gemstone for mainstream jewelry making. Taafeite (BeMgAl4O8) is a very rare mineral and often misidentified … Blue garnets are similar to alexandrites in that they are color-changing gemstones. While blue is the most well-known sapphire color, which can be found in a range of colors. Butterfly Knife - Seed 510 Blue Gem (BEST ONE) ℙ KNIFE PATTERNS Flip - Seed 9 Blue gem (90%-95% Playside (Scattered Purple & Blue) Flip - Seed 13 Double Sided Blue gem (50%-55%) Flip - … Besides jewelry, some of their popular products and services include fancy colored diamonds, diamond consultation, proprietary interactive diamond search, and customizable diamond rings. On the flip side, most of us can’t afford the huge sums of money that blue diamonds cost as high quality blue … Which should you choose and based on what criteria? Their highly advanced jewelry display caught the attention of renowned diamond manufacturers, allowing James Allen to get the first pick of the best quality diamonds and gemstones. Rhodonite is a pink manganese silicate used as a gemstone… Tanzanite is only found in a small region at the foot of Mt. When searching for your own piece of blue jewelry, you will be spoilt for choice! It is the blue-purple variety of zoisite. It also appears in blue, but it can also have inclusions in white and gold marble. Blue topaz is another popular variety of blue gemstones. In the gemstone industry, a thin metallic film is applied to a gemstone’s pavilion to create unique color effects reflected from its crown. List of 13 Best Blue Gemstones Used in Jewelry. However, finding a blue garnet can be difficult as it is not a mainstream gemstone. Purple is a secondary color, while pure blue with vivid saturation is prized. It is also very durable, with a hardness rating ranging from 7 to 7.5 Mohs. The streak test is one of the several methods used to evaluate gemstones. Powdering and crushing eliminate the effects of any impurity or structural flaw, making it more diagnostic for some minerals than its color. They also offer real-time diamond inspection service and customizable jewelry designs. It has an average ranking on the Mohs scale, making it a fairly tough stone. Blue tourmaline in general is extremely rare and is found in small sizes, typically under one carat. That is why it requires to be mounted in jewelry settings. Note: Zircon should not be confused with cubic zirconia. Top Pick for Best Blue Gemstones: Oval Sapphire and Diamond Ring by Blue Nile, Features to Consider When Buying Blue Gemstones (Buyer’s Guide), Oval Sapphire and Diamond Ring by Blue Nile. This makes it a fairly hard stone, however it is not very tough due to its distinct cleavage. They are largely known as the first online jewelry store to use a 360° Diamond Display Technology, where customers can view more than 200,000 conflict-free diamonds in a highly magnified imagery. This gemstone is made from corundum and turns blue due to the presence of iron and titanium. Blue gemstones are arguably one of the most popular colored gemstones used for jewelry. It comes in three varieties, ranging from strong blue iridescent luster to an entire spectrum of colors and opaque to transparent. Due to its high refractive index, blue diamonds make a great choice for any type of fine jewelry. These gemstones ... Blue Sapphire… Synthetic versions of blue sapphire are much more affordable. Those with a more vivid saturation are considered the most desirable. Each gemstone has a natural color, where its true shade is not affected by any impurities. Blue sapphires are ranked amongst the most precious gemstones of the world. It is easily identified with its unique dark vein-like inclusions called matrix, while the pure blue turquoise is considered the most desired and valuable. Sapphire is the most famous gem in the realm of blue gemstones. Blue diamonds come in different shades, but the fancy deep variety is considered the best with some greenish tones. Sapphire is a well-known precious stone in the realm of blue gemstones. The color of tanzanite can be very vivid and is easily confused for the more valuable sapphire. Labradorite is known for its distinct iridescence and beautiful body color, set against a dark body tone. Vivianite. Like many gemstones today, the radiant blue shades of topaz are obtained through an artificial irradiation and enhancement process. Blue sapphire with purplish tints are more desirable while those with greenish tints are not as valuable. Most have greenish tints, but the valuable stones are purely blue. Blue diamonds are among the rarest of all colored diamond varieties and among the most expensive. Turquoise is a unique, stone