It's an official Parks Canada Trail so it is well maintained and easy to keep on track and there are a lot of people. No filter is needed! The trail begins behind the parking area. Do not attempt this ascent unless you are trained, equipped and experienced in avalanche terrain. It wasn't, saw other people but had most of the trail to ourselves in both directions. It is rewarding though, especially as it's larch season. The grade was steep, the climb was relentless and unforgiving, and worse, the weather was turning. Cell phones do not work until you get to Canmore. Beginning of the tail is solid, frozen. What a glorious hike! It was nice and quiet with only a few people on the trail. If you have the time, anyone can do this hike, it might just take a while! It is very easy, but too long through the forest to dedicate a beautiful day to it. You have walk far away to the trailhead. Thanks to the ego-slaps we received from our Mount Collembola and Centennial Ridge attempts a couple weeks ago, we set aside our pride quicker than you could say Jack Robinson. Scramble? The only difficulty for some may be the distance, with close to 20 km round trip. I was overwhelmed with emotion and joy. Ninety miles of road through the rugged Denali National Park. Make sure you wear layers, and warm clothing as the wind and snow can change temperature dramatically at the pass. Anyone on a snowshoe trip should have Avalanche training, we recommend AST 2 for all backcountry travellers, and AST 1 is the minimum. Photo about Wide Panoramic Landscape of Healy Pass Meadows on a great summertime hiking trail in Canadian Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park. For our day, we reached the summit of Healy Pass Peak four hours after leaving the car. Fresh air all around! For a family-friendly stroll, take the 1.1 km Lower You can use Head up to Healy Pass in late September or early October to check out the beautiful larch trees in their golden glory. In the distance, you can see one of the most picturesque mountains in Banff, Mount Assiniboine. The skies were darkening, and the weather now turned cold and windy. And though the clouds severely limited visibility at these higher elevations, we were still in awe of the views (Photos 3, 4, 5). Note: As of September 27, 2020 users have reported that the Sunshine village CLOSED the parking lot, so you have walk to the trailhead adding a bit of distance to your hike. Or check it out for yourself via our live webcams. We started at 9:30am on the trail and at about the 6-8km marks there were some icy patches. You could make that hike a little bit longer, you could go down to Egypt Lake (approximately 4km more) and you can make a loop by going back to Sunshine Village and down on the access road instead of the same way you went up. Anything else? throughout the alpine meadow. I will absolutely do it again, maybe this winter. Populated? It was only meant for people who are on the going list. Make sure you take this into account if starting late. Dog-friendliness: 5/5 Total elevation gain: 1,250m This is a very gradual hike, to the point where it is hard to believe how much elevation you end up gaining. You will pass two small bridges along the route to Healy Meadows. Sep 27, Sunday. There is a picnic table and viewpoint at 3.8K. We’d traveled very quickly for the first 7.0km, but had slowed down considerably in the meadows as we tired a bit, broke a bit of new trail, and just soaked in the scenery. This trail is popular, so there should be a well-packed trail here. We made it up top and were fed within three hours with plenty of stops so decided to tack on Simpson Pass. Thanks for the suggestion, Cailee Those incredible, shining lakes. Great hike, completed on Tuesday September 22. Total elevation gain: 1,960m Always check the avalanche forecast for Banff before heading out. Gorgeous hike this time of year, believe the other reviewers when they say to bring more layers than you think you’ll need. I walked past Scarab Lake, sat down on a rock and looked up at the peak, mentally preparing myself for the climb and scramble. Continuing on from these historic sites, the trail passes beside Hines Creek near the site of the first park headquarters, built in 1921. Very populated in larch season, expect lots of people. The longer hiking/backpacking options are to Mount Assiniboine via Citadel Pass (August 2009) or to Healy Pass / Egypt Lake via Simpson Pass. Incredible