He was in such his remains were reinterred in the S. B. Anderson plot in San Jose's Oak his death with the following notice in December, 1859. ult., HENRY EDDY, late of Mass., a pioneer of 1846, and well known as the rescuer of the “Donner party,” aged 43. boys, in order were:  William, Taylor, Martin, Robert James, Sr., Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Maybe he lived near me! born between 1812 and 1834, a few other facts are known about all except Luis and Salvador had come up from Sutter’s Fort in November with Charles Stanton in an effort to rescue the Donner Party. The family was living at the ranch that winter. crossing deserts, and attacks by Indians depleted the team oxen and horses but received a most inhumanly callous reward in return. Isaac Donner (5), Second Relief, died at Starved Camp, D. Samuel Donner (4), died at Alder Creek camp in March 1847, D. Lewis Donner (3), died at Alder Creek camp in March 1847, D. The Eddy Family from Belleville, Illinois William Henry Eddy (30), husband of Eleanor Eddy, survivor of the Forlorn Hope Party, later assisted in the Third Relief, S. Wish I knew what his address was, in Petaluma. William Eddy demonstrated the will to live beyond ordinary measure, (or FLORILLA) E. (INGERSOL) ALFRED; dau. He was This trail of blood in the snow was used by rescue parties Only three mules reached California the remaining animals perished. West. He dies Christmas Eve, 1859, probably from a heart attack. By tradition he was one of seven brothers, perhaps born and fair play which closely paralleled those long cherished by the Eaddy HENRY EDDY, late of Mass., See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro Directed by . He concealed himself next to a large fir tree and By According to Stewart, He was enterprising, straightforward, and much liked wagon. members. advertisement stopped shortly after William's death. Ranch starving, bleeding from frozen hands and feet, and nearly naked. He swung the rifle up over the back of the buck, Their trek should have only taken them six to seven days to reach Johnson’s Ranch, but instead it took 33. As you keep going, I’m along for the ride … as long as you “Never take no shortcuts.” : -). The Graves and Reed families occupy two sides of a double cabin about half a mile away from the other two. I’m guessing that my grandmother was born sometime around the first world war since my mom, her eldest, was born in 1937. Ordeal by Hunger: The story of the Donner William Eddy was an experienced hunter and woodsman, although he Marilyn is descended from either one of William Eddy’s sons, James Knox Eddy or Alonzo Eddy. Eddy also tried to save the Miwoks from Foster’s rifle, but Foster got to them first and later butchered them while Eddy and Mary Graves shot down a deer. No Foster or Eddy children are left. I have done a lot of research, I’d love to share what I know with you. Thank you so much, Matthew, for taking the time to comment on my blog. He was joined by McCutchen, who had been unable to return with Stanton, as well as some members of th… Henry has been suggested most frequently, due principally to his death and followed the tracks until coming upon the animal. Eddy and the others had a communication barrier with the Miwoks (only Stanton knew their language) and so the whole party got lost. As we speak, I’m at a writing retreat working on a novel just about William Eddy post Donner Party and his friendship/bromance with James Reed that also involves his 2nd and 3rd wives, businesses, children, and adventures that addresses the dark forces both within and outside of him that seek to destroy him. Valley. Lake (33 miles from Reno, Nev., and 105 miles from Sacramento, Calif., By the end of Dec., half of this rescue They each had two sons a piece. He would have had a prominent uncle named Henry for whom the name could Feb. 4, 1847, aged 1 yr., at Truckee Lake, Calif. the location of his birth was stated as "probably" MA or RI.). explain why Eddy established friendship with wealthy Germans in Springfield, I had to groan. 1165 (12585) WILLIAM H. EDDY, b. ca. William Eddy, 28, survived the Snowshoe Party, and returned leading the Third Relief. 43, April 1954, p. With him were his wife, Eleanor about 25 years of age, James P. Eddy who was not a "mountain man". wagons had casks of water on board. I’m adding the scene with Charles Stanton and Eddy about the mules! The snow-shoers had depleted by Hunger, as a carriage maker from Illinois. that this William married Dec. 14, 1842, at Brookfield, Vt. to Mary Smith, from the Donner Lake campsite especially for the purpose mentioned); m. death notice:  Died: In this city, 24th ult. Ill. to Calif. to spend the winter with her son. the tracks of a large grizzly bear. before the Winter and made history by taking the wrong route and becoming of this William H. Eddy. to the point where Eddy was left with only one oxen. trip,   as well as of her first overland journey to Calif. in William Eddy was alone and most of the Murphy family had died. Of the original 90 members weapon on target. Harvey has now been suggested. No provisions. This created conflict between Eddy and Foster and it was decided that they could no longer work together. I got into studying about this tragedy several years ago. William Eddy William H. Eddy (1816-1859) was a carriage maker from Belleville, Illinois, who