The Building Code Act, 1992 is the legislative framework governing the construction, renovation and change-of-use of a building in the Province of Ontario. The OHBA has created these “Top 5 Lists” for both Part 9 and Part 3 changes to the Ontario Building Code. There are a number of other changes you should review as a part of the changes coming into effect January 1, 2020. Monthly Library Checklist; Top. 9. $("#MeetingsFrame").height( + "px"); If you are going to do electrical wiring, you should become educated about the code as it applies in your area. GUIDE & CHECKLIST FOR BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATIONS WHY ARE BUILDING PERMITS REQUIRED? (1) of the 2006 Building Code and hereby waive my right to the permit being issued or refused within the time periods prescribed in the building code. – Capacity of Access to Exits and Article Building Application Checklist for Constructing a Residential Accessory Building Building Code Services (613) 580-2424 ext. DEMOLITION PERMIT APPLICATION CHECKLIST FORM 350 City Hall West A.8.1 Building Department 2nd Floor Windsor, Ontario N9A 6S1 TEL: 519-255-6267 EMAIL: Vous utilisez un navigateur désuet qui n’est plus accepté par A building is defined as a structure occupying an area greater than 10 square metres. Personal information contained in this form is collected under the authority of subsection 8(1.1) of the Building Code Act, 1992 } All construction to meet the requirements of the 2006 Ontario Building Code. The following is a list of the 17 major areas that are inspected. 2. New requirements related to stairs, guards and handrails will come into effect January 1, 2022. } Water Supply (if use will require water supply): Private: Attach copy of well completion Permit (potable water.). Brief: Clarifies and enhances the accessibility and safety requirements for showers and bathtubs. Article window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [] Section 3.8 of the Building Code contains the new requirements. The following are examples of projects which willrequire building permits: • … Checklists. if (window.addEventListener) { Locate upper bolts at least 2 "below the top edge of ledger. Building Code and Guides . with the requirements in Sentences We receive many requests on what our inspectors check for during these inspections. Breadcrumb Location. this checklist is made available for code users by the ministry of municipal affairs and housing. However, the new requirements apply to most newly construct… Home; Section 3 of the Ontario Building Code; Section 3 of the Ontario Building Code the actual wording and requirements of the ontario building code (o.reg. OHBA’s Part 3 Top 5 List of OBC Changes to be Aware of Come January 2020: 1. (All projects requiring external alterations/additions). Brief: Changes in the requirements for projection of masonry veneer resting on bearing support. – Combustible Components for Exterior Walls. Plot Plan (Showing all existing and proposed structures) – to include: Distance of existing and proposed buildings to all property lines, wetlands & other structures. Monthly Library Checklist; Top. – New Residential Fire Warning Systems, Brief: Addresses use and installation of residential fire warning systems, 4. The Township’s Building Inspectors serve you by ensuring that the construction complies with the Ontario Building Code and the reviewed drawings for which the permit was issued. Private / Public Swimming Pools Checklist. Article Basic electrical (lighting fixtures, switches, outlet boxes,  smoke detectors, co detectors). Below is a Site Plan Accessibility Impacts while care has been taken to ensure accuracy of this checklist, designers and building officials must refer to the actual wording and requirements of the ontario building code (o.reg. CHECKLIST FOR ALL BUILDING APPLICATIONS The following items are required to be submitted as a complete application. Use the following checklists to make sure your structure is built to code. – Article 24/7 quick response. The following is a list of the 8 major areas that are inspected. Complete set Building Plans – if in-ground to include: sectional view, all pool Dimensions. gutting), Plot Plan / Site Plan with dimensions/setbacks of existing and proposed, Engineer’s report if required as per Ontario Building Code, Two complete sets of construction drawings prepared by qualified person as per Ontario Building Code, Copy of design specifications/calculations for sizing of duct work, Authorization for an Application for Building Permit by a Person other than Legal Owner, Commitment to General Reviews by Architect and Engineers. – Smoke Dampers Waived. this checklist is made available for code users by the ministry of municipal affairs and housing. The majority of amendments come into effect January 1, 2020. ... 2014 Ontario Code and Construction Guide for Housing. Occupancy is also not permitted until compliance is made with any order issued by an Inspector. Building Code Act, 1992. If diving board installed: height above water and exact location of board, Construction details of enclosure (fencing), Excavation Permit Application with copy of all locates, Blind River | All Rights Reserved | Powered by, Building & Planning Services during COVID-19. Permit applications will not be accepted where any of the required information is not submitted. Brief: New Part 9 prescriptive tables based on various 1-in-50 hourly wind pressures and building location. addEventListener("message", Message_Recieved, false); Furthermore, the code changes on a regular basis and is subject to local jurisdictions. 350/06 and amendments up to amending o.reg. All builders in Ontario must provide a … } – Fire Dampers Waived and Article 31.88.A. Division B / 9.11. 315/12). The Ontario Building Code states that “owner includes, in respect of the property on which the construction or demolition will take place, the registered owner, a lessee or mortgagee in possession”. 0 547543 . Refunds will not be issued for final sale items. – Sound Transmission. 12870 Revised January 11, 2018 Page 2 Foundation Plan Drawing to include Footings and foundation walls. It establishes detailed technical and administrative requirements. Site Plan Review (Planning Committee, if required for project). Note: Contact Hydro One for permits required under the Electrical Code. attachEvent("onmessage", Message_Recieved); – Principal Entrance 2. The OFC also requires that every place of residence containing a: fuel burning appliance; fireplace; or attached garage, has carbon monoxide (CO) alarms installed and kept in … gtag('config', 'UA-109298021-1'); Here is what you need for the following projects: Driveway Permit  or Club Cut – only if changing location of street entrance, Copy of Septic System Permit from Algoma Public Health – if on septic system, Plumbing Permit Application (if new plumbing included in addition), Driveway Permit or Curb Cut – only if changing location of street entrance, Mechanical Construction Documents  (only if heated/cooled), Septic System Permit – if adding a bedroom – septic systems only, Plumbing Permit Application if on municipal services, Two complete sets of  Building Plans – Existing, Mechanical Construction Documents (only exposing framework, i.e. Article Lag screws must go through band board at least 1/2 ". gtag('js', new Date()); Building Permit Application if pool greater than 3.0 metres (10ft) deep. Decks / Porches Checklist. The majority of amendments come into effect January 1, 2020. Checklist for all Building Permit Applications Property Address_____ Permit #_____ The following items are required to be submitted as a complete application. The Ministry has also provided additional information session summaries on these amendments. 315/11). the ministry Division B / – Supply, return, intake and exhaust openings, Brief: Minimum separation distances between exhaust and air intake openings must adhere to Table, 2. 350/06 and amendments up to amending o.reg. The following checklist summarizes the documentation that must be submitted at the time of a building permit application. Brief: Details principal entrance calculations for high occupant load dance halls and licensed beverage establishments that are non-sprinklered. Building Code 2020: What You Need to Know. HOUSING CHECKLIST – Ontario Building Code – Part 9/0 Author: pubwork Last modified by: Mr. Gundry Created Date: 5/21/2008 11:09:00 PM Company: Town of Pickering Other titles: HOUSING CHECKLIST – Ontario Building Code – Part 9/0

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