views at the pass. And it was. Good judgment comes from experience. We hit a bit of snow at the top and got quite cold up there so bring more layers than you think you'll need as you'll need them at the top! Hiking date: October 4, 2020 Quite busy (but not as much as the primary larch hikes! Healy Pass Ireland is found in southwest, a perfect diversion from the longer Ring of Beara driving route. Distance: 28,4 km –> 19,4 km return to Healy Pass & 9 km extra to Egypt Lake (took us 7 hours including breaks) Elevation gain: 1060 m (650 m if you hike to Healy Pass only) Maximum elevation: 2335 m. Difficulty: easy trail with gradual incline; the trail to Egypt Lake is a lot steeper. Enjoy the packed trail back on the route you came in from. Healy Pass is an 18.3 kilometre lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Banff, Alberta, that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The views at the end are absolutely stunning with an incredible view of the mountains. like others have said the trail is incredibly easy to follow and not steep at all. Rock Isle and Twin Cairns Meadow Park Trail, Sunshine Meadows, Simpson Pass, and Healy Pass, Healy Pass, Simpson Pass and Sunshine Village, Sunshine Meadows via Banff Ave and Citadel Pass. Definitely return through Simpson Pass if you can: it is wild and beautiful. It can be cold on top of Healy Pass, as it is quite exposed, but this makes for excellent views. The main two clearings and best spots for pictures are around the 6.5 and 8.5km points. Become a Contributor at 10Adventures and share your adventures! It really isn't an endurance hike, it's a peaceful slow uphill with incredible views. Arrived 9:20 am; 0°. Smell pine and cedar in the forest, such great scent! This trail encircles a wetland filled from hot springs flowing out of the lower slopes of Sulphur Mountain. With the Healy Pass trailhead just minutes away from Banff and having just completed this incredible solo hike last week, I pitched the idea to her. Healy Pass is a long and progressive hike on well-maintained trail. From the parking lot, walk behind the main lodge and gondola base, looking for a trail kiosk under a large retaining wall. Keep in mind this trail is accessed via the same roads and parking as Sunshine Ski Resort, which means it will be very busy on the drive and in the parking lot. Amazing views from the top few km and pleasant forest trail winding uphill for bottom ~8km. No Don't miss the views of The Monarch, Monarch Ramparts It was going to be a slog. Been there twice this year. Details Gain: 215 m Along this moderate hiking trail you will find beautiful meadows, ponds, waterfalls and streams. Done, We did this hike on Sept 27. Trail Facts Distance: 37.3 Waypoints BNP001 Location: 51.1142768859863, -115.763542175293 Simpson Pass Trail starts behind gondola BNP002 Location: 51.0847511291504, -115.794326782227 Continue NW on Toward the end of the trail, visitors will pass two intersections: the first with the Triple Lakes Trail , and the second with the Morino Trail and the Triple Lakes Connector . At some point, it turns into a spiritual experience when I’m 10km in, and I realize I’m alone in this gold-draped valley, with The Monarch (Photo 2) and the Monarch Ramparts (Photo 3) rising above. As Cailee and I drove out to Banff in the wee dark hours of the dawn, our plan was slowly being crushed under every weighted centimetre of falling snow, with even more powder accumulating on the mountaintops. Snow conditions … Enjoy the scenery here, as this is where the views begin to grow. As is said elsewhere, the only difficulty is the length. I’ll be back in the summer to check out the wildflowers. It smells of new things and new beginnings. Unfortunately you are in the trees for the majority of the hike, but once you're above them its views all the way. Our snowshoes had no trouble getting up to Healy Pass, but an earlier group of skiers had evidently abandoned their skis low down and post holed their way to the top. In winter it is also rare to find…, A snowshoe trip to Crystal Ridge, along the Icefields Parkway, takes you through fascinating boulders, giant crystals, and awe-inspiring views…, Today for free and be the first to get notified on new updates. Thanks to the popularity of Healy Pass for snowshoers and ski-tourers, you should be able to move quickly on the well-packed trail towards Healy Meadows. From the pass, it is a Drive to the back of