Georgia State collaborates closely with its partner districts to help assure students are being properly prepared to successfully address school and district needs. The Specialist in Education (EdS) degree is a self-contained degree program intermediate between the master’s degree and the doctor’s degree both in time and depth. degree in Special Education is designed for practicing special educators who hold a master's degree in special education (or related field such as speech language pathology, deaf education, vocational rehabilitation, or adapted physical education) who wish to advance their professional skills in special education. Delivery: Fully Online Only; College: COE; More Info: Catalog; Website; University of West Georgia Carrollton 1601 Maple St Carrollton, GA 30118 (678) … Below, find a list of some of the education specialist options that are available at Georgia colleges and universities: Since this is such a highly specialized degree, there may seem to be some overlap between different options, such as educational psychology and professional school counseling. As a teacher, you have already declared to your school and your community that you value education. You can select the right program for your career by looking at the standard curriculum for each option. The Educational Specialist (EDS) in Teacher Leadership program at Georgia College* is a completely online degree created to meet the high needs area of equipping classroom teachers will the … To this end, admission requirements reflect previous educational orientation, and a judgment of admission or rejection is made by the College. The Education Specialist in Advanced Educational Studies allows candidates to build upon existing knowledge and skills as a practitioner. … With Ed.S programs in Georgia, you can get specialized training in your teaching subject and up-to-date on the most current research affecting your area of study. The bachelor of science degree program in special education includes rigorous, practical course-work and full-time student teaching. Since this program tends to attract working teachers, you may find that it is more flexible than other types of degrees. Ongoing teacher education is often considered one of the most effective ways to reach these goals. This school has one of the few state programs that awards a teaching certificate concurrently with a bachelor’s degree in special education. Level Six teacher certification in Georgia requires a specialist degree from an approved college or university. Each candidate for the Specialist in Education degree is assigned a graduate advisor who serves as a mentor to the Specialist Candidate and assists in proposing, scheduling and completing the Specialist in Education … Graduates of Georgia College may waive the graduate admissions test requirements. Before you start selecting schools and changing your schedule, it’s important to be sure that an education specialist degree is the right choice for you and that you meet the admissions requirements for this type of program. All Rights Reserved. In fact, you may start applying your new knowledge and techniques while you are still working as a teacher. However, the vast majority only accept those who already have Master’s degrees. For admission to the College of Graduate Studies to pursue the Education Specialist degree, the applicant should refer to the program page for specific information on admission, program of study, and other requirements. If you … As a teacher, you must always be learning new methods for reaching your students as well as ways to improve your techniques to gain better results. Education has essentially always been a priority in the United States. Explore specialist education degrees in GA to find out how you can make the most of your skills and gifts. Special Education Specialist; Degree: Ed.S. If you only have a Bachelor’s degree, you may look into programs that combine a Master’s degree and education specialist degree. The Ed.S. The Department of Educational Psychology consists of four areas (Applied Cognition and Development, Gifted and Creative Education… Keep in mind, however, that practical experience is required. Specialist Degree. Ed.S. This degree is a Master’s-level certificate, which means that you must already have a Master’s degree in education. in Curriculum and Instruction is designed for candidates who hold a valid teaching certificate and seek an advanced graduate degree. Although there are a number of ways you can advance your career, one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways is to get an Education Specialist Degree (Ed.S.). This page provides all the information you need to know in order to embark on this career, including: what the degree … In turn, legislators are looking for ways to make students better prepared for the future, whether they choose college or the workforce. degree is a postgraduate degree that builds on your education training from the master’s level. If transfer credit is awarded, it will still be necessary to complete the required number of hours to graduate, which will more than likely necessitate additional coursework above and beyond the degree program requirements. in Educational Leadership with Tier II certification degree. The Piedmont College School of Education offers the Education Specialist degree (EdS) in several fields. If your undergraduate degree did not lead to teaching certification, peruse our MAT degree options to earn your master's and become certified to teach in Georgia at the same time. As of January 2011, 17 colleges and universities in Georgia offered state-approved specialist courses of study. An Education Specialist (Ed.S.) Your next step depends on what you want to do with your career. An education specialist degree online is a great option to better your credentials, delve deeper, and it is much quicker than getting a doctorate. What does this mean for you? Georgia Southern University admits persons who display an educational development and achievement level that are better than average. Contact schools below to start comparing your program options. Education Specialist degree completers possess advanced … The majority of these schools were public institutions, such as the University of Georgia … The Education Specialist degree (EdS) is a sixth-year graduate program in Curriculum and Instruction. Officials handle the need for improved education in different ways, but in every case, it comes back to you—the teacher. The University of Florida offers an Education Specialist (EdS) degree program that can be completed with one of 10 specializations, including Educational Technology; ESOL/Bilingual Education; Mathematics Education; and Teacher Leadership for School Improvement. A Geor… This program is appropriate for applicants who already have specialist’s degrees … The specialist degree provides a