He did get a nasty phone call later, though! Good room. . In case you didn’t know, it was on purpose-Dad has always been a cool guy to be around! Your email address will not be published. My JDM Nissan brochure collection shows they were optional right into the late 90s – including on the JDM version of the Infiniti Q45. i uploaded some pix of a green example that i see around my neighborhood to the cohort a while back. What was the first year truck that came with a catalytic converter? Ford’s was called the Courier. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2LBICPEK6w, “I’m so weird with that gas pedal, the thing just moves the whole vehicle forward and…”. … you can call me at 626-221-5886. But on many later Japanese domestic market cars (of which NZ is full of used examples), the ‘hockey stick’ mirrors are electrically adjustable just like door mounted ones. Some of you need to go back on your ADHD meds. Update Summary: Number of Ads: […], Selling my 1976 Ford Courier.it has a 1973 Ford Capri 2.6 v6 under the hood,with a 4 speed manual transmission custom headers MagnaFlow exhaust. True , great little trucklets that worked very hard indeed . I got rid of all the papers/documents years ago through one of various moves around the country so I have no info Togo on (sadly). No, the answer is to dig up an old Ford Courier. I’ve replaced the entire couch system and rebuilt the top end. - Answered by a verified Classic Car Mechanic. I can’t find it anywhere online. Capped off when we passed that Saab mechanic with the “Troll Crossing” sign up the road from his shop near Amherst. Listed in Nov. 9, local paper, ThisWeek Rocky Fork Enterprise Ford stylists did a nice job giving its grill a resemblance to the ’73 F-series. I bought a brand new 76 courier when I graduated from high school. All glass […], ’76 Courier Flareside (step side) pickup. Open booted window from cab to camper. Mine is bright orange, so everyone sees her coming; and rusted out and beat up, so everyone gives me lots of space on the road. Mazda stopped selling pickups in North America after 2009, and Ford stopped selling the Ranger after 2011. i miss them. I had a Datsun King Cab…fine truck, except for its susceptibility to rust. $8,500 or best offer !!! . First generation nope, long since rusted away. Head gaskets went like popcorn at less than 100,000 which was the weakness compared to the Toyota. American Brands: AMC, Jeep and All Others, Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Off-Road Equipment. Always getting comments and lookers. But for a “compact” truck, it was perfect. A friend in Hobart Tas had several of these he was doing up nice looking cars and well made. Designed with the latest technological... $9.91 The name didn’t make the move to the Falcon body, By the way, “To circumvent the 25% Chicken tax on light trucks, Couriers (as with Chevrolet LUV’s) were imported in “cab chassis” configurations, which included the entire light truck, less the cargo box or truck bed and were only subject to a 4% tariff. It’s actually in Scio, down in the Willamette Valley farmland. Sure enough, it started using more oil than gas. Contractors use it on mobile homes. For the most part, they provide all the power needed for the job at hand. The California 68 net horsepower with a stick meant lots of high-rpm driving between the gears for any real semblance of speed (the Mazda engine could take it, though); the automatics however, sapped just about all power out of those engines. Motor has some new ignition parts. Big, old Ford trucks are a bit “north of the river”, if not even “east of the river”. When a chicken becomes a pet instead of a roaster, things change. A couple where to smart to be caught and eventually died of old age. Prior to that we got the Toyota Stout and Isuzu Wasp, a pickup with Bellet front-half sheetmetal, that eventually evolved into the Colorado. My dad had a 1978 Toyota Hilux SR5 pickup truck. The real beauty, for my money, was the Luce R130 coupe, also styled by Bertone, with a pronounced resemblance to the second-generation Corvair. The issue was that instead of a thermostatic vacuum controlled system like used on most cars of the time it was fully manual. Ford Courier 1976, Silver Spark Plug by Brisk®. Actually, it’s not totally true; the kids in my neighborhood love my truck. Elite. Check out our section for Used OEM parts, Salvage Title Vehicles and Part-Outs for sale by private owners. I had a Courier and that’s why I never take it seriously when people say they want “small” trucks like that again. It’s a standard trans truck with 14 in wheels and needs […] Just saw one of these beauties while camping on savory island bc.. First time I have ever seen one..Way up the coast on an island with no paved roads! The Magic Truck was slow, cramped, noisy and incredibly stiff riding by American standards, but the perfect vehicle that day. True Courier story. Oh, my goodness, the Magic Truck. Its a great truck hate to sale it but no way around […], I have for sale, a 1976 ford courier project, does not run. I once read that the Luce was originally intended by Bertone to be a proposal for the Alfa-Romeo 1750 sedan, but Alfa ended up passing it over for a homegrown-styled version and Mazda scooped the design. It was even the lovely mustard yellow paint same as the one heading this article . . I find them visually appealing, but unbearably cramped, which is why I’m not fully accepted into Eugene’s social elite, even though I do have the chickens (and a Subaru). I liked my Datsun PL620 Mini Pickup more but the Courier was _far_ sturdier . Forbidden Fruit Outtake: 2016 Nissan March – ¡Hola! Bite-Sized Hauler: 1976 Ford Courier – The Little Stepside That Can Jun 09, 2020 Bryan McTaggart Craigslist Find , FORD , TRUCKS 2 A Mazda B-series by any other name, the Ford Courier was a very appropriate answer that landed just in time for the first gas crisis and rode out through 1982 in the U.S. market just fine. Interesting. I know you do, otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading along. Poised to evolve with constantly changing consumer demands, Ford offers vehicles with a variety of engine sizes, seating configurations and transmissions as well as hybrid gasoline-electric … Very few small trucks of this vintage around here in Hawaii unless they’re meticulously restored examples. All Rights Reserved. Or put a blue tarp on it, the budget solution to Oregon’s leaky roofs. I love all these people who love thier Couriers. I nearly wore the paint through polishing it . Dad soon painted it a nice dark blue and added a rollbar which really made it look sporty (well, kinda). Had my roommate’s fiancee in the car that time, which made it rather more uncomfortable/ embarrassing. , Hopefully when we talk about the Mazda B-series, we get into the “pickup with pickup,” the Mazda REPU (Rotary-Engine Pick-Up). 614-477-1288. Cars, not chickens, please…. Tne Courier never let me down. He had a blue ’71 Lil Hustler (Datsun trucks as they were marketed then). –From 1972 to 1982, Ford and Mazda both sold small pickups of Mazda origin. Loved that truck. There is some rust but it’s minimal, the truck is solid, which is hard to find, ask me how I know. By the same token, when I say I want a small work truck, I’m told to just get a stripper F-150 for the same money. Learn how your comment data is processed. They are based on real time analysis of our 1976 Ford Courier listings.We update these prices daily to reflect the current retail prices for a 1976 Ford Courier. No recent Courier sightings, though…. Research, compare and save listings, or contact sellers directly from millions of 1976 Courier models nationwide. I drove it for 9 years and it finally died when i was hit by a speeding teen . 1976 Ford Courier Classic Cars for Sale. That “retirement home” isn’t in Portland, Paul, that’s just the dateline. I even drove one, but when I saw the Ford, I liked the lines of the vehicle much better. These little pickups are hard to find especially in this good of shape. I’m on the hunt now. Here’s a ’76 Courier from the EV Album. Oct 27, 2018 10:55:11 GMT -8 This is all still true today. Shop 1976 Ford Courier vehicles for sale at Cars.com. They wanted 5500 for it. There is more to life than retail price — part of the reason small pickups survive in the U.S. despite their near-extinction here is that there are plenty of conditions and roads/streets for which a U.S.-style full-size truck is just too unwieldy, too expensive to run, or both.

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