the parking lot, past the lodge and park there. We continued on past Healy Pass towards Healy Pass Peak. Somehow the email went out to … Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Recommend spike. Continue towards Healy Pass, you’ll usually be following a mixture of fresh and old ski tracks, gently gaining elevation in the open meadows. I had done it! It took us just under 7h. Healy Pass Trail is a 18.3 kilometer heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Banff, Alberta, Canada that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Due to heavy horse use, the Marsh Loop tends to be muddy after rain. The grade steepens as you gain elevation, but still remains relatively gentle. * Get two-way radios because you never know what could happen Healy Pass is one of my favourite places - summer and winter! Time: 10:00 hrs (solo hike, includes 45 mins lunch) The trail from here continues onto Egypt Lakes, which presents backcountry camping opportunities or an extended day hike for a keen hiker. bear on the road. Plan Your Day For a day on the slopes you won't forget; From tickets, to lessons, to rentals, and Nice walk through the woods, a little long on way down. Doubt crept back in my mind that I could even do another 1,200m more. Even then, the wet snow, wet socks, and wet feet did not dampen our spirits over the 30km hike. This is where you can put on your snowshoes and begin the day! Seen all the seasons today. Make sure you wear layers, and warm clothing the wind and snow was cold at the pass. Very very very long. The … The trail crosses the run out zones of three avalanche paths, remember your AST training and spread out and move quickly going through avalanche run-outs. Easy and doable for pretty much anyone. Experience, of course, is the result of poor judgment.” The things we both learned today include: Such a heart-warming hike! West Bragg actually has better conditions overall which is unusual. Brilliant day. PS: To borrow from Dr. Geoff Tabin - an accomplished mountain climber and medical professor - who said, “To have a great adventure and survive requires good judgment. I logged 20.8km for the whole day. The surroundings are immensly beautiful. Copyright © 2020 10Adventures Inc. All rights reserved. The info center insists the entire pass area is under a meter of snow and impassable, but I hesitate to believe them as I've backpacked through there in the past when they were insisting it was "snowbound" without encountering any snow! logged approximately 23km round trip. My 4.5 month old puppy did 17km out of the 20km. To the south was the gorgeous trifecta - Mummy Lake, Scarab Lake and Egypt Lake. The expansive views of the vast meadows of Healy Pass and Sunshine Meadows make this a fantastic snowshoe trip. 84km of distance and 5,590m of elevation gain later, I can truly say this most recent hike was the pinnacle of all the hikes I’ve done to date. Realizing the boulders and rock field around the summit would be quite slippery and therefore dangerous to traverse across, I quickly snapped a few photos and made my way down just as the wind picked up more speed and more rain came down. The trail begins on a gravel access road beside the gondola station. I definitely wouldn't rate this as hard. It feels... strangely alive. THIS is the mountain I’m supposed to climb?! The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from June until August. Dogs Its rated as difficult not for its intensity, but for its endurance. The larches were in full colors. Be sure…, Snowshoeing in Paradise Valley, near Lake Louise, is stunning, with incredible scenery. Though everything is still, I feel a pulsing heartbeat that’s not only mine but also that of the earth I’m walking on. Thereafter, the elevation gain and loss is negligible. A larch wonderland! This trail has 318 metres (1,038 feet) of elevation gain and typically takes 3 to 5 hours depending on experience level and pace. It then narrows to single track. The trail to Healy Pass is popular and often packed down thanks to its popularity. started hiking at 0725 and got back to the car around 1320.. nearly 6 hours round trip with a 45 minute break at the pass and taking on simpson pass trail on the way back. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Make sure you are prepared for an emergency with warm clothes, extra food, matches and ideally a satellite transceiver, like a Garmin InReach. No words can express how majestic and grand this hike is. Hiking date: October 12, 2020 But I had gone this far. *Experienced Hikers Only*If you received an email from me regarding updating your RSVP, please disregard. I pressed onwards and descended down the trail towards Egypt Lake and was met with a jaw-dropping but stomach-turning view of Greater Pharaoh (Photo 5). The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from June until August. * Get waterproofed Gore-Tex boots for snowy conditions Difficulty? The clouds broke late in the day, so we stopped every once in a while to inhale the crisp air and listen to the muffled silence, fully taking in the grandeur of the fresh snow-capped peaks surrounding us (Photo 6). We got quite a bit of snow as we hiked so the trail will probably be fairly wet until it warms up. There are very few of these rangers in the field during the shoulder seasons and none in the winter months. The return trip is quite pleasant, offering great views from the pass down to the meadows. The trail is definitely NOT a premier hike. In high risk conditions, be sure to stay on the main trail, avoiding any potential avalanche hazards. It is important to note that when travelling through avalanche terrain it is extremely valuable to always have a companion. The tracksetting goes for about 6.8K. And that makes me feel so very aware. It rained lightly the rest of the trek back to the trailhead. It can be cold on top of Healy Pass, as it is quite exposed, but this makes for excellent views. But I love hiking in the rain. Bikers will be held back or shuttled around hazards, i.e. Distance: 36km Snowshoeing to Healy Pass is a great day out in winter, and a fantastic break from the busy ski hills. Section menu Hiking Trail conditions report Banff trails Castle Junction trails Lake Louise trails Icefields Parkway trails Trail conditions ATTENTION: Please be aware there are currently NEW temporary closures and restrictions in place from November 28 – December 15 in Banff National Park to the limit the spread of COVID-19. Very easy trail to follow. Dog-friendliness: 5/5 until Pharaoh Peaks We left the herd here (and were exceedingly grateful to do so) and headed around the main building to pick up the Healy Pass trail where we put on our snowshoes and started our trip. Make sure you wear layers, and warm clothing as the wind and snow can change temperature dramatically at the pass. Hiking past the Egypt Lake backcountry campground and some campers, the switchback-filled climb up to Scarab Lake was rocky and steep, and just as I cursed under my breath and wondered how much more of this my legs could take, unspeakable beauty unfolded before me (Photos 6, 7, 8). Cramp ons would definitely have been helpful but we made do. Sunshine village closed the parking. Drive 7.7km west of Banff on Trans-Canada and take the Sunshine Village exit. I could feel the first few raindrops land on my face. Mather Pass Jessie Wheeler Here you will find the most recent trail conditions available to us. As many others have said, the first 8km or so are through the forest. The top can be chilly, so pack an extra layer. It was muddy but I had no issues in waterproof trail runners. The final 1.5 is the steeper part of the hike and ends at a beautiful spot with views of the lake. The average snowshoer in good conditions should be able to reach Healy Pass within three to four hours. The Park does actively monitor wildlife near roads. Drive 24.2km on this lovely road to Sunshine Village ski resort. I had done 4 hikes in 4 days and it all culminated in these unbelievable views (Photos 1, 9, 10). Highly recommend this, it extends it to about 22.5km but it's flat then downhill. nice views from the top. It was a banner year for wild flowers, which were at their prime when I was there. Later trail is icy and slippery. Finally, there it is - the world my eyes have never seen until now (Photo 4), just right over Healy Pass. Strangely enough, the best skiing of the day was descending the luge-track-like trail with its many twists and turns through the forest just below Healy Pass. The realization did not escape us that it would be a slippery and treacherous journey once we reached Cascade’s boulder field and beyond. Top of trail you still can see lots of larches. FRIENDLY REMINDER - it gets very dark, very fast in the mountains. Healy Creek campground is located at 5.5 km. I wouldn’t say it’s a hard hike by any means, just long. Long, gradual