How Does It Reflect The Values And Changing Norms Of Canadian Society? Learn. Discussion Questions. Which one of the following Articles of Indian Constitution talks about grants-in-aid for the welfare of Scheduled Tribes? Which one of the following is covered under the category of nature of competition? In our modern Indian society which one is considered as a deviant behaviour? View Answer. Assertion (A); Opposite to the view that the village and the city are parallel systems, is the concept of rural-urban continuum. Assertion (A): The Indian society has undergone drastic changes due to the influx of Islam and Christianity during history. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. (A) Disorganisation (B) Anarchy (C) Dictatorship (D) Conflict (Ans : A) 2. Each objective question contains four options. Gravity. Assertion (A): Differentiation refers to how things or people can be distinguished from one another. Members of a crowd come together to achieve: 21. In the primitive society man invented weapons and tools for-, (b) killing the animals because of hunting habits, (c) protecting his family from the wild animals, (a) came after the hunting stage of development, (b) came before the hunting stage of development, (c) was the development in the agricultural stage, (d) was abandoned during the pastoral stage, 69. Most Read; Give Answer; What are the Max Weber basic characteristics of a Bureaucracy? (c) urbanisation and factory production. Sociology, Questions and Answers, Sociology GK Questions with Answers, © 2017 SociologyDiscussion - All rights reserved Terms of Service Privacy Policy Contact Us. All these roles of Mr. X, together, exemplify the concept. Consider the question of mobility and transport, and how disabled citizens in the UK are affected by … PLAY. A Streetcar Named Desire Hamlet Julius Caesar Of Mice and Men The Tempest. Which of the following is a characteristic of a community? Ask a Question about Sociology; Start a Discussion about Sociology; Search; Chat; My Account. 23. The development of the ecological approach to urban- analysis is attributed to: 65. 94. Bengal had witnessed a widespread movement of the share-croppers from December 1946 to March 1947, known as the ‘Tebhaga Movement’. 20. Who has defined marriage as a contract for the production and maintenance of children? (B) Secondly, there is a feeling of inferiority in relation to those who stand above in the social scale. Which theory starts with the idea that every individual wants to live in group and thus does not wish to “displease his group leaders? 8. The industrial system of production is distinguished from other systems On the basis of availability of: 44. (d) 41. 49. Reason (R): Metabiological forces redress the losses of men in war. (b) Both A and R are individually true but R is not a correct explanation of A. ________ is concrete whereas__________ is abstract. According to the 1981 census, the percentage of India’s population that lived in urban areas was-. 61. Sociology interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced - List of Sociology questions with answers that might be asked during an interview Consider the following statements: 2. Reason (R): The technological innovations and industrial advancement upto the post-modern era have immensely accelerated the process of social change. (b) face to face interaction of members. Social disorganisation . 60. Sociology Question # 10. One of the features of modern societies is. Sociology Discussion Questions 1 1. Conduct an investigation into the behaviors and attitudes of various social groups in respect of the use/misuse of drugs. (a) Economy refers to an attempt to secure the maximum satisfaction possible through adapting limited means to unlimited ends in an organized manner, (b) Money as a measurement of value is not as widely used in primitive society as in modern society, (c) The profit motive is generally, absent in tribal economies, 93. Sociologists study religion as both a belief system and a social institution. 64. Mark the incorrect statement out of the following-, (a) Corporate form of business organisation is one of the most important of the largest business group, (b) Division of labour leads to dependence of one country on another, (c) There is no risk of unemployment in the division of labour, (d) There is a problem of distribution of the goods produced in the system of division of labour. Class 11 Sociology Notes and Important Questions. See the answer. Individuals with a combination of low-ascribed and high-achieved statuses often act “pushy’ in their attempt to emphasise their achieved status. The name of E. S. Bogardus is associated with one of the following concepts: 14. 71. Assertion (A): Industrialism was perceived as almost a magic formula for the economic and social uplift of traditional societies. Your first task here is to read “Suicide - A study in sociology” by Emile Durkheim, and then to review the text and provide an analysis. 82. 31. Summary. Suggestions Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. 43. Existence of black money and white money, 3. Pick up one of the following as a factor in role differentiation-. Reason (R): Complex economy cannot survive without automation. Competition when used in an unfair manner-, (d) Checks exploitation of the weak by the rich. This view is called: Sociology Question # 13. Who of the following believed that “all cultures go through a regular succession of stages”? “Family is a group of persons united by the ties of marriage, blood or adoption; constituting a single household, interacting and intercommunicating with each other in their respective social roles of husband and wife, mother and father, son and daughter, brother and sister creating a common culture.”