that is easily identified and is the only gemstone with a color named after it. It is generally opaque and often contains dark vein-like inclusions, called matrix. While there are plenty of gem varieties in blue, finding the right shade can be pretty tough, especially if you not familiar with the blue gemstone. Iolite ranks at 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. Fancy Deep Bluish Green Loose Diamond by Leibish & Co. Swiss Blue Topaz Loose Gemstone by Optima Gem, Natural Blue Lapis Lazuli Cabochon by ABC Jewelry Mart, Natural Loose Oval Blue Zircon Gemstone by AfricaGems, Blue Turquoise Rectangle Shape Cabochon by ABC Jewelry Mart, Aquamarine Birthstone Earrings by James Allen. What is crucial is that it should represent its true essence as a precious gemstone. It ranks second after diamond as one of the hardest natural gemstones. This gemstone is very good for daily wear and is quite durable. Next to diamond, sapphire is the second hardest gem and has the most noticeable vivid blue color. It is a member of the beryl family together with other precious gemstones like emerald and morganite. Vivid deep blue varieties are considered the most desirable. This company is known for its expertise in producing natural fancy colored diamonds and gemstones. Blue Thai Sapphire Round 6.5mm Single Piece Approximately 1 Carat GSBIG34725 Sapphire / Blue Sapphire Size: 6.5 X 6.5 mm Do you have a budget? Blue topaz is another rare piece of gemstone with exceptional qualities. Dull luster. It has vitreous to transparent luster and high polish features. The Oval Sapphire and Diamond Ring by Blue Nile takes the top spot as the top pick for the best blue gemstones. The thin film is very tough and durable as it can only be applied to a gemstone’s pavilion, so it cannot be affected by scratches on its crown. It also has very good clarity and durability, making it resistant to breakage. Although blue sapphire is cheaper than diamonds, they are still somewhat pricey. Aquamarine has a vitreous luster and when faceted, reflects light well. Most varieties are lower than $500, but rare types like Paraiba tourmaline forms a wide price margin due to its high price. The colors of blue topaz are generally classed as three different 'levels' or shades; London blue topaz is a rich deep … Is it for a birthstone gift? So blue garnets are a very recent addition to the world of gemstones and are extremely rare. The Swiss Blue Topaz Loose Gemstone by Optima Gem is made from irradiated Swiss blue topaz with a stunning deep blue color. There can also sometimes be greenish tints to the stone. They were considered to protect, bring prosperity and cure the wearer of negative thoughts. It is an ancient semi-precious gemstone that is significantly soft and opaque. Sapphire is a form of corundum and a premium quality blue gemstone with a high rating of 9 Mohs on the hardness scale. It is second in hardness only to diamonds (Mohs 9) among natural gemstones used in jewelry. The gemstone comes in three distinct varieties, with some containing strong blue iridescent luster (known as schiller) and others displaying the entire spectrum of colors. On the other hand, blue zircon has an average hardness rating, which can be susceptible to damages and wear. Not only is a vivid blue diamond beautiful and eye-catching, but these gemstones are extremely durable, scratch resistant and valuable. It has been calibrated for easy design and standard settings by goldsmiths and jewelers. Due to its vanadium inclusion, the gemstone can change its color based on its light angle, transforming from blue-green to deep purple. These are groups of two or three colors on the color wheel that are adjacent to … Sodalite is mainly a deep rich blue but may contain gray tints. Buying gemstones online is absolutely fine as long as you are dealing with the credible seller and an authentic store. It is also a brittle stone and can get damaged or worn down over time, so it needs to be mounted in protective settings. Aquamarine is the birthstone of March. The Natural Loose Oval Blue Zircon Gemstone from AfricaGems is a three-carat blue zircon gemstone with guaranteed authenticity. From a color psychology point of view, blue is associated with depth, stability, knowledge, power, gravity and calmness. From common varieties like turquoise to the rarest blue diamonds, blue gemstones come in different shapes and sizes that will meet your budget and preference. Mystic topaz results from a high-tech enhancement procedure that turns colorless gemstones into designer gems. It is made from magnesium aluminate and is sourced from the same mines as corundum. Due to its beauty, a