Today we believe that the performance of these top end machines aren’t as advertised, that many machines overheat or burn up and that the promised upgrades have never materialized. Thermals were tested with the 21 degrees Celsius ambient room temperature.Idle results down the bottom were on the warmer side but no real issue with that. The Alienware m15 R2 is a thinner machine with some powerful hardware inside. Why Courts “Seal” False Claims Act Lawsuits. For systems supporting Alienware Command Center version 5.0 and higher you will find the thermal controls under the Fusion tab. I think this could explain the lower one percent lower result in Battlefield 5, although the average FPS is well up there, due to the 080 Max-Q GPU with good power limit the one percent low seems to suffer and is behind many other machines. If you are an owner of one of these devices and have problems due to overheating, problems with the performance of the laptop (not meeting specs) or have been harmed by the inability to upgrade the core CPU and GPU components please contact us online, by email document.getElementById("eeb-688050-146232").innerHTML = eval(decodeURIComponent("%27%62%72%69%61%6e%40%6d%61%68%61%6e%79%6c%61%77%2e%63%6f%6d%27"))*protected email*. With the stress tests running in quiet mode it gets to around 50 in the center. Take a listen to the fan noise on this Alienware Area-51m. It appears that many users are forced to choose between slow performance or machines the “blue screen of death.”. These machines cost thousands of dollars but many gamers were attracted to Alienware’s top performance and the promise of what Dell called “unprecedented upgradability.” First It Was False Promises of “Unprecedented Upgradability”, Now Its Performance Issues and Overheating – Alienware Area 51 Investigation Expanded. Thermal Controls give you access to your Alienware's management thermal system controls so you can monitor thermal status, adjust thermal control of system fans, and change the status of active venting. Playing more CPU intensive games like Watchdogs 2 worked alright in quiet mode too. The Alienware Aurora R11 is an absolute powerhouse when outfitted with a 10th Gen Core i9 and RTX 3090, but that performance makes the system loud, and it could use more fans. This app serves as a central location to launch games, change thermal and audio settings, adjust RGB lighting and see CPU and GPU usage. 0. “I have a 1 year old m15 r1 but had the same overheating problems. And if the reports we are hearing are correct, Dell simply throttled back the performance of their top of the line Area 51m R1 laptops instead of fixing the problem. /u/hu7hydro There is one other thing this one does ... it changes the thermal limits on the GPU (probably the CPU also). Additionally, performance at lowest setting levels, where the CPU matters more, occasionally dipped back a bit, ... Let me know what you thought about the thermals from the Alienware m15 R2 gaming laptop down in the comments. Dell launched the Alienware Area 51m R1 gaming laptop in January of 2019. I have the same laptop but I got the lower version of it( i7 8750H with a GTX 1070 ) I was able to under clock it till -0.150 it runs cooler now i.e Max temp of 79-84 ish but it runs good only on my performance mode but when I put in the balanced options in the commend center it goes in to the power thermal … Alienware Area 51m GPU Performance. To keep things standard and fair, we’re using the in-game benchmark, and we’re going to show you the differences between choosing different profiles using the Alienware Command Centre. This is why we saw thermal throttling with temperatures up to a hundred degrees being hit, which is more than I'd be comfortable with long term, granted these are worst case tests and as we saw improvements could be made. It was running in the mid 90 degree range, but this is simply due to the high power limits that are possible in CPU early workloads. Coal was a little louder, balanced and performance were a little louder still though about the same as each other. I thought the higher GPU power limit seen in performance mode might have given it an edge, but nope, full speed did better. So, faster band speed undervolting or using a cooling pad should help with that, and as we've seen using these techniques could give us fair improvements. Alienware m17 R2 (Image credit: Future). Many other laptops will just cap the process of wattage to 45 watts and call it a day. “have been crippled by Dell to reduce performance of the machine and lock the thermal limit at 75 celsius which causes most if not all current gaming software to stutter and slow down when the laptop temp reaches 75 as the thermal controls lower the speed of the GPU from 1700 down to 300 in attempt to lower the heat. Here are the clock speeds while running Aida64 CPU stress test with all the default options checked.So we could only hit the 4Ghz of core turbo speed with the underbolt in place. Mahany Law in cooperation with our partners at Hochfelsen Kani have now expanded our class action investigation to include