The senior master sergeant promotion list will be available on the Air Force’s Personnel Center website Enlisted Promotions page, the Air Force Portal and myPers March 3 at 8 a.m. CST. The senior master sergeant promotion list was released March 3, 2020. Air Force Promotion Timeline: Officer Path. Air Force officials have selected 4,649 technical sergeants for promotion to master sergeant out of 22,286 eligible for a selection rate of 20.86 percent in the 20E7 promotion cycle. The SNCO supplemental board is for those members promotion-eligible to E-7, E-8 and E-9. 8 Jul 2020 Air Force selects 4,649 in master sergeant promotion cycle; list posts July 16 Air Force officials selected 4,649 technical sergeants for promotion to master sergeant in the 20E7 promotion cycle. Chief Master Sergeant (E-9) is the highest of the enlisted ranks and is also competitive. A Master Sergeant is a noncommissioned officer in the United States Air Force at DoD paygrade E-7. The number of airmen being promoted to senior master sergeant, as well as the selection rate, has dropped sharply in 2020. Advertisement Selectees’ average time in grade was 3.58 years and time in service was 13.77 years. Furthermore, promotion requirements include 14 years TIS and 21 months TIG. The following U.S. Air Force technical sergeants have been selected for promotion to the rank of master sergeant, as announced on July 16, 2020. Airmen will also be able to access their score notices on the virtual Military … Second Lieutenant The Air Force considered 2,763 senior master sergeants for promotion in the 20E9 cycle, resulting in a selection rate of 18.75 percent. There are regular opportunities for Air Force Officers, as well. The list is available on the Enlisted Promotions page of Air Force’s Personnel Center public website, myPers and the Air Force Portal. 1,184 Airmen were selected for senior master sergeant in the 20E8 promotion cycle. For more information about Air Force personnel programs, visit the AFPC public website. A Master Sergeant receives a monthly basic pay salary starting at $3,114 per month, with raises up to $5,597 per month once they have served for over 26 years.. According to the Air Force… The promotion list will post July 16. SNCOs may request to meet the supplemental board if they believe they have a valid request according to Air Force Instruction 36-2502, Enlisted Airman Promotion… Those selected for master sergeant will be promoted beginning August 1. In addition, the Space Force also selected two senior master sergeants for promotion to chief master sergeant out of eight eligible for a selection rate of 25 percent in the 20S9 promotion cycle. The average overall score for those selected was 390. This board is held twice a year.

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