. Assertion (A): Many tribal communities are said to have merged with Hindu communities around them. (a) In it the biological basis of fatherhood is not important, (c) New born baby is supposed to be the son of the eldest brother, (d) When wife is staying with one husband, others will not visit her, 39. (A) Errors of observation will have frequen­cies that cannot approximate the nor­mal probability curve. 95. 1. (a) Political, cultural and economic influence over surrounding farmland, (b) Town fulfills all the service functions of the city, (c) Towns display a large degree of uniformity all over the country, (d) A highly complex differentiation of both men and their institutions. There will be a total of 150 questions (50 in Paper I and 100 in Paper-II). The Russian Revolution of 1917 and the Chinese Revolution of 1949 took place in: (b) Highly industrialised and less urbanised societies, (c) Less urbanised and less industrialised societies, (d) Highly urbanised and less industrialised societies. 101. Who among the following advocated the policy of isolation for the tribals in India? After notes we have also provided important questions form that topics. Both systems stratify society based on ascribed status, although … A keen sense of unity is found in this type of structure, 4. 55. Recall the three key theoretical paradigms discussed in this chapter—structural … Sociology Question # 6. Reason (R): Traditional societies all over the world, accepted industrialisation without, any hesitation. 88. Assertion (A): Integration is the process of creating a single unit by joining the different parts. 1. 83. troubles- personal struggles issues- societal problems. Under state capitalism it is believed that the labour-, (b) has less important role in industry than the capital, (c) and capital have almost equal role in industry, 72. of the research evidence you have used to support your ‘position. Which one of the following, but describes the pattern of age-sex structure of a population passing through a stage of high fertility and high mortality? The Sociology question paper lisetd below are actual papers that were given for teh civil service mains examination held by UPSC. 46. According to modern thinking a person with a deviant behaviour-, (d) should be convinced about observance of social norms. Compare and contrast the estate system and the caste system. The main conclusions for managers, which emerge from Hawthorne experiments are: 1. Reason (R): Unlike in the caste system, hierarchy is not a characterising feature of the Estate System. (c) There is large scale social dissatisfaction, (e) It is permanent in nature and character. 69. 92. Sociology Question # 3. Assertion (A): The median age of the population of India dropped immediately after the improvement in health infrastructure. Excited to find out how well you've mastered a particular aspect of sociology? Our UPSC Sociology question bank is updated till questions of 2018. 98. Reason (R): In the process of assimilation, it is the relative power of the groups that is the deciding factor. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. 59. Which one of the following is an important hindrance in the process of tribal assimilation? 4. Social differences . Practice Now! Those kin who are related to each other directly through descent are called-, 80. The defining feature of traditional Jajmani System is exchange of: 35. About consangunial and affinal relatives who of the following have said that “the composition of these groups depends upon the prevailing rules of descent”? By answering questions, you will not be able to develop the idea further. Why is the study of the origin and growth of sociology important? Reason (R): Mortality affects age-structure to much lesser extent than fertility. 101. 100. _________ places the right persons in the right place in a society. Discussion about this post. 30. Assertion (A): Social movement is a group-venture to inaugurate changes in thought, behaviour and social relationships. Class 12 Sociology Notes and Important Questions 27. (a) Social control through specialized agencies, (c) The anonymous character of city dweller. Sociology Question # 11. Which one of the following statements is correct? Studying the way people organize themselves into societies and institutions? Replies: 2 Views: 610 . Among the following characteristics of rural community, which do you think is NOT applicable to the urban community? 36. 100 + Sociology Questions and Answers for Ph.d Entrance Examination October 29, 2018. 25. What is the term for attitudes and activities that a society links to people of each sex? 5. 37. 88. Sociology Question # 2. 66. Consider the following characteristics: Which of the above constitute the Asiatic mode of production? 57. An action on the part of members of certain organisations, 2. Family system in which sex relationship was not definite was known as: 76. 78. 4. 4. (A) There is firstly, a feeling of equality, in relation to members of one’s own class, a consciousness that one’s mode of behaviour will harmonize with the behaviour of similar standards of life. Sociology Question # 7. Who of the following has defined institution by saying that, “Institution is definite organisation pursuing some specific interest in a specific way”? (a) It is a nucleus of all social activities, (c) In it all work in the spirit of give and take, Sociology, Questions and Answers, Sociology Questions & Answers for MA Entrance Exams, © 2017 SociologyDiscussion - All rights reserved Terms of Service Privacy Policy Contact Us. Out of the following whose name is associated with polygamy theory about the origin of family? Assertion (A): Gentrification is an alarming process. (a) specialisation of work. Sociology Question # 8. Question: Sociology Discussion Explore The Nature Of Work In Canada. 