overheating and resultant performance issues. This is because of the power limits. There was some extremely subtle coil whine, but this wasn't noticeable once the fans were going. These are fairly big swings that will affect clock speed and thereby performance. Our Verdict. Let me know what you thought about the thermals from the Alienware m15 R2 gaming laptop down in the comments. This means higher performance is available, but at the expense of thermals, it's a trade-off, but there is also the option of running a lower performance mode if you want to stay cooler. Dell is introducing the Alienware Command Center, so you don’t have to be a hardware genius to tweak your system for gaming. Would like to know how other people get on with this profile. For all the gaming benchmarks we showed, we used the High Performance profile for power, and Performance for the thermals. When writing us, please let us know the following information: PLEASE NOTE: We need your help! Does it matter which thermal paste you ... which causes air gaps between the microprocessor and the heatsink which reduces the cooling performance. Here are some Cinebench results to give you an idea of CPU early performance when the GPU is idle. Alienware m15 R2 - Thin & Powerful, But at What Cost? Let's find out and see what improvements can be made to thermals and performance. You may not be able to overclock or undervolt as much as me, it depends on the chip and its specific power requirements, so you'll have to do some testing to find out what's best for your hardware. Also has oxidized fingerprints on the heat sink copper directly over the chip contact areas…”. And it gets really hot.”. We intend to seek damages or an order requiring Dell to replace the R1 laptops with the newer Alienware Area 51m R2 2nd generation machines. Sadly, the gaming industry has had a long tradition of taking advantage of consumers by advertising and selling products that don’t do what the sellers claim they can do. The lowest quiet mode was the coolest then cool mode was a little warmer. Balanced and performance modes were about the same then enabling full speed boosts the CPU power limit, so the CPU temperature rises as a result, though under bolting and using a cooling pad was able to help here granted more so in the game than the stress test. “At release and for a short time afterwards, some machines were burning up specifically the MOSFITS used were not of sufficient tolerance for the voltages going through them, it APPEARS that instead of fixing the engineering issue or upgrading the poor quality MOSFITS used on the motherboard, Dell appears to have made the questionable decision to lower the performance and consequently the heat generated by locking the thermal limit setting to 75C to avoid more burned units and the cost of repair of every already sold and to be sold Area51m.”. I believe thermal throttling began to effect performance, especially since the Shadow of the Tomb Raider frame rate actually declined instead of … But that seems to be in between the keys as the keys themselves felt okay. As for the external temperatures, where you actually be putting your hands, at idle it was in the mid 30s in the center, but warmer up the back. I posted earlier about how the m15 (and m17) core i7 and i9 models come factory overclocked and how this might be causing poor thermal performance. Yes, it can get hot, however this seems to be down to the higher power limits that are configured. Just took the heat sink out and the thermal paste was dry and flaked off in chunks except in the very center of the CPU and GPU. If you want to know what folks are saying, look no further than Dell’s community forum: “I’ve been using the Alienware Area-51m for a long time now and feel it heats up way past normal. No GPU thermal throttling was same during any of this testing. That said, we can put exact numbers on the thermal and acoustic performance … i7-10750H + RTX 2070 Gaming Benchmarks - MSI GP75 10SFK Tested In 20 Games. !, no 11 hours of battery life, only 3-4 and many issues with the control center). There seems to be a common theme here… one that certainly warrants more investigation. ). Full speed mode was strange, when you first enable it the fans spin up louder to about 58 decibels, which is quite loud, however it only lasts for a few seconds before spinning down to around 52 decibels, which is where it remained indefinitely. Thermal throttling was taking place in balanced mode and above. If mobility is important, while keeping the same powerful desktop performance, then look no further than the new Alienware Area-51m. There are different factors which will vary results, primarily the temperature of the room you're running in, application of thermal paste and even the specific hardware, which comes down to the Silicon Lottery. We can see cool and quiet cap the processor - 25 watts while balanced and performance seemed to run at 33.75 watts. This is a loaded configuration with the Intel Core i9-9900K, RTX 2080, 64GB RAM, and 2TB SSD.

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