If needed, please refer to your particular GDS Help Desk, as procedures may vary by GDS. will always remain as 'NN'. residence and /US/ designates the country code of the address. usually a reply from them in the form of the status code on the SSR (HK, Create Name Field -WALL/JOSEPH/SUSAN*ADT/INF, 2. Must be in letter/report format. ACH carriers vary in their unassociated. A Special Service Request (SSR) can be made in a PNR on behalf of one traveler, several travelers, or all travelers for specific segments or an entire itinerary. These SSRs have defined structure and precise information that enables the airlines to provide operational notifications to the passengers such as flight cancellations, delays, changes, etc. message back to the agency or travel provider. Wheelchair is needed -- traveler is completely immobile. assistance required for the traveler. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. 2. BOOKING CODES. Copy of National ID card/Valid Passport must be attached. If an infant turns two (2) years old during the course of his/her journey, a seat must be purchased for the entire journey. SNCF offers additional assistance to PRM (Persons with Reduced Mobility) travelers at all stations, however the exact type of assistance can vary by station. Because of the previous sample, the airline will know who is holding the infant. When issued with Global Entry, Nexus, or Sentri the number will begin with 98 and be a total of 9 digits in length. Please The following chart identifies if a ticket is required for an infant not occupying a seat: Yes - A zero value ticket is required. SSRS can be used to prepare and deliver various interactive and printed reports. Infants occupying a seat on international flights require a ticket and pay the applicable fare and surcharges. If the specific SSR is not supported by the carrier, the message "SSR type not supported by this carrier" is returned. This status is allowed on some SSRs with the use of all SSR codes. Taxes may apply, Between US/Canada and Central/South America. Although SSRs do not have the same force and effect as statutes or regulations, they are binding on all components of the Social Security Administration. For all schema versions, continuation SSRs will be returned when applicable. Start studying SSR CODES. child’s birth date is sent in the freeform text, a standard format must be used. invrpt itrrpt jupreq mscons ordchg orders ordrsp. §§404.1574(c)(4) and 404.1575(d)(4). In addition, the SSR can send an alert For all providers, the Supplementary Travel Information document type (e.g., Visa) and Supplementary Travel Information Number (e.g., Visa Number) fields must both be entered, or neither should be entered. [Leave blank for 2014 SSR submission] 2 Agency Information The questions in Section 2, Agency Information must be updated annually. 1^9 1^7 Total. If more than one CTCE is provided for one passenger, the airline may select the last CTCE received assuming it to be the most current. Segment de sphere complet. SSR CHLD YY HK1 26JAN00/P1 Infant Passengers CONDITION COMMAND SSR OUTPUT IN THE PNR When DOB is mentioned in the entry NM1KUMAR/A MRS (INF/BABY/25JAN06) SSR INFT YY NN1 KUMAR/BABY 25JAN06/S3/P1 When DOB is not mentioned in the entry, the System date will be picked up SSR INFT YY NN1 KUMAR/BABY 01JUN07/S3/P1 NM1KUMAR/A MRS (INF/BABY) us details on how we can make your experience better. If a ticket needs to be reissued an electronic ticket will be issued. ... must have a supporting written size self-certification for every small business you are counting in the small business and socioeconomic section of this report at the time they submit their proposal except as authorized in

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