Vestimentiferan tubeworms. During this stage, octopuses don’t behave normally, they tend not to eat and not to hide in dens, thus becoming an easy target for many opportunistic predators. The vent ecosystem’s top predators are species such as octopus and Zoarcids, two-foot long fish that eat everything from tubeworms to crabs. By Stephanie Pappas 03 January 2012. The main groups of organisms around seafloor vents are worms , gastropods , and crustaceans , with large bivalves , and 'eyeless' shrimp making up the bulk of non-microbial organisms. The best cleaning tool we make! Unique Life Found at 1st Antarctic Deep-Sea Vents. The wonderpus octopus is a predator and feeds on fish, crabs, and perhaps other crustaceans as well. As we know, octopus love feeding on small crustaceans, especially crabs. The Octopus – Amazing Features  – Read Or Listen To The Article Click Here Vent Limpets via Wikipedia Zoarcid fish. The Vent Octopus is the only cephalopod endemic to the hydrothermal vents as far as we know. • All octopus species are highly intelligent and change the color and texture of their skin for camouflage to avoid predators. Otherwise, it can also cover the entrance to his hideout with more rocks and materials hoping that the den will remain undiscovered by its predators. Deep Sea Hydrothermal Vents: Home Abiotic Factors Biotic Factors Food Web Human Influence . Request a Quote . Octopi are not dumb however, and they're well-versed with defenses that can help keep a shark at bay. 2. What Are the Differences Between Octopus and Squid. Even with all of these efforts though, there are plenty of times when the Octopus is just too slow for them to survive. They have a body that is able to fit into small spaces which makes it easier for them to hide when they need to. The Find . They are living at the surface of the water and that makes them extremely vulnerable. Its first—and most amazing—line of defense is its ability to hide in plain sight. Heterotrophs: hydrothermal vent octopus (left) giant tubeworms ; hydrothermal vent crab, main predator ; hydrothermal vent squat lobster; hydrothermal vent limpets- important species in the community because they have a symbiotic relationship with hydrothermal vent mussels that create a habitat for the limpet Using a network of pigment cells and specialized muscles in its skin, the common octopus can almost instantaneously match the colors, patterns, and even textures of its surroundings. It seems that when the normal food sources for these types of animals are hard to find they will become more dependent upon the Octopus. Some of the most common predators include large fish, birds, and some types of whales. Octopus Predator Whips. Zooplankton. However, these creatures do face numerous threats. Marine mammals such as seals and sea otters but even river otters that have come nearer to the coast are a threat for octopuses visiting the intertidal zone. Males store their sperm in a modified quasi-sentient third right arm, known as a hectocotylus. Tides seem to play an important role for octopus some use the tides to hide from predators and to feed while others spend most of their time in the deep ocean. The Octopus – Amazing Features  – Read Or Listen To The Article Click Here, The Portal of Life on Earth, Biodiversity, Animal Facts, Octopus Facts and Information Welcome to the Cephalopod Univers. The vent zooplankton does not starve, but its diet consists of one thing-phytoplankton. The Dumbo octopus is named after Disney’s Dumbo the elephant character, from the eponymous movie, that was famous for its big ears. The specimen caught at the vent site Gromit (21 degrees 33 66'S, 114 degrees 17 98'W at 2832 m depth) is described here in detail and an amended diagnosis of the species proposed. References Mass conversion. “Cute” is a fair and just modifier to use when describing the Dumbo Octopus. Barnacles “hairy” gastropod. It has adapted to the environment by having eyes that allow it to sense light at up to 1'000 meters below the water. Kiwa Crabs The octopus is able to flee from the battlefield very quickly. Octopus Predator Whip. Organisms. Scientists argue that not all of the supposed predators are actually capable of hunting and eating an octopus. Low Pressure for 100-150 PSI. Tides seem to play an important role for octopus some use the tides to hide from predators and to feed while others spend most of their time in the deep ocean.

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