3 Answers. Sociological and social research. Much of this debate has focused on the theoretical integration (or lack thereof) which characterizes the discipline (e.g. Who was he? 48. ‘Culture is the product of agro facts, artifacts, sociofacts and mentifacts’ who said this? A comprehensive database of more than 129 sociology quizzes online, test your knowledge with sociology quiz questions. 55. Term 1 2015 NAME: _____ Due: On 1st Term Finals Day Sociology Final Discussion Questions & Discussion Short Answers: due at the beginning of class Tuesday, October 13th Short Answers: To prepare for the group discussion, please read through the following list of possible questions/topics and write down your thoughts and opinions to AT LEAST 15 of them. C Wright Mills. Which three board types of cultures succeeding each other have been analysed by P. A. Sorokin in his cyclical theory of social change? 1. 3. For him societies were moral systems and […] Consider the following stages of Social Change as given by Karl Marx: The correct sequence of these stages of Social Change is: 54. This definition of family is attributed to: 43. Prejudice and feelings of cultural superiority give rise to: 2. The extended family is the opposite of nuclear family. 54.___________ believed Couvade to be a cementing bond of married life and a social mechanism signed to secure paternal affection. The most important consanguined kin-group associated with unilinear rules of descent are-. Sociology Question # 15. Who said this? Breaking down of mechanical solidar­ity has led to a breakdown in modern societies. 24. One of the basic elements of community is that it is: (a) Natural (b) Created by an agreement 1. Assertion (A): The elements of great tradition are modified, transformed and reinterpreted to suit the rural people of the little community. Reason (R): Automation produces important changes both within the working class and in the relationship of the working class to the rest of society. Assertion (A): The root of inequality may lie in economic status or power relationships. Reason (R): Social changes mainly occur from the adjustment of the systems to both exogenous and endogenous factor of change. Can August Comte be viewed as the father of sociology? 63. (B) Linear magnitudes have measured fre­quencies closely following the normal probability curve. Where does your role, or the role of … Take's quick multiple-choice quizzes. The social structure based on mechani­cal solidarity is small in size, 2. Which of these statements is/are correct? This will also assist the students & aspirants of Ph.d, M.Phil, UPSC, IAS, Civil Services, Eligibility tests & UGC-SET to crack their competitive exams! Which of the following applies to Community, but not to Association? Upload Your Knowledge on Sociology: Upload … Which one of the following refers to the process of a city expanding and accommodating the neighbouring villages and communities? Stryker's and House's articles during the late 1970's). 91. 87. Who was the first Chairman of the ‘Backward Class Commission’ in India? Which one of the following is the main cause of social disorganisation? Which among the following is NOT a feature of a town? 74. Question by KWarnock1 Posted 01/06/19 6:31 AM. The term ‘Backward Class’ is used in which Article of the Constitution of India? Overview . (a) Population pyramid that represents a narrow base and gradually tapering top, (b) The base of the pyramid is of medium size but the 1 middle portion, particularly specified for male population, is enlarged and gradually reduces at the top, (c) Population pyramid that represents a broader base and generally sloping sides, (d) The base of the pyramid is narrower than the immediate higher-age interval and gradually reduces at the top. Here National Eligibility Test … It is a product of conscious thought and planning. Go to the same place to reply to each topic as well. Given its extreme form, competition could result into which of the following? Think of a private trouble that sociologists might classify as also being a public issue. 2. One of the basic elements of community is that it is: (c) Partly natural and partly created by some arrangement. Which one of the following does NOT apply to social disorganisation? This will also assist the students & aspirants of Ph.d, M.Phil, UPSC, IAS, Civil Services, Eligibility tests & UGC-SET to crack their competitive exams! Common interest groups is one in which-. The division of labour in this type of social structure is based on age and sex, 3. Reason (R): The first organised peasant movement in Champaran in 1917 by M. K. Gandhi aimed at establishing a new order of life. Sociology — Discussion questions Monday, March 10, 2014. And so it goes on…. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? “Women have acquired all the follies and vices of civilisation, and miss the useful Fruit.” Who made the above statement? Terms in this set (40) What are the differences between troubles and issues? Which one of the following falls under the category of tertiary kinship? A corporate form of business organisation is one in which-, (a) the capital is supplied by a number of persons who are its shareholders, (b) the capital is supplied by certain private corporations, (c) the capital is issued by the local municipal corporations, (d) the capital is issued by public corporations. In______, ego joins the consanguineal kin groups or groups of his mother but not those of his father. (d) On account of political instability in the area. Kmr … According to the 1991 census, the number of India’s urban agglomerations was: 76. Which characteristic of urban community among the following is different from that of the rural community? England was the centre of industrial revolution. The ‘concept of hegemony’ was coined by. In traditional family the head of the family used to be one who was-, 73. Sample Questions for interesting sociology essay Analyze and describe the many functional and structural changes that have taken place over the past century. 