Instead, you’ll usually want to use whole fish or thick strips of cut bait. They are designed for use with braided fishing line and feature Fuji Aluminum Oxide guides with a Shimano reel seat. The mojo range covers a large variety of techniques and species for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. This article may contain affiliate links. A good offshore rod for shark will be a convention boat rod 5'6 to 6 feet with a moderate to fast taper the type that is commonly used with a harness. You can choose either traditional ring guides or roller guides. Use 65-pound-test braided line for your main line when surf fishing for sharks. As a result, the longer the rod, the more energy it creates, t… This is a decent choice to acquire if you are going to use this rod for both surf casting, and targeting sharks on baits kayaked in short just over the third bar. Breakaway Surf & Light Tackle Rods Breakaway Tackle and Development is responsible for some of the longest distance tournament casting and fishing rods ever made. The quicker you can unhook them the better their chances of surviving when released. An 8- to 10-foot-long surf rod is usually ideal for catching sharks from shore. Nicely balanced and much sensitive than other rods, this surf rod can give power to effortlessly send a five-ounce lure to a 100 yards distance. One of the sturdiest fishing lines out there, it is created by dynamically combining 8-strands. Longer rods however cast better and once in your rod holder on the beach will also keep your line higher up over the surf and breaking waves making it easier to detect bites. If you are looking for a rod that can be used for smaller sharks and still double up for lighter surf casting and other inshore work then the Mojo Surf line from St Croix is a safe bet. Sharks need a rod that is capable of handling sustained pressure and can run heavy mono or braid at a minimum of 50 lbs breaking strain. Recommended Shark Rod: – 12 foot Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Rod, Heavy. ​Choosing a shark fishing rod will be mostly influenced by how you intend on fishing. This is a decent surf rod for the budget angler fishing bait with heavy weight and looking for large fish. Longer surf rods also keep your line … Every Year I get asked on how to rig for these sharks, so I decided to make a video to help a fellow angler out. You’ll then need to tie on about 6 feet of steel leader, to prevent the shark from biting through the line. A classic style surf spinning rod that is aimed at performance casting. Monofilament is the better option if you opt for a ​pole with roller guides. The tip can detect even the slightest of bumps on the bait but have the needed strength to remain in one piece. A shorter rod give you a lot more leverage against a heavy shark and combined with a high torque reel(low gearing) you should be able to exert enough pressure to reel them in quickly. Circle hooks are the best option for catching sharks. ​As we discussed above your choice of fishing rod for sharks will be determined by whether you are fishing from a boat or from the beach/pier. A fast action will bend higher up the blank towards the tip. Beginners will find spinning gear much more user-friendly. It is similar to a basic cast with a spinning reel. 0 comments. braid coupled with a stout surf rod, 7/0 hooks, and single-strand steel leaders are a minimum starting point. Why ? Most of the gummies we catch from surf are mid-sized sharks in the 5 to 10 kg bracket, with the occasional larger shark The size 5000-6000 is large enough to hold 300 yards of most lines used for shore fishing. The following fishing rods will likely not be used for anything but sharks, rays and other big game fish. It’s simple enough, if you plan on catching sharks from the surf (successfully and consistently, you will need one of these. But before you go, review the following shark fishing tips to improve your chances. Hook removers make the task easier, and they can help keep your fingers out of the danger zone too. There are a variety of rods suitable for shark fishing in the surf. share. Straight butt rods can be used in a belt or harness. More powerful rods will handle more powerful fish so you might prefer a Heavier action rod for things like Bull Reds, Sharks, Tarpon, etc. How do you cast a surf fishing rod? They come equipped with Pac Bay Aluminum oxide braid friendly guides and a lightweight Fuji graphite reel seat. Also what line should I use and what rig? Sign up for our Newsletter and receive specials and event invites! There is very little to go wrong with a simple ring guide assuming it is of a decent quality. Also easy to handle, you can easily loop this line into a knot. They are built on St Croix's ​SCII mid-modulus graphite fiber for lighter weight and premium sensitivity through the rod tip and down into the blank. a good conventional reel would be a penn senator 6/0 . Pick a size that matches the baitfish you are using. This feature also makes it possible Okuma Solaris is a great surf rod for those who have a tight budget and beginner anglers. You’ll need a sinker heavy enough to keep your bait in place. You just need to scale everything up a bit. This allows you to use the same species that the sharks are currently hunting. Learn the best