Participants disengage. When you think about flipping your classroom or training session, think about using group work. Students can divide into groups and brainstorm more ways to pick teams fairly. If you need more than four groups, you can group based on a number band (“A-3 are a group. Eleven! At the start put a code on their name badges (a colour, a number, and a letter - perhaps using 5 colours, 6 numbers and 8 letters). Below are few different ways to creatively do that. Add curriculum challenges to a deck of cards. Each band must have a drummer, guitar player, keyboard player and singer (add more parts if you want more teams.) Which one is on top? If you have any other ideas, please comment or email me. If you are in a room with other people ask them to do the same. 5. There are several methods that facilitators use to divide the group. Clumps – Four! Source: Upcycled Education. 11 Creative Ways to Pick Teams or Groups in the Classroom. The World Cup. 3. Introduce the game as follows: “We are about to engage in a game which will test the creative power of your group. Students participating in group work is a key ingredient in student learning. The activity highlights the importance of teamwork in a fun and creative way. Chances are great that you cross your arms the exact same way every single time. If you break the group into 2 and 5, as shown above, there are 42 ways to pick 2 people out of a group of 7, but some of those ways are repeats. Machine Made. Once you’ve decided on a layout, you can dive into other creative ways to group students in the classroom. teach the group three-four-five different hand invite the participants to group up depending upon their sign. Divide into brown eyes and blue eyes. If you have any other ideas, please comment or email me. Team Shake is a cool app that you can download on a classroom tablet. You can see a group of students at Stanford doing the barter puzzle with a … Appoint a leader for each group. Postcard Puzzles. Simply enter your students’ names, select the number of groups you would like, give your tablet or smartphone a couple of shakes, and voilà  , your teams have been created. Creative and fun ways to form teams. If the question had just asked, “How many ways can you chose two people to form a group from a group of four?” we would be done here. While the goal of gathering together is to have fun while playing an outdoor team building game, it starts by briefing and dividing people into teams. This last option is actually more random than it is teacher or student chosen, but it is still worth mentioning. Your classroom. Color Sort – Go through the office and colors. 60. The team-pair that gets closest to building a complete bridge wins. We have collected some easy-to-apply large group games and group activities for you from the SessionLab library of facilitation techniques that work well for group size above 30 people.. Here’s a rundown of all of the group activities before we dig in a little deeper. Let's make this easier. One of the overlooked pieces of group work activities is actually dividing students up into groups. Invite all those who are standing to form one team and all those who are kneeling to form the other team. 2. Get everyone to change seat so they are sitting by different people. Give each team six minutes to plan a human machine and then have them demonstrate it. The interesting thing is that most of the human population is completely split on this matter. One person (can be the team lead or manager) can act as the mediator. “Getting into pairs” is such a big responsibility of the Health and Physical Education teacher and these simple tips allow pairs to be formed in an inclusive and safe fashion. ... a non-threatening and fun way. To go along with a Farm or Harvest theme ….this is a great way to divide children into two teams. Instead of doing the classic “1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2” split, assign each participants as either a Dr. or a Pepper. Split the group depending on color, size, or flavor. posted by jaimystery at 1:19 PM on November 7, 2012 lace different symbols, letters, colors, or numbers on a name badge to separate the group later. List all required work and deliverables Compiling a master list of steps in a project requires thinking critically and in detail about the project. A lot of great classroom activities are based on group work. }$ but the correct answer was $\frac{7!}{2!3!2!2! If You Need 12 Teams. Use paint swatches to divide up students. Sometimes, though, the … Hair Bands. This is another one of the many creative ways to group students in the classroom. Arm Cross – Go ahead and cross your arms. Woodstock. Variation: each group hides under a blanket. There are C(4, 2) = 6 ways that you can chose the people in the first two groups. Divide the group into teams of five to nine persons. There are so many good uses for paint swatches. Source: The Lettered Classroom Sole Mate – One of our all-time favorites we learned from the fine folks at Project Adventure way back in 2007. Gather your team in a video conference room, then divide your group into smaller teams. 5) Odd Birthdays. In my last school, every classroom had a theme. Here is a sample plan from a real-life scenario. In this decision game, the aim is to decide who will be in group A and group B. Optional: If you have a larger group, you can make this competitive by dividing the group into 2 (or more) pairs of teams. 3) Spades. 11.

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