premium quality iolite is comparable to precious blue stones like sapphire and tanzanite. Additionally, it is also pleochroic, which can display different colors depending on your viewing angle. It is often admired for its high brilliance and vivid blue color, with a mixture of titanium and iron. For those who want a more subtle shade of blue, you may check out other selections in this list that may tickle your fancy. It is a common standard for aquamarine to undergo heat treatment to enhance its color. The Natural Oval Blue Tourmaline from Lovemom is made of 2.55-carat natural blue tourmaline sourced from Mozambique. The film is molecularly bonded to the substrate, becomes a part of the quartz or topaz specimen. They utilize a user-friendly online tool and comprehensive information about jewelry pieces, allowing its client to know the entire jewelry buying process. CrystalBenefits tells you about the different hues of blue gemstones. The stone can change color based on the light it is viewed under, morphing from blue-green to deep purple. It obtains its color from boron traces and bears the same properties as colorless diamonds, with its incredible fire and brilliance and maximum hardness rating. Tourmaline is the birthstone for October. Blue is arguably the most popular gemstone color for use in jewelry. Unfortunately, blue zircon has an average hardness rating as it is very brittle and susceptible to damage and wear. Most topaz found in nature is colorless, and as a result is heat treated in order to produce the beautiful shades of blue topaz found on the market. Meanwhile, tanzanite is a form of zoisite with a hardness scale of 6.5 to 7. Deep color. Some blue gems, such as blue topaz, have been heavily treated to produce the blue … Although it lacks the brilliance of other blue gemstones in this list, its rich blue-green color still makes a great gemstone for jewelry. When faceted, aquamarine reveals a vitreous luster that reflects light well. It underwent a heat-treatment process to achieve a more vivid blue shade. Sapphire is a highly popular choice for blue gemstones and the most sought-after gemstone for engagement rings. Most aquamarines undergo heat treatment to maximize their color. Blue zircon is not very hard, ranking at 6 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. However, because it is plentiful in nature, iolite is not highly valued. Blue topaz is generally very affordable, and is a good gemstone for jewelry due to its durability (8 Mohs). It is almost difficult to use blue garnet for mainstream jewelry due to its rarity. Also known as indicolite, blue tourmaline is a rare kind of tourmaline that comes in light to darker shades of blue. An average-case hardened skin will contain approximately 10-25% blue, but in order to qualify as a blue gem, it will need 75% blue. It comes with incredible sparkle and various shades ranging from light pastel to dark vivid. There so many blue gemstone names made in a wide variety of jewelry, that look very beautiful so many people want to have it. Today, Blue Nile provides a massive selection of independently-certified diamonds and fine jewelry at competitive prices that are significantly cheaper than traditional retail. Lapis lazuli is regarded as one of the most valued and popular gemstones throughout history, which can be traced back for thousands of years. While there are plenty of gem varieties in blue, finding the right shade can be pretty tough, especially if you not familiar with the blue gemstone. This precious stone from ABC Jewelry is made from top-grade natural lapis lazuli gemstone. Check here for a listing of blue diamonds on James Allen. Check them out below and see which one fits your preferences. Blue Topaz. Blue tourmaline has two varieties: Paraiba and indicolite. They are fairly hard and durable. Blue is no doubt the most popular gemstone color used for fine jewelry. In jewelry-making, tourmaline is often used as a gemstone for added variety and complement. Kilimanjaro, the world’s primary tanzanite source. Get to know the popular varieties, like blue diamonds, aquamarine, turquoise, etc. While garnets are popularly known to be red, they were found in every color except blue until 1998. James Allen is a world-renowned jewelry and gemstone retailer that uses user-friendly technology for an immersive jewelry shopping experience. As an internationally recognized diamond specialist, you can trust Leibish & Co. that this diamond is completely authentic and conflict-free. Iolite is a very brilliant stone and reflects light very well, especially when expertly cut. It is rare to find a blue tourmaline with a cat’s eye, where