rigs and techniques to get the job done. ​3. St Croix are known for building exceptional rod blanks and the Mojo range is no exception. Instead, you’ll want to tie on a 1- to 3-foot-long length of 300-pound-test monofilament. Gear up in high performance fishing gear so you can stay out longer and look great while you’re at it. This is will give you the best casting characteristics but also a more sensitive tip for detecting bites. You can also have success fishing for sharks close to piers and bridges. This approach no longer requires a long surf casting rod. Some prefer a fast taper others a more moderate and this is normally a personal preference thing. Fishing from the surf with either big spinning/casting reels and long 10-12ft rods is just what you need to be able to target these migrating sharks. All rod for shark fishing need to be well built with a lot of power through the rod blank and down into the butt section. Rod & Reel. Surf rods are long in length, up to 15’, to allow the angler to make long casts over the waves and out into the crashing surf. ​The main advantage that roller guides give you on big game rods is that they reduce the amount of friction between the line and the guide. An extreme example is the 10′ tiger shark caught at Bob Hall Pier in the 1990’s on a 4/0 wide. Your setup should be able to toss at least 8 ounces 50 feet into the surf. You will also gain a notable amount of distance when casting. ​On a cheap rod the first thing to go is usually either the line guides or the reel seat, it is rarely the rod blank that will fail first. Another rod that I really enjoy using from the surf is a penn 14/0 lined with 100 lb. 1. A Rod with a Roller System is good, but you don’t need an all roller guide rod. Given their size a heavy rod action is a must for all shark fishing. A fast action will also allow for more powerful hook-sets. You can also catch your own bait with a net or light tackle. Monofilament is a lot more forgiving when used with rollers, the only downside is a little more stretch in your line making hook sets a little less sharper. Copyright text 2019 by Tamarindo Fishing. You should either go all roller guides or all ring guides no mixing and matching as once you use one of the other type you loose the benefits of the type of guide. sufix salt water tangerine rigged the same way but double 14/0 hooks wired to the top of a tuna head but that’s only for the big boys. The Mojo surf range as the name suggests if designed with surf casting in mind. Important factors to look for in a quality shark rod are as follows. I have caught numerous mosterous blact tip sharks from pier and surf and bull sharks … The Shimano TLD A Stand Up is a classic style conventional roller offshore rod for big shark fishing. Look for rods that are rated from 50 to 80 lbs. The shrimp or pieces of cut squid many use to catch flounder and pompano from the beach won’t attract the attention of sharks—at least not big ones. Before you run and work on the fish caught, you should put a hand on the side of your rod and wait for any action in their advice. If you are new to offshore fishing then you may never have encountered a bent butt rod before. Other fish found in the surf like sharks, mackerel, and bluefish have sharp teeth so using a wire leader is a good idea. It is important to understand that landing and releasing the fish as quickly as possible greatly increases its survivability post-release. Good surf fishing reels for sharks, for example, are typically medium or medium-heavy reels as the larger sharks seldom venture inshore. I personally use this rig to catch sharks in the surf using spinning tackle. A faster tip will give you more sensitivity and allow you to detect bites easier. These are … Sharks are the biggest fish swimming around most beaches, so they’re obvious targets for anglers who want to hook a few monsters. Shop dozens of saltwater surf rods from major brands such as CTS, Century, Daiwa, Tsunami, Shimano and Penn at TackleDirect. There are many more surf spinning rod and reel combos available. ​They are built on Shimano TC4 rod blanks which is their heavy duty rod technology for added durability. There are ​four rods available in the range a 20 lbs rod that has normal guides and then the 30, 50 and 80 lbs class rods which all feature roller guides. Ideally you will have enough power in the rod so that the fight does not go on for too long, as in most states for the majority of shark species the fishing is catch and release only. Fiberglas or some form of modern fiberglass blend with either graphite or carbon fiber but straight up fiberglass is a pretty solid bet. Short poles are also a lot easier to use on a boat than a long rod unless you are trolling and running a lot of planer boars out wide. If you are looking for a shorter boat rod that is not as heavy duty as some roller/conventional rods then a heavy duty spinning rod can be a great alternative. The standard of epoxy resin will also have an impact of the final quality of the rod. Just be sure to equip yourself properly and experiment with different locations along the beach until you find a productive spot. Yes, the longer the rod, the more distance you will be able to reach. ways to get your bait out are surfboard.kite, or you can swim it out. Surf fishing