Then you can start thinking of names for your stokvel and draw up your constitution. [1] To write your own club constitution, you’ll need to meet with your club to discuss your club’s principles and policies. SUBSCRIPTION. Article I: Name State the name Article II: Purpose What are the aims of the organization How will the organization function For whom does the organize exist Whom does it benefit Article III: Membership AFFILIATED CLUB’S OR TEAMS A club or team desirous of becoming an affiliated club or team must take application in accordance with the by-laws of the Association. PSL Constitution – Drafted by Mr. Mhlekazi Andile Siyabonga Ndhlovu 30/11/2016 Page 2 of 32 1 CHARACTER OF THE ASSOCIATION 1.1 Name The name of the organization is the Property Lifestyle Stokvel shall also be referred as a PLS which is an Any member shall be eligible for election to any office in the Association. Amendments to this Constitution The Constitution may be amended only at an AGM or an SGM provided the appropriate notice has been given. Investment Club Constitution. The following is a sample draft constitution … • To contribute money for the following: 1. There is no set number of people in a stokvel, which can contain as few as 5 members or as many as 100. Minutes The Executive Committee shall cause to be kept minutes of all General and Executive Committee 7. You can view a sample constitution on the Nasasa website. 6. Alteration of the Constitution. 7. The Constitution should be signed by every club member and can only be changed with the agreement of all members. • To save money and eventually look for business opportunities for the club. 8. The secretary in conjunction with all other officers shall then decide on the date of a meeting to discuss such proposals, giving at least four weeks (28 days) clear notice. The Investment Club's Constitutition provides the legal framework for the club's organisation. Download or preview 4 pages of PDF version of Club constitution template (DOC: 256.9 KB | PDF: 433.9 KB ) for free. 8. (2) A successful candidate in a club Executive election will be declared by a simple majority. Aims and Objectives • To promote personal and group development and friendship among members. Amendments are only valid if supported by a two-thirds majority of those present. Persons becoming a “member” of the Association shall be bound by this constitution and be deemed to have had full notice hereof and to have accepted the same and no person shall become a member except on this basis. Such application must be lodged with the Association Secretary on or before a date as determined by the Management Committee of the Association. Stokvel News – 2019-10-17 Johannesburg – A constitution is a set of rules for running a club. It provides guidelines for conflict resolution and a framework for action so that your club can accomplish its goals. Proposals for amendments to this constitution, or dissolution must be delivered to the secretary in writing. Constitution This is an important document that must be drawn up when you start a stokvel. Article 7 – Amendments (1) Any amendments to this constitution must be made in accordance with the constitution amendment provisions in Clubs Policy: General Club Procedures. SAMPLE CONSTITUTION The constitution of an organization contains the rules that govern the actions and activities of the group.

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