the mirrored light from its stone creates a still image of a cat’s eye. Synthetic and treated versions provide a much more affordable alternative if your heart is set on a blue diamond but find it beyond your budget. Scroll along and take a glimpse at the most stunning blue gemstones in the market. Spinel is never treated or heated although it has been synthesized. Since 1979, Leibish has been a close-knit family business and is a leading diamond supplier to reputable jewelers, manufacturers, and designers worldwide. Blue is the most popular zircon color and comes in shades ranging from a light pastel blue to darker vivid blue. However, with reasonable care, lapis jewelry can last a very long time. It is a very rare gemstone with a vivid blue shade, often confused for a sapphire. To help you pick the right stone for you, take into consideration why you are buying the stone. Besides its color similarities, the two gemstones could not be more different. Affordable alternatives are available through synthetic and treated versions. With so many blue gemstones in the market, picking out the best can be pretty tough. Lapis lazuli is found in beautiful shades of deep blue. Although other blue tourmaline variations are available, they barely weigh up to one carat. 80 Azurite, named for its azure color, is a deep blue gemstone with green secondary tones, Blue chalcedony, a compact form of quartz that has a vitreous luster and is found in a range of blue hues from pastel to vivid blue, Blue fluorite, made of calcium fluoride, is the rarest of fluorite varieties. These gemstones receive their color through the traces of boron present during the stone’s formation. Although blue is its popular color, it also comes in different shades like yellow, orange, pink, purple, green, black, and colorless. The very word aquamarine refers to the serene sea blue color of its stone. Like sapphires, spinel is very durable with a stunning blue color, which you can get at affordable prices. When someone is asked to say a blue gemstone, it would be the No.1. ​Azurite is a popular choice for jewelers due to its deep … It will also include the top brands, top factors to consider when making a purchase decision, and a Q&A section about common queries about blue gemstones. If you are searching for the best selections of blue gemstones, look no more. We provide gemstones, gemstone rings, gemstone pendants, and more! Over time, this slowly forms into the beautiful and unique looking gemstone. Leibish boasts of its massive online selection of colored diamonds in ideal and fancy cuts. It is an extremely rare gemstone and is treated as a collector’s item. Tanzanite—$1,200 per carat. Although spinel is a very rare gemstone, and similar to sapphires in durability and beauty, it is not as valuable and can be found at affordable prices. Most aquamarine gemstones on the market are heat treated to enhance the color of the stone but this is a common industry standard. Turquoise is the only gemstone whose name was used to refer to a particular blue shade. Although red is the sole popular garnet color, it was not until blue became a recent addition in 1998. Blue Gemstones - Most people shopping for a colored stone are looking for something blue. Tanzanite is often believed to be an underrated gemstone as it is as beautiful as more expensive blue gemstones but not as popular. It requires intensive care to maintain its quality and luster. It is not a very hard gemstone, ranking only 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale. Azurite. Due to its rich blue color, lapis lazuli became a source of dye during ancient times. Blue zircon is considered the most brilliant blue gemstone with a few similarities to blue diamond due to its comparable dazzle. Vivid deep blue stones are considered the most valuable. Sapphire is tougher than diamonds and is highly resistant to breaking and chipping. Analogous Colors. Since natural topaz is colorless, it needs to be heat-treated to produce a stunning shade of blue. It also symbolizes confidence, trust, faith and truth. Nevertheless, it is a brilliant gemstone that reflects light well, especially with an expert cut. It is also heat-treated to eliminate brownish-yellow tints. 250 ct 100% natural wholesale lot blue fire flashing rainbow moonstone calibrated mix cabochon india loose gemstone 12x18 to 20x30 mm. Unfortunately, this gemstone can get expensive due to its rarity. It is also one of the prized gemstones as it comes with an impressive hardness scale of 10 Mohs. Blue sapphire is also a highly sought-after colored gemstone for bridal rings.

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