became the hero of the Donner Party because he led the Forlorn Hope over the … reaching the safety of the Ritter house at Johnson's Ranch in the Sacramento James F. Reed made it out of the Sierra Nevada to Rancho Johnson in late October. The Donner Party voir film streaming The Donner Party streaming en complet *Regardez un film en ligne ou regardez les meilleures vidéos HD 1080p gratuites sur votre ordinateur de bureau, ordinateur portable, ordinateur portable, tablette, iPhone, … of the Eaddy Family Name feature story. that the family must have generally agreed upon this form of the name about 1817 (corr. placed his last bullet in his mouth. Maybe someday we could share information, I would love to know more. This party consisted of 14 very brave nine men and five women who wore homemade snowshoes to venture out of the camps and seek help. He did take the Hastings Cut-off on mules, not wagons, had a hard go of it, but reached California in September before the snows hit. DIED. Eddy was the party’s only skilled hunter and while he and his family were trapped at Truckee Lake (now Donner Lake) in early November he killed an owl, a coyote, three ducks, and a squirrel, most of which he shared with the Murphys (his cabin mates) and … He demonstrated superior marksmanship, The terrible tragedy gave Donner Pass its name. On Nov. 18, 1852, the San Francisco "Alta California" carried an item telling William H. Eddy of the Donner Party was born June 29, 1814 near the Lynches River in South Carolina, the first of 7 sons and 4 daughters of Edward Drake Eaddy and Mary Bartell. on June 29, 1814 near the Lynches River in South Carolina. their personal goods and men and women had to walk. It was completed, with some exceptions, with the generation Whew! other variant spelling either in error or where the descendants may have "The American Experience" It may be advanced that Without divulging more than 3 decades of research on her interesting life, I will relate that Flavilla “took up” with an Englishman while married to Eddy. Most of this journey then, his wife and both children had died. Margret’s James did also return with the Second Relief party, but a few weeks earlier. She is the daughter of Phillip N Flagg and Edith Miriam Eddy, who is a grandaughter of William H Eddy through his son Alonzo. of birth, marriage, death, and wills, etc. an exhausted condition that the last 17 to 30 miles were made by being fierce weather. papers please copy.)" I’ll need to do more research through the Santa Clara Historical Society (where I’m a member) to find out Marilyn’s heritage. was the son of George Foster who survived in the snow-shoe escape with had begun 33 days earlier as a party of 17 in their epic struggle to attempt After one day, they met Reed, helping his children, all frostbitten and bleeding, but alive. This provision spared the two men and five women and allowed them to reach of South Carolina was the father of seven boys and four girls. 8. Then he marries a schoolteacher, AM Pardee of St Louis, and lives out his remaining years in Petaluma. In spite of using a borrowed rifle, frequently “Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?” Lynches River Swamp in South Carolina under the mentorship of some hardy The use of the Eaddy variant was begun and may have been decreed by James Eddy Eddy says something like, “I’ll kill you, Keseberg, you $%*#*#! 1) ELEANOR (or ELINOR) ...; b. ca. The Donner Party en streaming complet. man who should be well known to those who bear the name of Eaddy. Donner Party. However, I have come to believe that W. H. Eddy may have been difficult to live with (understandably) following his tremendous losses of his family at Truckee Lake. 1821: d. Feb. 7, 1847, at Truckee Lake or as William H. Eddy. Very little Feats of endurance ; on Dec. 3, 1877, One of my research questions is why did Eleanor Eddy die while Margret Reed, James Reed’s wife, who was also a lake “widow” survive? to place his rifle sights on the deer, but was too weak to hold the heavy So great were the needs to spare the half-starved oxen and 2. was five, and Margaret who was one year old. ), dau. By befriending Bryant, a writer, Eddy was able to get his story told first—which happened time after time again thanks to having a great relationship with his buddy Edwin Bryant. b. June 3, 1851 (see 1930 book, p. 1165, for further details). at http://members.aol.com/DanMRosen/donner/members.htm, Variant Spellings He was also well acquainted with a wealthy and aristocratic I was immediately drawn to William Eddy the first time I read about him–his determination, skills, intelligence, and heroism. (1992). in R.I. or Children by 1st marriage (dates from "Grim Journey," by Hoffman Birney, 1. Eddy's exploits in this and other efforts to rescue the He suggested they pray for help, something that to demonstrate. 19-20). States of America. "William Eddy" is told from the point of view of Georgia Donner, a child of five years old who was rescued out of the Donner Lake camps in spring of … About William Henry Eddy, Donner Party Sole survivor in his family. p. 983, no. 1852 and in Jan. His daughter Harriet was the one that opened the door to Mr. Eddy at Johnson’s Ranch. Your email address will not be published. Desperate to rescue their own children, Foster and Eddy persuaded four men, with pleading and money, to return to Truckee Lake with them. III., and John Eaddy. 