A strong biosecurity system helps protect our way of life from the threat of exotic pests and diseases to our unique environment, the economy, our health and our agricultural industries. This was repealed on 10 July 2020. Building a new Biosecurity Act for SouthAustralia . CLOSING DATE: Building a new Biosecurity Act for South Australia What you said Discussion What are your thoughts on the proposed way forward to a new Biosecurity Act? 57 The Biosecurity Act 2015 allows the Director of Biosecurity to establish biosecurity zones within Australia to monitor, control and respond to pests and diseases. The Introduction to the Biosecurity Act Interactive Learning tool outlines the legislative framework for managing Australia’s Biosecurity System from 16 June 2016, including an overview of key chapters in the Biosecurity Act and the interaction of supporting delegated legislation. GPO Box 1671, ADELAIDE SA 5001 . What is being proposed? Building a new Biosecurity Act for SouthAustralia . How the new Act will affect and protect industry and all South Australians. Act No. “A strong and effective biosecurity system is vital for protecting South Australia’s reputation for exceptional food, wine and fibre,” said Minister Basham. The new Biosecurity Act for SA is due for completion by the end of 2021. Biosecurity Act Project - Office of the Chief Executive . The new Act will focus our efforts under a single set of principles, protecting the parts of our system that work well, while also improving and modernising our framework to effectively manage the growing threats to our biosecurity. To ensure our biosecurity system remains effective and sustainable into the future, it’s important to review and improve existing legislation. Our current biosecurity legislation is a patchwork of Acts that have been developed independently over the last century, without unified principles or goals. Biosecurity measures help protect South Australia from animal and plant pests and diseases. The Act provides comprehensive biosecurity measures to safeguard our economy, agricultural and tourism industries, environment and way of life, from: pests (e.g. Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development David Basham said the proposed new Biosecurity Act will help our producers put their best foot forward. Everyone will have the opportunity to have a say on the future management and protection of our biosecurity system. Relevant powers under the Biosecurity Act can be … . It also covers … An Act to restate and reform the law relating to the exclusion, eradication, and effective management of pests and unwanted organisms. About this compilation This compilation This is a compilation of the Biosecurity Act 2015 that shows the text of the law as amended and in force on 1 March 2019 (the compilation date). The development of a new Biosecurity Act is an opportunity for everyone to contribute to the future management and protection of South Australia’s industries, environment and community through robust and appropriate biosecurity measures. The State Government is now undertaking public consultation on the proposed approach to develop a new Biosecurity Act. The State Government undertook public consultation on the proposed approach to develop a new Biosecurity Act between October 14 2020 and November 24 2020. Biosecurity Act project officer Jen Barwick, phone 0476 849 274. Help shape SA's new biosecurity legislation. How the new Act will affect and protect industry and all South Australians. As of 2020, PIRSA is managing a review of current biosecurity legislation in South Australia, which has until now been covered by multiple pieces of legislation, with the aim of creating a new single and cohesive Biosecurity Act for the state based on … . The new Biosecurity Act will merge several existing pieces of biosecurity legislation into one, with the aim of creating a simpler and more effective legal framework for the management of: Pests, diseases and weeds; Trade in […] Reprint notes. Email: PIRSA.biosecurityact@sa.gov.au. THE state's biosecurity laws are set for a revamp with moves made to introduce a new Biosecurity Act. The Biosecurity Act 2015 and related legislation is administered by the two departments. Plant Health Act 2009 . Find out about how the new Act will affect and protect you, how the Act will be managed, and the proposed project approach. The State Government (Primary Industries and Regions SA) has recently undertaken a review of South Australia’s biosecurity legislation, which is currently spread across a range of acts, as part of a plan to develop a new, consolidated Biosecurity Act for SA.

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