But in some other countries, the use of used car seats is viewed as perfectly acceptable and is actually encouraged. What to Do With an Expired Car Seat Given the possible risks involved with using an expired seat, making sure it is disposed of properly is crucial. But kids grow quickly, and you can go through two or three car seats in a span of a few years. It may seem strange that car seat expiration dates exist, since they aren't like a carton of milk that can spoil. (Find out why here: bit.ly/1EosiGY) Here are some creative ideas for "upcycling" -- or reusing the various parts -- to keep that much less from landing in the landfill. Materials from the old car seats will … I learned today that car seats can expire. Car seats need to be replaced all the time, Lewis said, whether they’ve expired, have been involved in any type of car accident, or a child has just outgrown it. Never hand down an expired car seat, like this one that I recently saw on a sidewalk in my neighborhood. As we've noted, government agencies in the United States and Canada do discourage parents from using expired car seats, and in these countries it is common for used car seats to be shredded or sent to the landfill, expired or not. If you don’t trust me - google it.We were planning to use our son’s old car seat for the baby. ... Stores will accept expired … A baby car seat is an essential item when your family travels with a small child . To find out if a car seat is expired… See more ideas about child car seat, car seats, seating. Walmart is not bringing back its car seat buyback program in 2020, but Target will offer a discount for recycling car seats in a two-week trade-in event. It’s in great condition, no visible cracks, it hasn’t been through any accidents. Better to recycle it or throw it away. Use the interactive tool to help you decide whether it’s safe to reuse that car seat or whether it’s time to retire it altogether. I live in Maine and we do have pretty good car seat laws but I am seeing tons of expired car seats for sale for insane prices in those facebook groups and … Most car seats have an expiration date on one of the manufacturer labels that can be found on the sides or bottom of the car seat. It was used for just 1 … Feb 18, 2015 - What to do with an expired child's car seat? Learn why car seats expire, how to recycle a car seat, and where to take an old car seat to trade-in. You could trade it in, but then it'll probably just end up getting thrown away. That car seat expired 2 years ago. During a trade-in event Target will accept and recycle all types of car seats, including infant seats, convertible seats, car seat bases, harness or booster car seats and car seats that are expired or damaged.

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