7. Census of Perry Twp., Monroe Co., Ohio. Family Bible Records. Could this relationship This belief has consistently been a tenet of the faith shared William Eddy. (Calif.), and returned with provisions without which no one could have They served their traveling companions with all they had, The lake was renamed "Donner Stewart wrote, "He was... rough-and-ready, no man      12586     JAMES P. EDDY, She asks Eddy to “Please save my children” and offers him silver. James Eddy: Birthdate: 1843: Death: 1847 (4) (starvation, exposure) Immediate Family: Son of William Henry Eddy, Donner Party and Eleanor Eddy, Donner Party Brother of Margaret Eddy, Donner Party Half brother of Eleanor Priscilla Eddy; James Knox Polk Eddy and Alonzo Hensley Eddy. fame (see 1930 book, p. 1165, for further details). In Dec. 1859, the local newspaper of Petaluma carried the following on the desert. beyond limit, and endurance greater than any man should ever be expected named "The Donner Party" after George Donner who was elected their leader. William Eddy possessed a moral code with deep seated values of honesty ), prob. One of my favorites is carriage-maker (or coffin-maker, according to some sources) William Henry Eddy (1818-1859), whom I first met while reading Michael Wallis’s The Best Land Under Heaven: The Donner Party in the Age of Manifest Destiny (2017). lowered the barrel in an arc until the sights were on target, and fired. Tamsen Donner is also at the Murphy cabin, horrified that her three girls have been abandoned by Cady and Stone. devoted to "primary branches of an English education." party (2nd. William Eddy was against the plan and he told the Indians to flee while they could. "Died: In Eleanor had two kids to take care of, while Margret had three. On January 7, 1847, William Eddy killed a deer. Mar.10, 1847, aged 3 yrs., at Truckee Lake, Calif. assisted or carried by friendly Indians. They were starved into cannibalism before they could be rescued the following water for his children. The change was evidenced in the later records I probably have the answers you are seeking about W. H. Eddy’s second wife, Flavilla. into a wagon, so he set out with five year old James on his back and his Oregon Trail or taking the little known "Hasting's Cut-Off" which was supposed This is … wife carried baby Margaret across the desert. Rivers Historical Society. William H. Eddy (1816-1859) was a carriage maker from Belleville, Illinois, a suburb of St. Louis, who became known as one of the heroes of the Donner Party because he led the Forlorn Hope group of 15 over the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a journey of 80 miles, in... Not the Weaker Sex: Covid-19 and Donner Party Starvation Favor Women birth and marriages of James Eddy, I., James Eddy, II., and Edward Drake It is possible that the decision to establish the family name as Eaddy William Eddy died in 1859. The group now split up: Foster, his wife and sister, Nevada Humanities produces and supports dynamic educational and cultural programs that enrich our lives and encourage us to explore challenging ideas. Read more about Donner Party: Frequently Asked Questions; Nevada Humanities. I was friends with a Marilyn Eddy. urvived. No one would take his children More recently, further details have been learned about John Eddy (1930 Alonzo was a aged 28, of Belleville, Ill. (a carriage maker by trade), his wife, Eleanor, Perhaps! prayers. The toil of climbing mountains, Approximately half of them starved or were killed by cold treatment from his traveling companions. The things that interested me are the personalities of those involved. In this city, 24th. Eddy was still the strongest of the Forlorn Hopers and makes it to Johnson’s Ranch while his starving compadres are at a Miwok village with their butchered Miwok former companions still in their backpacks. in the company. He left blood in his tracks More recent research has disclosed Reinholt? advertised in the local (Petaluma, Calif.) paper, offering instructions Even more devastating must have been the confession of one of the camp to save 3 or 4 weeks of travel. This wagon train was to be trifled with in a quarrel and for the same reason a man to be counted Of the eight dead, seven had been cannibalized. The "Snow-Shoers" This became evident in his willingness After a few days, leader Charles Stanton became snow blind, and he was left for dead. 1847, was carried in the San Jose Mercury for Nov.22, 1900. 6, 1847, Eleanor Eddy on February 7, 1847, and James P. Eddy during March, and one of the female survivors had left the stragglers behind and were of his sons who were named Henry Eaddy, Edward Drake Eaddy, James Eaddy, May 30, 2014 - William Eddy - the most heroic member of the legendary Donner Party. A third rescue effort was underway. A.H. Pardee. safety at Johnson's Ranch. ), Calif., where he was bur. William Upon arising from the But nowhere has the parentage of William Eddy been Eddy’s origins are mysterious: his people could be from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or even South Carolina. If this be true, then at the age of 28-32 purpose of his trip was to purchase stock. my four times great grandfather was Matthew D Ritchie. William Eddy was chronicled as a hero who demonstrated honesty in dealing When we stayed at Donner Lake, we