The … It is used in the treatment of bloodshot eyes, blurring of vision, cataracts and hypertension. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Celosia is an edible plant. Order Seeds Latest Pricelists. It has also been used in the past for skin sores, eruptions, and mouth sores. Celosia argentea (Var.) Latin name: Celosia argentea cristata Synonyms: Celosia cristata Family: Amaranthaceae (Amaranth Family, Pigweed Family) Medicinal use of Common Cockscomb: The flower and seed is astringent, haemostatic, ophthalmic, parasiticide and poultice. Celosia is often combined with Chrysanthemum flowers (C. morifolium or C. indicum). Action of Celosia Cristata. A total of 14 species under 8 genera belonging to the family Amaranthaceae were collected and identified. Antibacterial. It can be used in masses for a blast of color, or in mixed containers as the “thriller” component. It was originally only found in India and almost faced near extinction. Common Name: COCK'S COMB FLOWER Scientific Name: Celosia cristata Alternative Names: Hanekam (Afr.) Readers should always consult his/her physician before using or consuming a plant for medicinal purposes. Celosia Herb. The LEAF STALKS have been used as a poultice for sores, wounds, boils, swellings. Flower tops have been used for amenorrhea, dysentery, spitting up blood, haemorrhoids, leucorrhoea, and atypical uterine bleeding. The plants produce dense undulating inflorescences that resemble the red combs on the heads of roosters, hence their common name; the colours range from white and yellow to shades of orange, red, and purple. Latin name: Celosia argentea cristata Synonyms: Celosia cristata Family: Amaranthaceae (Amaranth Family, Pigweed Family) Medicinal use of Common Cockscomb: The flower and seed is astringent, haemostatic, ophthalmic, parasiticide and poultice. Hence the name. It is also used in traditional medicine since immemorial time for diabetes and high cholesterol, according to a usage from the early inhabitants of the Americas, the Pima people[18][19][20][21]. In Indian folk medicine, used for diabetes. Cockscombs are tender perennials but are usually grown as annuals in cooler climates. / Common Cockscomb: Plants For A Future (2) Anti- inflammatory activity of an isolated flavonoid fraction from Celosia argentea Linn / Santosh S. Bhujbal et al / Journ of Medicinal Plants Research, Vol 2 (3), pp 052-054, March 2008 tall annual. ( Log Out /  They make excellent cut flowers. cristata please link to them. Celosia argentea cristata . Create a free website or blog at The flower heads resemble the structures of a brain and in some varieties a rooster’s comb. The leaves and the young shoots can be cooked and eaten as a vegetable. cristata? ( Log Out / does not adopt any medical claims which may have been made in 3rd party references. Celosia cristata, Flaring up of liver fire manifested as red, painful and swollen eyes. Celosia Cristata. cristata… Celosia cristata L. is a synonym of Celosia argentea L. The Plant List: Celosia argentea L. is an accepted name The Plant List: Note: Quisumbing's compilation of medicinal plants in the Philippines list Celosia argentea and Celosia cristata (Palang-manok) as separate species. Celosia argentea var. Title The New RHS Dictionary of Gardening. Where has control over the posting or other communications of such claims to the public, will make its best effort to remove such claims. 200. Chinese medicine. and Celosia cristata Linn. Celosia argentea var. cristata (L.) Kuntze, ... Has medicinal properties. Broader (1) Celosia. Common Cockscomb (Celosia argentea), otherwise known as Silver Cock’s Comb, Quail Grass, or Cock’s Comb, is a tropical, short-lived, annual, erect herb that reaches up to 1 m tall. Types of celosia flowers, brain celosia to your family e generic name is a genus of the chosen variety of colors and purple accents to africa its head. Ethnobotanical and Pharmacological Aspects of Ipomoea carnea Jacq. It is used in the treatment of bloody stool, haemorrhoid bleeding, uterine bleeding, leucorrhoea and diarrhoea. Celosia seed is able to clear liver fire, which makes it an ideal herb for syndromes of hyperactivity of liver-yang, for example hypertension. Uses for plumed cockscomb: Tall varieties add complementary textures to the center and sides of beds and borders, while the short kinds are good edging plants. FLOWER TOPS have been used for amenorrhea, dysentary, spitting up … It is not proven to speed up healing yet but studies are still being conducted to determine if it can be used for medicinal purposes. It is propagated by seeds which are very small. Common Name: COCK'S COMB FLOWER Scientific Name: Celosia cristata Alternative Names: Hanekam (Afr.) The flowers bring diarrhoea under control while the leaves are used as dressings for boils and sores. It is said that. The leaves also have a soft texture and a mild spinach-like taste. Celosia is an edible plant. Celosia argentea var. Celosia, genus of about 45 species of herbaceous plants in the amaranth family (Amaranthaceae), native to tropical America and Africa. ... You may also like. A plume type, Celosia argentea, also known as plumed celosia. Wheat celosia does best in full sun. In TCM : Celosia Argentea Seed : Qing Xiang Zi Meridian associated : … Here’s a look at the many uses of celosia. 