trail to the pass. You will be following the summer hiking trail, so the route will be familiar for many hikers. An hour later, I summited Greater Pharaoh Peak. Got to the start around 9:30am today (Sunday) and assumed it was busy. Out in the backcountry in the Healy Pass area on the 3rd, snow pack more like November, and mostly facetted Elevation really doesn’t feel like much overall but it certainly is long. Would recommend! Several muddy parts of the trail but much easier to grip than the ice! Route Description for Healy Pass This Parks Canada Trail is well maintained, and allows for beautiful views of many gorgeous peaks and Egypt Lake. We had decided and were REALLY itching to bag Cascade Mountain. Near Healy, Alaska. * Get wool bras because there is never a need to be damp in the under layers. Medium, very gradual rise and somewhat long. Absolutely stunning views, larches are fully yellow and once the trail opens up to the clearing it is an immediate “wow” view. Once reaching the meadows, you’ll be able to catch some sun for the ascent to Healy Pass. You can download a list of Avalanche Terrain Ratings from Parks Canada on their site. And we agreed that there was nowhere else we’d rather be than here in this moment and time. The Canadian Rockies are full of incredible hikes! And those lakes. Easy unsubscribe links are provided in every email. Completed 2020-09-26. Access Healy Pass by taking a shuttle to the Sunshine Ski Resort, which is just west of Banff on the Trans-Canada Highway by about 15 minutes. Wow. You will usually need to tell the parking lot attendants for Sunshine Village that you are snowshoeing to Healy Pass, as they don’t let Sunshine Visitors park at the rear parking lot. Instagram for pics/DM: rootyhiker. There is some sign on the trail after about 1 km you will turn right to get to the Healy Pass trail. ), really nice trail with the larches turning Time: 09:00 hrs Healy Pass one of the Ireland's popular drive, wonderful route to drive on. Eventually you break into the larch meadows where the larches are stunning in the fall and the views begin to open up. Was I just transported into Narnia? At the Healy Creek junction back to Sunshine base (called Bourgeau parking, the 2nd trail down to Sunshine base), head west 1.5 k and approx 200 m up to Healy Pass. You will pass two small bridges along the route to Healy Meadows. Although we didn’t summit Greater Pharaoh Peak (Photo 2), the view of the lake (Photo 1) beside Egypt Lake took our breath away. It was snowing/cloudy so the views were a bit obstructed but still stunning. 2019 UPDATE: As of this summer, there is no shuttle bus service from the Sunshine parking lot to the Sunshine Meadows trail head. It’s so goddamn beautiful. Skogan should be in fine shape, at least up high. Get there early to get a good spot! With the inconsistent and temperamental forecast foreshadowing what we knew in our guts was going to be an eventful day, Cailee (aka @msvanmeow) and I teamed up again to do another big one. The Tally-Ho trail Visibility was very low by 7:30 pm when we got back to our car, we had passed a couple of groups on our way out who were nowhere to be seen. It is important to be aware of your surroundings, and read the terrain as you continue along the trail. Pharaoh Lake (Photo 9) was to the north. No spam. Its rated as difficult not for its intensity, but for its endurance. Adapt, innovate, overcome. Instagram for pics/DM: rootyhiker, Hiking trail: Healy Pass and Pharaoh Peaks 9.26.20- great trail. Sunshine Meadows, Assiniboine, and other amazing views can be seen from the top of this easy trail. It looked like an old postcard photograph! I couldn’t believe it. Whilst the stats looked pretty gruelling, the Healy Pass hike is actually on the easier side when compared to other trails in the Rockies. Please note that skiing is dependent on snow conditions, and current conditions for the Sundance. Definitely not a “hard” trail but very very very long. * Get Gold Bond powder for my feet. This one included. After all, she hadn’t summited a mountain in forever, and I wasn’t able to complete Mount Lougheed 2 and 3 (extreme winds) and Mount Glasgow Ridgewalk (incoming blizzard compounded by extreme bushwhacking and frustrating trail-finding) the previous two days. Healy Pass and Simpson Pass Loop is a 12.4 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Banff, Alberta, Canada that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Healy