rod and reel combos come in either Spinning, or bait casting versions. Don’t skimp on quality here. The heavy rated rods is suitable for line in the 10 to 20 lbs range and weights in the 1 to 4 ounce range, so these rods are clearly for small shark species. Moreover, the memory on this wire is also low, which means that you can effortlessly draw in the wire without any interruptions. The best type of rod to … ​The Airwave is built on high-fiber density blanks that lowers the average weight without sacrificing on performance. The longer and slower taper the rod is, the easier it will be to lob a bait and a 6 oz sinker into the surf. What rod action for surf casting for sharks ? This is why many people surf fish for sharks at night. Surf rods allow you to use many rods at the same moment. If you are looking for a rod that can be used for smaller sharks and still double up for lighter surf casting and other inshore work then the Mojo Surf line from St Croix is a safe bet. Roller assembly braid mono in rings no chaff. All rods have a moderate/fast tip action. On a boat shorter is nearly always better so look for a good conventional offshore boat rod in that is either 5'5" or 6' in length. Just be sure to choose one that will hold at least 300 yards of line to accommodate the long runs hooked sharks often make. Bait Casting combos are not as numerous or as popular. ​Modern ring guides especially the higher end ones are so hard now that they will wear very little and cause very little friction against the line. The only trade off with a longer shark rod is that it you hook a very large shark then you will have a longer lever to contend with whereas a shorter rod will give you more leverage to work against the shark. Rugged and durable compared to a similar all fiberglass rod. The medium/heavy is rated for 20 to 50 lbs line and weights in the 2 to 6 ounce range. Casting a surf fishing rod is done with a powerful behind-the-back cast. A really high end expensive rods the butt will be solid aluminum and they can be flicked from the straight position into a bent but as there is a pivot point just below the reel seat. However, you can’t simply tie your hook on to the end of your main line. Assuming you are actually casting your bait out and not using a kayak to haul it out over the breaking surf then a long surf rod with a heavy power rating usually in the 50 to 80 lbs range is the best rod for the job. If you make a purchase after clicking on a link we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. The combination of moderate/fast is the best of both and is perfectly suited for casting weighted rigs for sharks out past the surf. You can use the same kinds of surf fishing equipment and tackle to pursue sharks that you would for smaller quarry. Consequently, you rarely need to cast your bait out 250 yards. A surf rod is made to throw the heavy terminal tackle that's needed to land snook, albacore, sharks, bluefish and other big game species that venture close to the shore. You can run either a spinning or a conventional as your choice of shark fishing reel on these big rods, but more often than not when fishing for sharks less than six feet spinning tackle is the more popular. These are more available than any other fishing rod. Personally I would not use a shark fishing pole for this type of fishing under ten feet in length. A more moderate rod action will allow you to load more of the full length of the rod blank to cast heavier weights with more efficiency. ​Heavy duty  spinning rods are a bit more versatile than a standup roller rod so you can target multiple species with these rods and a broader range of techniques. Ranging from your average trout and redfish “poppin” rods to the the ultimate in long casting tournament and surf fishing rods, we custom make all rods to fit the individuals needs. Here’s what you need to know: An 8- to 10-foot-long surf rod is usually ideal for catching sharks from shore. Depending on the area fished, anywhere from 7-foot (inshore) to 10-foot (beaches) – heavy rods will have enough backbone for fighting sharks. To catch big fish, you need big bait. There’s nothing worse than watching a shark swim off with your new rod. However, offshore shark fishing demands a heavy reel rated for at least 40-lb. For sharks starting at 5 feet, an 8000 series reel with 65-lb. One thing to remember that this kind of setup if not tournament legal and so if you intend on doing some tournaments then a straight butt rod is the way to go. Now that you know what you’ll need to catch sharks and the types of places to focus your efforts, you’re almost ready to head down to the beach. Instead, try to cast your bait just beyond the cresting waves, where many sharks actively feed. Just about any baitfish will work, although fresh bait is always preferable to frozen. ​However, if you are just starting out then a surf casting rod will be the best option. ​Depending on your where you will be fishing will probably be the number one influencing factor on what type of shark rod you buy. I want something reasonably affordable but will do the job. ​A longer surf casting rod for shark fishing gives has a number of advantages over a shorter rod: Line guides should be ring guides only so you can use either mono or braid. Hopefully when a