47. Which among the following was NOT the imperial city of the mughals? 58. My Account; My Profile; My Preferences; My Ignored Users; My Email … Sociology discussion questions. A collective action to resist or promote changes with certain goals. Assertion (A): In 20th century, there has been an increasing rate of change in almost all the dimensions of social life. The groups, formed by sociologists and statisticians instead of the members themselves are called: Sociology Question # 18. Sociology Question # 1. Anatomical differences may be associated with intelligence, culture and other qualities so that races may be divided into superior and inferior races. The concept of urban recycling refers to: (c) Renovation of old buildings and construction of new units, (d) Relocation of the city at another site. Those are: Indicate the correct order of their appearance as stated by Morgan by selecting the answer from the codes given below: 23. 86. 38. In this he helped to di­rect the interest of social anthropologists into a new direction. AQA Sociology Paper 1 – Education with Theory and Methods The term was first used by Frenchman. Reason (R): Social solidarity is conducive to integration. Reason (R): Birth in the caste is necessary but not a sufficient condition for membership in caste association. This was originally created by Kathy Dolan and Jennie Law from Georgia State University. The Sociology of Race, Nationality, and Ethnicity. Imagine you would like to conduct a sociological study of the students with whom you attended the fourth grade to determine what key factors influenced their academic achievements. ADVERTISEMENTS: Sociology questions and answers for upcoming MA entrance examination. Identify an important concept from the term “power” and define it. Sibling rivalry is a major example of____________ . Class 11 Sociology Chapter 1 NCERT Textbook Questions Solved. 93. Which of the following is a characteristic of a community? In developing countries like India marriage is considered as-, (c) more friendship and less religious institution, (d) more religious institution and less friendship. Which one of the following is not the part of Little Tradition? 89. Sociology question for group powerpoint presentation. The Shri Narain Dharma Paripalana Movement was launched primarily among: 59. b) learn the history of universe. Assertion (A): Law is an agency of social control. Sociology Objective & Practice Questions (HOT & Expected Questions for 2020) for Competitive Exams. Assimilation means– Mortality decline does not have much effect on a population with the life-expectancy of 70 years. ... Sociology . 62. (b) It stands in the way of an individual’s progress, (c) It checks an individual’s social movements, (d) It diffuses the concept of nature and functions of individuals in society. (a) It is an impersonal action and a continuous process, (b) It is found only in complex societies, (d) It is found in selected communities and classes, 37. The concept of culture of poverty was first used by. Which one of the following states in India has the highest percentage of reservation for the Scheduled Castes? Reason (R): Between the years 1618 to 1648, European countries witnessed revolutionary change in science and technology and were passing through a period of relative peace and tranquility. Where Does Your Role, Or The Role Of Someone You Know Fit Into The Bigger Picture? In a non-violent agitation against deforestation in Gharwal, in 1974, when the forest officials, contractors came to fell trees, women literally hugged the trees to prevent their cutting. 1) Social theory tells us how to. ... What is its function in the discipline of sociology? 97. Created by. has answers to the toughest sociology homework questions, with step by step explanations. Which one of the following is an example of Sanskritisation? 46. Introduction to Sociology; Deviance; Identity … 33. Who among the following considered social stratification as a functional necessity? 97. 41. Module 1 Foundations of Sociology Short answers: Main occupation of Birhor and Kharia tribes is: 92. 99. Sociology Question # 4. In fraternal polyandry, woman is treated as the wife-, (b) of all the brothers but son is that of the eldest brother, (c) of all the brothers and son is supposed to be of all, (d) that of the eldest brother but son of all in the family. 96. System under which husband is made to lead the life of an invalid along with his wife whenever she gives birth to a child is known as: 50. Reason (R): The inequality based on economic relationship is called objective inequality. The ordered social relationships that grow out of the values, norms, statuses and roles. Forums: Functionalism, Sociology, Psychology, Feminism. 