Other previous "bye matchups" like Mechathun Warlock scarcely exist after the Kaelthas nerf. Our Highlander/Reno Mage deck list guide features the best deck list for Season 77 of Hearthstone (August 2020). Overall I think Quest Mage's position in the metagame has eroded, and I don't believe this one nerf will completely bring it back to tier 1. Today long-term Quest Mage enthusiast, Tauntischeat, brings you an all-you-need-to-know guide to his all-time favorite deck. Priest got huge upgrades and is now able to tech Mindrender and/or Loatheb for the matchup with Darkglare out of the picture, which will allow it to steal wins. When Shaman is on the play, they cannot play two totems on turn two, which makes their game slower. I switched one Licensed Explorer for Vargoth (even though I read why you didn’t choose to include him) since the Ice Blocks are so annoying and I faced too many of them. There are cases where I like playing Spellwing on turn 1 (we get into them later), but another reason we don't keep Violet Spellwing is that we always have a 1-drop in hand that we need to get down to play our 2-drops. These are new options, but it will not always be correct. And it is not discarded by Book of Specters, which is a big deal. Every time a Wild Mage casts a spell, there's a 5% chance of a wild surge. Well written and thorough. Obviously it's not as good but is it okay enough that I'll be fine climbing to legend? For players killing Spiritual mages as part of a Slayer assignmentwanting to avoid being attacked by them, the main area contains Saradomini… A guide to Quest Mage by one of the all-time best pilots in the format. Luna/Flamewaker/Giants/Mana Cyclone all synergize with cheap spells, of which that deck has a ton. Pro Mage Decks. Because of this, we don't need to be as greedy with our resources, and sometimes we don't even need to complete that quest as cheap/free Arcane Giants can win. Flamewaker/Luna is hard to remove on an empty board. Any tips on this matchup? In addition, they frequently use potent threshold abilities such as Asphyxiate and Wild Magic, and even ultimates such … Keep posted for our upcoming guide on this new unique archetype! Research Project is just such a huge downside, and we already have the draw we need. Quest Mage is based on a new card released in Saviors of Uldum: Raid the Sky Temple. I’ve started playing this deck, to Rank 4 last season, and enjoying it. Vs hunter you should mulligan like vs another aggro deck. Well, the good news is that we have more value than the aggressive decks. 1 Spells 1.1 Uncollectible 2 Minions 2.1 Uncollectible 3 Weapons See Spell. And it also has to replace 1 or 2 cards in the current list. Pirate Warr/KB Rogue: We need to stabilize the game and get giants out to win. Remember that as it will be essential for our mulligan. I am really unsure what the optimal list is. But what should I cut for Kragg? The combo is played differently depending on the situation. But maybe sometimes vs armor class. The curve of the deck is low, which means you can burn your hand so quickly if you want to. I only have a couple of questions / comments. If they start copying it, you are in big trouble, though. The website is (almost) daily updated so you will get the best experience on what is played right now! Please read our rules before posting. I think Taunt is somewhere in top 10/20 legend, so assuming pretty good, Deck Code: AAEBAf0EBoK0AtDBApjEAu72AsW4A/e4AwzmBOMRzu8CyIcDn5sD4psD/50Du6UD+6wD/awDuLYDpNEDAA==, Deck Code: AAEBAf0EBNDBAu72AsW4A/e4Aw3mBOMRgrQCzu8CyIcDn5sD4psDu6UD+6wD/awDuLYDpNED/tEDAA==. Use Apprentice to cheat a lot of spells out in the same turn. This also allows some early Kabal Crystal Runners and Cloud Mage burn damage to get set up. So keep in mind along the way that you could die before you kill them if you are not able to contest their board in early turns. Because by the time you break past it they can usually retaliate with their own stack of Giants. The AceGameGuides team is back with another fantastic guide for you all. Odd rogue, odd DH, pirate warrior. These reached high Legend by Pro Players. E.T.C., God of Metal created a new archetype all of its own. So many of our cards synergize. When Shaman is on the coin our 2-drops (particularly Questing Explorer that doesn't die to 2dmg) usually come down in time to contest a totem. Chenvaala is excellent, though. Quest 2-drops, such as Licenced Adventurer and Questing Explorer, are extra valuable, which means we throw more cards away to get them. The answer is mini combos. The list is the same as … Honestly, although Ice Block is annoying, I don’t think Vargoth is the answer.Even if they Reno, chances are they can’t clear your board and you just have to kill them from 30.If you do want Vargoth, it is probably better to cut the fourth giant. And to close out the guide, specific matchup tips for the popular and upcoming popular archetypes & matchups. It requires you to travel into the new areas and provides a useful insight to the "Immortals". When Cyclone is needed, we also have to keep in mind that will have a turn or two where we play decent random spells (like secrets), but we usually lose tempo doing so. Sometimes it is wise to risk it and play your stuff out early. There is no mull guide for hunter, which I am seeing a lot of in my meta. The AceGameGuides team is back with another fantastic guide for you all. Patches the Pirate, creates a lot of 1-hp targets in this matchup. But if you are looking at a decent hand already, then they could be great to make sure we have things to do at turn 4-5. Introduction Wild Mages are mages trained in use of wild magic. September 8, 2020 tauntischeat Hearthstone Leave a comment. You win condition is a certain amount of damage that can be negated by taunts or armor. We play Magic Trick/Glyph because we have mana left. They primarily attack their targets with magic, using the spell Fire Surge and various abilities. Joining Quests 1. Zeddy Hearthstone 542 views. (maybe not Blast Wave since it's too costly). There are very few Armadylian spiritual mages and Bandosian spiritual mages are rather spread apart and have the most health. About. Great way to get more spells to finish your quest quickly. Especially like the mulligan guide, helped me crystallise a few thoughts I’d been having about it. Mana Cyclone/Luna gets us closer to ending the game. Fire Mage Facts. Ray of Frost is also impactful in this matchup, but not something I keep unless I have a substantial hand that synergizes with it. On the coin we have more flexibility as we get to see one extra card and because we already have access to 1 fuel-spell. We just mulligan for card draw and 2-drops so we can chip armor away early. I will not go into much detail about it because it is quite easy to understand.

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