1. Available online 25 September 2020 Yue Wang | Yiguang Zhao | Fuguang Xue | Xuemei Nan | Hui Wang | Dengke Hua | Jun Liu | Liang Yang | Linshu Jiang | Benhai Xiong. Lower concentrations are much more effective in decreasing large bowel concentrations of potentially toxic protein catabolites. The QPS concept was generally seen as a good way of introducing the useful elements of the GRAS system without compromising the safety aspects. Jacobs, in Sustainable Meat Production and Processing, 2019. Research topics of Animal Science faculty with expertise in livestock nutrition include: Determination of nutrient requirements for livestock and poultry; Influence of nutrition and feeding management on reproduction and milk production; Regulation of nutrient use by food producing animals with a focus on lactation The same pro rata allocation was used to associate the pasture area with products derived from ruminant animals. Table 4. Ponnampalam, ... J.L. This inevitably eases the burden of disease and production risks for smallholder farmers but the policy and planning of the responsible authorities of respective countries should be prepared to make policy directives to foster such healthy and sustainable systems. Oliveira | Marcos A.A. da Silva | Carlos R. Pierozan | Caio A. da Silva. This study aimed... June 2020 Yandy J. Aguillón-Páez | Laura A. Romero | Gonzalo J. Diaz. The meatiest parts of a bird are the flight muscles on its chest, called “breast” meat, and the walking muscles on the legs, called the “thighs” and “drumsticks.” The wings are also eaten (Buffalo wings are a popular example in the United States). Animal nutrition programs encompass a variety of topics, including growth mechanisms, nutrient metabolism, metabolic disorders, feed composition, animal physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology. Autotrophic nutrition “Auto” means self and "trophic" means food.In this way, the living beings, which integrate their own particular nourishment utilizing CO2, are known as the autotrophs and the procedure is called autotrophic nutrition. Increasing livestock productivity - through innovative and efficient animal nutrition The main constraint to livestock development in many developing countries is the scarcity and fluctuating quantity and quality of available feed supply, nutrient imbalance in many native pastures and crop residues and/or lack of or limited … Twenty-seven adult dogs were enrolled and... September 2020 Holy K. Zanu | Sarbast K. Kheravii | Natalie K. Morgan | Michael R. Bedford | Robert A. Swick. Bacillus constitutes a diverse group of rod-shaped Gram-positive bacteria, characterized by their ability to produce a great variety of enzymes and robust spores (Andersson, Weiss, Rainey, & Salkinoja-Salonen, 1999; Garbeva, Van Veen, & Van Elsas, 2003; Ivanova et al., 1999; Nicholson, 2004; Sonnenschein, Losick, & Hoch, 1993). Rounsevell, in Proteins: Sustainable Source, Processing and Applications, 2019. However, the long evolutionary history of carnivores feeding on high-protein diets has likely selected for adaptations that allow them to metabolize high-protein diets with limited consequences, which is an intriguing hypothesis that needs to be investigated further. Change 41, 88–98. List of Nutrition Essay Topics. The hypothesis that capping dietary starch:protein ratios would enhance the performance of broiler chickens offered reduced-crude protein (CP) diets was tested in this experiment. Effect of hybrid rice varieties on growth and development of broilers and ducks, Dietary supplementation with N-carbamoylglutamate initiated from the prepartum stage improves lactation performance of postpartum dairy cows, Infusion of short chain fatty acids in the ileum improves the carcass traits, meat quality and lipid metabolism of growing pigs, Swine gut microbiota and its interaction with host nutrient metabolism, Effects of dietary energy on growth performance, carcass characteristics, serum biochemical index, and meat quality of female Hu lambs, Dietary polyphenols in lipid metabolism: A role of gut microbiome, Dietary fiber and microbiota interaction regulates sow metabolism and reproductive performance, Opportunities of prebiotics for the intestinal health of monogastric animals, Interplay between gut microbiota and antimicrobial peptides, Mechanistic insight into the gut microbiome and its interaction with host immunity and inflammation, Live yeast supplementation during late gestation and lactation affects reproductive performance, colostrum and milk composition, blood biochemical and immunological parameters of sows, Dietary mitigation of enteric methane emissions from ruminants: A review of plant tannin mitigation options, Macronutrient modulation of mRNA and microRNA function in animals: A review, Dietary synbiotic supplementation improves the growth performance, body antioxidant pool, serum biochemistry, meat quality, and lipid oxidative stability in broiler chickens, Porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) and Campylobacter infection induce diarrhea in piglets: Microbial dysbiosis and intestinal disorder, Effect of different starch sources in a raw meat-based diet on fecal microbiome in dogs housed in a shelter, Over-processed meat and bone meal and phytase effects on broilers challenged with subclinical necrotic enteritis: Part 1. Available online 22 October 2020 Anran Jiao | Hui Diao | Bing Yu | Jun He | Jie Yu | Ping Zheng | Yuheng Luo | Junqiu Luo | Quyuan Wang | Huifen Wang | Xiangbing Mao | Daiwen Chen. New technologies offer a potential to manipulate... Dietary macronutrients have been regarded as a basic source of energy and amino acids that are necessary for the maintenance of cellular homeostasis, metabolic programming as well as protein synthesis.... September 2020 Kapil Dev | Nasir Akbar Mir | Avishek Biswas | Jyoti Kannoujia | Jubeda Begum | Rajiv Kant | Asitbaran Mandal. (2005) observed that cats fed 3.1% OF tended to have an increase in faecal moisture (6%), dry matter (DM) output (27%), and faecal nitrogen excretion (36%), and a decrease in urinary nitrogen excretion (− 48%). The objective of this study was to elucidate the effect of COS as a dietary supplement... June 2020 Yuhan Hu | Lin Zhang | Yu Zhang | Haitao Xiong | Fengqin Wang | Yizhen Wang | Zeqing Lu. Bacillus Enzymes (Bron, Meima, van Dijl, Wipat, & Harwood, 1999; Ochoa-Solano & Olmos, 2006; Pangsri, Piwpankaew, Ingkakul, Nitisinprasert, & Keawsompong, 2015; Selim & Reda, 2015; Sumathi et al., 2014). In several enzyme systems, nickel can be substituted for other minerals such as magnesium (Fishelson et al., 1982). Available online 8 October 2020 Xin Zong | Jie Fu | Bocheng Xu | Yizhen Wang | Mingliang Jin. There are a lot of varying factors to consider when designing an animal’s diet. Glutamate (Glu), aspartate (Asp) and glutamine (Gln) are major metabolic fuels for... June 2020 Shiva Greenhalgh | Bernard V. McInerney | Leon R. McQuade | Peter V. Chrystal | Ali Khoddami | Molly A.M. Zhuang | Sonia Y. Liu | Peter H. Selle. 2. If you’re like most pet owners, you buy a bag of pet food, open it, and pour it into a container … 7). Topic summary contributed by volunteer(s): Randy. This study evaluated the effects of micro-encapsulated (protected) organic acids (OA) and essential oils (EO) combination, P(OA + EO), and effects of a regular blend of free acids (FA) on the growth,... September 2020 Peter V. Chrystal | Shiva Greenhalgh | Peter H. Selle | Sonia Yun Liu. A study was conducted to evaluate the effect of the dietary inclusion of full-fat flaxseed or full-fat sunflower seeds on performance parameters, egg quality parameters and egg yolk fatty acid profile... June 2020 Ye Zhao | Tian-Ran Zhang | Qian Li | Lin Feng | Yang Liu | Wei-Dan Jiang | Pei Wu | Juan Zhao | Xiao-Qiu Zhou | Jun Jiang.

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