27. Which one of the following is NOT true about social problems? (a) Marriage should be kept as a social arrangement only, (b) Members should not be allowed to waste – time in discussions, (c) Areas of arrangement should be widened, (d) Younger members should be kept away from hard realities of life. 40. (a) It has provided a stimulus to technological innovations, (b) It is responsible for providing stimulus to organisational innovations, (c) It creates desire to excel over others, (d) It is directly concerned with the individuals. In post agrarian society the trend is: (a) for strengthening joint family system, (d) for discouraging single family system. Sociology Multiple Choice Questions (mcqs) and Answers. 74. 101 Expected Sociology Questions and Answers for Civil Services Examination October 29, 2018. ____________ refers to the rules and prescriptions about intercaste relations, particularly to eating and drinking of water. (c) Reservation of posts in services for the Scheduled Castes, (d) Political representation to Scheduled Castes. 61. 63. When the individual or group compares himself or itself with the other individual or group, this is called: Sociology Question # 17. For him societies were moral systems and it was pertinent to examine symbols and their meaning to people. Explore the nature of work in Canada. 101 Expected Sociology Questions and Answers for Civil Services Examination October 29, 2018. In the industrial society, as regards women, which one of the following was NOT true? ... Do not get problematic issues as topics. 81. The functional interdependence of castes What is the name of this movement? Out of four options one option is correct. Which one of the following is true of competition? Assertion (A): Between the years 1618 to 1648, European population decreased substantially. Flashcards. Suggestions for in-class activities, as well as additional essay and discussion questions are included below, or can be downloaded as a document here. Which one of the following is NOT a salient feature of the family? Which one of the following is NOT true of tribal economy? 12. Would this mean that this chapter is unscientific due to the very little evidence in this chapter that shows the “nature of science” was in fact determined using scientific methods? This problem has been solved! In______, each individual automatically becomes a member of any consanguineal kin-group to which his father belongs, but not of those to which his mother belongs. UGC NET Exam Pattern for Sociology . 22. These are question that I answer and found interesting, hope it helps you understand: Note: The purpose and character of this blog, include for educational purposes and help. 26. Reason (R): Robert Redfield has made important contribution towards developing the concept of rural- urban continuum. A system under which a woman is permitted to marry a person of the lower caste but vice-versa is not allowed is known as: 31. (b) Foodgrains are the main source of exchange. (d) agricultural production. (a) Article 341 of the Constitution defines the term Scheduled Caste, (b) The Constitution empowers the Parliament to define the term Scheduled Caste, (c) The Constitution does not contain a definition of the term Scheduled Caste, (d) The term Scheduled Caste is defined in the Government of India Act, 1918. Match. What is the central element in class-consciousness in Marxist theory? We break down the science of social relationships from families to entire civilizations. Which of the … 1) How does divorce affect children when the parents split during the teen years? “People who live close to one another, who interact with one another frequently, and who feel they have some common traits or values thej’ share with one another.” constitute: 9. This section provides links to specific questions and model answers which either have, or could appear on this paper. 48. 39. Who defined social movement as “a collective venture extending beyond a local community or single event and involving a systematic effort to bring about changes in the way people think and behave”? If you were to examine the relationship between the government and the economy in the United States today, which of the four major theoretical perspectives outlined in the chapter would be most helpful? Assertion (A): Colonial policies, such as on water-tax, land-revenue and agricultural prices could bring together poor, middle and well-to-do tenants, along with lesser landlords against zamindars and peasant potentates. 79. The institution of Jajmani System implies, 1. Sociology study objects of labor and management. Which one of the following factors is negatively correlated with modernisation? Select the correct answer using the codes given below: (a) 1 and 2 (b) 1 and 3 (c) 1 and 4 (d) 2 and 3 . 85. Questions about culture and questions realted to culture topic of scoiology. According to Marx, when a class becomes aware of its interests and organizes itself, it becomes a-. 4. Sociology MCQ Questions Answers Download PDF for competitive exam. General advice for answering questions on paper 1. [Note: each individual question counts as one of your fifteen, so if you pick #1, which has five … A good basic definition of a sociological question is as follows: Sociological questions are questions that examine the social meaning or patterns of a phenomenon. (c) A is true but R is false (c A is false but R is true. A biologically distinct group representing a common and distinctive heredity is referred to as: 2. ATSE - Scholarship Worth Rs.15 Lacs Class 9 - 12 Notes Click Here. The typological cluster of the following societies is most appropriate for India’s plural society: (a) Primitive, Pre-Industrial, Industrial, (d) Medieval, Industrial, Post-Industrial. Reason (R): The trade unions are formed on the basis of common interests of the workers and their organised associational efforts in the form of movements.

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