1g (1470s) R 35.00. Medicinal Uses Various medicinal benefits are widely claimed, including treatments for intestinal worms (particularly tapeworm), blood diseases, mouth sores, eye problems, chest complaints (seeds), and diarrhea (flowers). Its tender leaves are edible and the plant has some medicinal uses. Species record last updated on: 20 April 2020. Get Latest Price Request a quote. The Crested Cockscomb flower is a common name for Celosia Cristata. Ess.Oils; POISONOUSPLANTS; HERBAL; PHARMACOGNOSY; Celosia seed (Qingxiangzi)-Celosia argentea L. epharmacognosy 4/11/2012 02:49:00 AM Celosia seed (Qingxiangzi) Pharmaceutical Name: Semen Celosiae. அது ஒரு புதிராகவே உள்ளது எப்படி ? Celosia argentea var. Full sun. (commonly known as Cockscomb) is an annual herb from Amaranthaceae family. Full sun. W. C. Randall, R. Lopez; With the increasing knowledge of phytochemistry and pharmacology, people have come to clear understanding of the chemical compositions and mechanisms of medicinal plants. It grows in a tropical climate. Such links are provided for your convenience and reference only. Medicinal Uses. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The structures of the extracts were identified on the basis of spectral analysis, such as UV, IR, 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR and MS. Cockscomb Celosia argentea var. The alternate, medium to dark-green leaves may be mottled or tinged with burgundy. The leaves have a taste similar to spinach and are eaten as potherbs. Both stems and leaves are edible and delicious, and are often used in stews. 1992. Lagos spinach, or silver cockscomb (C. argentea), … Celosia argentea cristata is an annual plant that can grow up to 0.20 metres tall. Traditional uses Popular medicinal uses include the treatment of catarrhs, asthma and similar processes, migraine and headaches in general. The root has been use used as a treatment of colic, gonorrhea as well as eczema. cristata information about medicinal uses and other uses of the plant . We are not responsible for the content or products of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site. Description: Celosia argentea, commonly known as plumed cockscomb, or the silver cock's comb, - for more info about Celosia argentea var. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. See more ideas about flowers, planting flowers, flower garden. Celosia argentea L. (Fig. ( Log Out /  It is characterized by its brightly coloured flowers in red or purple. N/A. It was likely originally native to India, where it was saved from extinction in cultivation by the religious significance attached to the variety by Indian, Burmese, and Chinese gardeners who planted it near temples. Latin name: Celosia argentea cristata Family: Amaranthaceae Common Cockscomb Medicinal Uses: The plant is used in biliousness, dysentery, diarrhea, painful menstruation, snake-bite and also used as demulcent, alexiteric, astringent, emollient for opthalmia. They are used in soap making in some areas of the world. They are usually combined with other herbs to assist, to counterbalance, or to taste. Celosia argentea L., commonly called Qingxiang (青葙), is an annual herb that belongs to the Amaranthaceae … Organic Red Cockscomb - Celosia cristata - Dried Flowers - Natural Organic Edible Medicinal Apothecary Wicca Herb for Candles Soap Smudge TrifectaBotanicals. A new saponin, cristatain (1), together with four other saponins, celosin A (2), celosin B (3), celosin C (4) and celosin D (5) were isolated from the seeds of Celosia cristata L. (Amaranthaceae). Celosia (C. argentia "cristata") Family: Amaranthaceae. This Web site contains links to Web sites operated by other parties. cristata (Amaranthaceae) is a widely cultivated ornamental plant, which has antibacterial, astringent, haemostatic, hypertensive, ophthalmic, and parasitic significance. The seed is hypotensive and ophthalmic. Celosia Cristata : Family Name : Amaranthaceae : Common Name : Cockscomb, Yellow Toreador, Red Cockscomb, Foxtail Amaranth, Crested Celosia, Fire-fla : Part Used : Flowers : Habitat : Throughout india but abundantly found in north india upto 1600 m. Product offered : Wholeplant, Flowers, Seeds : View Complete Details . As a grain, Celosia is a pseudo-cereal, not a true cereal. Description. The name comes from the red crown on the head of roosters, which resembles the flower head of the plant. Medicinal The flowers and seed are astringent, haemostatic, ophthalmic, parasiticide and poultice Dried flowers that have a clear, fresh color. Celosias are commonly seen in sunset-inspired colors like yellow, orange and red, as well as cream, pink and purple. MEDICINAL USES: ♦ Both plants are used interchangeably in Chinese Medicine with a few exceptions which are noted. Best used for Eye and Liver Diseases. cristata See link Ethnobotanical and folk medicinal uses of Celosia argentea var. This study describes a protocol for in vitro callus induction and plant regeneration from leaf and stem explants of C. argentea using Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium.

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