From your information, I would suggest that this is a Cloudless Sulphur. Photo by Charles J Sharp [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons. Links for people who want to raise caterpillars, and ID them, for people who want to raise painted ladys. Similar species. Colias eurytheme, the orange sulphur, also known as the alfalfa butterfly and in its larval stage as the alfalfa caterpillar, is a butterfly of the family Pieridae, where it belongs to the lowland group of "clouded yellows and sulphurs" subfamily Coliadinae.It is found throughout North America from southern Canada to Mexico. The upper sides of a Clouded Sulphur’s wings are yellow, and as you might expect, the upper sides of an Orange Sulphur’s wings have varying degrees of an orange tinge. You can't go wrong with the Kaufman's book. ... the hindwings are designed with silver cell spot rimmed in orange-pink color and are generally doubled. I've never seen one with her wings down, but my field guide, Butterflies of North America by Brock & Kaufman shows one in that position, and they show only one spot like yours and a little bit of edging. Although the right side is a bit tattered, one can see the spots in the Enjoyed your pictures of the Sulfurs. (Colias eurytheme) are often difficult to distinguish. The female on the left has the spots.{{gwi:530853}}Sherry. The Clouded Sulphur is a species of small to medium-sized butterflies that are spread across much of North America. Here's how to use it best, Bring the energy and cheer of this classic duo to rooms with a splash of accessories or an all-out color wave, Decorate With the Colors of the Summer Sunset, Room of the Day: Color Wakes Up a Living Room, Houzz Products: Summer Color for the Patio, Guest Picks: Halloween Style for Your Kitchen, Panicum Virgatum, a Prairie Beauty Many Gardeners Can Enjoy, Color Guide: How to Work With Charcoal Gray, It’s Meant to Be: 10 Ways With Blue and White. The Clouded Sulphur and Orange Sulphur (Colias eurytheme) are often difficult to distinguish. Wingspan: Medium; 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches. When the wings are closed, the male’s dorsal side is yellow, while the females can be either yellow or greenish white. The cloudless sulphur, Phoebis sennae (Linnaeus), is one of our most common and attractive Florida butterflies and is particularly prominent during its fall southward migration. Clouded Sulphur. Find high-quality Sulphur Plant stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Godart,1819. Download premium images you can't get anywhere else. Both the Clouded Sulphur and Orange Sulphur are medium-sized butterflies, with rounded wings; the Clouded Sulphur is a lemon yellow, whlle the Orange sulphur is orange. Even so, hybrids reportedly occur. I use several guides to help and take lots of pictures when I can. It is so similar in appearance to the Clouded Sulphur, it is extremely difficult to tell them apart without closer inspection. According to this site, the Clouded has a forewing margin that sits behind the row of dots. Miss Sherry would be the best one to answer because she has a lot of the different ones down there. I have been disappointed with my inability to distinguish between the orange and the clouded sulphur. They’re also easily confused with the Clouded Sulphur, which is extremely similar. To … Females are duller, and the black border of their wings has yellow spots. I have Peterson's EASTERN BUTTERFLIES and am finding it very difficult to work with.Jeff-Thanks for your input! Taken in support of a summer-long project to identify Lepidoptera species occurrence in the butterfly garden. The Orange Sulphur also has a series of dark spots on the underside of both wings. Clouded Sulphur Colias philodice Named. Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly Caterpillar Their flight is direct, but erratic. Orange Sulphur Butterfly. I concur with Sherry on the first three. Maybe somebody who lives in your area will know for sure.Beautiful pictures!Sherry, Orange and Gray in my kitchen? Taxonomy & Nomenclature. I'm not sure if these screen captures off the BM website are true to life. Some females of this species, like the Clouded Sulphur, are white instead of yellow. I welcome your comments. But the Orange Sulphur generally has some orange in the wing color, while So, you are on the right track!Cheers,Elisabeth. Males have clean borders, while females have yellow dots within this region. It is amazing that for these common butterflies there is not a lot of definative information out there). Artsy Madwoman Recommended for you. 2013-jun-13 - Clouded Sulphur and Orange Sulphur butterflies on milkweed. Cloudless Sulphur butterflies are often overlooked. Large yellow Cloudless Sulphur (Phoebis sennae) butterflies are found in the entire eastern half of the United States as well as the southern part of the western United States. This is my best field guide - the pictures are very detailed and make it easier to ID butterflies than any other one I've got, and I've got several.Female cloudless sulphurs are quite variable, some of them are almost white, some are almost as bright yellow as the males, and the number of spots varies, too.Sherry. The third is a classic Cloudless Sulphur -- lemon-yellow in flight, very large. Other Common Name: Common Sulphur. If you look at the second photo I posted next to the bath pic, you can clearly see the color diffrence/problem. I am attaching some photos for your possible identification and in hopes that you might be able to teach this dummy something! Female has two forms – yellow with black edging enclosing yellow spots on the forewing, and a greenish-white. Multiple forms and similar coloring often lead to identification challenges for the Orange Sulphur.

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