shark bites a steel leader is being used and the rod and conventional reel are large enough to land the shark. That’s because they tend to catch the shark’s lip, which allows for easy hook removal. Hooks in the 6/0 to 10/0 range usually work well. Something in the 4- to 8-ounce range is usually a good starting point, but you may need heavier weights to fish in strong currents common when surf fishing. ​The Tsunami Airwave range has been designed with lowering the weight of the rod as much as possible whilst still retaining a lot of backbone, durability and casting performance. Posted by 7 hours ago. Leave the roller guides to the heavier offshore shark poles. for rods i would look at a ocean master 12' 6-12oz or a st croix mojo surf 12'6 6-16oz rod A fast rod action is best when surf fishing for sharks from the beach or a pier. Surf rods are designed with strength, weight and casting distance in mind,and our surf rods are exactly that! ​This also keeps the line high in the water off of the ocean floor free from any snags and also giving you a lot more feedback through the line. Conversely, you will want to lean towards a Medium power rod for smaller species such as Pompano, Flounder (Fluke), Whiting, Trout or slot Reds. Most shark species are protected and can not be harvested and the ones that can be kept generally have to be a minimum of 54 inches in length to keep. A rod with a medium to heavy power rating will usually work best, as a stiff rod will make it easier to battle and land these giant fish. Traditional surf fishing has changed considerably in the last ten years especially for larger species like shark. If you find yourself casting a lot throughout the day then the Airwave is a smart choice as a heavy rod can become tiresome after a long day casting through the surf. Fishing Rods. Thread the sinker onto the monofilament portion of your rig with a slide so it can move freely. ​Not all shark fishing is about landing the next jaws and if your local beach, pier or dock has a healthy amount of smaller sharks in the sub 6 feet range then you can forget about needing a dedicated shark fishing rod and buy something that is usable for multiple different inshore fishing techniques. Next, how you will get it out there. ® 2020 Bone On Sportswear. Surf fishing for sharks is exciting. Bluefish, whole squid and menhaden are a couple of excellent options. A longer ​pole that is eleven or twelve feet long will have a number of advantages over a shorter rod. With that in mind, and based on my own experience and what I see others using, I can comfortably say that 5000-6000 is the optimal range for surf fishing reels. Because during the load, the energy you create adds up to the energy naturally created by the rod flexing and then moves up to the line. The “Perfect” Spinning Rod and Reel for Sharks: A 7-to-10 foot heavy spinning rod with fast action. This will serve as a shock leader and help provide your rig with some much-needed elasticity. These rods are built with light graphite and fiberglass blanks creating a composite material that is characteristic of Shakespeare sticks. The Penn Carnage 2 surf rods are available in either a spinning or conventional model and run from a 10' to a 12' in length. Beaches near estuaries are often some of the most productive locations. In both cases, shark fishing reels should have a … For all of your fishing apparel needs, shop Bone On Sportswear today. I hope you enjoy the video! I am a total newbie to salt water fishing and I’m wondering what’s the best surf fishing rod for decent sized sharks. The mojo range covers a large variety of techniques and species for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. The Rods used for shark fishing must have butts with a slotted gimbal to fit a fighting belt. St Croix Mojo Surf Saltwater Casting Rod. Try to focus your efforts on places where the current or depth suddenly changes. ​Big sharks put a massive strain on not only your rod blank and reel but also on the line guides and roller guides are one way to ensure that you line moves as smoothly as possible with the least amount of friction when under very heavy loads. the best spinning reel for shark fishing is a fin nor ofs 95. holds plenty of line and has a good rod. 5 Best Surf Fishing Rods for 2020 (Buyer's Guide) + Reviews Braided line stretches relatively little, which will enable you to achieve a solid hookset, and it will also withstand abrasion better than monofilament lines will. To help you get in on the action, here’s a quick guide to surf fishing for sharks. They also cause much less harm to the sharks you catch, which will improve survival rates for those you release. A longer rod is basically a much bigger lever and once you load the rod blank that lever becomes a huge spring that will help to whip a large bait and weight a lot further than any short rod can. The tip section has a fast action for quick hook sets and better sensitivity whilst using single hooks on bait rigs. The tip action is rated as a moderate/fast so you get the sensitivity of a fast action tip but still the better backbone and rod blank of a moderate rated rod that allows for more power to be transferred through the rod when casting. Surf Shark Series Avalible in sizes 10'6 - 13" and come in 2 piece's these surf rods are