Pass is a long and progressive hike on well-maintained trail. Very nice hike, although 90% of it goes through a forest so it’s not that interesting. Thanks to the popularity of Healy Pass for snowshoers and ski-tourers, you should be able to move quickly on the well-packed trail towards Healy Meadows. A snowshoe trip to Taylor Lake, which sits at the base of Mount Bell, is a beautiful sight. I only gave it 4 starts bc 90% of this hike is kinda dull. In high risk conditions, be sure to stay on the main trail, avoiding any potential avalanche hazards. You leave from sunshine’s overflow lot, then it’s mostly forested until you reach the end where it opens and the larches pop. Hi, Does anyone have knowledge of Healy Pass and Egypt Lake conditions? Hiking trail: Healy Pass and Egypt & Scarab Lakes (Winter Edition) The trail is double trackset for the initial 1.8K. But I’d already done 700m of elevation! Also make sure you have lots of layers as it’s chilly out there!Once you make it out of the forest however, the views of the larches are increasingly spectacular. Aware that every breath and every tired but eager step forward is bringing me closer and deeper into another world I’ve never seen. However in the summer there was considerably less. Unless you are experienced & well equipped to hike in the dark, make sure you plan a reasonable turnaround time based on your skill level. Expediency is the name of our game but having already amassed 90km of trails between the two of us over the weekend, our legs were slower-moving than usual. Hope springs eternal - until it doesn’t. Top part of trail makes it worthwhile, larch trees and view of mountains. The trail is well-graded the whole way and winds it's way along the creek valley, steadily gaining 300-400 m of elevation for the first 6-7 km while in the forest. Image of summertime, summer, panoramic - 154304620 It is not a place to ASK "are the trails open?". Distance: 30km This past weekend, my 4-day hiking marathon included Heart Mountain Scrambler’s Route, Cascade Mountain, Taylor and O’Brien Lakes, and finally Pharaoh Peaks. Snowshoeing in the Banff takes you into remote terrain. When the trail began climbing up to Healy Pass the views began to open up. Shout out to @sarah_poff and @poffdaddyy, whom we came across on our hike. Healy Pass from Sunshine Parking 19.4 km 665 m 2 B1 afatp Healy Pass from Sunshine Parking 19.4 km 665 m 3 B1 Sunshine Village to Parking via Monarch Viewpoint-Healy Meadows-Healy Creek 15.6km 350m/680m up/down Absolutely stunning if you can do this hike in the sweet spot when the larches have changed but there's no snow at the top. It was a bit cold on the summit, but the views under the clear blue sky were absolutely fantastic in all directions and we hung around for 20 minutes before starting a very leisurely descent. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from June until August. Past the meadow is the apex of the trail Healy Pass that provides fantastic views out to the surrounding peaks. Any doubt that I would just stop and turn back at Healy Pass because of fatigue were erased the moment my eyes were laid upon these mountains - Greater Pharaoh Peak, Scarab Peak, Sugarloaf Mountain. Thus Healy Pass Peak is best done as winter snowshoe trip, while Eohippus lake trail can be used as alternate access to Monarch Ramparts in summer. View at the top is beautiful. Whilst it is 700 metres in elevation, it is evenly spread across 9km, making it far more gradual than most. See the conditions report, 5 day weather forecast, and lift & run status. The start of the trail keeps you shaded from the … It's exactly 10kms to the top so 20kms return unlike what All Trails has listed for distance. Such a small world and so proud to be part of such a cool community. Healy Pass Access Description Drive Sunshine access road branching west from Trans-Canada highway some 10 … Be cautious here, as this area can see strong winds, sweeping the snow right off the rocks. The average snowshoer in good conditions should be able to reach Healy Pass within three to four hours. The views at the end are absolutely stunning with an incredible view of the mountains. From the Sunshine Village parking lot take the main trail behind the main building. My soul sister was all in and therefore so was I. This group is for people to POST updates of trails conditions.

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