EngD). Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration B.S.Ed. Chemistry degree skills you can use in your career. Some degrees awarded as higher doctorates by one institution may be awarded as professional doctorates by another (e.g. BA (Lond). What Does BA, MA & PhD Mean in Degrees?. In contrast to the BA, one earns, for example, a BS in Astrophysics. Your abbreviation search returned 142 meanings. One of the most popular blood tests, the low-cost CBC/Chemistry Profile provides invaluable and cost-effective information about your overall state of health. College students have several options when choosing which type of degree to pursue. How long will the footprints on the moon last? PhD, LittD. What does ba stand for in the periodic table. Note that where there is a similarly titled postgraduate master's degree, the formulation " Master in ..." is used for the undergraduate degree and "Master of ..." for the postgraduate degree (e.g. Background: in 1984, the Academic Senate Curriculum Committee was asked to prepare a policy statement which would differentiate between Bachelor of Science degrees and Bachelor of Arts degrees at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. 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Bachelor of Arts in Administration, BA(FS) - Bachelor of Arts in Financial Studies, BAI(Elect) - Bachelor of Arts in Electrical Engineering, BAI(Mech) - Bachelor of Arts in Mechanical Engineering, BARelSt - Bachelor of Arts on Religious Studies, BA/BSc - Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science, BArchSc - Bachelor of Architectural Science, BBLS - Bachelor of Business and Legal Studies, BCLD(SocSc) - Bachelor of Community Learning and Development in Social Sciences, BCommEdCommDev - Bachelor of Community Education and Community Development, BEng(Tech) - Bachelor of Engineering in Technology, BEng/BSc - Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science, BFLS - Bachelor of Financial and Legal Studies, BFST - Bachelor of Food Science and Technology, BIBA - Bachelor of International Business Administration, BPhil(Ed) - Bachelor of Philosophy in Education, BScAgr - Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, BSc(Dairy) - Bachelor of Science in Dairying, BSc(DomSc) - Bachelor of Science in Domestic Science, BScEc - Bachelor of Science in Economic and Social Studies, BScEcon - Bachelor of Science in Economic Science, BSc(Ed) - Bachelor of Science in Education, BScHW - Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellbeing, BSc(HealthSc) - Bachelor of Science in Health Science, BSc(Hort) - Bachelor of Science in Horticulture, BSc(MCRM) - Bachelor of Science in Marine and Coastal Reserve Management, BSc(Med) - Bachelor of Science in Medicine, BSc(Mid) - Bachelor of Science in Midwifery, BScHSc - Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, BScPH - Bachelor of Science in Public Health, BScTech - Bachelor of Science in Technology, BTCP - Bachelor of Town and County Planning, BTechEd - Bachelor of Technological Education, LittB - Bachelor of Literature or Bachelor of Letters, MA - Master of Arts (bachelor's level at some Scottish universities), MA(SocSci) - Master of Arts (Social Sciences), ScBTech - Bachelor of Science in Technology, MAccFin - Master of Accounting and Finance, MBioMedSci - Master of Biomedical Science, MCompPhil - Master of Computer Science and Philosophy, MComSC - Master of Community and Social Care, M.CMAc - Master of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, MDrama - Master of Drama and Theatre Studies, MGeogSCI - Master of Geographical Science, MHRM - Master of Human Resource Management, MMath&Phys - Master of Mathematics and Physics, MMathCompSci - Master of Mathematics and Computer Science, MMathPhil - Master of Mathematics and Philosophy, MMorse - Master of Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics, MPhilSt - Master of Philosophical Studies, MPhyPhil - Master of Physics and Philosophy, MPhysPhil - Master of Physics and Philosophy, MPol - Master of Politics and International Relations, MScOT or MScOccTher - Master of Science in Occupational Therapy, MSLT - Master of Speech and Language Therapy, MTCP - Master of Town and Country Planning, MVetPhys - Master of Veterinary Physiotherapy, BDOS - Bachelor of Dental and Oral Sciences, MB, BChir - Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, BVetMed - Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, BVM&S - Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, BVMBVS - Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, Bachelor of Veterinary Science, BVMedSci - Bachelor of Veterinary Medical Science, BVMSci - Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Science, EMBS - European Master in Business Sciences, MEng(Eur) - Master of Engineering (European), HMHW - Higher Master in Health and Wellbeing, MScEcon - Master of Science in Economic and Social Studies, MScD - Master of Science in Dental Science, MScHW - Master of Science in Health and Wellbeing, DAHP - Doctor of Advanced Healthcare Practice, DAppEdPsy - Doctor of Applied Educational Psychology, DBAEngTech - Doctor of Business Administration Engineering Technology, DEdChPsy - Doctor of Educational and Child, DEdPsy - Doctor of Educational Psychology, DOccTher - Doctor of Occupational Therapy, DProfCounsPsy - Professional Doctorate in Counseling Psychology, DProfHW - Professional Doctorate in Health and Wellbeing, DSportExPsy - Doctor of Sport and Exercise Psychology, DSportExSci - Doctor of Applied Sport and Exercise Science, EdChPsychD - Doctor of Educational and Child, EDD - Professional Doctorate in Education, EdPsychD - Doctor of Educational Psychology, SPPD - Doctor of Social and Public Policy, DLit(Ed) - Doctor of Literature (Education), DSc(Econ) - Doctor of Science (Economics), DSc(Eng) - Doctor of Science (Engineering), DScEcon - Doctor of Economic and Social Studies, MA(h.c.) - Honorary Master of Arts (Oxford, Dublin and Cambridge), This page was last edited on 2 October 2020, at 00:34.

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