designed just for surf casting for sharks.They can handle baits from 2-16ounce in size.These Surf rods are very heavy duty.They feature surf style shrink tube grips,aluminum channel lock reel seats and heavy duty Fuji Guides.Reel size recommened 8500-10500 spinn class reels.Prices start at $449.99 A long rod once set into the rod holder will hold your line up high in the air above the crashing waves. ​They are specifically engineered for use with braided fishing line but can still use monofilament. Regardless of the type the best shark fishing rods all need a strong backbone, rod blank and butt section not to mention high quality components such as reel seat line guides and tip guide. Lightweight line guides with hardened zirconium inserts and a premium Fuji DPS reel seat for the hardware and twp coats of Flex-Coat slow cure finish to round out the rods. Instead they can opt to use slightly longer offshore conventional rods as no casting is required. Catching small fish is certainly fun, but few things are as exciting as hooking really big fish—especially when fishing from the shore. Surf fishing for sharks requires patience, so be sure to bring a sturdy rod holder to keep your rig secure while you wait. A lot of anglers are now using either a kayak or more recently drones to haul their large shark baits out past the breaking surf some as far as several hundred feet beyond it. This shark rig works especially well when the bait is freshly caught. Recommended Rod & Reel for Shark fishing- Your rod and reel combo that you use for Rays and Skates will work perfectly when fishing for sharks. The popularity of the surf spinning combo is likely related to its ease of use. A rod with a medium to heavy power rating will usually work best, as a stiff rod will make it easier to battle and land these giant fish. You do see a lot of anglers that use a roller guide on the tip and then ring guides on the rest of the rod but in my opinion this is a mistake. Anything smaller and although you may end up landing the shark chances are it will take a long time and a tired shark has a lot lower chance of surviving once released than one that is played quickly. test line. Rod action describes where on the rod blank the rod will start to bend naturally once you apply some pressure to it. The Shimano Talus is rated for line in the 50 to 100 lbs range and comes in at a length of 6'9" making it very usable on a boat. Shark fishing gear should last years of use and abuse if you buy quality from the beginning. If you plan on targeting sharks from land, you’ll need to figure out how far you’re going to deploy your bait. ​But if your line pops off onto the side of the roller it can make bits of your line especially if you are using braid. Surf fishing rod for sharks. There are plenty of surf rods that can handle such a load (even if rated for slightly less). All Rights Reserved, Surf Fishing for Sharks: Tips, Rigs & Techniques. You also need to make sure that the reel seat and the line guides or rollers are of the highest quality to help reduce any friction between the line and the guides. They are specifically designed with surf casting in mind and if you are looking to get out past the breaking surf then the longer rods will be the better option. You can use pliers to remove hooks from small sharks, but you’ll need to use a hook remover to free big ones. Many 9′ scalloped hammerheads have been brought to the pier on a 4/0 wide. They are built on SLS3 rod blanks and have Fuij K guides with Alconite inserts, they also come with a high quality Fuji reel seat. So, as a general rule, you should be able to reach this distance, and to do so, you need a longer rod. First up on our list is the KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line. They are strong rods for throwing heavy terminal tackle, and for landing hard-fighting saltwater species such as redfish, snook, stripers, and sharks. Long Reach . Fish are generally found on the edges of sandbars at 50 – 150 yards from the shoreline. It’s also important to select a reel that can impart at least 25 pounds of drag on the line. Once you start to target larger species of shark a purpose built offshore rod really starts to make sense. Surf casting tackle is mandatory, with an 8 – 10kg rod of around 11 ft in length about the minimum in the surf. A spinning reel is generally the preferred option for shore fishers, but you can use a casting reel if you prefer. Close. The heavy rated rod is rated for line in the 20 to 40 lbs range and can throw weights in the 3 to 5 ounce range. We’ll see you down at the shore! When it comes to surf fishing, it’s agreed that longer is better. There are some big bodied sharks at 6′ that may really test some spinning outfits. Of course, if you are looking for a more economic option, the Burning Shark Level Wind has all the features of more expensive models like corrosion resistant die-cast aluminum frame and spool, and 4.1:1 gear ratio. Surf Rods will allow you to cast an incredible distance paired … It is very simple and easy! How to use this rig: For bait, you can use anything that is found locally in the area. A spinning reel is generally the preferred option for shore fishers, but you can use a casting reel if you prefer.

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