professional education sequence for adult education practitioners to improve their abilities to work with adult students in a variety of areas such as adult basic education, technical and vocational programs, and other adult education areas. A new evaluation system puts less stress on teachers to teach to the test; it also makes test scores a much smaller part of teacher and administrator assessments (Education Dive, 2016). In addition, it offers several certification programs for people who already hold bachelor’s degrees, as well as for those who want to refine or upgrade their current teaching licens… ... Students who live or plan to live outside Georgia and are … Becoming an educational specialist can change the future of your career. While teachers often bear the brunt of the pressure to create better student outcomes, Georgia is one of many states that has started to use more evidence-based methods for assessing teacher performance. The Education Specialist (Ed.S.) This has led to a decrease in standardized testing as legislators focus more on the efficiency and effectiveness of Georgia teachers (Education Week, 2016). © 2020 University of West Georgia. As education continues to be the focus of legislation and research, the demand for teachers with post-graduate training may increase. Individuals with a master’s degree from an accredited college or university may wish to pursue course … The courses below are commonly required in a learning design and technology program: You may be trying to transition out of classroom teaching, in which case you would likely not choose a degree that concentrates on a classroom subject. Advisement. Return to: Degrees and Majors. Educational Psychology (EdS), Online Ed. Education Specialist Degrees in Georgia Education has essentially always been a priority in the United States. The curriculum below is an example of what you might expect from an educational counseling program: As you navigate through your curriculum and work alongside your professional peers, you may add a whole new set of skills to your professional repertoire. Specialist programs must be … Select concentrations, including Educatio… Register for a Graduate Session Master and Specialist of Education Georgia Southwestern's College of Education offers Georgia's leading graduate program in terms of cost, convenience, and speed of completion. © 2020 Georgia Professional Standards Commission, Mathematics Education (at various grade levels), Supporting Literacy Through School Libraries. Total Hours Required to Earn Degree: 31 (credit hours) Maximum Hours Transferable into Program: 6 Only transfer credits from an accredited institution will be considered. If you have also have an Ed.S qualification, you can reasonably expect to merit a higher salary and be more attractive to potential employers. Student Review: “Kennesaw State University Educational Specialist degree concentration of middle grades social studies education has a great hybrid dual enrolled program for those who wish to combine their specialist and educational doctorate degree… However, if you are transitioning to school counseling, administration, special education, or an entirely different area from your current area of practice, you may need to upgrade your license or add endorsements through the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. This program … Program lengths differ from school to school, but most allow you to graduate with between 30 and 39 credits. The Education Specialist (Ed.S.) Students at the John H. Lounsbury College of Education at Georgia College in Milledgeville form cohorts and pursue GPSC-required courses and fieldwork in special education and general education. If you’re ready to take your teaching skills and career to the next level, contact schools below to find out how education specialist programs can put you on the right path. The training you get in an education specialist program can help you get more out of each hour you spend in the classroom, which benefits your students, you, and the state of Georgia as a whole. Many courses can be completed online, with some Georgia schools offering programs that are entirely online and other schools offering blended programs. Officials handle the need for improved education in different ways, but in every case, it comes back to you—the teacher… The University of North Georgia offers an Education Specialist (Ed.S.) The Specialist in Education program requires a minimum of 30 semester hours of coursework beyond the Master of Education degree or the Master of Arts in Teaching degree. The Education Specialist degree is offered only in a limited number of areas in the College of Education. Individuals with a master’s degree from an accredited college or university may wish to pursue … Selecting the proper specialty for your career goals is crucial. In the education system, you have the chance to change hundreds of students’ lives through your work. Check the list below for common career paths, their median salary in Georgia, and expected job growth through 2026: With the exception of elementary school teacher, all of the above positions usually require a master’s degree. Continuing your education and making it a priority to become the best possible teaching professional you can be shows people in your community that you stand behind your words and that you put your students first. The Ed.S. is a half-step between a master’s and a doctorate. There are 12 schools offering a range of 18 different programs for K-12 Education … All rights reserved. Instead, you may look into options like educational leadership or school counseling. 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If you simply want to continue as a classroom teacher, your regular teaching license should suffice for the next stage of your career. This may require you to take one or two semesters off of your regular teaching job to complete an internship, principalship, or classroom practicum. A fully online program, the Education Specialist in Special Education is designed to meet the current demands of teachers who are certified in Special Education, as they pursue graduate preparation beyond the master’s degree… Program Admission. Students can complete a degree in 13 months at a fraction of the cost of most graduate programs. The program is designed to prepare assistant principals and district … in Reading Education is designed to meet the current demands of teachers in grades K-12 who possess or are eligible for a Professional Level Five Certificate in Reading Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, or Middle Grades Education as they pursue graduate preparation beyond the Master's degree… By exploring the courses you are required to take in each specialty, it may be easier to choose a degree that fits in with your learning needs.

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