While the terrain is not challenging the sheer length and elevation gain requires strong legs. If you decide venture on to Peyto Glacier, you’re going to need experience with crampons and mountaineering equipment. There was an error submitting your subscription. Observation Peak is a moderate scramble that can be done in half a day. To visit Egypt Lake in one day is a long one, but it can be possible if you are a fast hiker. With a few steep climbs and switchbacks, this small hike takes you to an epic view over the town of Banff while producing stunning views of Mount Bourgeau. >Buy The REI Half Dome... Sleeping Pad: A sleeping pad is pretty much a small, packable inflatable mattress. The below list is based on hiking in the colder months and remember, when hiking in mountainous and alpine areas, weather can change almost instantly so it’s better to be marginally over prepared than to be underprepared. It’s a good early season objective once the snow melts off the avalanche slopes as there is no exposure to be found on the route. The Banff Blog Facebook Group is your headquarters for the Canadian Rockies travel advice and information. It’s a very popular sport in Banff, but it should not be confused with hiking. The classic hike to Rock Isle Lake follows the shoreline of two lakes, crosses an alpine larch forest, and an amazing viewpoint that provides views out to Kootenay National Park. If you are considering doing anything that is beyond the trail itself, always check with local guides before heading out on an adventure. Once you leave the forest, you enter the higher alpine zone and make way for a ridgeline which is fascinating with the harsh environment that it is. This is a classic walk/hike within the town that highlights the pristine wilderness and natural beauty that surrounds the town of Banff. Tunnel Mountain gets the nod for our number two because it’s right in the heart of Banff. In wet weather, the forest can also be very muddy so be sure to wear high ankle boots. Hikes in Banff National Park Sulphur Mountain – 5.5 km one way, strenuous Banff from atop Sulphur Mountain The trail is well maintained and absolutely stunning with views of mountains and blooming wildflowers everywhere! Want some stunning views of Bow Valley? From the Big Beehive hike (mentioned above), this departs from the trail on the way to the overlook and heads along the ridge and then up a gully to the top of Devil’s Thumb. These Banff Hikes (and close by) are designed and have been chosen to give you an outline of where the hike is, the type of terrain you may see, elevations and approximate times. Learn how your comment data is processed. We are Alesha and Jarryd, the award-winning writers and professional photographers behind this blog. I would recommend not hiking in the dark as it’s easy to get lost and it’s not fun in bear country. Looking for the best hikes in Banff? When you reach the ridge you will be blown away by the views over the impressive Saskatchewan Glacier and the beautiful bright blue lake- seriously it doesn’t get much better! Cascade Amphitheatre. Hike to the origin of the Bow Glacier Falls for some outstanding views and a gorgeous waterfall. It’s an expansive view that never disappoints. The Best Banff Hikes to Tackle 1.) The trail weaves through the woods and ascends a couple of hundred meters before opening up the stunning glacier lake. To learn more, we’ve got a post on our favorite hikes in Kananaskis Country here. It’s a great payoff though! However, be warned it is a busy one! Scrambling is a walk up steep terrain involving the use of one’s hands. That being said, all of these hikes should pose no risk if you stick to the trail. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Mount Edith is a 7.8 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near It peaks twice a year first in the early summer when the valley flooded with millions of wildflowers and again in fall when the larch trees turn gold. C Level Cirque starts near Lake Minnewanka and Two Jack Lake, it’s a steady incline to the amphitheater which should only take about 45 minutes. The pass is most well known and attracts hundreds of photographers and hikers during the larch season in late September. Love the good quality and how packable they are. It’s a short walk up to the top of the rockpile a natural dam. So in that case let me narrow down some of the best Banff day hikes for you. Vancouver will always. Hiking in Banff National Park is an adventure traveler’s dream. Walk the 1km and you’ll have just completed one of the easiest hikes in Banff! The platform puts you right over the Sunwapta Valley, which gives life to stunning lakes, forests of pines and some of the most majestic mountains you will see in Canada. In the distance, you can see one of the most picturesque peaks in Banff, Mount Assiniboine. If you are a good hiker and want to try something more challenging try your hand at scrambling. Three points of contact with your body is typically needed to classify a hike as a scramble. To sweeten the deal the historic Plain of Six Glaciers teahouse is there to reward hikers with a cup of tea or a fresh-baked goodie. These places are best for hiking trails in Banff: Tunnel Mountain Trail; Parker Ridge Trail; Hoodoos Trail; Banff Legacy Trail; Fenland Trail; See more hiking trails in Banff on Tripadvisor If you’re feeling adventurous book an ice climbing tour yourself. Or you can always go with an ankle-high boot, check out these cute boots for women or these slick ones for men. To begin this hike park at the trailhead found on Alltrails – it’s a popular hike so expect plenty of cars and people on weekends. There are so many photo opportunities along this trail; the walk for some may take longer than the recommended 1 hour if you are taking photos along this stunning Banff hiking trail. We carry ours in the neighborhood and bears have been known to stroll through town and busy parking lots.

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