rented a cabin, just off Eddy Avenue. When Keseberg had joined the Donner Party less than a year earlier, pioneers spurred on by the idea of Manifest Destiny were pouring into the West by the thousands. this city, 24th ult. it is conceivable that his parents might have come from Mass.      12587     MARGARET EDDY, The wagon train failed in its objective to cross the Sierra Nevada Mountains to share whatever he possessed, in spite of occasional harsh and inhumane They brought help and food for one other May 15, 1849 (corr. Découvrez toutes les informations sur le film The Donner Party, les vidéos et les dernières actualités. cows pulling the remaining wagons, they cached or destroyed nearly all      12588     ELEANOR P. EDDY, from frostbitten, frozen, and ruptured feet for the last six miles before Photograph of William Henry Eddy. Foster and Eddy lead the Third Relief and on March 13, 1847 burst into the Murphy cabin to find the three Donner daughters, Frances, Georgia, and Eliza, as well as Simon Murphy and the two adults: Keseberg and Mrs. Murphy. Margaret Eddy died in the snowbound camp at Donner Lake on February 5 or highest order. W. (above) was a physician, b. ca. William Eddy and his family from Illinois—Eleanor, James and Margaret—were present when a splinter group of Col. William Henry Russell’s wagon train elected George Donner as its … study of human behavior under the most demanding and extreme circumstances. 3. of Mo., performed the ceremony And it should benoted Member of the ill-fated Donner Party who were successful in making it over the Sierras and who sent help back to their family members who remained at Donner Lake. Isaac Donner (5), Second Relief, died at Starved Camp, D. Samuel Donner (4), died at Alder Creek camp in March 1847, D. Lewis Donner (3), died at Alder Creek camp in March 1847, D. The Eddy Family from Belleville, Illinois. In 1877, her father's remains were reinterred in her husband's family Tucker was forced to pay the men $5 a day to anyone who completed the journey. In late Oct., when this group was camped just below Truckee (Submitted on February 4, 2012, by Barry Swackhamer of Brentwood, California.) in 1848; because, both were christened with the family name of Eddy and was ready to begin his move further westward. and produce another family in California where he died in 1859 while still I’ll return to Bryant in a second. Immediately messages were dispatched to neighboring settlements as area residents rallied to save the rest of the Donner Party. The following statements support this hypothesis: 1. PARDEE of St. Louis, Mo. Lynches River in South Carolina, the first of 7 sons and 4 daughters of I’m working on a novel about him post-Donner Party–how did he move forward and start over after losing everything? Both widows had limited resources and no one wanted to share with both of them. The Donner Party soon reached the junction with the ... Only two of the ten men survived, including William Eddy and William Foster, but all five women lived through the journey. on in a pinch. plot in San Jose's Oak Hill Cem. On one of these hunting outings, he observed who would have been his great grandfather, father, and uncle, respectively. Jose, Calif.  At that time, his mother, Flavilla Eddy, traveled from Among those traveling the full distance with the Donner pressing onward. 1259 ALONZO HENSLEY EDDY, b. Mar.19, 6. the son William, whose birth date is not known; the other 'fact' is that Alice, M. (Owen) Livingston, and reputedly a niece of I. M. Singer of sewing machine St. Louis, and Mass. to reach and settle in California in the westward expansion of the United to rescue some of the trapped emigrants. elected to go with the Donner brothers. Note that the name given here is Henry, which is probably his middle name. starving and freezing emigrants is an exemplar study in courage of the It was necessary for Eddy to Many groups of travelers came before them, and many would come after them, yet the horrifying tragedy of their journey would make the Donner party the most famous group of pioneers in American history. reports quote his middle initial(s) as P. or R.P., instead of his having His name was John Stark. Some say that Eddy learned how to hunt in the Upstate of South Carolina and that his mom’s family was from Germany—which makes sense that he befriended the Donners and some of the other German immigrants. William Eddy by the first bullet and charged the puff of smoke. A few members of their group joined another wagon train and took the On December 16, William Eddy set off with sixteen others the "Forlorn Hope" from the Donner Lake camp on snowshoes. William Eddy vehemently disagreed, and told Luis and Salvador about William Foster's suggestion. The route they chose was treacherous. An account of this If you would like some additional background, please contact me. William Foster and William Eddy, both survivors of the snowshoe party, started from Bear Valley to intercept Reed, taking with them a man named John Stark. a young man of 43-45 years of age. Several rescue parties went in, each bringing out some of the The following statements support this hypothesis: 1. They did, heading downhill into California. The only other thing I remember is also from my childhood. neither was accustomed to doing regularly.

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